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hey everybody welcome back to the land place of mining box games I birds first off thank you guys so much for the support on the series so far again I take no credit I am just the vessel for which the content of the game can funnel through in a hopefully entertaining or humorous fashion or at least give you some shed and froy to type entertainment as you facepalm and all the mistakes that I make the real credit should go to the mod creators who are much more talented than I will ever dream to be but if you put your mind to it I believe that you can get there um I'm just trying to think of what we could do on today's episode obviously there's some stuff on that post-it note that hasn't been handled for every character you got the heart you got the cathedral and Sheol you got a boss rush you got the chest and the dark room there's two other things over this green mode and uh green mode and hush are those the two things that are remaining up there maybe in the end maybe it's just cuz those don't actually exist in in rebirth I can't recall it's been a while anyway we're not gonna play Bethany this time I think maybe we should just roll and eat and run and see how things look we might start with two of the you know starting items we might start with two brand-new items looks like we got Polyphemus and Isaac's jar of Tears kp8 AC qem and let me get the item tracker up there there we go so uh I mean okay this is a bit of a twisted gluttony room here based on the fact that we start with a freaking little baby gluttony in the corner as well um you might think like a why you cheating us out of a new character run here well I don't want to blow through like all the new characters stuff right away you know I want to experience a little uh let me put it this way I want to experience things naturally as they occur I don't want to wheel them into existence and just play Bethany like 15 times in a row the only female name I'll play twenty times in a row is Jessica this song by the Allman Brothers but then em fan and burn and burn you know you know what I'm talking about all you dad's out there and also people who played guitar hero to know what I'm talking about anyway so we're gonna look for new items we're gonna look for we're gonna obviously make an effort to go through those alternate paths if we can those have been working out well for us so far and by well for us so far I mean mostly kicking the shit out of us but at least we're learning you know something in the process as well now what's the first one bombs are keys I think it starts with keys if I am correct there so we already have two keys we have two bombs just to be sure let's not even use a bomb to access that tinted rock and then we'll kill this guy first you know it's easy to forget you know habits and Isaac it for rebirth in after birth and even the vanilla game took a long time to form so maybe this is a new meta is like you'll never want to use your keys before you see if you get a door but I think you always get a door either way we're gonna be going down to the downpour down on the downpour there's other lyrics too okay my shots are going through bombs that's another thing I forgot about you know the the rebirth ready area of the game here but so far so good you know easy kills this is basically rebirth right now this is not really getting juiced up with too much new stuff and that's okay new pills pretty fly no good pill though health down a bit of a bummer at least we got the spirit art out of that some of you're gonna say you didn't actually get the spirit are waiting check the tape well you check the tape mr. grassy knoll I got the spirit art go check it check for a second secret room as well very unlikely to be there but worth a shot and I'm going to save our other bombs because we can use these other bombs to give us access to the second path that takes us into the mind so those keys to the downpour we'll remember keys to the downpour mom's get you into the mines there you go that's you will never forget it now because that's I have just broken everybody's brain including my own collateral damage son I gotta say like right now I'm stoked to be getting I mean that is an attack fly they just did new art for it but it's still what we would want to take either way that's the thing like playing anti-birth on stream has been really funny because you're like by the way I don't know I was going to mention this earlier before I forget and go off on a different tangent unrelated to the game itself mostly but what was I gonna say there I don't know we've had Isaac's bowl of Tears and it was exceptional Isaac's jar of Tears I don't know if they've changed this item to be more functional but it seems to me that it's less bad than it used to be all right we got lucky to get through there I think it really does seem to me that this is better than it's ever been but I might just be a little biased because we're starting with Polyphemus here which is gonna make any item that you know picked can piggyback off of that stronger than it would otherwise appear anyway to begin with so really I'm on sure right now and that's okay so maybe it's not actually a maybe it's not actually a library down there means it's only this is like the depths to or sorry then another deficit of the basement too so it's still pretty early let's not open that until we just see what's going on here and I hate this enemy this is isn't for my money like one of the most annoying bosses in the game so far but it also illustrates a cool new mechanic in the game which is the the fact that enemies that are aquatic if you're in the downpour they'll