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by: Gash Slugg Brewing

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g'day here we go again just with the B Smith 3 again I've had a few questions get started someone spotted that there's a new Robo proof profile in the equipment you can find these in the profiles of course equipment and it was this one here and this was the one created from Brian from short circuit Brewers now this is wrong for especially for Australian browser might be OK for the US Brewers I don't know I've never used the Robo brew with 120 volts but I know and I'll show you in a second that it doesn't work with my recipes and what I've been getting anyway so we'll just start with a basic recipe so what I wanted to show was I've been doing some test brewing which means what I've been doing is that had the same grain bill for those three brews and it was also the same grain brew for the hauppage so I've done four brews with the same grain bill this darker one here I added some dark grains at the end but from this grain bill my measured oh jeez the dark one was one for Oh 50 one the third one was Oh 50 and the first one was over 51 so I sort of know that via these ingredients I should be getting about 10 50 so tweak'd up a new profile of my own people have looked at my old profile because I made it originally for version 1 tweaked it for version 2 and I haven't touched it for the version 3 Remo Brut because of who's been working fine but people have looked at why I've got these dead spaces and things that don't really exist anymore but it was all about because the profile still worked I didn't change it so what I've done is I've tweaked up this new profile so it might make more sense when people look at it which is this one here I've got rid of the dead spaces the boy lofts tax lower but anyway if you want to try and have a look and understand it that's up to you but this is more for beginners I have put a boil elevation of 15 feet because we're not very high up the above water level here and I've put whirlpool timing because I always use whirlpool if you don't use whirlpool ever with your hop steeps or if they take even if it takes a long time for you to chill your beer to get it underneath that 80 degrees Celsius you can turn it off here if you chill immediately like you have a nice immersion chiller and then just chilling your work really really quickly then you can turn it off if not you can add a little bit of time here or if you you know if your whirlpool if you're doing a 30 minute whirlpool time you can bump it up here now I'm gonna leave that on for now anyway so we'll go back to this recipe I'll just copy over the main ingredients the grain the yeast and and the first addition hops they just work for the first addition of hops so you can copy if you just control and see on that I will start a new recipe this floor I'll just paste those ingredients in control V so we'll choose my new profile which is Robo brew 18 - 18 and this warning will pop up that's simply saying equip equipment mismatch warning equip your type of equipment you selected does not match your recipe type that's because we're brewing or grayness is extract up here so we just switched after all grain by the way I think you can change that if you go to options yeah and you can might say I'm in there and I can change that to all grain and I can change that to my Robo brew profile now every time you open up be smooth now that's what it'll load as default anyway back to it and I'll choose a mash profile now I've always just used the one that I gave to everyone and just said go in and change the temperature because that's all you have to do that's the only difference really between the most the main difference between the lightbody medium body and four body but I've to make it simpler for people I've made the three so we'll choose my mash profile which you can also do down the bottom of the screen here and you'll see that we're about the 1049 I'll just put that closer to the story of the beer

I've set the brewhouse efficiency to 78 now I usually get 80 but some people will get lower due to their crush or to whatever so if I put that to the 80 which I usually get I'm up to my 1050 which is what I've been getting in practice and that's all that matters it's what you've actually been getting even this is lower here now doesn't suit the star because I'm putting my whirlpool hops that's all but that's what I've been getting I can go into my mash and sparging with the just over you know nearly 19 litre I mean mashing in with nearly 90 liters and sparging with nearly 15 liters which is about right okay so now I've shown you that we'll go back and we'll swap it over to the new one that comes with beers me three then you Robbo profile that was done by Brian you can already see that it's it's more for rum 19 litre batches or five gallon batches but that doesn't really matter it looks bigger down here but if we put this up to our batch size of 23 what I heard in mine we're way down here at 45 so we'll bump the efficiency up to what I get and say we get closer there at 10:50 which is right but then if we go into the mash and we whack in Brian's where is a robo mash badge medium body

we're still got it there but we can see in the mass here we've got sixteen and a half liters machine which would be too small in my opinion that'd be a very thick mash in the robe over and we're only sparging with another not even 16 liters so the pre boil boil volume is only twenty seven point five nine and if we get the normal boil off which we do in Australia which is a lot larger than they do in the u.s. that's not going to be enough water we're not going to get the volume out of that it's just a little bit too small because I think if you're looking to his profile also tremendous over if you're looking for his profile the boil off ninety two point six five liters and I know for a fact that I get weight and that's got to be the hundred and twenty volts well I'm assuming and I'm pretty sure that it would be right because they'd get less boil off because I don't get quite a good at boil now of course you can change all this you can change his you can change mine and adjust it for yourself so if I go back to my profile

