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by: BlackRam313

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blah cram t13 back get it again because you know this is therapeutic man thank you for tuning in to yet another therapy session jumping right into this therapy session the title of the video proper is the catch and release method also known as the pump in the dump many of us in this community are fed up with the options that are available on the modern-day dating scene so in this community we have sought to disqualify ourselves in some circles from the idea of being involved in a long term relationship the idea of building a family the idea of marriage and children is one in which many of us the wise among us refuse to participate in such so called American dream the idea of biting yourself to a legal contract a third-party contract in which there can be sanctions against you in a form of alimony in the form of child support if the relationship goes south and we know that she will always leave you many of us are not willing to take such risk and many of us have already plunged and such and we are seeking to manage these difficult situations that are at hand and our or our president our lives we understand that the idea of modern marriage is an outdated one we understand that the idea of fighting the new Walt the idea of finding that someone that we can live our lives with and be fulfilled it's just a dream most dating options that we have in this they are of such low quality that it would be wise not to deal with any of them at all and if we are to deal with such then it makes sense to only deal in the short term so for those myself included who wish to deal in the short term effectively efficiently that way will be and most commonly called the pump in the dump the catch and release many of us again feel that this is the best choice the best option the best option to deal with the modern-day succubus or the rabies rabid snow bunnies and even the rotten Chiquita banana otherwise known as the modern American film so you meet her you catch you accomplish your goals of intimacy and then you release you pump and dump this is efficiency however in this method is an inherent danger [Music] there are variables that can cause problems in our lives out the gate when you seek to meet a woman in this modern day era there's a thing called street harassment when you try to approach her in the field it could be met with disdain we can lead to sanctions against you possibly and apart in your meeting your initial meeting trying to get to know her there can be allegations that are not truthful a lobbed at you and moving along to the encounter the whole goal of the talking the whole goal of the approach even after such that encounter of intimacy she can then change her mind about the whole interaction after the fact what was first consented to and after the act is now I don't have to spell it out she's changed her mind and the authorities can have you detained pending a trial a sad state of affairs so you pump and dump and her feelings are hurt she feels flayed she has in it society the guy na cracy the power to punish and knowing her nature and having this power it is not wise to deal with them at all we do need therapy to break ourselves from such a dependency but until we overcome such weaknesses we seek to minimize as much of the risk as humanly possible me personally my biblical leanings unnecessarily allowed me to pump and dump however there is still a way of me too or for me to achieve such goals without breaking the rules of the book we will talk about that more later I like to think of the idea of the pumping dump as being not just an option but the only reasonable way to deal with the modern dating scene again I have to state that this is dangerous not that we should walk around in fear but you have to have a brain you have to be wise you have to be careful and having said such there is a way that we can do this and also minimize the risk that are naturally associated with it reminds me of a scene a scene in Enter the Dragon grew up watching the great Bruce Lee watching his films as a kid and in the movie Enter the Dragon he's on a ship and a guy wants to test him he wants to see his fighting style and he asked Bruce what is your style show me some of it Bruce Lee replied his fighting style is the art of fighting without fighting and the gentleman said show me some of this so Bruce says let's go to this island and they proceeded to get into the boat except Bruce made sure he was last the guy entered first and as you may have well known in the same Bruce allows the man to get on a boat and the boat just away without him on there now what Bruce Lee effectively did was outsmart the guy he fought him without fighting the point in the story what I take from this is that we have to learn to be wise to fight without fighting to outsmart our opponent and your opponent is all those that participate in a guy knock recei the whole blue your world the simps the succubus all of them alike we have to be wiser than they are smarter than they are we have to understand that it's dangerous to pump and dump we got to understand that there can be blowback repercussions if you upset the goddesses so how do we navigate around such a dangerous environment that is so set against us how do we safely catch and release how do we safely pump and dump black RAM have some answers now here is some impeccable some unbreakable untouchable game that I'm