How to Get Deep Sleep for Health

by: Dr. John Bergman

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you see she okay the taffeta tonight okay through hell Tuesday's there's the health renaissance okay we're in because we're talking about deep sleep

restorative sleep and I wish I had the quote from Henry v because if anyone has ever seen Kenneth Branagh --kx Henry v it's one of my favorite movies if I'm ever feeling down I go back there and watch that and he's walking around these campfires and he's looking at these people and you know just just his regular soldiers and he thinks oh God if I could only sleep full belly and a clear mind deep restful sleep I mean he's just is longing is incredible today we have to because this is one thing on vaccines because they are forcing vaccines on us okay and the Nazis tried to do force medical procedures and it didn't work out too well it turns out that we should have a sovereign right of our own body now what's shocking is I actually wrote we were trying to get some stories because we've got one of our patients as an attorney and they're actually suing the state for that it's illegal and it's against it's morally reprehensible to force medical procedures on your own body and and so here I'm writing this please give us your story at why you want control of the medical procedures done to you and I thought this is so wacko that it would have to even write this but it turns out that federal law the they had a thing where somebody was attacking well he he was diagnosed hiv-positive and it was going after people with an HIV a blood filled needle and they viewed it as an assault so it turns out of that if someone's assaulting you with the medical procedure without completely informed consent that you sign off for that's illegal so you know there are some precedents just know that it's absolutely insane but thirty percent of the population in California is for it not having a choice which means I mean if I had a picture of some some creature putting their head in the sand and letting the whole world go on that's insane you need to be responsible for yourself okay now is our society sleep-deprived my god there's a coffee shop on every corner okay you know you got Diedrich Starbucks everything else so that's that's a clue but but also sleep deprivation it's one of the few tortures that's phenomenally effective you can interrupt someone's sleep and actually drive them insane so so when we start looking at this what's the medical what happens okay under sleep under sleep deprivation your body goes into this fight-or-flight state like we just had um this new patient yesterday beautiful 39 year old gal healthy jogs a lot wonderful reverse curve in her neck torn and and her honey was saying look you know she just never sleep she can't sleep at all no kidding she's in a sympathetic dominant state or fight or flight now what happens when you're in short-term sleep deprivation this is the same thing has that fight-or-flight state now obviously there's going to be stress hormones but you need ldl-cholesterol now why would you need ldl-cholesterol if you're in a stress state a cholesterol heels it's a good anti-inflammatory it's also the precursor to every hormone you make so knowing that you're going to need to get some adrenaline noradrenaline epinephrine norepinephrine you're going to need some cortisol you need to all the stress hormones oh my gosh you're not going to want to produce a lot of progesterone because that's an immune system and you know you mainly want to survive and then you're going to want a lot of energy too so blood sugar is going to be elevated blood supply to the guts going to shut down what's what's interesting it's the exact same thing that happens under physical chemical and emotional stress so if you're having a sleep problem or sleep deprivation issue you're having it's the same thing as if you're on a traffic accidents the same thing is if you're emotionally stressed it's the same thing as if you're eating breakfast and lunch of McDonald's that chemical stress okay okay just how to walk it through that one but this is all normal so now when you look at our society we're going to talk next week about non-kin couple diseases NCDs and you may not have heard the term but these are diseases that are rampant they're going to bankrupt our country and except it's not something you caught you you catch it's something you earn now if I was to say you're going to earn heart disease you can earn diabetes you can earn cancer okay written think these are not genetic and you can't catch them you know stay away from that guys got sleep deprivation you can catch it no that that sounds foolish okay but when you look at this in a normal stress response blood pressure goes up in a normal stress response blood pressure goes up yes or yes okay and it has to that's a normal response in crazy world like ours if your blood pressure doesn't match that model where you're supposed to be the same level as everyone else because that's called homeostasis and so if your body isn't regulating itself what do they do they give you a chemical to bring it up or down okay if you're sad all the time don't no problem we'll give you a stimulant if you're happy all the time no problem that's manic we'll give you an antidote a depressive you know we need you the same all the time and so when you look at this these are not diseases there are normal stress response I mean how many people are taking cholesterol