Dares With Dopey #14 - SNAPCHAT FILTERS!

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hey guys welcome to a new episode of des with dopey today I'm gonna be doing a lot of juicy dares that you guys suggested also a quick reminder there are still des with doping merch on the my Oakley as pet world store the link is in the description thanks for supporting my show it really means a lot so without further ado let's get on with the dares I know don't be to be a suitor ah I can't wait to teach my claws everything about life there's so much I can't wait to learn about chicken not today nothing f- get out hey guys welcome to my class I call away to teach you all it's gonna be so fun I'm going to teach you all the skills in life and we're just gonna have a great time I hate this class I beg your pardon Missy my gloss as a falling off so let's get on with the lesson three two

damn chicken I thought this was English well like dance lessons thank you guys so much for attending my class I hope you guys liked it and please finish your homework for next lesson you're the worst teacher in the books oh we don't read it here so get out so now lot it's home time get out oh okay bye

boy ba bye bye bye bye I dared Opie to float Jess's bed down a river okay guys with this dare I'm gonna change it just a tiny bit to make it more interesting so I know for a fact that Jessica's bed doesn't fit in the call so I was just thinking of getting Jessica she's a deep sleeper and we can drive her to the nearest river and drive the car into the water so instead of a bed she will be in a car his name is Hercules and it hey Hercules could I get a lift Levin what way it was always fun I think

so damn Hercules make powder I sleep out here we're gonna take it to the room so we are at the river and for some reason just a still asleep so we put her in the front and her place is going to take her from here

no he was just huh that was a good nap hey what happened to Hercules he was my best friend hi there don't we to go in a fashion show


man that heart wow you sound like a man

you go girl

thank you oh wait I'm not finished

hi there dobby to try and cook hello everybody welcome to cooking with dopey Oh imply I was full select live on the show hey now let's start ok what are we cooking today mr. dopey don't ever call me that again aye-aye sir hmm can we cook nuts so today we're going to be monitoring the blankets if you gonna play to downsize it will be good to go so next we're going to be grabbing some bowls and putting you all ingredients in them oh come on and you can get them at the piggies any put on the tape oh my hole get angry well I think see roses town OD tossa I got the ingredients let's go

now squeeze your patty juice into your carrot I think that will do after you get your pages in the carrot you get to pour it out into your coffee it creates a nice thick chicken stew when you start stirring your parrot in a coffee and oh no Clive what are we even cooking oh we just couldn't have done in hot damn pastry with carrots coffee and paddy juice yeah all the time

roasty oven my favorite what did I just watch oh they're done I'm never going to have a cooking show again I hope you're happy uh Toby but there was just for you to cook not to have a cooking show I'd there Doby to try out the new snapchat filters all right not working focus camera stupid camera oh I hate this phone I wish snapchat can recognize my face why do I have to be a hipster it just isn't fair it could recognize someone else's face but who okay take two I think I look a little ugly now but hopefully it works oh my god it's working oh I'm a dog oh let's have a look at all the other filters hands up you are under arrest for robbing a bank how do you feel hmm I feel pretty good hey guys I've been thinking about everything today just everything in the morning I saw the birds I'm like how can I fly guys I really need a shave I've been shaved weeks I'm so sorry wait down in the dumps today I'm still down you know what I'm sick of having this face on oh oh my nose is being a bit clogged lately anyway they're complete okay guys let's see how I went through SEPA sewed first their second day third day fourth day and the fifth day okay I have to amid the two days that I failed were really hard I just couldn't do them and I'm so sorry thank you guys so much for watching the show hopefully there will be more episode soon and I will see you guys next time bye so much for watching this video if you guys want to see any previous episode there's a link on the screen to take you to the playlist remember to leave some awesome dares in the comments below and I will see you guys next time bye


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