about to spit Ram is not just the guy who says you should stay away from the ladies and go your own way but I am also the guy that is full of game for those who want to deal full of the game straight gee the game for me is like being possessed I possess it like a spirit Exorcist if you will the power of Christ compels you levitate with the game I'm just no longer playing but I still can a coach here in there the game is in me and not on me I'm laced with it I understand it combining my understanding with female nature combining my understanding of the society in which we now live with straight natural game that I learned on the streets of Chicago's West Side going up from my peers that were players so the game is real the mouthpiece is everything the game can be used to meet your dating goals so here's some game drumroll please let me tell you how to pump and dump catch and release with efficiency to avoid in the pitfalls the problems or repercussions the retaliation of the succubus the rabbit snow bunny the Chiquita bananas the rotten ones let me explain to you how to do such things efficiently let me spit some game in your ear man let me chop this up so you can use it if you want to deal with them [Music] so here we go the game is to always again the game is to always get her and allow her to fire you to dump you to release you remember now she has a state public opinion the whole world on her side and you are the big bad evil man she will always be the damsel in distress but always let her fire you again this is of the game this is the safest but not foolproof nothing is but this is the safest way to end your interactions with the opposite gender this is an adaptation to the adversarial environment in which we now live you don't want fake claims thrown at you fake stories allegation is we must play it safe again the idea that you could have such things thrown your way should be reason enough to avoid dating altogether but as a matter of our own personal choice but if you are going to deal you must adapt always let her fire you for me I'm smooth man I'm not rough the game is about finesse a finesse these chicks boy I ain't no fan always be nice to him though be nice see I'm the calm the cool no need to be rude type again I'm a king however a humble King you don't have to pump dump and disome there's no need for it but you get her to release you but be smooth about it when you deal with them be smooth be calm be cool that's game be nice be friendly be a gentleman at all times that doesn't mean being a sample you can hold your own you can possess the game you can be red peel and steal be a gentleman your goal is not to offend when you have interactions with the opposite gender your goal is to accomplish that in which your biology necessitates until you can get to the point where you can beat your biology [Music] again you get her to release you see when it's her idea to release what is her idea to dump you to leave you alone she then feels empowered she feels empowered by this she gets satisfaction in this it gives her the feeling of authority she's in the driver's seat control strong get Anna pendant an ego boost in an ego stroke but you are smarter than that you're smarter than her you don't need the ego lose your ego be covert this is not the time for ego this is not our society this is not our world we're just trying to navigate efficiently through it lose the ego I just say lose your self-respect big difference outsmart her allow her to think that she's the winner the art of fighting without fighting some Bruce Lee game for you this is efficient this is effective let her have her moment let her appear strong but you are the real one you're the one with real strength you met your first goal the pump and the catch did he meet your second goal which is the release but you are allowing her to do the releasing therefore the winner is you because that's your goal anyway see what you have done and let in her fire you is that you have reversed the game remember old school wrestling Ric Flair and his signature move the figure-four leglock but although this was a signature move there was a reversal for such a move I believe it was sting was the first one if I'm not mistaken to reverse the figure-four leglock so remember when she dumps you you are reversing the game that you intended in anyway reverse the game reverse psychology and for me I would even embellish a little bit and pretend to be disappointed pretend to be hurt to give her even more satisfaction which will ensure that she would never return to you when she runs away which is what you wanted to do anyway as a cat when you chase it it runs but in to be disappointed pretend to be hurt frown on the house side but smile on the inside again this is game nickel slick game now since you have skillfully made her walk away you are now free to go on to the next encounter the pump and the dump the catch and release reversed to you catching and her releasing you pumping and she does the dumping now how is such a thing accomplished practically you may say hey black rum how in the world do you get her to release you how why would she especially a few a hell of a stir like myself it ain't easy to get him to walk away from you and I am again a hell of a stud but how can we accomplish this why would she leave you well we know they leave it anyway but after the initial interaction why would she leave and it can be due simply to a conflict of values and interest she's turned off well the goal is