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hey I'm gruff I'm not to go where the gang grass all right steppin out danten danten danten danten you never heard steppin out by Joe Jackson no huh no no no no I keep forgetting that I need dude eat shit more than a good song get a heart yeah you can eat shit eat shit only one all right I'm gonna put some clothes on do it yeah thank you cooling has three put your clothes on oh yeah now it's linked yeah well I mean he's like I feel like I'm following link around as opposed to a new child girl midriff going on yeah that is that the belt no it's not that's midriff dude kidding he's wearing a belly shirt you sure about that yeah look at it's the same color as his arms dude oh you might be right what then is there just like it's come up on his back like a really small shirt yeah oh and plus he's got like sweet ABS so yeah I gotta show them off all right so these fuckers yeah I want to try to beat one of them like oh I can probably do it with okay hide yeah like it's rolling ball hide ah oh shit hey look at that yeah look you bitch oh no I'm at the cobbling arm there's another one you picked up a fresh one I'm fucking them up dude well it's got no head oh yeah hello oh it's just hopping in my child bitch damn wow this is for some fucking sweet combat yeah it's pretty extreme right yeah looks like it right now oh dude that working oh that stunned him oh he's all set yeah dude oh if you hit him in the eye you know that we can't you can't see permanently fuck Oh juice oh never mind oh fuck I'm going to equip on under the swords just fucking extreme yeah yeah okay damn joke huh that's just oh shit well I came over here to my mom okay come over here over here over here oh wow yeah fuck it up nice alright so right meow huh got a ping and then I was going wail on him yeah eat it oh shit oh this is awkward oh yeah outstanding oh yeah look at that this is really cool he looks fucking damaged um all right well like we're out all my weapons okay - yeah yeah baby mm-hmm fucking eye boom come here yeah ha shot hit did you see me a hawk I don't know if you're actually doing damage I am you are Oh got a lotta ground you sure when I attack them what the thing yeah I think it's only when I shoot him with the arrow well maybe you just have to hit him in the eye oh maybe you're right well I'm out of air yeah gee sure huh oh geez I don't know how to kill this thing yeah I think it's just me I a week and we can't uh like I'm just too weak maybe I think I just need to run and we can't look up a fucking walk to or any help because this game doesn't exist yet yeah like we're not out flying this a couple days before it comes out boy that's fine by me I don't need a bow you got it you got to be up here that's what it is what feel like that's how you get around it you go from column to column well I mean I could just shadow a million losses that's not a dial it's not a game okay I think you're just making shit up no it's the game where you have to fight this twelve giant columns it's like the sega game columns was that a game yeah it was like a it was supposed to be like the tetris killer but it wasn't I love it yeah I think it came bundled with a lot of Sega Genesis a good genocide and genocide everything up yeah that just sounds like a horrible thing that would happen to a group of people genocide yeah that's actually when just one single race of people all played the original on a jog together all right motherfuckers my look for you and I'm gonna take your app yeah that ultimate insult injury no one's gonna bake that oh no no these babies oh they're after you gee they are not feeling your stop Jesus whoa did they kill this guy yeah do cuz they're bees oh shit now they're going back home quickly blow it up so did I break my I did whoo look at that sword oh yeah Claymore kicks ass there get all the shit I'm like picking up all this nice stuff yeah it's awesome try to blow that beehive up from a discipline what I don't have any arrows though all I have one arrow there you go they're pissed you're fast they're coming after me yeah oh yeah they're super bad wait watch this well Oh boom good job and the bees survived better bomb resilient bees they're really tough to kill those exoskeletons little Lola that's true alright they have their skeletons on the outside well that was probably your most impressive death you don't have endoskeleton trying to lure bees over your fucking explosives how is it that nobody can say bees without saying thank you is just something some hilarious about bees yeah well I did I did I did have plenty of disgust in my voice fucking be I am going to the red one that's the closer one so I guess the red X is just the last place you died yes okay I thought that map was going to become filled with red x's oh my god that would be hilarious yeah like Super Meat Boy style yeah exactly oh no my woodcutters ex wait does that mean I can ha you Tantra would wait I wonder if my clean work and do that look at this wow look at this fucking coral queef that's really cool can create a gust of wind strong enough to blow away light objects ah look at that I'm kind of fucking useful shit or something look at what the heck up aa [Applause] very Minecraft it was all like perfectly wrapped up and yeah I'm yeah it was a bundle yeah what is this what's going on here those mushrooms give me the mushroom I don't have arrows gives me the muttering yeah there we go nice a lot of room that look at before eating remember early increasing losses it's a mushroom that rocks hard 70 style shit got pigeons and shit yeah can you shoot them uh how many arrows man I gotta find some fucking arrows miscarry ahead get this green shrooms the Mellish room yeah I remember stem Ella shroom my first love where are you today savanna broke my heart into a thousand pieces hope hot lead oh I think I can make food here pastime by the fire never mind a lot pastime alright uh yes if I throw shit in my in the pot I can yeah I just throwing stuff in there really how do i oh okay before