drugs it's I mean epidemic proportion and the cholesterol drugs cholesterol doesn't clog arteries it's the precursor to Ed the best anti-inflammatory you got cortisol and then you look at how many people have digestive disorders we're going to talk about that the next week in May so this means if you're under stress blood supply shut down to the gut so what are you going to have possible indigestion poor motility that means it's going to back up you could have Crohn's disease ulcerative colitis tweakin immune system so all of these these are diseases you earn and then the since we're talking about the enteric brain the gut brain what about depression anxiety Alzheimer's dementia are these also diseases that you earn yeah they you earn you don't catch them now it's getting worse now the last stats I got are 2010 and what's frustrating that's five years ago so you're talking millions of prescriptions now what's frustrating this is for sleep how much in and I got to tell you if you've ever dealt with a drug advocate before because you know we deal with drug addicts all the time except they're usually on prescription drugs okay you're taking some drugs these antidepressants that have a side effect of suicide I can't stop it you know I can't stop I tried to stop it a couple of times and I just couldn't stop it dude okay okay yeah I'm I'm not in this and this is actually what happens so if you're communicating to someone who's addicted to sleep medications okay realize that you're talking you're getting a maximum of 11 minutes more sleep at night 11 minutes you're interrupting REM state asleep which is the deep aspect of sleep which gives healing you're going to fall asleep maybe a little bit sooner but we're not quite sure if that's placebo or not but the side effect is I mean where do you see what the sleeping pills do they destroy your brain they destroy your immune system they're horrible no we're talking about drugs in fact at the end of this since this is being recorded then we're going to go over some questions okay so but but if you look at this if you're telling somebody who's been taking ambien or sominex or you know all that all the other different you know the little butterflies flying through the field if you're if you're seeing is if someone's taken that you know how you communicate it you know you say no no sick people need drugs okay when your body gets healthy you're not going to need the drugs okay because if you tell someone to give up a drug they're there they think that the drug is actually necessary but this is not only epidemic proportion but what happens if you got sixty million people taking sleep drugs and it negatively affects your memory does that mean 60 million people are going to have memory problems Wow that means like dementia and stuff will be rampant in our population now this one I love this website the dark side of sleeping pills calm you couldn't get a longer website name but I recommend okay you look in it this one is incredible sleeping pills 35% increase in cancer no it's not melatonin this is the drugs now why would a sleeping pill increase your risk of cancer well for one your body can't get the REM state of sleep you're not getting a deep sleep but when you look at this four to six times you die faster if you take a sleeping drug and what was the benefit oh you get to sleep 13 more minutes or 11 minutes you get more sleep at night is it worth it no no you got to start looking at the facts on that now ambien when you're when you're doing the research on this they call them ambien zombies now this is weird okay raise your hand if you've heard of sleepwalking have you heard of sleep eating I didn't I thought it was a new thing I'm going you're kidding me really got I finally got an excuse okay but have you heard of sleep driving yeah yes I mean it's it's incredible that these people can have that brain in such a state that it's devastating now now what's the best amount of sleep at night now what's interesting it kind of depends okay what the research shows it shows that 7 hours is about the best okay now some people function better on 4 to 5 very few people function more than 8 ok but it looks like seven hours on averages that is the norm and it turns out that disease rates and seven hours is right in the middle their disease rates go up if you sleep more than eight hours and they go up if you sleep less than four hours so in the frustrating thing with the average insomniac the everything the sonmi expends 14 hours in bed a day but what happens to them is they roll around they can't get sleep they open up their eyes they see the clock radio they see it you know it's it's 12 o'clock they get pissed off they roll around a few more then they open their eyes it's two o'clock and they go home dammit it's been a whole hour and they roll it any insomniacs okay good good yeah I'm going to show you how to correct that it's really cool five days you'll be sleeping like a baby this is another one journal Neurology what they did is if people slept eight hours or more or less than four hours they found an increase of stroke for people why because they're in that chronic fight-or-flight State they're not regenerating that so this isn't just you can't sleep good this is stuff that you've got to fix now the daytime impairment if you look on the side or it shouldn't say side effects the effects of sleeping medications guess what it says daytime impairment you're going to be tired during the day wait a second I'm