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hey what's up guys here and welcome back through the beamng now in my last video I was like you know what the grid map never gets much love like it doesn't get updated that much last time I was updated was a while ago what did they do what they do they just updated it look at this look over here what's this it's the ground sorry I didn't mean to go on the ground they looked at this rock thing ah that's nice that'd that I think they put this in yeah they did there's like a jump right there it's great did the jump kind of grow in their mind I was gonna say it goes into trees but they cut me a path there oh shit what's going on over here hello oh that's what happened great cool so it's not like a huge update but it's I mean pretty cool I like they may be thinking well Spears are gonna take that that new truck off-roading on the update up there this isn't this isn't just a new truck it's a limo alright it's not like but you guys I'll go for a ride in this let's go for a ride let's get 20 million likes to go for ride in this thing could you imagine hey how many subscribers you a million how many likes they're very good 20 million so legit is it no so legit okay what's that let's hit this yeah I got a frog in my throat or something I hate when people say that but I think I have a frog in my throat it feels weird I want to try and make it down this thing I don't think I'm going to be able to but hey I've seen videos of like big-ass long trucks doing Roth crawls and look at that no problem fine see I like that it's really subtle you know now the the struggle is making it back up there with with that wheel in the back the GIMP wheel now I think the transmission is just like really long or the drive shafts really long so whenever I put it in gear it feels really like sluggish when I go forward it takes like an hour to actually go forward when I want to stop it takes me like an hour so I just because everything's like ten times longer it's she said is it actually gonna make it up there I don't know man I don't think so but maybe perhaps burned out on the rocks all right hold on let me let me put it in low range and then in a minute I'm sorry for no videos the other day by the way guys I had to take my dog to the bed I woke up to like 34 calls from my mom because my dog was like not breathing or having trouble breathing she's like sucking in air like reversed breathing basically oh great that's right let me go so my mom freaked out and she called me and then I we took her to the vet or whatever or I took her to the vet and waited there for like four and a half hours and then they saw us and he's like yeah it could have been allergies could have been an anxiety attack she could have collapsing trachea which is like normal for shih tzus i don't know post comment you guys ever have any problems with your dogs and if you don't have a dog what's up man hey you should you should try and get one there cool you know I mean if you don't like big dogs get a little dog it's great they their could their companions their best friends good hey that's normal actually worked look at that holy shit my dog's name Maya she's cute all right there's pictures of her on my Instagram my Twitter v1 chicken so enough about the dog she's huge fuck anyways let's continue on here this snorkel is actually working I didn't think it worked I thought it was just like a fucking it's like hey look look I got a snorkel you know so I'm gonna try something real quick and I know it's gonna work or not if I'm not gonna work but go forward please thank you see what I mean it takes like an hour to go forward and I'm trying to stop here and it won't let me stop oh yeah great now it's rolling back yeah yeah great oh look at that a tow hitch maybe the oddest tug of war ever we're doing fucking tug of war with some some cheap limos like let's go oh shit my voice is correct I think you didn't hear that did you okay so that's there how's that even I guess that one's the off-road version is that way all right this is like some grandmother tug of war here stop all right just chill out oh fuck that's not gonna go good nanana nanan don't break it very how good these things are so fucking slow man holy shit all right stop why are you doing this I just want you guys to line up properly not doing an area yep we're just going around in circles all right until somebody breaks a wheel it's all fun and games what's wrong with my voice oh geez you need a back into a boy come on come on it's both okay they're both from a dead stop right so the blue one is just just better at its job you know I can do about it is this pretty badass looking though I guess it's two rich people they got too much time and money on their hands and they're like hey let's go ahead and make a couple limo jeeps and get them to fucking play tug of war together you know there's also a weird hold on let me show you guys what I'm talking about there's like a weird name for one of these jeeps it's called like um the splittable limo or something and I don't know what the fuck that means but I want to