to turn her off not to anger her but to simply turn her off turn off so there can be a minimal risk if at all of retaliation on her part when you turn her off as she walks away it's her idea to leave you then maybe your car windows will be safe bond money kept in the bank again the goal is to turn her off not to anger her but the question remains how exactly are we to do this I'm not gonna leave you hanging more game for your fella first as I said before it bears repeating first you must lose your ego remove your ego you want to win right or do you want to feel tough you're a tough guy as a man you should want result in progress no need for petty emotions no need for an ego boost you should already be validated in yourself you need no ego boosting you don't have the kicker to the curve to make you feel powerful and strong and manly and masculine that is not necessary humble yourself get results discipline yourself control yourself master yourself no ego again we're not looking for any outside validation so you pump and let her dump but again how how are we to execute such a potent move [Music] we have to have some solutions right to counteract this adversarial environment this environment where it allows a woman this nature her hypergamy to run wild [Music] the method is simple gentlemen very simple method how do you get her to release you using examples from our own life the way I accomplish this is simply to show off my so-called weirdness what the blue pill world will consider weird not in a goofy kannaway not no scientific experiments in a lab in a basement type of weirdness I'm simply speaking of what separates me from the blue pill world what separates me from the sheeple after I hit it I reveal how truly different I am I am NOT a regular guy I introduce me not the actor that she may have encountered not that I necessarily lied to her I just hid my identity what's truly on the inside superhero style no masks needed I don't reveal the inner parts of my thoughts and my being but once that comes out it is like a repellent because it is so against the grain in the beginning you meet my representative we all have a public face don't we now you can say that you are always forthcoming and honest everyone you meet this is not true all of us and I mean all of us have a public face and private one but in time I reveal the intents of my heart my thoughts and my ideas just not early on it is the game right that's what it's called the participant in the game is called a player the player for sport also known as an actor no need to reveal the real me in the beginning isn't she pretentious and superficial anyway do you ever get to meet the real her yes you do but initially because she is as shallow as one single drop of rain I'm sorry I said that wrong shallow but she's as deep as a single drop of rain her whole being is of the superficial and the pretentious so when you pretend just like she pretends you're just getting down to that low vibrational level that she's already on so I reveal the real me to rappel so here are some examples again from my own life on exactly and particularly how I put on that repellent I reveal that I'm a minimalist no expensive gifts in fact no gifts at all for the most part no expensive dates I don't spend money and this is real for me yeah I like to travel I like to go to museums I like to have experiences and initially when you're dealing with a woman she may find that okay but long-term she seeks the material in fact one of the reasons why she is in a relationship is so that she can be showered with gifts attention the material love is shown to her through objects and items and expenses the more expensive the gifts the more she feels that you are into her when I reveal that no I don't buy gifts and no expensive dates no big dinners no great outings no concerts it's not my style I don't like crowds this is instant repellant I'm not doing it in the main way I'm not beating my chest I'm just simply stating what my interests are and are not later on in the situation after I think that my goal now it does take some skill to conceal this in case you may actually things like that in the beginning you just simply say that you like outdoor stuff and museums and stuff and you leave it at that but the time will come when she wants to go to the concert the time will come when she wants you to show her your desire for her she won't know when she's gonna want you to show her your attraction for her through the spending of money through gifts and such and you reveal or as I can say I reveal that that is not part of my personality no holiday celebrations is another it's against my beliefs now this is usually enough for them to walk away when you reveal that you don't do holidays now I try to stay away from meeting new women during the holiday seasons that roll around from so-called Thanksgiving to so-called Valentine's Day I don't want to meet anyone no new but toward the end of the year around let's say August since Timber that when you can get rid of them by November when you realize when they realize I don't celebrate so-called Thanksgiving I don't celebrate so-called Xmas I don't celebrate New Year's and of course I'm not doing Valentine's Day or Swedish day or whatever kind of day there will be no flowers there will be no cars there would be no candy there will be no jury no diamonds no what lady so-called do you think would want to be your relationship with a guy like that she will walk away as we know she is the essence