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by: CookieSwirlC

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chocolatey chippy cookies we are gonna be playing some minecraft today and we're gonna be playing some pixel bears all right some pixel painters here what right here we are I love how colorful this room is isn't it just so wonderful and so happy well rebo firetruck all right so we're gonna do a firetruck here so we've got to get out spread to a firetruck here hmm some wheels yeah that looks right right mm-hmm color everything in get some wheels we need a big big window here of course it's rushing to the scene of a fire it's a crazy big fire it's almost as big as a fire truck two minutes remaining two minutes remaining we need like a little firemen out here like this he's got a hose like so he's got the hose out like this hold and aim and spray that water at the fire spray it spray it spray it one minute remaining put a fire hat on him and of course you need the happy face kind of a happy face I know time is ticking on down lights really quick on the truck all right let's see what everyone else came up with fire truck fire truck oh cool oh this one's cool what is this person doing are they riding on top of the fire truck all right that's way cool what else do we have about what's cool - there's another fireman whoo fella is so fun look it's just spraying water right from the top okay which firefighter this one come on riding on the truck okay this is just way cool all right that was so cool so fun it is well well Oh cat is the theme Oh let's draw like a super duper cute little kitty and like a little kitty bed or like maybe on a cat scratch post so we'll do like a little stripey kitty so Kitty's gonna be scratching the post so we got our little kitty face little kitty ears its body is kind of curved like this got its little tail but it's gonna be scratching out a kitty post right here give it like little kitty stripeys cuz it's kind of like a little orange stripe you kitty kitty face is gonna be happy here little kitty nose whiskers oh two minutes so here's my little kitty post right here yeah little kitty scratchy bossy window no much to say ten seconds remaining put a window window no I was right the middle of my window oh no gonna be like a halfway little kitty kitty with the scratching post all cute little kitties Katie Katie Katie I like this one it just says cat this one also says cat I think it looks more like a person Oh what cute little kitties are so cute they're so cute oh this without me yard oh of course this one you have to pick that one oh that was gonna be the winner by far even though this one's cute with the little yarn yeah oh I like it like it Oh up there died Oh Oh who's gonna win who's gonna win Oh mine's in there it's my vs. enjoy you would get whoa no I can't even if you feel all right that is awesome lose some super paintball okay here we go all right here we go we are going in did you do oh there's somebody right there right there no I'm gonna get you guys oh no there's two of them oh no no no I totally died somebody got me I'm back no no no good he's world I know my back a Mac goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye gotcha uh uh oh they're coming after me yeah cookie Gaara I hope you guys totally totally enjoyed this fun minecraft game I hope you play along with me in my next video I will see you there soon


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