taking this pill so I can sleep at night so I can have energy during the day no it talks about daytime impairment in fact it's a lot worse automobile accidents Falls memory loss confusion and these are paid people taking these drugs for years now what do you think sleep deprivation causes yes memory loss Falls it's the same thing because those drugs are interrupted REM state of sleep healthiest people and this is interesting it's safer to sleep five to six hours than it is to sleep over eight okay because your body is going to get the deep sleep and in fact when we talk about changing REM state of sleep to reset that circadian rhythm clock inside of your brain one of the things that you're going to do is deprive yourself of sleep okay now you might think wait a second that sounds crazy figure we all have a circadian rhythm a clock inside of our brain okay and and we have certain biologic functions because you're an animal species living on this planet and if you don't live within the confines of that animal species you have a dis-ease what do they call that now disease okay good yeah they kind of blend it together so if you have insomnia you have to deprive yourself asleep so what you're going to do you're going to go to bed between 10:00 and 10:30 at nighttime and then we're going to go over the prep work but you're going to wake up at 4 to 4:30 and you're going to do this what's tough is you got to pick a day that you're because if you're an insomniac and I read this study out of Glasgow Scotland that was I mean we're taking this Omni Acts who hadn't slept good for twenty thirty years and you get up at 4 to 4:30 and you do this pattern for 21 days but within 5 days your brain has reset this means no naps your brain has reset and you're instantly into REM state of sleep after 21 days you've reset that clock and you're now achieving deep sleep it's it's amazing but there's a couple of preparatory things that you're going to learn the biggest thing and this is this vital you get to has your nervous system the fight-or-flight and the rest and digest okay health is that your body is building up faster than its breaking down that's that's bear nuggies that's it disease is your body's breaking down faster and it's building up when we talk about non communicable diseases the diseases that are literally going to wipe out our planet within 15 years it's going to cost more money forty-seven trillion US dollars and sleep is the key to correcting it also not treating it with medications I know because when you look at this there's two types of sleep okay and the one we're looking at a slow-wave sleep or REM state of sleep rapid eye movement and this is that deep state of sleep now I was watching the Military Channel the other night and it's amazing they trained these soldiers the Navy SEALs to go into a REM state of consciousness when they're walking so they can actually so they can fight for five days in a row for five days in a row as long as they get that REM state of sleep in consciousness for about two hours a day so they don't need to be sleeping but they can get their brain in that state and I'm going oh my god this is amazing I mean who would think that you find some information on sleep lecture watching the military Channel I thought it was totally cool okay but but when you look at it people who work nights have a higher rate of disease this is why they call it the graveyard shift because between 11:00 and 1:00 o'clock this is when your gallbladder secretes this is when you start to absorb healthy fats so your body has that circadian rhythm that that that you need to get into in order to have your body function correctly and if you're not getting that circadian rhythm your body breaks down does that does that make sense yeah now you must be asleep between 11:00 and 1:00 now the tough part with this is if you're not asleep between the like like let's say you watch the news okay now if you're watching TV have you ever seen a hypnotist okay what do they do okay kinda put you to sleep but what I'm going to do them I'm giving you a rhythmic image and what the television does is it vibrates at about 60 cycles a second and this your brain gets into a rhythmic state it's kind of like if you've ever been driving on the road and all of a sudden you realize you're like you know five miles for it and you thought you were you didn't fall asleep he just kind of zoned out well that's called white line fever because that rhythmic images of the white lines actually put your brain in a hypnotic state so if you're watching TV right up before bed you're you're absolutely destroying your possibility of even getting deep sleep you're going to go to bed you're going to feel good it's the same way about drinking alcohol if you drink alcohol before bed you're going to think yeah I'm all relaxed you're only going to sleep in a couple of hours then you're going to be waking up again because again it's a toxin it's a poison so when you start looking at this you've got to realize that you have to reset your brain so if you're watching and I know this sounds crazy but can you imagine watching news right before bed I know I know it sounds absolutely insane because the news is the news accurate like do they say you know there's 50 million people that live in LA there were four robberies there were three hundred and thirty million acts of kindness my god what a lovely city we live in and then do they detail out the guy opening the door for the gal or carrying