Duramax Fuel Filter & Bleeder Screw Install: Chevy Duramax #PFF50216 & #5130810

by: Thoroughbred Diesel

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today we're going to change fuel filter on dirt max and we're going to show you how to do it and try to make it a little bit easier on everybody hates to change the fuel filter on Duramax see it's a little bit harder really than it needs to be but we're going to show you how we do it here maybe making it just a little bit easier on him first off the filters that we use and we carry these on websites on the website these are Parker ray core PFF 502 one six these are the metal canister filters this is what we install here at the shop also what we sell the website you'll notice today in a lot of the parts houses and Nash mark houses your auto zones advanced auto they carry the well we won't say any brands but they're a plastic canister filter we have a lot better luck with this filter everybody seems to like this one a lot better so let's get start with our install we're putting on a no.9 lmm today the 2001 to 2004 lb 7 trucks you can really remove the filter and pull it out from the top so a lot of this isn't necessary but this works on those vehicles to the rest the vehicles a LLY and down lly to LML it's really easier just going to pull the fender well out so what we're going to do is we're going to our fender bender wheel out

now with fender well out of the truck you can see how much easier it is to see the fuel filter and and how much easier access that you've got first thing and removing the fuel filter that we're going to want to do here we're going to want to disconnect the water and fuel sensor water and fuel sense will be tied in to the main harness going along the passenger side valve cover here and to disconnect it you simply push in the unlock tab in the center and that disconnects our water and fuel sensor from the main harness now we're going to go ahead and remove the filter to remove the filter what we're going to use is just simple strap wrench the easiest ones to use are the ones that you can actually load from the side because it is still going to be a tight fit here so the our side load strap branches are usually going to be the easiest alright so what we're going to do and it's it's pretty tight here what we're going to do is just feed the strap through

and our side feed for our stripe French actually let it just get it lined up a little bit easier now what you want to be careful of here you want to be 1 you want to be 100% sure when you when you put your strap in here and you'll notice that there are several different wires the injector wires the judge your group wires are close to this filter and it is very tight so you want to make sure that your strap is up against the filter and that you've got it on there good and you don't have a wiring harness or anything kinked up in here so now we're just going to loosen it and usually once you once you get it broken loose you can usually take it on out with your hands which is what I found to be the easiest way to get them out now when you remove this be aware that this fuel filter is going to be full of fuel one thing that you want to look for when you bring the fuel filter out is you want to make sure that this rubber insert is here if you look in your filter and the rubber insert is fell out of it you'll have to go back to the fuel filter head and pull the rubber insert out make sure your o-ring came down with your old filter too so you don't double up on your o-rings or double up on these inserts we get calls for people sometimes and say I try to change my fuel filter can't get it you know can't get it all to go all the way up usually they've doubled up on the o-rings somewhere if you ever changed all before you know it's it's something I'm sure that you've encountered so we're just going to empty the old fuel out of this and put our new filter on alright now from our old fuel filter what we're going to be doing is we're going to be removing the water and fuel sensor and the the water drain from the from the old filter one thing we suggest do we sell these on the website this is PPEs watering in fuel sensor wrench this is a part number five one three zero eight hundred we sell these on the website this really really nice and tool to have especially if your water and fuel sensor is in pretty good shape and hadn't been chewed up somebody hadn't grabbed hold of it with set of vise grips or whatnot this one's actually been chewed up a little bit but I think the PPE wrench will still get it off here just get that upon the water and fuel sensor just screw water and fuel sensor out

it's actually been pretty good fuel there not a whole lot of rust in the bottom of there it actually looks pretty good from your water and fuel sensor you'll have an o-ring on it you want to remove this because we do include a new o-ring with our with our filter so I'll actually leave that right there in the wrench in the in your fuel filter your red cord fuel filter if you buy one from us it's already going to come with new o-rings in it you'll have a separate package here that will have old rings in it add the water and fuel sensor ring and the sealing o-ring for the top of it now we're going to reinstall our water and fuel sensor we include a new o-ring in the package with it we're going to use just a little bit of axle grease on it just a fuzz just to help it seal place this on to the water and fuel sensor

okay now we're going to reinstall our water and fuel sensor we've got a new new o-ring and came with our fuel filter here what we're going to do is just make sure we've got our going on good straight simply install it on to the new filter okay now with that we're going to tighten it up with our PPE wrench

