How to Win at Craps

by: grouthead

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[Music] hello grout head here are you like me do you like to play the casino craps dice whatever you want to call it and here's the thing is it's all timing luck and money management now in those three variables some of them you have less control over one of them you have control over is money management now the whole idea here is to consider your initial investment that's something that a lot of people don't think about when they gamble they just start throwing out money the budgeting is terrible if a gambler learns to budget and then learns to play on house winnings as opposed to their own money you can do some very profitable things in the casino and this is one of those methods it has to do with the game crowd there's different variations on this but pick either the six or the eight and stick with it the six and a had the exact same odds you're gonna pick one pay close attention cuz you're not gonna want to miss this so what you're gonna want to do is you're gonna want to start out with six dollars you're gonna want to pick the six or the eight let's say for sake of argument we pick the eight okay there's six dollars on the 8 right there so when the aim rolls that six is gonna win you seven dollars now normally you can just take your seven dollars and guess what you're up one dollar but instead what you're gonna do is you're gonna invest five more you're gonna throw a nickel down there and you're gonna say take me to three units or take me to $18 so now you have eleven dollars invested now when the egg rolls its gonna pay you $21 but what you're gonna do is you're gonna toss down three more dollars and you're gonna tell the dealer to take you to seven units or $42 okay at that point you're gonna have a $42 bet the 42 is gonna pay you 49 dollars so any good dealer is gonna throw down 50 and put a dollar give that back to the house you're gonna tell the dealer to take you to $90 and guess what you're gonna get $1 back so now you're getting paid a hundred and five dollars for your 13 dollar investment now at that point you can press it again or you can just collect $100 every time the eight rolls remember the eight has a thirteen point nine percent chance of rolling as opposed to the seven now the sevens gonna have a sixteen point seven percent chance of rolling so all you're trying to do is you're trying to beat that percentage three times and if you can do that your 13 dollar investment turns into $90 and every time the number rolls after that you're gonna make a hundred and five dollars [Music] did you see that hopefully you can learn how you can take your initial investment and use that as a tool now when you combine that with timing in luck which are two variables you have less control over but money management you have a massive amount of control over and so that's why it's the most powerful tool when you go to a casino hopefully you'll learn something comment down below tell a friend about the channel let me know what you want to see grout head here subscribe to the channel thanks for tuning in and we'll see you guys again a

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In this video, we discuss winning strategies for the casino game craps. Gambling at the casino is all about timing, luck, and money management. The odds are always in the house’s favor however when you offset the house's edge with your money management skills and your persistence you can come out a winner. We will focus on your initial investment this strategy may not work the first, second or maybe even the third time. Eventually, this strategy will pay off. Because it’s a winning strategy and it’s all about your money management skills and discipline. so go find a casino near your house be patient, disciplined, and stick to your strategy and you will leave with a win. Thanks for watching. Please comment or give a thumbs up. And If you haven't already please subscribe. Below is a special link to my other YouTube channel. You can even check out my sound cloud.

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