groceries to the cart do they do that or they detail out the four robberies you know you know you know it's it's it's absolutely ridiculous okay so don't program your brain with that I mean that that just doesn't make sense so so when you look at this you have to reset your brain and you can do that I mean watch TV right up before bed but 15 minutes before bed you've got to read something physically read something on paper that means no computers because computers are also vibrating I'm sorry the computers are also vibrating at 65 cycles a second okay so read something on paper 15 minutes before and then it does anyone have like a frustrating technical day or is everybody's life just perfect okay good well I'm the only one that has a day okay so so when you're when you're doing this if your brain is thinking about what went on during the day it's going to be like a tennis match so you have to physically write again but the way the brain works is brilliant because if you physically write something down your brain thinks oh cool I don't need to think about that so it's logged away everything's cool then it can start to achieve deep sleep so I mean it's simple tricks but I mean when you look at some of the signs and this is with every patient that comes in imagine someone with allergies anxiety depression fatigue digestive disorders high blood pressure I mean do you realize like if you walked in this room and the lights were off would you start changing the light bulbs or check the switch okay if somebody comes in and says doc I'm so fatigued out guess the first question I ask them how do you sleep at night Oh horrible horrible horrible I haven't slept good in years I know okay good let's fix it I mean honest to goodness it's like the most basic stuff it will will answer the questions I mean when you look at this Parkinson's disease now why would Alzheimer's disease why would why would a multiple sclerosis I think of this these are all diseases where the body is breaking down faster and it's building up and if it is and we know that the body builds up during the day during the evening this is when your system your rest digests a report pair system start to initiate or start to work does does that make sense now what's frustrating in crazy world our world okay we're medications are king if a Parkinson's patient or an Alzheimer's patient or a multiple sclerosis patient if you've got MS you're 30 years old you got two kids are you going to be happier a little scared you're going to completely nervous okay so are they going to say look I need you to journal at night I need you to not watch TV right before bed I need you to not take any sleep drugs and any drugs you on those can negatively affect sleep are they going to say that to you know take the ambien okay lock the refrigerator but take ambien okay so so when you look at it it's it's and that's a Journal of the American Medical Association so sleep is is I mean look at the drugs that cause it now this is the most drug culture ever when you're talking about antacids now why would antacids cause sleep issues antacids are going to limit how your body breaks down proteins it's going to limit how your body breaks down or absorbs mineral so you're going to be calcium deficient magnesium deficient iron deficient when you're looking at high blood pressure medications that's crazy now wait a second that this sounds even crazier so lack of sleep causes what to the blood pressure okay and high blood pressure drugs cause what to sleep screw up sleep can you see the cycle here okay sleep causes poor gut function okay you're not going to be digesting things so that would be called indigestion okay and what drugs do they give you for indigestion antacids and that causes what sleep-deprived 'ti can you see this it's it's insane why this isn't taught in medical schools it doesn't make sense to me but we're going to talk in cold medications it just had a brilliant one on benadryl how benadryl is actually caused the psychosis we've got a number of pharmacists that wouldn't take a benadryl or an antihistamine to save their life because it negatively affects the brain function a sedatives didn't you sleep antihistamines over-the-counter sleep medications asthma drugs I mean obviously and you could see that these are all drugs that met not only negatively affects sleep but if you negatively affects sleep you cause that condition the depression and anti depressions are driving me crazy one of the questionnaires to find out if you have depression is how do you sleep at night oh I sleep horrible okay here take this this depakote wellbutrin okay antidepressant guess what the side effect of that is poor sleep and it's it's it's like no I mean let's look at this serotonins produced in the gut if you have poor sleep you're not going to have appropriate serotonin production if you're thinking about certain things and you're not getting appropriate sleep what's the number one torture that you could drive a Navy SEAL crazy with is lack of sleep I mean you torture people with this obviously that's going to cause depression but if you look at it that and this is the sleep disturbance difficulty falling asleep periodic awakening early-morning awaking maybe early symptoms of depression no it's not two signs a depression okay throw away the Diagnostic and statistics manuals let's look at this person has they've got physical chemical or emotional stress does that make more sense I know it does okay now REM sleep blood