Woman Who Claims She Has Multiple Personalities “Transitions” to Her Alter “Emmeline”

by: Dr. Phil

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you just need to deal with it okay told you who became here I was not dog and pony show and it wasn't gonna be a talking on each other I told you that okay now talk to me what do I know doctor I assume I'm talking to Emeline yeah what do you want to know I want to know why you bully him into doing things that are not in the best interest of your health mentally physically familial e socially functionally why you bully this man and to do it what you wanted to do because he doesn't listen to Judy he doesn't take care of her he doesn't respect her do you probably not probably not Judy says she'll take one drink and you finish the bottle true or false trail she's telling the truth so you're criticizing him for not taking care of Judy and you don't either true so maybe you need to clean your act up

possible I mean just I'm just as well possible yes I'm not saying it's true but you say it's possible Oh possible anything's possible everything's possible do you want to get better we all want to get that do you want to be happy we all want to be happy define happy for you for me happy for me would be that I didn't have to exist anymore

what is your necessity why do you need to exist to keep Judy from killing herself

why do you think she would do that she's

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Judy, who claims she’s suffering from multiple personality disorder, “transitions” to one of her alters, “Emmeline,” on Dr. Phil’s stage.
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