Wedding Mini Album and Birdcage for Tresors de Luxe

by: Scrapbook Fashionista Designs by Rina

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hey crafty people good Saturday morning to you it's Rena and I am coming to you today with the super blingy super wedding II super gorgeous design team project fortress ORS deluxe I don't know if you can make out what is back here but it is a bride and a groom and I'm going to show you that after I show you this this is my design team project for tres horas de luxe and it is an altered burr cage I just love it so so much so I have this gorgeous wedding well I'm calling it wedding it's not wedding trim but I used it for wedding trim but it's a beautiful thick Venise style lace just gorgeous I love how I can put the flower in the center and you can still see lace from the top and the bottom and this is very heavy so I'm going to kind of swing it around and show you what I did all around a whole exterior of the birdcage so that's the lace on the exterior that I used from tres ores I also use this absolutely stunningly gorgeous bling trim and it comes you know in trim it's it's long and I just put it there in the front and then between hanging by a chain I have this gorgeous heart lock that I just picked up at my local craft store and then here I just have a huge flower cluster these are flowers from my local craft store I added some gorgeous bling from my stash and then these are all fabric flowers some of them are sprays and then I added in extra flowers to give it that beautiful gorgeous flow I just love it this wedding trim was actually just something that I had in my stash as is this trim here and then all these bling pieces I cut from a bling chain that I had in my stash some more fabric flowers from my stash and then these are I'm not even really sure what these are but I had put these up at my local craft store and it says bride and groom it's kind of like a charm but I did adhere it so that it wouldn't move around and then up here more of the gorgeous fabric flowers that I kind of arranged and added leaves and different things and then this is a beautiful flower that I had in my stash so that is the altar - birdcage and it's not it's not over there's something inside the birdcage I'm going to set you down I'm going to tell you that it's a very tight fit so I'm going to open it up and remove it and okay I'm back here is what's inside the birdcage isn't it just gorgeous I so love it so so much this is the beautiful wide lace that I received in my design team package from Lucy at tres horas deluxe and it wasn't when I first saw this trim I was like mini-album binding for sure now it was not large enough to fit over the whole mini album and still lap over like I needed it to so I cut it down the center and I made it fit here and I made it fit on the other side and then I added this very pretty rosette trim that I had in my stash and since I use pink as my accent color in this mini album I thought that looked perfect so the papers that I picked honestly honestly I don't have them handy if you want to know I will try to remember to link it in the description box down below but it is a fabulous paper line that I picked up at just at your Williams so there's the front and then ah on the back it's really kind of cute on the back this is the back so it's a card just married and then the tin cans going behind it so let's open it up and get started so this is page 1 and page 2 and right here this is a piece of the Tresor still looks the large black lace then I just cut the bottom pieces off and put it there gorgeous bling piece from my stash and then here is a lovely piece of that lace that I show that I got from in my design team package absolutely stunning I did cut it apart it comes up with other pieces that go with it but I cut it out and used it as an applique so I used a corner punch all around and this opens up it's magnetized so it opens like that and I have a little corner piece here and a photo map that pulls out and a photo can go actually back behind here as well and then I have a double double pocket here these cards I picked up at my local craft store and you can put a photo here and a photo here a photo on the back or journaling tucks right in there and then these photo mats pull out and I used a combination of additional papers with this collection because it didn't come with enough for as many photo maps as I wanted to put in so it's just a hodgepodge of different wedding papers that I had in my stash so that's that page and I love all the different photos and sayings that came with the collection today I married my best friend the one that I laughed with live for dream with and love and then here in the center it's very hard to see I have a black a black trim there you can kind of see it the other page has this gorgeous bouquet with the bride holding it and all this accent here it says you make you make my heart sing and this is also magnetized and opens the same way and then it has all the same different pull outs in there as on the other side so also on this side I used another so both of these pieces here are those gorgeous pieces from treasures I just love it it's beautiful so these two pages obviously the bride and the groom I used to Spellbinders die back behind each one and I put this lace I had in my stash and this beautiful crown bling piece from my stash and this is another blank piece from my stash so these two pages actually match as far as design but different as far as papers so this opens like this and it is magnetized so there's room for one or two photos up here and then this actually is magnetized as well and it opens like this so there's room on both sides for photos and it opens down and then there's a side pocket and these come out and then that's mm the back that's adhered so we have this photo map and a photo can go on the other side this one