there's your water and fuel sensor reinstall and just snug it up don't cross thread it overdo it strip it out okay there we are sorry there's our water and fuel sensor installed on our filter now what we're going to do is we're going to install our our top ring get it ready to go back in the truck again we're going to use just just a little bit of axle grease here petroleum jelly works fine too and what I like to do with this is let's go ahead and place it in the top of the filter and then work it right around with your fingers and what the grease will do is the grease is actually going to hold that top o-ring in for you when you go back because that ring is a little bit undersized as all over Ang's are and it wants to ride out on you there and you can see it's already done it to me there throw down on that end so you know I'll make sure that I've got some grease on there and the grease will actually help to hold it in there

it can be frustrating this type overing can be very daggone frustrating sometimes

and you'll see that the grease will just act like an adhesive there keep you going and you just got to keep working with it to get it to stay there it is down nice and flush

just like it all right now we're going to go ahead and reinstall the filter we've got our water and fuel sensor on we've got our our new o-ring along the top of it and you can see we've applied a liberal amount of grease on this again it helps to hold that o-ring and you'll understand what I'm talking about when you go to grab it first o-ring and you understand it there a little bit more so check your ring make sure your o-rings there and everything straight because if you don't you'll have a leak down here this will cause you to have hard start you'll have a fuel leak so it's very important that you get that top o-ring in correctly all right going back with it now what we're doing going to do is just go right straight back to the filter head of course and we'll try not to get in the way of the camera

I think you just have to listen and then just and tighten

enjoying her hand tight there okay now what we'll want to do is we want to put a filter wrench back on

just a couple times with the filter wrench don't want to over-tighten it just snug it up okay now my fuel filter is installed you can kind of look up at the top make sure that the o-ring hasn't been squeezed out or rolled out anywhere everything looks good okay now we want to hook back up our water and fuel sensor to the main harness it's like so all right and now to get make sure it's tight okay now for our bleeding procedure okay now we're going to go through our bleeding procedure and we're also going to install another product here the PPE bleeder screw upgrade kit part number five one three zero eight one zero the bleeder screw on the filter had this we're in the engine compartment now the the bleeder screw is to the to the right if you're facing front of the fuel filter all the way down its plastic it will break this is I'm sorry this is it right here below my fingers right beside where my finger is right here the stock one is plastic it will break if you're outside working on in a cold day you might as well just forget it you're going to break it so we're going to replace it with the PPE one and the PPE one is going to be a billet fuel fuel screw the pp the PPE unit is going to be a billet fuel screw so we're going to remove our bleeder screw now 13 metric deep well is what we use just right straight down on the filter head housing and just gently unscrew it out of there this one was very loose I'd say this probably had some hard starter issues

bring your old out we're going to install our new PPE one

this polluter screw already comes at the o-ring installed on it we're going to put this right in the filter housing

okay and now what I'm going to do is I'm just going to simply Snug this down okay so what we're going to do is we're going to prime the filter head first off and we like to do that with a bleeder screw closed alright so with the bleeder screw closed we're going to do is we're going to push the hand primer four or five times okay and then go in and open your bleeder screw and let the air out and you'll hear the air escaping here you're actually going to hear air escape okay now then once the areas of scape we tighten it back down take the bleeder screw back now pump it up again open the bleeder screw

I'll air one more time

air again

comes up to us and gets tight once it starts getting tight that means you're getting fuel see a little bit of fuel leak out that time yeah those are present bleeding off pressure not the heirs of the fuel filter

a little bit more air there

okay so you see we've got a little bit of dude feel there that means we're prime so we're going to tighten down our bleeder screw again just snug it down don't need to get carried away with this you'll strip the housing out the housings are very very expensive if you have to replace this

just snow get down now okay now when you believe the truck correctly once you go to started the truck should start right back up if it takes a couple cranks forward start that's okay too it'll pull its own fuel through but let's go ahead start it once you start you want to leave your fender well out and check for leaks with the truck running

you can see we don't have any leaks truck started fine we'll reset the filter life the filter life monitor inside the truck real quick we'll go ahead and put our fender well back in and that's got our fuel filter installed done so hopefully that answered a few of your questions a lot of you maybe you're scared to change the fuel filter on these too they are hard to get to hopefully this shed a little bit of light on it if you've got any questions just let us know


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