of materialism and everything I stand for is the opposite of such majorem cannot deal with this for her her life would be meaningless without the gifts without the so-called holidays her life has lived through materialism life only as a physical being devoid of a soul quick side note here if you're not an Israelite that's fine not my business but are you as a red pillar celebrating commercial holidays just a question if you care to answer it in a comment section do read Miller celebrate holidays something I would like to know just thought about that do read pillars celebrate commercial holidays do you sing Christmas carols are you going shopping if you're dating do you do Valentine's Day gifts is this blue peel stuff this let me know in the comment section if you care to do so anyway back to my point so when I push my minimalist behavior it most certainly will push them away she will walk away from me she'll do the dumping she'll do the releasing she wouldn't dismiss herself from my presence if that doesn't work I also reveal that I don't spend a lot of time I don't spend a lot of time with her I'm limited in my phone conversation for me is hard to talk to the modern succubus and snow bunny dum-dums is more than the name of simply a lollipop I don't spend a large amount of time in nursing myself and the chaotic energy that is feminine I also in small increments reveal some of my red peel thinking no legal marriage which is a big disqualified er for her she wants the legalities of marriage in every way no babies which is every woman's dream if you can't provide marriage and babies she will discard you now when you meet her she may actually get out the gate what do you think about marriage oh you know one day I might you know decide to do that about babies I don't know that any of my priorities now maybe one day and then when you get into the particulars after you get to know or say that you don't believe marriage needs to have a contract alarm bells go off in our head you tell you don't believe having babies is ideal and let you can live in another country alarm bells will go off you didn't necessarily lie to her you just now given specific details about what you mean by marriage and children and what you desire and she will run away and for you this is the intended goal another method that works on the succubus is that I'll tell her that hey I don't watch Tyler Perry movies I don't deal or watch anything or read anything dealing with TD jakes I don't watch Housewives of nothing turn off the television I'm not involved with the mindlessness of such complete to turn off what do you mean you don't like Tyler Perry what's wrong with you she will walk away and if all of those things fail if you show her how read pure you are you show her the minimalism you show her what your idea of marriage and family is you show her that you're not in engulfed in the mindlessness of mindlessness of today's society if all of those things fail the last thing to do is to demand her submission if all of those things fail she still wants to be on the team she still wants to do you demand submission this would almost 100% turn her off do you know any of them who truly wants to be submissive be nice though it's not about beating your chests you got a poke out the chest be nice be humble but you demand submission the game is about demanding respect not being rude I am always a gentleman this is wise and civil no gangster no thug here but again the succubi will run from this if she doesn't want to be submissive she will leave which is her default setting but if she wants to stay she got to play by your rules and give her some rules you have to dominate she's in your world it's your show I'll make the rules I run the show i dictate the pace if she stays she has to be obedient works in my favor [Music] and if she stays she obeys the rules well she at least makes the effort everything done on my behalf submitted to me serving me even though that may not have been my intended goal I can work with that but most likely she wouldn't want to do that she's not gonna want to do it she will leave it's a win-win as long as you don't fall in love you better not and if you do fall then hopefully she breaks your heart we deserve such when we got a relationship too highly you deserve to have a broken heart if you fall in love she is created for you you are not created for her she should value you more than you value her we value our Creator so again if she leaves that's a win if she stays she must be dominated and submissive that's the win also now I'm not saying you moving in I'm not saying you change who you are if she accepts who you are and she stays around and she's at your beck and call you're completely running the show you ain't got a call every day you got a see every day it's your show but we don't let now point nine percent at a time that if you reveal this red pill thinking if you reveal the differences [Music] that is within you separating yourself from the blue pill world we know that she will put on her track shoes and start out of there it was very good it's what we hoped for on to the next one and I do this all the time this is a practice for me met a woman on tinder this year when I was doing my online dating series we call her Monique change in the name so I met a woman on tinder name only we went out look coffee shop don't know I factory a wedding a coffee shop it was kind of warm outside we went for walking apart talked to her I'm gonna spit that fire game