Why I Moved to Hawaii To Break My Funk

by: Island Hopper TV

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hey what's up everybody this is Jeff so today I've decided to make a video to answer a question that has come up before and mmm yeah it's just come up a couple times so I was like you know what I might as well just answer the question then and that is why or what led me to Hawaii you know you could say well that doesn't matter how you phrase it you I'm just gonna tell you how I ended up here so probably in about 2014 our 2013 my friends had moved to the Big Island because another friend of ours from high school had actually bought property was developing three acres into a farm you know he did something super ambitious he went out on a limb and bought a big plot of land when the recession had occurred in one of the most beautiful places you might see on the Big Island in the home career my other friends that I was really close with also moved out and they ended up island hopping a little bit and they were kind of living out of their car and told me some stories about that and I was on in contact with them and then they told me that something amazing gonna happen they got called to Molokai so they went to Molokai now Molokai if anyone knows about Molokai is kind of off the grid right so meaning that it's not the most most people don't ever go to Molokai and so they were there they were living camping out basically on a piece of property that they were developing for homeland of Hawaiian homelands anyway so I was kind of like hey I'm interested in what's going on out there and they were like yeah you should come out and then um I you know was working and at that time I had come across some some money but same time I'd also come on a funk like a you know life funk you ever be ever had a funk in life whoo where you were just like man I just needed something needs to change like I was really not feeling too uh clarity I didn't have have a lot of clairvoyance or clarity you know I was just man what's going on dude like I can't keep living here in San Diego because this is just more of the same and I was starting to get pent up over there so as they had moved here they had been here for six months I watched the hurricane come through and like I think it was summer of 2014 yeah and my funk just never went away so I had applied for paperwork for my dog to move with me to Hawaii and yeah so we made that move we ended up on the Hamakua Coast in a in a like a bungalow and I don't know if you watched my other videos but I told the story about that how it was a water catchment the bathroom was detached from the main sleeping area so I had after walk outside in the rain to go the bathroom in the middle of night if I needed to do that even just waking up or whatever I mean in the middle of night if you're hungry the kitchen in the bathroom are also attached and there was a limited water supply if we had a drop for a month you know the tank might have that much water sir but it was like we showered make it quick or like if it hadn't rained for two weeks everybody'd be like okay it hasn't rained so don't flush the toilet unless you absolutely have to meaning if it's brown flush it down right so you know there's a little bit rough I did that for like three months I had a married couple who lived in the area next to me they were really nice got along with them you know and everything was cool it was definitely off the grid my dog was still with me and he used to do we used to let him run free anyway then the same person who owned that cottage asked me if I'd like to move to their house down in Puna so then I moved to their house down Puna it's a little bit more established but it's still water catchment same situation but it rains a lot in Puna it rains a lot in Houma cool but when they get a drought I mean it lasts a month sometimes and you have to call the water truck out to fill up your tank anyway so there's also bacteria and stuff you got to make sure that you're pouring bleach in there like once every two every week or something like that no once a month you gotta pour bleach so it's just it's not what you're used to in public works okay and so that was my initiation and that the island was on the Hilo side then the person that I was living with asked me if I'd like to go you know said when I sold my business he said you know I can watch your house here if you'd like to go travel the world I I did that here's my like my birthday I'd just sold my business and I took it and you know didn't look back meaning I didn't I was just like I was like man I'm still in a funk even though I'm in Hawaii I'm still in a funk it didn't go away cuz I just magically moved to Hawaii a lot of it I think had to do with stress anxiety improper diet basically not taking care of myself and also you know just some things that I needed to really clean up in my life kind of like cleaning out my closet because I was thirty thirty yeah I was 30 or 31 at the time so you know when you turn 30 things kind of just shift whether you like it or not you know life I don't know it happens in different times for everyone for me it was like thirty thirty-one I'm now 34 so come a long way he's since then and now but at the same time I haven't really come a long ways I just made some minor adjustments um so I went on there and I went to Thailand I went to Macau which is next to Hong Kong and I went to Thailand a lot obviously I went back so I went there a couple times on this trip then I went to you know stayed like overnight in Singapore went to Australia then New Zealand then back to Thailand because yes I like Thailand why do I like Thailand it's it's like kind of like it's a very free I guess you could say it's a hedonist Society hedonist is uh you do what you what pleasures you it's not that I it was kind of what I needed because I've been living in a society that was kind of like rules rules rules rules don't do this don't do that don't do this don't do that you go to Thailand it's free it's literally like kind of like free now that doesn't mean you go there and you raise hell in the air you know because you can't do that either but I'm just saying that for a for a westerner you know it's the Thai people are very nice the food is cool you will get sick probably but it's just got to come to terms with that you know the people are very friendly the women are friendly if you're a single guy you know you might like that too just be careful for all the women who are watching this thing ouch did you just go there yeah I'm going to say that because you know in Thailand that does happen so we're not gonna like pretend like things don't happen in Thailand meaning that yes there are girls that will hit on men there even there's lady boys that will hit on men there some people get massages they're called Soapy's it's part it's almost part of the culture anyone who's been in Thailand knows about this so don't get offended don't get scared it's called Thailand but back to Thailand beautiful places I mean it's paradise it's cheap that's the biggest things it's cheap also if you like getting fine clothes I got this shirt in Thailand a few years ago I didn't wash it correctly so that's why it's not in the greatest shape but I look forward to going back to Thailand so talking with my tailor in Phuket to do that Patong Beach it's called Bangla Road pop in place I mean I left