eating to temporarily what was it I think I probably have to learn how to cook first I see pepper that's a spicy app at birth Vernon would be pleased read dear diary I met this supple young boy he better not to steal my last two peppers the only pleasure that brings me comfort is cooking and today I outdid myself truly I created the perfect dish I call it spicy meat and seafood fried god I'm lonely it's recipe not only restores health but it also keeps me warm in its Rachael Ray's favorite dish hmm I ate it myself think I'll make some more for one I do not know how I allowed this to happen but it seems I forgot to write down a very important recipe I know it contained raw meat and spicy pepper however I simply cannot remember what else I used my age is catching up on me god I must read more I must know oh man okay so he if I make this recipe for him you will reward me with a doublet doublet yeah I guess hell yeah uh it's a thing like that I cook food when in sleep so I can't cook shit here why not I guess I just don't know how yet oh it's not an option what if you tried to strip like using the item near it yeah just kind of well let me see hold like if I hold oh there we go yeah okay cool um all right all right uh spicy so neat and spicy pepper so let's see if I can create this stop holding I can create this delicious dish yet others a steak oh man it's already made a pepper so yeah you need raw meat son I don't have raw meat what do I get raw meat from there's a nightmare uh elemental stimulation well let's make some spicy pepper hey hold and I'll make a spicy apple how about that okay I'll cook it up that a real thing yes spicy apple let's dance around yeah Mike so simmered fruit delicious grants low level cold resistance how fucking cool is that I love it I'm into it I'm making all kinds of dishes we're cooking bitch what about uh it can be talked into a stew to make it a lick sir oh my god I don't do bullets give me screw I got rush room that's good I don't want to use that campfire and well how about a stem Ella and another spicy pepper throw that in the fucking pot dance for me bitches delicious meat a vegetable root and mushroom mix the dis contrast' the sweetness of fruit with the sea breeze of mushrooms and maybe it doesn't do anything for you though what I mean all fucking look only shrooms and shit because like the other one it was like resistance to cold and hell back and this one was like it's good tastes delicious tastes fine edible edible at least God they like introduce like real like minecraft type of like the old man types of situations into this trying to chop down a tree this game is all things to all people look you can just fucking discover shit it's so great a whole fancy that so we meet again what are you doing yeah chopping out a fucking tree what does it look like yeah what are you doing Oh clear as your house it's quite an odd the trick is to turn your hips so they face where you want the tree to land so I see you found my axe give it back real cool thanks for bringing it to me okay I guess I'll okay I'm not a cat cut down this tree sure you got it towel chop this fucking tree yeah bitch drop it right on anything I'm sure fucking what the hell oh and another leaf fell you want me to cut more of these trees sure I got you I got you right now you walk right away from me fuck you dear crazy man who he corns add one for a nutty seasoning squirrel the door then good it's not the only net they do it has things grace I guess then I clear those good alright do you um do you want the wood or I see you did my work for me but wonderful well you're never getting this paraglide joke's on you asshole well alright thanks for the wood to see you I guess I'm trying to get to the thing oh it's all the way over there oh this motherfucker what is it you I gotta make it like a wood bridge check this shit out watch this watch this you're not watching watch I'm watching boom Oh oh shit so it falls away yeah dude you didn't turn your hips the way you wanted to take fall yeah I know I'm sorry alright but that by the leaf fell so you can grab that twofold away from you it's right there and you're ignoring it yeah [Applause] see that shit yeah uh-huh that's fucking cool yes very cool I love this whoo this is what this is how I'm gonna get meat right here whoa okay odd you yeah I'm gonna get meat by getting my ass whipped by this warthog lately lately can I not target onto it and turn on this fucker ex-boy that we're hugging gone oh he's gone back if you don't make it back I think you just pulled full of aggression yes doesn't really care who ever what yeah better be full of hacks very shortly oh yeah yo can I yoga cobbling can I ask you a question Oh like raw this assistance is with the terrible lines like I mean there's going fucking way back but two are like very first hotline Miami playthrough like my favorite moment of that was there's a guy watching TV and Ross has a shotgun and he's on the other side of the door he kicks open the door he's like hey are you watching on television and in there good job Ross is like a virus in commando command data it's an Arnold movie yeah yeah it's like all puns oh yeah terror like the whole movie is just like like he's on a plane then he knocks out the guy next to him and then he puts like sunglasses on him to make it like he's sleeping oh yeah a flight attendant comes by say can't have you anything he's like don't bother my foot he's dead tired he said Mr dumb it's like dude yeah yeah that was the 80s though that should defined it hey you know what next time on game gross will kill this warthog what oh I think you left oh well then oh okay or maybe we'll walk into some more of our own explosion I'm still getting the hang of like the the range of the explosion yeah clearly so alright well uh it makes one of the higher fuck see ya oh dude now the mist across the window hide the light but nothing hides the color of the lights that shine electricity so fine look and try your eyes

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