my mesh you can see it's a lot closer to what we'll actually need and what their water I use now the only the only problem I've seen here and I think I don't quite understand why it's doing it the mesh grain weight here is four point six four kilograms now the grain absorption you're saying it's more than than the grain which is a little weird I don't and if you go into your options for your grain absorption which is in options and advanced so the ground absorption here is less than 1 so you shouldn't be getting more grown-up's more water absorption than what you have grain now the Robo brews closer to burrow in the bag so it should really probably be about 0.6 or 7 but the amounts minimal look if you want for you wander to change you can probably change that to 0.7 tells you here when to change it back to if you forget or if you're going to use your s key you might have to change it back you know your normal mash tun and there the grain absorption is much much closer there to probably what is real I think I'm gonna go back to that so maybe that was too low more than that change it options that was way too advanced or bump that where we actually might put it back to the point 9 6 and see if that updates now it's kind of over again there's probably something there that I don't quite understand or know why that happens maybe we shove that back to point 9 that's probably getting closer

if I just so I know if I switch that time then just ignore me for a second it just makes the maps easier and that's much closer to what I'll use I know I use 18 litres at 15 and sometimes I check a little bit more in that's much closer to a reality to what I'm getting and these are all the tweaks you can make used to have it set up for brewing the bag my my mash profiles but things have changed and when I when I send that for brewing the bag I wasn't getting the sparge man down here it was just confusing people which I'm probably doing now anyway all I'm saying is I'll upload these new profiles and if you aren't getting the same numbers iron which is possible you can keep the water amounts and everything are going to be the same and you can just adjust your efficiency here so say you brewed this a couple of times in your under so even if you brew once and say your two points under and everything went smoothly in your brew you might drop this 276 did that change anything yeah dropped it down or you might change it to 75 47 the next time you brew it have a look you might get you might get it there's thing you might be spot on or you might be up a little bit and you can just play around to wherever you what you usually get I know I'm usually at 80 and I think the one Brian head was staying at 72 but it's no drama and it doesn't really mean anything as long as you're getting close to one of these numbers don't stress about efficiency numbers because it really it's also different in everybody's brew system and like your brew house efficiency really should include you your fermenter and your style of fermenter the sizee from hinter where your tap is if you tip it up at the end there's there's so many different variables don't worry too much like give you two points out to me all the time if you use my recipes that's fine it's really nothing to worry about it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with your system but as long as you can get consistency that's all you're after so any way to quickly get back on track all I was saying is if you download beats me 3 and you see their new profile you you're either going to fiddle with it a lot for Australian brewing in the u.s. you might be fine I don't know I can't test it but for Australian brewing you're gonna have to tweak it a lot I'm not saying you won't have to tweet mine because a minor is perfectly for me at the moment all the numbers are just about support on you know what sometimes I'm up one sometimes I'm down a point that's just life you can't be perfect all the time and yeah that's all I wanted to say really so I hope that's helped people and I'm just sure it was Andrew that noticed Andrew here but I hope you don't mind me mentioning hey Matt noticed that it was in there the profile I didn't notice it people have been asking me whether they should upgrade that's totally up to you if there's no real need if you're happy would be Smith to unless you want to put your maids and you and your ciders in as I said they've added that and the mash pH making a little bit easier to do was it was a bit of macaroni and B Smith - it's a bit easier to just put them in your recipe the salts and things whether it's accurate or not I don't know have to test that in practice well that's up to you I wouldn't say yes go out and buy you need it because if you've got B Smith - and all your recipes are fine and everything's working them more change I'll also ask people have been telling me people have been commenting on the video I did yesterday saying they use all different software and that's great if you want me to test it out and you think it's better let me know and I'll have a look and might do a quick video and compare and see how easy it is for me to set up I don't have an Apple devices there's already been a couple suggested that were just for iOS and I don't have that so I'd much rather do it on my PC I'm a bit old school alright anyway I'll give these profiles up on to cellar dweller it's just easiest place for me to put them I don't really know where else I can put them and if you want them you can go never look alright

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