check it out yeah splittable custom limo I don't what okay mm-hmm so how how do I split it is shit okay should I should I read this I don't know if it even said anything like hey this is how you split it if you want to split them oh yeah how you do it it didn't tell me anything like that it was just like hey um a stripped-down splittable limo a custom customized off-road beast Oh hmm yes whoa holy shit look at that what I would see that use this is a classic World War 2 limo Jeep if you like I've seen one of these in a movie somewhere this would be civil oh I think I saw that like the Jurassic Park fucking event thing at like Universal Studios when I was the kids they had something like this look at was long though she said I don't think she said I don't know come on come on come on come on no don't burn me okay I mean don't break my engine I need that let me go inside here oh great I shut off the engine trying to hit C and I hit V wow this looks really not doable from down here actually especially in this thing let's pour a little out for fuck's sake of your smoke so yes I broke a few things actually wow this is weird cameras just freaking out you know what this one actually stops and goes and reverse like really quickly compared to the other ones and you sleep maybe I put a tow hitch on this because I feel like this one I'll pull that blue one because the blue one one this tug-of-war match and it's not really a tug-of-war match between those two it's kind of like a slug of war match that was amazing I'm hilarious okay this will get a smaller engine into weird does this tow hitch yeah great ok that takes is over here like that perfect yeah I like I think flops down in the front so dumb all right let me let me disconnect it from this bad boy I'm just going to drive the blue one over there now keep in mind the blue one has better suspension a bigger engine and better tires tears bear tears sorry better tires so let's back up the green one here the old green Bessy and get them to hook up real quick come on buddy I love this chain man like it's it kind of make make it kind of make beam in teams because I'm kind of made beamng into like like Lego like when I was a kid playing with Lego and like little dinky trucks and stuff I'd like put them together with string and try and like get them to tell each other apart and all that I mean and there's like remote-control ones so you could do that with two it's just great man I like the little trivia trivial shit demons you should like implement more that you know okay well what was this Han I don't fuck it now let me which one am i doing here so do that one okay ma'am let me freeze it real quick go down like that and then I'm gonna put flee and then go to this one and then oh shit it is note it does not know where to flee oh yeah it does oh shit here we go oh wow really what is it what what is with this blue one that makes it so much more powerful like I know I'm not getting it here because it's the exact same as the green one like I'm not even trying I'm not pushing the gas right now I'm just gonna let it pull me and now pushing the gas watch you're slowing down crazy maybe the blue one has different gears different gearing look how long that driveshaft is like off of a bus it's been crazy I'm just gonna pull this thing along here maybe I try and pull this one up the hill I think we can do it I don't think I think my games going to break it's going to bring up that thing like hey there's some instability in the game that's not good you know I'm gonna be like hey hit Jay to continue with it break the game do you guys ever get like harassed by fucking telemarketers figure your home phone my mom's been getting that for the past two days pissing me off so much because they do is like we I was keep calling you I would keep calling and like freaking out he's I going to jail and my mom's like I'll call the cops is just fucking hilarious them and she's like do biggie knows where I live and I'm like mom it's a fucking telemarketer scammer and he does not know where you live you're okay I'm stuck in the fucking water right now it's great sorry I just thought about that for a second I don't know why--but can I get out of the water why am I stuck but okay maybe we do something with the differentials real quick that's not doing it maybe that one okay I'll go this way then in the water if I didn't have that snorkel on this truck that have already flooded like ten times look at the bag thirty full of water it's great okay let me change my range yeah I wish I knew how to off-road this make my life a lot easier yeah what if I just disconnect okay oh it's because he's trying to pull me and there he goes right into the fucking trees good job good job dude holy shit those quick oh okay I can't control this Oh No the classic nigel thornbury it looks like nigel thornbury would drive this thing I thought it looks like an I wonder if I can bend it in half like a fucking accordion let's see serious yep yep oh really easy is that what they mean by splittable oh this is the splittable one let's try this one doing this wow that's fucking