Bangla Road saying that's probably the biggest party in the world and that was just a Tuesday Wednesday every nights the biggest party in the world on Bangla Road I wouldn't be surprised at bangla road goes harder than why I've been to Mardi Gras is I mean Mardi Gras is pretty exciting I haven't done Carnivale but Bangla Road and Phuket every night Thailand baby you know it's just a good time people dance that it's well that's where the if you go there that's where you'll see a lot of the gogo girls so that's I guess one of the areas that I was really exposed to that to where it's like anyone who goes to Bangla Road sees it so if they could strip of go-go's but it's also bars and it's right on the beach so there's also Pattaya Beach and all that which is up by Bangkok Bangkok so another one of those places I like Bangkok is the true they have trains you can get around on trains you can just hire a tuk-tuk or a like a get on the back of a scooter and you go around anyway so I go do this Australia's cool New Zealand school I come back to Kona that was a part of it because that was part of my processing getting my sanity back getting out of the funk I didn't fully come out of the funk after that trip so I moved to Kona which was different than he laws like well if I move to the resort side I'll get back in there you know regular water supply and power and you know all that internet because over there you know there's not even a sea just flowing disbands and it gets humid there even in January in Puna and in Hamakua so I go back to do that I get a vacation run no one really wants to rent because they're all like show me ten million dollars you know no just say that facetiously but they do want a lot of money like this place asked me for two months rent plus a deposit so they said pay for your first 30 days the next 30 days and a deposit but I just sold my business and I still have money I said you know what I just need to find a place to live because I was camping for four nights around the island I stayed up in a whole kena and I stayed up by a volcano I camped up in volcano two nights and after that second night I was gonna go to Spencer's beach but I was so done with camping I was like whatever you need you let me know let's just get me in out place because once I get into a place I can find a better deal after my three went three months went by I then um got a apartment which is this place I live in now it's a condo I got a six-month lease you know she she was cool with it they they treated me nicely when I moved in here you know and it was cool I mean when I was living in Kona in that other place in that rental on the beach really I paid fifteen hundred month I would drink a beer and walk down then I'd grab another beer and bump into like locals and stuff and they showed me around and told me stories and hung out of magic sands a couple times kind of drunk with the colon boys you know being Holly from States you know you got a I wouldn't recommend it to everybody and I would recommend it to everybody but I'm saying like you know if you if you're around a whole bunch of locals you don't know and you're drinking you know I try not to get too drunk I say that because I did get really drunk because I was having a good time and anyway so that was like my you know initiation to the crew kind of process and then getting familiar with Magic Sands beach where the locals hang out and I did that a couple times and you know I would hang out with some of the uncles that um Banyan's and there every time everyone was cool with me you know what I mean they were always very cool with me and I respect that and that's why when you see my videos I'm always like well racism you know I I looked at it like you know it didn't really happen to me you know it happened to maybe a couple times we're like a couple guys would give me like a little bit of it you know like what is it fuzzy eyeballs whatever you want to call it you know and I just went the opposite direction of those guys but most of the lung clunkers what they call him uncle and auntie but the uncles the band's were very cool to me that night did I chill with them the uncles add magics were cool with me every time every time yeah um and then you know so that was my time on the beach living here in Kona now like some of the things that I do to unwind I mean I actually have a place now with a CI if I wanted to use it to cool I I'll walk down to Lee get an ocean over there at the pier chill chill with the dudes at the pier this time those are my crew now is the pier crew and you know it's ever-changing there's dudes who come and go there's all types of people over there and always friendly always you know nothing nothing negative to say truthfully I mean I've gone to a couple events that they've had down there obviously the Kona Ironman the Hawaiian billfish tournament there's a couple things to take place down there there's the stroll various different things the kayak either you spot dolphins swim there if you want snorkel out it's kind of wild they get fish balls right there go get a coffee at Kona and there's like donkey balls you know just stroll up and down go out for drinks every once in a while just have a good time try not to make too much of a habit of that but and do what you want I don't because I'm a school like I can't just party rock off like a rock star you know seven days a week although I'm sure that would be fun I know that people like to go to the harbour to do that these days harbour is like one of the poppin spots I've been hearing but anyway you know so kkona kkona school i've definitely come out of my funk now I could say you know I wasn't like I said I was in that funk and a lot of it was a stress-related it took it took about a year or two to as people will always say this he'll I try not to beat up the word he'll I'm over here hewing you know no I'm I was more or less just like kind of rediscovering myself into my you know 30s and some of you might be getting called to do that same thing just remember the island they say some things about the island that are stigmas that are superstitions you might hear them the ones that I've heard like is if things come up missing you know what have you been doing you know like are you being pono usually things like come on missing if you have not been being pono that's what the locals at magic will tell you as where some other locals will tell you so if things are coming up missing if you're the person who's like missing your CDs out of your car or someone stole your wallet or something like that usually that's a sign from Hawaii they like what have you been doing bad boy you know and so none of that has happened to me okay that does not mean that I'm immune to it so I always keep myself honest and uphold integrity and it's worked out for me it's kind of like a formula it's like a system that you follow just be cool I mean I can't if you don't know what just be cool means then probably don't move to white because it's gonna end up scaring the out of you and I don't cuss much okay anyways yeah you have any questions

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This is a video discussing the serious of events that lead up to my move to Hawaii. After getting stressed out and ending up in a funk the time and come to rediscover myself and moving to Hawaii was my answer.
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