pressure drugs block rapid eye movement or deep sleep blocking rapid eye movement or deep sleep causes high blood yeah we're going to get out of some of this now what's frustrating this is the Journal of Pediatrics 38 percent of pediatricians prescribe a drug to a child for sleep onset delay now we already know that the drugs given for sleep interrupts REM state asleep we know that it causes gastrointestinal problems we know that it can cause mental disorders does this is this one of the reasons that 50 percent of our kids today have a chronic illness or disease huge now our kids watching TV right up before bed or video games or they're playing them in bed okay does that mean that their brains are in this hypnotic state yeah I mean we get kids all the time oh I can't get up for class no you can't you don't have any skills for sleeping okay we just got to fix that oh the the Journal of the American Medical Association if you look at this the error rate for prescribing for children and we get kids all the time the worst one a four month old kid throwing up was given an antacid okay that's a nurse forgiver she loves people okay okay she's lit she's unarmed don't worry I know I had the same feeling it was like four month old kid and antacid what are you nuts he's not producing too much acid the kids in some type of stress State okay God knows he might have been born in a hospital and the mother might have been given pitocin and an epidural and you know he's probably for sibs birth and then he was you know slapped in the runt vitamin K a little bit of silver nitrate in the ion and hepatitis B shot at 12 hours I'd be pissed too to come into the world that way yeah I mean that's that's just not right and and when you look at our kids today are they rampant with brain disorders attention deficit disorder I just added this this one gal which came out from Texas and just sweet sweet kid she said yeah yeah it's it's my OCD it's my OCD I focus in and I said obsessive compulsive disorder there's no such thing and she looks at me like no there is a such thing you know my psychiatrist told me about it so it must be you know it must have a shape right and I said no I said you're gifted I said you're not obsessed I said you can focus in on whatever you want it's just your focus then on stuff that other people don't want she said yeah that's the same thing like attention deficit disorder that doesn't exist either you look at every a didi kid every ADHD adult okay do they have trouble focusing on stuff they want to focus on no they've got a hyper acute gift all they got to do is learn how to focus it and they're phenomenally six well it's it's ignorant to say that that exists yeah and this is why sleep is so vital for kids so when you go home and you learn these techniques you got to teach them to your kids you got to teach them to the grandkids you got to teach them to the neighbors kids I mean the sleep problems with ADHD and no it's not think of this if a kid is not sleeping correctly what happens to their gut function good or decreased decreased what happens to their autonomic activity are they stuck in a fight-or-flight a course they are they be great at paintball but they'd suck at sleep okay so so when you look at this I mean it just makes sense attention deficit hyperactivity disorder doesn't exist it's a person adapting to physical chemical and emotional stress if you look at this what is ADHD way what's the shape of it can you catch it no these are one of those diseases the mental disorders this effect on our kids that you got to actually earn okay so I had to bring this up okay now this gal came in this week now now get this okay 88 years old she was hit by a car in 1979 severing one of her legs okay this is her body now that's a reverse curve in the neck with massive fusion and she has one leg in a wheelchair 88 years old and I said in her one knee is starting to break down and I said no problem you know you can bend it knees can regenerate and so while we're doing the physical I'm having her do one exercise which is just dangling and knee with you and on it I said upkeep dangling it okay and I'm doing it doing her history and stuff you stop keep dangling it okay so so I'm not being really nice to her okay and then her shoulders are hurting because she can't lift him up and so so I tell her to move her arms while we're doing the physical and stuff and um she said do you really know how old I am and I said I said yeah you know your joints are about 14 months old because she thought I was crazy because every doctor she'd been to has been given her what non-steroidal anti-inflammatories pain relievers obviously if you're 88 years old in a wheelchair with the leg severed you cotton be happy so you got to be on an antidepressant and she's thrown away all these drugs she thought they're stupid and I said no hon your your idea what was what was coolest she said she felt better immediately and and what's wild is if you're 88 your joints are only 14 months old okay so so now what do you think she's going to sleep like tonight better because she's got hope she knows that our body can regenerate and so I'm picking like a really tough is inadequate that sleep affects hormone levels how many people are taking testosterone supplements or estrogen supplements and a gal stopped me in the in the market over here she recognized me and she said you know you know what what do I do for menopause I said well you can move to a country where it's not an issue