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well fellas it's officially Pokemon community day and you guys know what that means SHINee Charmander he's out there somewhere I don't know where he is he's not in the cafe we're not yet 15 minutes until the day starts for you know what we've got to power up with the iced coffee the burger the hash brown and pretty much as waiting 15 minutes until the day starts but until then I was getting a bunch of tweets saying can do we see the new car we see the logo the yellow stickers what car have you bought so I thought you know what I didn't want to do this but I'm gonna do a new car revealed video so without further ado this is the car for so guys I know you've all been waiting for it you've been like and Oh what is your brand new car what car have you bought and I'd like to formally introduce you to light then flip it McQueen now this bad boy does have me one door option so it slides out like that ah it's got the horn as well second I mean it literally I pay for all the features all the upgrades but the stickers on this bad boy as well we've got the limited - she goes up to 200 mph so I think that's pretty fast as well and then we can also sit there so it close the door here and look at this

do you want cheeseburger one one cheeseburger two two thick shakes and I'm thinking we'll get five McLaurys ten ten McLaury ten McLaurys now big Peter you're paying 50 bucks time to go through the actual drive-thru how can I get five happy bills happy meal yeah I just the regular lines with the yeah and this is uh this is just as fun as [Music]

ratting Thursday coming alright boy so it just began we've got two challenges right here and little fingers crossed could like the very mark a classic clicking but the very first one it's not shiny shoddy take the second one I will catch every single one no not Rattata I'm gonna catch every single one because I need that shiny Charizard at the end of the day but let's get I don't I don't even know the ratio the problem is like being in Australia we don't know you like any of the information just yet it could be super rare it could be really easy but at the moment I think we're gonna catch this charm and just have our fingers crossed but uh just pin up every single one let's keep let's keep checking boys just keep a check-in bye guys we're gonna 10-kilometer a capsule and we're gonna cross the road because there's an absolute mad lower area happening up there I think it's the official Pokemon go community I don't think I've got this one yell new digs entry as well this is great alright some good the rolled so we're gonna head up there I'll show you in a second look at this look at this you ready where where is it it is right there can you see all of those like blue is happening right now that's incorrect and never happens in that late especially so I'm gonna head up there hopefully as a bunch of charmander's hopefully there's a bunch like fellow Pokemon go players but uh no luck in this Honey Charmander just yeah about his Jenna in my cup I guess not quite a Charmander but we have got a noise class right here which is pretty cool I've never seen one of these person 417 I'll take it I I don't know I think today we're just getting like mostly Dex entries make sure we get all the poking we can those parts pretty sick there's actually another one up here that I forget what it was but I don't think I had that one either here we go one-point balls well it's pretty good news fussing seems to hard cash look at the nose though that is just incredible that's an absolute Ripper honker alright boys but another shiny shirt car you have you're all good let me shine except there's people everywhere let's have a look Oh what do it what the flip is literally been my fourth or third shiny that dude keeps oh my god I that's it that's the whole day main we got a footprint okkkk yeah cut before it runs because I've seen these so many of these like dude when I'm going to Oakland or something you know he does the video and it runs away so we're gonna make sure this one doesn't run away this whole area is lowered upload the first Charmander that we get is a flippin shiny all right here we go Ultra Ball we're not playing around this is a good CP as well golden runs the golden Charmander Ultra Ball okay breathe that's a nice story that's good that's good a whole bunch of people about to come this way to one there we go alright not even bad those like look at this flame blast ember and the shiny Charmander on like the third or second check of the day that is unreal then there's like oh my okay we're gonna do a bunch Johnny checks here could you imagine the second one this close all right there we go let's do one more okay they have to soak up this is ridiculous all right next one I scratch my eyeball there that's all right okay next one golden grass is up how many Chinese can I get with literally just standing in this one spot right now okay Ultra Ball let's keep it going folks let's keep it going whoa like Ric Flair go one of it okay that's uh three two one second one second one of the day not it's not either it's like work like work out here right now well you know what let's go for third let's go for third we can do this we can do this yeah I swear this is the legitimate video I will fill my phone to second because you're not believing this right now we've got a third in a row from standing in the one position Ultra Ball this we're gonna have so many options I feel like it should be probably like peanut bearing by now just doubling the candies third one boy that did even roll didn't even roll the game's glitched Niantic just like hacked my system I'm still recovering from like the three shinies in aurora cuz that's like mentally draining right now but let's go let's try these two right now even if they're not shiny it doesn't bother me cuz I'm just like we're building up candies to get there sharzad right now but let's go double shiny oh that's right that's right imma catch both of these and then I think I merely have got enough candies to do the triple evolution like this stays amazing it started 15 minutes ago and I've already got three Chuck like shiny charmander's nearly good enough just like candies to evolve both of them this is unreal anyway it was pretty tense back at the old bus stop so we've moved further down