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Preeto! Congratulations! What! - Don't you agree? Tell me!

They left! Congratulations! But why are you congratulating me? Hey, Harman is back home. What else can bring us more happiness?

Come on! Hug me.

That was fun. Congratulations! And you..


I-It's a happy moment. Don't we have to celebrate this moment with some sweets? Ms. Mohini, get some sweet, please. - Sure! I'll get it. That's good!

Yes, dear!

Harak! - Yes! Though we are reaching our goal after a lot of strive. - Yes. I hope that you aren't losing your way. My way! We did reach our goal.. - Shall I ask you something? Sure!

During the process of this drama with Mohini I hope you haven't..

You are joking..

God, listen to her. Listen to what Preeto is saying. You are joking.. Hey, Preeto! I'm Harak Singh. I announce this from the bottom of my heart that I'll always be yours. Forever! Do you want to hear more?

I feel like dancing today. I want to dance out of joy. Let's begin with this song.. "The love is sweeter than jaggery." "The love is sweeter than jaggery." "Oh, God! I wish that it doesn't strike anyone." "The love is sweeter than jaggery.."

Yes, Mr. Happy Singh! We already left. We'll reach there in 10 minutes. Hey, listen to me! The holy water is over. My wife is yelling at me for that. The veneration will begin in a while it would be better if you could get some from your house. Okay! Don't worry, I'll get it. I'll get the holy water.

What happened? Why are we going back? Mr. Happy Singh forgot to take holy water.

Poor man! He forgot to take holy water and now his wife is yelling at him.

Get back! You always come and hug me. How many times have I told you that you have no right over me? She.. She is Mohini! She is my life! She is everything to me.

Harak, she just finds reasons to come to you.

He started his drama as soon as you left. H-He is such an evil person. I never thought that he would do something like that. Hey, Harman! Why are.. I was going to call you. As soon.. As soon as you left, Harman.. - Quiet! Quiet!

Swear on me and tell that whatever I saw was not true.

Keep in your mind that Goddess is the witness. Tell that whatever I saw was an illusion or not true.

Tell me! - Harman, that is..

N-No! L-Let me explain! L-Listen to me. I-I can explain! - You are my Preeto, right?

I know the answer. I know the answer! No..

You deceived me! Your son!

Do you know that a child trusts his mother the most in this world because he knows that anyone may lie to him but his mother would never lie to him!

You.. You took advantage of my trust to deceive me. Listen to me! You.. - Just stay away from me. Stay away from me, Preeto! Just stay away!

You would never utter even a word that you just did. This is the influence of the eunuchs! You don't trust your parents! Did the eunuchs perform black magic on you! How long, Harak Singh? Tell me, how long will you insult the eunuchs? The eunuchs are at least humane! And you, look at yourself. Recollect your deeds. Do you have any humanity left? No, you don't. And you, Preeto. You, my mother! You conspired to separate me from Soumya. This is wrong, Preeto.. You did wrong to her and to me. Do you know? I believed that if any other mother were in your place, she would've done the same thing. I ignored all your faults. 'Your mother is on the street today!' 'And look at me'

'I have no more energy left!' 'Only a dancer can make your dad dance to her tunes.' 'But she is a woman after all' 'and that woman has' 'destroyed my life, Harman!'

I thought.. That one day you will realise how important Soumya is in my life.

But you never realised, Preeto. You just didn't realise! I was hoping that I'd introduce Soumya to the family all of you will accept her, and we'll all live together.

But I have now realised that people who can cheat their children cannot build new relationships. - You..

Moreover, you'd have to build a relationship with a eunuch. Do you know who are eunuchs? Do you! Firstly, eunuchs are humans. But they don't use others for their benefit. They're not related to each other by blood. Even then, they live under the same roof like one family.

They share each other's happiness and sorrow. They clap, beat drums, and ask for gifts. Even if they don't have much to eat they live a contented life.

People like us may insult them or rebuke them but they always bless us. Listen to me once. - Preeto, stay away from me! Just stay away from me!

I'm glad that my efforts to make Soumya a member of this family has ended. I've realised something, Preeto. You people don't deserve a family member like Soumya.

Comparing the eunuchs to you would be an insult them. It's equal to abusing them. Lies, deceit and distrust.. I'm going away from it all! To live with the eunuchs.

I will live my life like them. I don't mind dancing and playing music on the streets to earn money. But can I tell you something, Preeto? My life with them would be much better than this life! - No! Because there would be nobody there to break my trust. No! - Hey, look!

Your son is free now! I was free of commitment from my father. I have become completely free today! I'm free now!

Today, I'm free

of commitment

from my mother too.

No, Harman.. I beg of you. Don't say such things. Please don't leave me. I-I won't let you go.

I did all this for you. No.. Listen to me. Please listen to me.. - Quiet! I.. - Just be quiet! Quiet.

Thank God the holy water at Happy Singh's house ran out.

Because had it not been so, I wouldn't have come here and I wouldn't have learnt about your conspiracies. No, Harman!

What do you call Soumya? A eunuch! Do you know that for the betterment of our relationship she is going door to door to beg for a handful of grains? And you, on the other hand.. Preeto, my mother! You ruined the mother-son relationship like it meant nothing to you.

Look into my eyes.. What do you see in these eyes? You can see everything in these eyes but you won't be able to

see reverence for my mother.

Look at your hands.. You're helpless! Yes, Preeto! You have nothing left, Preeto! You've lost everything! After all this.. After the games that you played sit in a quiet corner and think. Try to ascertain what you achieved by all the planning and plotting. Preeto, I now believe that a child is better off

as an orphan

than having a mother like you.

Uncle, send all the holy water there is in the house to Happy Singh's house.

It has no meaning here.

Wow.. You have done such a wonderful thing.


'You have nothing left, Preeto! You've lost everything!'

See what I've got for you, Tarana.

What is this, ma'am? - I've bought curtains for you. What was the need for this?

There definitely is a need, Tarana!

Harman's hard work and your hard work are going to lead to success. Once the condition is fulfilled, you will go to your house. You can take along this gift that we gave you. You will remember us when you use these curtains in your house.

I don't need a gift to remember all of you.

The Goddess has sent you all as a precious gift in my life.

Go and freshen up. Don't you want to go out to collect gifts?

You are yet to fulfil the condition.

You will leave only after you complete the final challenge, right? - Yes. I will freshen up.

Thank you so much for this gift.

'Tarana, may the Goddess fulfil all your dreams.'


Aunt, what happened? Is everything all right?

Uncle and Aunt, what happened?

Will someone tell me? Why are you all so quiet?

Brother! - Harman. What happened? Where are you going with your luggage? Was there an issue at home? Why isn't anyone telling us?

You can ask the person who rules the house, Surbhi.

I have got nothing to do with this family anymore.


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