if you're in this country okay it's a major issue because you know we're exposed to so many estrogens and that's what's pesticides are you know you can take some maca root but how are you sleeping at night I don't I always what do you think she said horrible okay yeah okay good so let's work on asleep you got physical chemical or emotional stressors we got to deal with you'll be fine women do need more sleep than men men if you're smart she's sleeping let her sleep hey any guy can argue with that okay good good okay I want to show you this I mean a six-year-old guy chronic pain now when you look like this on x-ray standing up straight do you think that you're going to be late able to lay down in a comfortable position no that's the same thing with that that gal idiot she when she would roll on our slide her shoulders would hurt okay same thing with him so if you're sleeping in a different position and it wakes you up but then if your body is responding that way what's a correct a correct response by your body if you have trouble sleep are you correctly going to elevate your cholesterol levels yes are you correctly going to adapt to this toxic situation by developing higher blood pressure yes or yes yeah so you look at this those are not those are adaptations are you going to have trouble remembering stuff yes because you're not sleeping correctly and but but what's weird is this is what's causing that the end of our society because we think that those adaptations to the physical chemical and emotional stress are actually diseases when they're not and then what makes it worse is if you treat them with drugs what happens if you take a blood pressure drug what does that do to sleep an antacid what does that do to sleep a sleep drug what does that do to sleep I mean you're talking it just none of it it's it's illogical it's illogical we got to fix it Oh within two weeks he was sleeping good that's him ninety days later okay so cool now this is the cure okay for insomnia deprive yourself asleep but do it quickly okay it takes 21 days to reset you're at the clock in your brain within five days you'll be sleeping like a baby guaranteed first you've got to solve the physical chemical and emotional stressors okay find out what physical chemical and emotional stressors if there's a physical stress get your body x-rayed get that find out the pressure on the nervous system if there's emotional stress you have to journal and journaling at nighttime settle with your brain and it has anyone in here every journal raise your hand if you journal okay so quarter the audience okay so so let me explain note journaling is it's not going to be read by anybody you don't even need to read it it could be a quarter a page it could be a full page you don't want to do like a novel okay and it's just like you know had a really crazy day today yelled at you know the owner of the building you know I had a patient that didn't listen to me but I had four patients it did and it was really cool and I'm looking forward to get my son out here who has lost his passport in the Philippines and he doesn't know where the hell it is he's stuck over there for three weeks until he finds yes this is all true okay so I can write this down with a journal tonight he's stuck over there can't start school lost his passport yeah so journal okay and you're gonna be okay okay but but also too you got to go to what's the toughest day in the week to get up Monday morning yeah cuz cool it's Saturday we can party okay no go to bed at the same time your friends will think you're boring but you're going to have more energy and be more successful you know eventually you'll all get on the same rhythm and you'll party during the day okay and sleep at night honest-to-goodness it really works use the bedroom for sleep only kind of okay I mean you don't I mean you know if you're married you can play but but you don't want to watch TV you don't want to eat the crackers in bed you don't want it you know you know play video games and they're okay I mean it's it's really really simple because I mean insomniac spend a lot more time in bed it's got to be perfectly dark you got to cover the clock radio with it with the cloth this I know I know you find him extremely attractive I know I know this is a CPAP machine okay now how many species on the planet need a machine to sleep because they're going to stop breathing during the night okay you said 1:00 okay you're incorrect you said none you are correct okay notice if any species needs help to sleep that there's a problem there okay okay and it's a problem with perception you've got a cardiac and respiratory center at the base of the neck you've got a cardiac inner you've got a sensor in your neck that governs the diaphragm function your sleep patterns are going to be interrupted under stress what kind of stress physical chemical or emotional stress this is a travesty I mean people are going in there saying you know let's do a sleep study on you I'm good I'm going to check your breathing during the sleep okay oh did you know that you stopped breathing okay about 10 times during the night and then that means you might stop breathing and not wake up again so here you need this machine okay that's crazy world okay 50 years from now do you know they're going to say you're having trouble sleeping you got to have physical chemical or emotional stress let's find out those stressors because you're a normal human being and sleep is normal for you okay I'm not