rugged holy shit I don't think I can rip this one in half like that one hmmm you know what you can do anything you put your mind like let's be real holy shit that only looks a little bit ridiculous like like the tiniest amount particularly so which is the other mod I want to show you guys but there's a plow in the front of the fuckin EPK oh that's ridiculous man holy shit I want to ramp something into this thing oh great yeah that's uh-huh that's safe holy shit it's like a cinematic camera imma not notice this look at that that's pretty cool you imagine seeing that coming down the fucking highway out yes I'd be like hmm uh you want some motherfucker come get some dog oh wait wait yesterday its fuckin rip dog what the hell are you still coming still coming dog I I why am I talking like this so this is acting actually works like a ramp like I'm like the one on the fucking the 18-wheeler you know why that one doesn't work comes to eye off the ground this one's perfect look how low that is mint clear bitch looking into you wait oh that's amazing holy shit what did it blow off I think it blew off its bumper is that a bumper mm-hmm some some something that used to look like something but it doesn't look like it anymore and busy and this thing still wants to run to shuttle why it's spitting out Oh impact detection what how advanced are these cars now man the hell's going on here let's see what kind of engine I can put in this thing rather than the one it has right now because I'm not a huge fan of v12 okay you know I think a v12 actually probably the life a little bit look at that that's only ridiculous a little bit 90% of it up whoa look and there yeah man this is I didn't think this mod was gonna be that good but I like this just as much as I like the chain mod not saying something actually kind of curious if lowering the tire pressure in the front like let me see what I was when I turn it up and see if it raises it a little bit oh I think that did okay keep it right there and front tire pressure see if it goes down does it go down maybe a tiny bit I don't know I'm trying to save this thing so we can use it later and I don't have to like because you have to it like manually attach this thing to the front front left camber oh no I don't know what that does I don't know that does I just going to put that back to where it was a shit where was it - 20 hmm rear track width front track width what's a track width what it was a was that doing I don't even know everybody come here and right down the middle is that gonna work oh I mean sort of I guess kind of just destroyed everything before the impact detection car stop that doesn't what I'm certified just Ram it right into a wall we'll see what happens there I'm going to drive it all the way over to like that ramp [Music] we're going to be doing a hundred or you probably yeah 140 holy shit that's crazy the RAM has become one with the car it's an e TK Ram 1500 it yeah impacted no shit no shit impact detection a little bit of an impact happened only enough to melt metal okay I got the flame sounds kind of come out of nowhere they're like extremely fucking loud like this thing just burst into flames like all the holy shit flame on right what's that from post comment let me know I don't really know I forget I think we should drive something bigger into this hmm come here bitch boy to flip you like a fucking pancake alright here we go let's just slow down will be yeah that's a little faint fucking land right on top of me isn't it Wow legit alligator drinking oh there we go oh shit alright that might be too heavy okay humping me now it's having its way with mana like that I'm gonna go this way it's not going to chase me I wanna get the horse before I actually do that again because welcome going very fast and I feel like I need that like 140 mile an hour speed to flip this thing over me [Music] cause I can tell me how fast on great getaway what is that even like a metal blade comes up oh it's all the metal that was behind it three seven pokes up until I get it yeah you like that I hit your fuel tank bitch yeah who's who's invisible now fuck he's like I'm gonna set you on fire too and you'll say she'll fire little brush little tiny Boosh I wish I could put like a toe edge of the front of this lamp I mean it kind of looks like a toe edge up there actually look at it might come well he could yeah kind of I mean the things like the Terminator never gives up listen Arnold calm down it was good your legs I'm sorry if a busy yard though yep there we go and you slipped yourself again smart smart anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did feel free living up ahead not like book big second helps you in a bunch and if you wanna post comment be great too I like I like reading comments for applying you never see my replies anymore though there's too many comments so I'll reply like a hundred comments and they just get buried in new comments so yes let me know let me know if you guys enjoyed the video or not alright I don't know what I'm saying anymore tired

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