but we'll just keep walking down like the LA area and just have our fingers crossed the sign pops up about his Jenna and Roli - on it alright boys I mean at this point I don't even know if we should be recording all of them except for SHINee just walking down like the main mall right now so it lets go grants one up but fourth one in the bag no worries at all it's uh pop and ultra ball and whoo unreal I can't believe this is like the craziest thing ever alright boys we've made it this is the iconic balls ball too badly I don't know why but in my city that late like this is literally the greatest thing that we have this is the highlight of the whole place and if we go shiny check in the charmander just a regular one that's alright though it's pretty sick 788 dude I don't even know I'd saw it hit point out we got two steel balls in the middle of the ball I gotta get in I'm tripping not in a minute so guys I cannot believe how successful today was but it was unreal I was literally prepared to wrap it up if we never get him find the Kashani yard Charmander we found poor and I'm literally short when I'm walking back to the car we could even find five but as I'm wrapping screw up I want to do a obviously Charmander the Charmeleon to Charizard shining evolution to you guys because that's what you're watching for so we got a 634 this is pretty good look at all the way maxed out this is unreal we're gonna evolve this bad boy okay here we go I wonder what shiny yard Charmeleon looks like [Music] my sorry understood leash [Music] it looks exactly the same anyway before you got interrupted there basically this is this shiny Charmeleon right here it looks pretty stock standard nothing changes too much I mean besides it's too shiny for but hold on T pants because this is about to be the craziest evolution ever Charmeleon to Charizard oh my gosh alright let's go to call town I'm so excited what are we gonna name it oh look this is Unruh dead set I think on college Dragonite this could be the dogfish 2161 on shiny Charizard like okay this this could be the greatest thing ever look move this is a glitch in 90s puppet move name underscore zero to nine a it's 110 so I think it's five last I think that's the attack but five spin as well this is unreal my new favorite pose one of got its and Oh jr. this day this day can't get any better look at him he looks so sick anyway fellas to make this day even better I've got one more thing to show you guys it's a package of got delivered yesterday and it's pretty crazy let me show you right now but oh my god it's like this could be the best on the sleepy I've ever filmed leave a like and a comment description below but back to the home and I were you gonna literally use none other than what I think is actually the most dangerous Poupon products ever made hands down this thing could kill you I do you know you think I'm eating and playing around this thing could actually kill okay that's definitely need parents supervision when playing with this pokeball and you know the craziest part is it's not like a third party thing that I bought its eBay or on board of Etsy or like some dodgy like you know back-end web site needs net oh no this thing is officially made by Pokemon themselves fully licensed and it's real like you could literally go on eBay and buy one of these oh my gosh but this thing is called the pokey blade I'm just kidding it's the Pokemon pizza cutter but it should be called the pokey Blaine so yeah when I saw this naturally I'm like oh my gosh I have to play it give it a whirl so uh let's get it out literally looks pretty stock standard like your actual potable on the back it literally says Made in China and there's a hair on it look there's a hair on it oh it's like a it's like a rather sort of material right here like up the top there that's all rubber and then plastic is down the bottom of the white hull if we get this out right here what why is it's not metal under little eBay ad it was metal this one's like a sharpish sort of plastic like this is still lethal with hair that right there is a sharper like needle plastic or something so when we cut the pizza it would shred it and it's also embossed Pokemon like I know if you can see there's what is a Bulbasaur Pikachu Charmander squirtle and Bulbasaur so the star doesn't Pikachu right there but that's like a lethal bit of plastic right there but on the advertisement it was metal and then that's obviously the case you don't you know Kay fingers off when you go searching for it in the drawer take the case off slice my evil machinery well guys there's only one way we're gonna find out if this actually works or not and we got a alright boys pages couplets let's give her a go it's gonna go I think straight for a line down the middle oh I feel like we should be oh oh this actually actually works pretty good look at that a clean whoa that is what I'm talking about now we're going to pause let's uh I'm not really applying any pressure at all but that is amazing I this is gonna be an absolute nightmare to clean but besides that I mean I feel like this is pretty we thought yeah Phil is that pretty much wraps up today's video hopefully you guys enjoyed it if you want to see more Pokemon good content like catching your shiny Charmin but you know like another community day down the road or are you just want to see me trying to catch the Mew like there's definitely a lot of mucus we could be doing leave a comment comment section below demolish like button the more likes more I know you guys really really want to see it let me know in the comment section below and let me know what you think of the pizza cutter as well but most will have fantastic day enjoy enjoy the rest of the day wait got an hour just don't cut too many paces and fingers off in this place there are States beat parents parents permission before use this people gaming hi guys I'll see you next video guys keep on

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Today we are looking at the most Dangerous Pokemon Product Ever Made. THE POKE-BLADE .. just kidding today we are looking at the Pokemon Pizza cutter. This Pokemon Toy will cut your new Hot Pizza in Seconds! I also play Pokemon GO in today episode in hunt for the Shiny Charmander and evolve it into a shiny Charizard! Music -

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