going to do a test and see how many times you stop breathing throughout the night that's kind of stupid okay what we are going to do we're going to check your nervous system we're going to check the physical chemical and emotional stressors in your life to make sure that your body is functioning correctly nobody has a problem with this sleep and this is why you're finding extremely obese people are going to have problems with breathing people that have office work why because their heads forward and this is the nerve to the diaphragm people that have been in out of accidents okay are going to have problems with breathing this is all a clue to the body's physical chemical or emotional stressors does that make sense I look at this thing is just the same way I mean even say sleep on your side elevate your bed maintain regular sleep hours all of these will help but wait a second if you sleep on your side what are you doing you're changing the pressure on the nervous system if you elevate your head you're changing the pressure on the nervous system you're changing proprioception so all of these things instead of doing silly things find the actual cause okay now now this is on your sheet these are the things you got to not do and it just it seems basically simple okay nervous system checked medications find out why they gave them sick people need drugs but what's weird is if a healthy person takes a drug what happens to them they get sick they get sick now since most of these diseases are non communicable diseases their diseases that you actually earn this is why you're taking the drugs okay has your body gets healthy and you do those lifestyle changes okay you better start monitoring the medication so talk to the drug guy that gave you the drugs and say hey by the way my body is getting healthier how do I get off of them okay or talk to the chiropractor and he'll he'll give you a plan to show you because if you're taking blood pressure drugs and your blood pressures too low guess what happens too oxygen in the brain goes too low it's bad for you okay this is why dementia and Alzheimer's is I mean dementia is at four times the cost of cancer in this country erratic sleep patterns overactive mind this means the journaling before bed watching TV make sure you read something alcohol caffeine lack of cardio I mean if you do a nice little walk after dinner you'd be amazed at what that does for the lymph flow I mean if you live in Missouri and it's wintertime it'll be a little cold so you know don't and these tricks these these are tricks for deep sleep but I know it's small up there that's why I put it on your on your sheet and if you're watching this on YouTube these are all you can get the handouts on deep sleep I'll get you a handout okay and and it's it's weird but when you look at it white noise okay luckily I live next to the ocean and there's a road right next to the ocean and both sound like water it's true anyone live next to a freeway I grew up next to the freeway it sounded just like the ocean okay it's got to be completely dark no TV read something yeah yeah if you're going to read something before bed make sure it is not Zane Grey that okay you read saying gray when you're a teenager - okay yeah and he picked her up in his arms and it was like holy-moly know you want to read something like the book of numbers okay Ezra we get this we get that I'm telling you okay that that because there's some the far-out exciting parts of the Bible that's not one of them you know keep it nice and cool protein straight a hot bath or hot showers phenomenal and again this is for all the insomniacs okay you're going to change your sleep patterns so you have to prep it's like training if your brain has been messed up and you haven't gotten deep sleep for years you have to train for it and it's going to take that prep work before bed you're going to have to take a hot shower you're going to have to physically read something you're going to have to go to bed at 10 to 10:30 you're going to have to get up at 4 to 4:30 you're going to have to get your nervous system check all of this stuff but by the reward is incredible your body will actually work right I mean it's it's phenomenal the rewards this is and I know the sounds of this this is what we put up on every talk and it seems too simple you need to have your nervous system checked you need regular exercise nutrition sufficient rest rest is when your body regenerates does that make sense ok good and you need to have prayer meditation and that's phenomenal I mean if you have a connection with a Power greater than yourself that there's nothing better now next week we're going to talk about non communicable diseases and I'm going to show you how to recover from them and also when you I was actually watching doing some research today on this oh my gosh they were saying that it's so tough for the pharmaceutical industry because they don't have enough Rd in this area and that they need their there a lot of their drugs or their patents are running out and I'm going are you serious the largest industry in the world the one that's responsible for more deaths than any war on the planet okay and these guys are in need of money good let them do a freaking bake sale for cholesterol drugs okay then then we're going to talk about Crohn's disease that we're going to talk about adrenal fatigue and the thyroid so we got an exciting month so thank you very much


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