to go talk to her for about a week and a half when I meet a woman I never access here again I just keep talking to like everything is good and I'm waiting for that signal that's that word when she says and she notifies me says hey when am I going to see you again I never asked to see a woman a second time me too the first time I request to see her the first time I don't ask the second time the second time it's up to her and when she asks me when she's gonna see me that indicates her interest nine times out of ten I know this may not be your style when we talk about myself here then right over to the crib feeder because I'm a host his property feature gasps no matter if it's male or female I don't have many men over at all anyway brought over theater seduced her she left and that was pretty much it afterwards a few weeks later she started talking about going on a trip meeting her friends so that I didn't wasn't interested I'm going on a trip I'm saving my money didn't have time to meet her friends and she just simply lost interest once she seemed that I wasn't gonna be the traditional guy in relationship although I would try to go through a house and hang out with a you know hit some and leave once she saw that's what I was on but I was nice I was respectful but once she said I didn't push that whole relationship scenario that blue pill relationship scenario Monique stopped calling - Thank You Monique thank you I didn't want to talk to her continuously anyway I met another woman that same year this past year of 2017 and then man didn't want to date the video but hey a nurse pretty well put together decent looking nurse head on nice house in a suburb and big old fancy truck and everything I'll run the same pattern same pattern same pattern walk in the park or coffee shop seduce you show you who I am and get that runaway beautiful thing she mentioned that um well actually she complained we're gonna call this nurse we're gonna call her Allison so Allison called and said hey you know when am I gonna see you again whenever you actually see me I always put a week on it so she asked to see me on a Tuesday I probably won't see her to the following like Monday or Wednesday and I will come to her through her house because she had on place and everything which was great and I'll stay for a few hours and I hit the dough and she noticed this pattern and she called me up and say hey when are we gonna go out on a date when are we gonna do this and when are we gonna do that I said oh you know I'm really not into going out too much no maybe one of these days and go get a little bite to eat and she put her foot down and said hey I want more I want more I want to see you more I want us to go out I want to go out of town I want to go on trips I want to do this I want to do that in fact I think she was close to 40 another female that I mentioned thinks she was about 34 35 yet Monique was about 34 35 this particular female Allison was about close to 40 and when women are 4 they're really pushing for a relationship and when she's seen that I was very reluctant after I smash I want to come through for her second still nice respectful still a gentleman not pumping my chest not trying to be tough none of that stuff when she saw that I wasn't on anything more I wasn't at all Oh Ian gooey and sticky relationship stuff and that much in that gut she once she saw that I wasn't into that then I was gonna give her that type of attention that type of energy because she looks for and they need emotional content they need emotional energy once she say that I wasn't going in that direction the traditional direction of a relationship that I wasn't trying to wipe up and go out on dates and Beyond and love and all this other oh man and all this other crap right what she simply lost interest and they want to talk to me no more in fact they're called up I said hey what's going on when can I see you and she's talking about how it was a good idea not yet they're just to check not that I wanted to see her did they're just to check to see what I minded did she released me I said no I don't think it's a good idea we don't want the same things we're not on the same page beautiful Thank You Alison we aren't on the same page in fact the only page to be honest my page in nine times out of ten the average female that you're dating she's not gonna want to be on your page and quite frankly don't care don't need you for that like the way she looked I wanted to get something new [Music] took care of business she released me Alison she released me Monique take a little break for several months until I get that desire that urge for something new again catch let her release pump and let her dump the wise in efficient way real game for years gentlemen to minimize the risk associated with dealing with a modern liberated succubus rabid snow bunny rotten Chiquita banana to minimize that [Music] to minimize the risk of retaliation being smooth and calm good game pump-and-dump catch-and-release letting her feel empowered by dumping and releasing me real game efficient and thorough so if you are one of those who still seek to deal with women and you want to employ the pump and dump you can use this surefire method to do it efficiently and safely like the video subscribe to the channel hit the notification button and if you'd like to donate a link in the description box of the Pay Pal account thank you for listening stay well stay red peel black

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