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you're watching Adorama TV hi everybody welcome to another episode of Adorama TV I'm Mark Wallace well travel season is upon us and so we've been looking at a bunch of emails from people asking me to talk about camera straps and slings and holsters and stuff like that so we have four of them to talk about today we're going to start with one that is a little bit different than the rest this is called the cotton carrier lite 522 Pro and it's for full-bodied Pro Series cameras and cameras that are using battery grips or portrait grips and this is a really secure system it actually goes around your waist and clicks in and then there's a strap that goes over your shoulder and then there's another strap that actually makes sure that your camera doesn't go flying and it works with this little disc thing here and what this does is it actually attaches to the bottom of your camera where the tripod plate would normally go and it comes with this little little screw driver kind of thing here to make sure that's nice and secure and then it doesn't just go straight in it goes into angle and then twists and so that makes sure that the camera is actually locked into this sling now this is great for people that are shooting things like football or baseball or wherever you want to have a second camera at your side and it needs to be really secure and if you're running around it needs to be able to hang there without falling off this is going to do that for you but it isn't because it's so secure it doesn't allow you really rapid access to a camera and so if you're running around shooting things that may be a disneyland or on vacation this is probably not the system for you it's more created for professional photographers or sport shooters and so I really like that for those applications but not so much for travel photography for that I really recommend a couple of different systems here and really it came down to two brands that I really like one is called the Sun sniper and we're looking at here is the Sun sniper steal camera sling and this is a $75 rig and the way this works and the way these other slings work instead of it going around your neck like this and holding a camera and it can be really fatiguing it works more like a messenger bag and so this you put your arm through and it rests just like that and then on the bottom of your camera these come with little D rings that you can screw in there and then there's a little hook right here what that does it allows you to clip in on your camera and then that just sort of sits there at your side and when you're ready to shoot you just grab your camera take a shot and then you can drop it and you're ready to go so it's really awesome if you want to have something that's really quick and really secure and so that's how that works there are a couple of differences that I think I need to point out now one is that the Sun sniper has a steel cable running through it so if you're a travel photographer and you're going into places where there might be somebody that with a knife that will slice your camera strap and yank your camera and run well it's not going to work this will actually break a knife blade and so that is a significant feature I really like that the Sun snipers also extremely lightweight and really comfortable to wear so I zipped around town with it the other thing it has that the other straps don't have is this little spring kind of thing here and so that allows you if you're dropping your camera actually will take that impact and so this is really lightweight it's really comfortable and it's a great value at seventy-five dollars and so if you're a travel photographer and just need something to support your camera that's what I recommend is the Sun sniper steel and again at seventy five bucks now one of the disadvantages with the Sun sniper is there's nowhere to put any cards or identification or money and so if you want that I really like this guy here this is the blackrapid strap this is the rs5 it's a little bit less expensive at $65 it works the same it's got a little d-ring that comes with it it allows you to click that right on your camera both of these have locking mechanisms so that you're not going to have your camera fly off this little carabiner here so I'll put that down right here and what this has though is it has a bunch of pouches so this one right here allows you to put a camera phone right in there and then also there's a larger pouch and so if we open up this you can see that there's a bunch of room for camera cards and money or wallet or whatever you need to put in there and it's just a little magnet that holds that shut and so that allows you to carry stuff with you the other thing this has that's a little bit different than the other straps are these stops here and the stops really help out and so what happens is I'll put this around so you can see is while you're using your camera if this slides down let's say so you're choosing getting your money out you want to put that back this little stop it allows you to slide that right back on your shoulder and if that slides too far when you put your camera back that stops going to adjust it again so that keeps the strap adjusted to your body and it keeps it so it's nice and comfortable and you're not playing with the strap so that's really nice now one of the problems with both of these slings is if you're a climber or you're doing some some kind of sports you could go upside down they're going to fall off your body and that's no good and so blackrapid actually came up with something called the blackrapid RS sport extreme sport strap it's $70 and so what this does it actually has a little strap that goes around your shoulder and so that will not fall off your body even if you're upside down and it doesn't have the the pouches for all the stuff but it does have the stops just like the other blackrapid so make sure that everything is nice and secure and so if you're doing some extreme climbing or something like that where you might be going upside down you want to make sure your camera doesn't fall off well then that is the strap I recommend so there are four solutions for you remember the cotton carrier lite 522 Pro that's what I recommend for sport shooters or people that may be shooting weddings they need to have a camera really secure but not immediately available to have to actually take a couple seconds to get that off the little sling there the Sun sniper steel I think is my favorite for travel photography because it's extremely light extremely comfortable it's only 75 bucks and you have the extra security of that steel strap so you can't have your camera stolen and then blackrapid has two straps that I also really like is a really they're very comparable the blackrapid strap are is 565 bucks it has the ability for you to have some change and stuff so if you're going to be out for a longer day traveling that might be the strap for you because it allows you to hold your money and identification all that kind of stuff and then if you're an extreme climber and you need to go upside down with your camera well then check out the blackrapid are a sport extreme sport and at 70 bucks well thanks so much for joining me this week remember if you have a question about photography gear you can send those questions to me at asked mark at thanks again I'll see you again next week this episode is brought to you by Adorama TV visit the Adorama Learning Center where you'll find photography tips and techniques links to the gear used in this episode and related videos for all the latest photography video and computer gear visit and the next time you're in New York City visit our store located on 18th Street between

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