so I've got these three and then these that tuck tuck away right in here

it's kind of hard because I'm showing it standing up and stead of laying down so on the groom's side this also opens up the same way and there's room for photos up there and then this pulls out just like the her side you know what I'm going to try to lay this down and do it like that there we go so this pulls out like that and like that and then we have love is patient eat drink and be married and photos can go on the other side or you know maybe a small photo here if you wanted to keep the the saying visible and then some other photo mats here so all that tucks back in right here and then this folds in and that all right the next two pages very very very busy pages so on this side we have mr. and mrs. and this is obviously a waterfall so pictures can go on both sides of the waterfall but he did not have enough paper to do both sides so figure if the photo is cut to fit it's just going to have the black border anyway but let's see how many photos you can get here one two three four five six seven eight nine 10 11 12 13 and 14 so 14 and 14 to 28 28 photos on this section here that is a lot then this opens up like this and there's the cake here and then there's more pull out tags so there's four photo fotomat they're not tags they're photo mats there's four photo mats there and then on this side I have the couple just like on the front and it says a perfect couple and then this opens and there's a lot of room for a beautiful journaling there and then here we got to pull out tags keep calm and Merion and then with this ring and then a photo could go on the back so everything is magnetized I'm not going to I'm not going to tie that back this side as you can see these are horizontal and these are for vertical photos so me untie that and show you that we can do one two three four five six seven eight nine ten so 20 photos here so oh my gosh so many photos can fit it's awesome so then you open it up and you can put more photos here and then we've got this so it says eat drink and be married and this opens up for more photos and then you've got more pull out photo mats and journaling back here and here's another one of those cards that you could do journaling in or you could put photos I'm going to tuck those back in right now I'll get those back in later and then we have these two pages this page here has gorgeous more gorgeous lace from true soars these are actually two pieces that when I cut the other pieces the part on the other page these were left over and I piece them together I used from some of the black lace that I had cut up I used that to go underneath here and then I have this bling in my stash and then this is more lace from other things I had cut up and I added this bowling center there so a lot of different pieces piece together for this particular section here then this opens up and it says whatever our souls are made of his and mine are the same and I love it it's gorgeous then this piece is best thing the best thing in life to hold on to is each other then this opens over here we have to pull out tags real pretty butterfly pull out tags and then this says all you need is love and perfection is you and me and I'm going to be honest with you guys I had a little spot right here on the paper that I had some glue and then I had some ink on my hands and I could not get it off this paper I just could not get it off so I covered it up with this and then I put this one over here so it would look uniform so then this opens up and it says with this ring I thee Wed isn't that beautiful and then putting the ring on the finger so I figure a photo could go right here and then we have this pullout tag with the bridal gown and a photo could go on the back of that this is a journaling tag in a journaling tag so that fold in and folds in and then this folds in and then that folds down alright on this page I had picked this up at my local craft store and I just loved it and I knew I wanted to use it for a pocket so I did I put a little lace back there and then this bling I had in my stash I made these too don't you just love that I love that I made these to pull out photo mats and these two corner pieces I cut up from some of the lace as I was cutting other things up I saved those pieces and I put a little bling in the corner and you just open up like this and this black and white trim is from my stash so those just go right in here and then this pocket or this page opens all the way up like this I have some more gorgeous this is like one of my favorites I just love this place so much and I figured with the wording and the flowers that maybe the photo could just go right here oh I love it then on this page excuse my light dice my windows right here this opens up and it says dreams really do come true opens up like that this is you are my everything and more photos so then this page gorgeous like I said the papers are just amazing in this collection this also came from the collection these are just some laces from and trims from my stash and this opens up some more paper for photos here and then here I went ahead and adhered these to since I had used these throughout and photos can go or journaling whichever and those are all magnetized so that when it closes you don't have to worry about anything then the last page just some laces and trims from my stash this opens up like this more beautiful wording from the paper happiness is being married to your best friend and then inside here this is also from the collection it actually is on the same page with this and I cut it and added it here and figured a large photo could go right here so you can still see the wording and I just I really really really love this album I hope you guys really really love this boom I had a lot of fun creating it and you know I'm just a real wedding person alright that's just that's like my favorite thing to do is create wedding projects and I of course loved using the goodies from treszura's deluxe amazing store I actually after I got my design team package went over and did some shopping myself and I'm waiting I've gotten one package I'm waiting for another package so super stoked super excited I hope you enjoyed it and that you got inspired I'll be listing this on on eBay so thanks for watching and everybody head over to treszura's deluxe I will have all the links in the description box down below as well as to their Facebook page thanks again Thank

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