Best Vlogging Camera 2016 - Canon g7xii vs Sony rx100iv - Best youtube camera

by: martyn castens

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what up guys welcome to my channel my name is Martin Caston thanks for joining me and I really hope you enjoy this video for all my normal subscribers gonna be a little bit differently we are going to be reviewing two cameras for vlogging if you're not interested in cameras just just pass this one if you guys are new my name is Martin castings my wife that would be me and I we enjoy traveling exploring vlogging check out my blogs we're gonna Bali next month this is gonna be great you guys will really love it I love to take these cameras everywhere I love exploring I love bringing them with me they are my tools to show you guys all the amazing places that we get to visit and see did a lot of research on which ones are the best ones because you always want to as a blogger provide the best picture you can or your viewers sorry I do this a lot today we are going to be comparing the canon g7x sony rx100 mark 4 okay not mark 2 or one for one mainly what we're going to be doing today is going over picture quality and/or the small features that you might use as a vlogger if you're wondering what this is being filled on this is being filmed on a 70 d love this camera and I use it for a lot of my vlogs does get cumbersome you're lugging around a big giant cameras mainly comparing these guys because they're small they fit in your pocket and they're amazing to bring when you're going vlogging when we travel the picture quality of them is so good they're very comparable to the 70d but they're just a fraction of the size when you're traveling I got one of these little bag Tamarack these cameras they fit perfectly in here boom throw this in your backpack and you are ready to go that's all you need to go vlogging before we get into exactly how the picture look the price difference between these two cameras is quite different we've got this price and then we've got this price like 300 dollars difference between the two even if one is slightly better than the other your budget might not permit and that's okay because they're both awesome the sony does shoot in 4k I'm not going to be shooting in 4k cuz to be honest in my normal vlogs I don't shoot in 4k because those files are so big that it gets just to be a panic managed size-wise you guys can see that these are very similar in size here's the cannon here is the Sony despite being very close in size the cannon is slightly chunkier and a couple little pounds okay it's it's just water away it's just water weight now slightly bigger they both have flip up screens Canon you can touch which is super nice the ability to touch the screen and where you want it to focus super handy when I'm filming like this and I'm filming around and let's say I want to focus on the surfboards behind me if I just tap the camera on the surfboards it does it Sony you have to move it around and you have to say okay shine on the background a little bit now back to yourself and then sometimes unless you're doing manual focus it's a big pain besides one having a touchscreen and the other not and with Sony having 4k video and the Canon only going to 1080p not too much different you know some have different stabilization types of systems and are very close in comparison so why don't we go and just start shooting some video and you guys can see it side by side and see which one you like best these are the two cameras side-by-side both shooting at 30 frames a second all automatic for both of them yeah when you're out the last thing you're doing is trying to capture a moment and fiddle with settings and this will be a good test so I wouldn't call this semi low-light but it's not the brightest it's not bright sunlight let's compare it we're going this is a backlit right now all right so I've got the window behind me and man I can see huge difference between the Canon and Sony right now the sony is just black on my face and the canons doing a good job of kind of giving me some side light let's see this way oh the dentist this is the side by side test on a static object okay I've got the cameras set up right in front of me and this is a test of the video from side to side to side we're gonna do a focus test on mr. bottle of kombucha welcome to the stage all right here you go focus on kombucha we got it first oh and then focus back on me who's winner I don't know this will be interesting tell focus on mr. Kabuto and focus on me all right all right what up guys this is the outdoor test I have just put the cameras right up onto a little brick wall and I just walked right up I'd hit no focusing I did nothing so this is a good comparison we hear that this is a good comparison to see which one locks on me first without me fiddling with any buttons I haven't pushed anything right now now I'll go ahead and touch my face on the Canon and that should lock me in focus and the Sony should just do it completely automatically so this is what it's like when you're outdoors I'm in bright daylight this is not the best idea of shooting conditions but when you're vlogging you're out there you're shooting you don't always wait for the perfect light you're showing your day your life check it out okay so this is that standing still which one do you guys like better next let's let's pick these guys up and start moving around now walk in around I'm outdoors it's very sunny you can see the different types of shooting conditions here liked wear a hat in the Sun and let's let's just go check it out down here Beach let's see if which which picture do you guys think is better oh let's do a little painting

which one did you guys think is better to only live in such a beautiful place man I love it every time we come down here it is just beautiful I love where we live Windansea Beach San Diego what's up this is like R on vacation we're walking is it oh my god it's a hummingbird you guys see that right there what that guy is saying oh he's gone no wait he's right there where he going oh my god this guy's moving all around okay oh now he's got which one do you guys think is better we've got the cannon and we have the Sony both pretty awesome image stabilization cannons I gotta say I'm a very big fan of canons Auto stabilisation it just looks so crispy smooth it's amazing now we're going to test going from the outdoors into inside because you're vlogging you're doing that all the time so we're outside now we're going inside let's see who does it best so we're inside and look what happened B Sony actually caught on first and now the Canon is catching up look how that cannon just lights up everything the Sony kind of staying a little bit dull ready we'll go outside oh look at that cannon just blowing up the light whoa the cannon blew up the light the Sony little slower transition a little more natural and we're going back inside who's going to catch it first looks like the Sony is looks like the Sony is up the Sony definitely won that battle from outdoors to indoors canon took a little bit to catch up now that concludes the to test on these two little awesome cameras they both are phenomenal and perform a really amazing my personal opinion I would be leaning more towards the Canon awesome to be able to touch focus and just move this around having a touchscreen is so much easier than using these little controls back here to move it up or down to focus especially because the Canon is about three hundred dollars less I would go with the Canon sometimes if the qualities are very close to being equal but one is a lot cheaper and easier to use I always like to go with what's easy get down to blogging the most important thing is you're concentrating more on vlogging and you are messing around with camera settings I hope this video helped you guys decide which camera you want to get if you liked it give me a big thumbs up subscribe check out some of my other blogs and if you have any other questions feel free to comment below I'd be glad to help you guys out now I'm gonna go hit those awesome ways that we saw at the beach earlier we hope that you enjoy it and if you want to see more

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What is the best vlogging camera of 2016 , is it the Canon g7xii or Sony rx100iv , find out which is the best youtube. The Canon 70d is also a great vlogging camera, I use it a lot, but I wanted to test out two amazing travel vlogging cameras that excel in both picture quality and portability. The Canon g7xii or Canon g7x mark 2 as some people say is an amazing little camera. It has awesome image stabilization, a super touch screen, and is also $300 dollars cheaper than the Sony Rx100iv or Sonyrx100 mark 4. The Sonyrx100iv does excel in its image quality and also has the advantage of shooting in 4k. In this video I will compare both cameras best vlogging features and also provide a side by side comparison of the video quality from the Canon g7xii vs the Sony Rx100iv. In my opinion I am leaning more towards the Canon g7xii because the image quality is almost as good but the touch screen and image stabilization put it slightly over in convenience, combined with the $699 price tag make this a winner in my book. If we were comparing video quality alone, I would have to give the win over to the Sony Rx100iv. It's super crisp video and ability to show great dynamic range puts it ahead. However this was the only thing that was ahead in my mind, and it is almost $300 more than the Canon. If image quality is all you are looking for than the Sony wins it for you. Let me know if you have any questions and I hope you enjoyed this video and that it helped you decide which camera is best for vlogging .If you need any vlogging tips or vlogging camera tips just hit me up :) Equipment I like ----------------------------------------------- Canon 80d -

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