Morissette Amon sings Whitney Houston Medley at the G3 concert REACTION!!!

by: Adobo Sandwich

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there go more more second in the middle of the choreography what's going on yes Gabe and in this video we are reacting to Morissette singing a Whitney Houston medley when used in one of my favorite singers of all time presence really I think so too did you did you like Whitney we're really but it wasn't like I I kind of convinced I kind of covered it a little like that kind of music yeah you listen to like country only legit embroider I go up here right okay okay you ready yes three two one Oh wonders more she's gonna dance in there this is this is looking almost like a Sarah Veronica like intro does it start like a minute basically and her wrists too ridiculous man


[Music] [Applause] [Music] there go more seconds in there a little bit choreography I like that that's kinda refreshing t1d yeah you [Music]


[Music] I feel like an idiot just lately to love what we came for you like first covers is more soccer help it's tough though right yeah yeah but I feel yeah but I feel her per voice he's made this kind of song well yeah she can she can do a lot but like I feel like this is her bread water in here yeah we got how you got that big I want to dance with somebody maybe and I know my Whitney nerds I know my Whitney I really I'm trying to think back and I can't confer my score you know I can't recall anything

hydrocephalus children away no nice old [Music]


no sorry oh yeah that was a femoral I just saturday nowhere were to be together they're probably like guards them [Music]

[Music] [Applause]

[Music] I'm in session she's bubbly then I stated in the last three or this video were set is bubbly bubbly okay I like to sign them pay for the heck calm [Music]

you ever watch the videographer react [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

[Applause] [Music] what this is a long performance you're like doing a medley like all of the row like this composite yeah you're definitely going to have to be like endurance the stage endurance yeah and on top of that you have to so we're just like blows of a different time right yeah

[Music] this is it anyways you smile this here dancing okay it's just a new it's just something new [Music] and the quality of her voice isn't going down with her game now


[Music] right

more sad more fat more scary [Music]


my goodness mark like that was that was a complete year that was a complete performance buy more set like I'm curious and maybe maybe you guys can suggest like I know her performances are more like vocal focus but like does she have any like performances that you know where she goes like all out on her choreography it's you can tell like just by the way she moves like she has she can put it down but like complete performance I appreciate that she never never disappoints that's acting worth it if you guys want to check out the original video the link is in the description down below don't forget to like this video leave a comment if you have any other requests or suggestion for us and don't forget to subscribe


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