Lassiz Stream Highlights #10

by: Lassiz

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but you see what I'm saying like there's some perspective come on monkey just jump in 49 monkeys down this up okay I got her toddlers oh why is that thing


back in the back after I take the frontal and shit told sneaky it blew them today we're sneaky hey Draenor just Timm a good healer

Tony Hawk pro skater for I always got to see what I look like when I do okay we go


here's games sometimes makes me so salty that you're sadder that fucking laid it on that pig that did this done the pig that lays it on the pig with the pig was all pain because I all did for the pig to cancel a volte because I alter the pig with my ulti to stun the pay with my son with my ulti that should have landed that when in his vicinity I'm a little tilted that's it it's fucking crazy and now I'm not a mirror dude cashing outside I'm very normal aha why do you let me do that heroes never die - how does one from the top ropes give me what the fuck where's the bottle opener right now let's go what I saw it for a Rosie what this happen what'd I miss he he got a hook now you won't charge he won't charge no balls okay what what oh shit my shoulder oh my god Corona I mean a boiler full strong enough for ten though I feel half at Corona is the only budget nano hosted soldier old mom

[Music] when team winning oh shit don't shoot me


oh how this a bitch and so the call last answer that call last answer that call radness log in the automobile boo-boos you always gotta protect mcnutty that is got a gun let's have some fun oh my god is laughs here to put it in your ass you just got fucking shit on boom pull over the police is the fucking Polly

mother okay

pull the fuck over pull over

pull the fuck over

I do have an ulti yeah I'm gonna throw it over I'm going hold me right now Oh get my suit got stunned what water park advice sounds like a whale dying Korea oh my well I wasn't gonna do this but hold on now I got you Thank You Perry yeah yeah I guess so wonderful man love you whoa did you just shoot him you son I hear bullets I come running dude I don't run away I answer the call son were you at you even know where I'm at now I know where you're at it yeah you better fucking go down son I know fucking pussies [Music] you

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