and you might only be able to get aquatic enemies in the downpour but enemies that are aquatic can swim over gaps in the downpour which from a physics standpoint that was really bad I didn't realize that was we were stuck there wait are they creating those gaps as well is that like making it harder to dodge as the game goes on and I just never have noticed that up to this point little embarrassing but still we cool we cool no spirit arts just some water spiders and to health down pills which is actually fine because we can unleash that theoretically is a tactical health up now if I remember correctly you only need two bombs to get to the mines so oh hey we're gonna really nice like ripple effect on the the coin there yeah we're gonna save the rest of our bombs we're gonna save at least two bombs to try to make that happen we're definitely gonna check out our curse room though and you know see maybe what's going on in our shop as well but what I was gonna say is you know because they've done new art for some of the items it makes it really funny to play the game on stream sometimes cuz you're like you know you walk into a room when you're like that item looks very similar to attack flyer forever alone but it's not forever alone zart so chats like new item pick it up and then it ends up being forever alone and you're like I could have gotten something better but this the better choice here did not exist so lucky yes I don't think we're gonna peep the shop it seems unnecessary I try this and see if it becomes necessary no but we did get three cents for a bomb which is at present and acceptable trade we're on pace for boss rush which we have not seen I think in the in the anti Birds so far so that's positive by the way I have no idea how you unlock the other characters everyone's saying hey you've got to play some runs as Jacob if I need to I will go you know I'll Google as is necessary to figure those out or all I'll crowdsource how to get those characters you gotta go copy sad like considering that word we're rolling to items that exist in in rebirth as is we might as well go with the one that's better but yeah if I have to a crowdsource how to get that done but for now I'd prefer to just give myself the chance to discover it on my own and we'll see if you want to get spoiled I'm sure you can get spoiled in it also if you want to get nuts I can get nuts let's get nuts continue moving on here it's hard to written like this the number one most radical thing that anti-birth does is make itself floors are not necessarily split into two's anymore like the fact of the basement might only give you one floor is there like a Oh down here the fact that you could do one floor of the basement and then move onto a new floor is like mind-blowing but it also leads to me getting very disoriented in terms of progress for where I am in the game but we're just gonna have to get used to it you know it's gonna take time when I blow up the judgment here even after giving him a penny for no reason and the idea there is that we should be able to get a better chance at a deal with the devil we don't want to leave this floor yet so we'll probably just cool it that is a better trinket but we'll we'll wait on it we got three bombs which is fine but we want 200 knife piece one apparently there is an assembly bull knife there's a sense that there's a word that probably doesn't make any sense assemble you know there's a knife that is able to be assembled in the game god I didn't realize we were doing an English test here it's a tough choice but I'm gonna go daddy-longlegs and inside of here two new items and we can use two bombs if you wanted to but I think like if I had to guess one of those looks like a candy bar candy bar health up maybe so let's check out this sweet ring here mom's bracelet does this allow us to do what it does in Gunjan yeah okay dude that's cool so we can pick up rocks and throw them at enemies and hopefully that does a lot of damage Thank You gunjan for giving me the information I needed there to succeed we can't carry rocks through doors as we just saw we can throw poop Soleri ously enough okay we're fighting a boss for whom that makes no difference but we killed him extremely fast okay so we'll take the HP and we'll go down to the mines here which does not require another bomb and honestly things we're trucking along right now is mom's strength as good as as good as the fridge alarm gets me every time and I'm not even being sarcastic is it as good as a Guppies paw which is not the item that we had is it as good as uh that's a new one right there throw-in mushrooms is it as good as Guppies head I mean I'm gonna hazard a guess the answer is probably no but it certainly is is interesting and and it's a novel mechanic without a doubt I don't think we really care about consumables from there why did we get that sound when we got hit you know it when like work I don't know excuse me excuse me okay that was dumb I'm kind of liking this infinite mushroom stuff though no jokes about the fact that I said infinite mushroom stuff please I'm not infinite mushrooms just mean different mushrooms I am gonna go Lazarus rag this is a bad item room they're both pretty much worthless is my expectation here um if we get to use Lazarus rag dope we have a health down pill that will turn into a health up pill and buff that up a little bit but my expectation is that neither of these are going to be that useful but at least there's a chance for Lazarus rags to save the day whereas with our other item which was Eve's mascara I think that that item is just like straight-up bad at least we got small rock I like I've obviously in a little tight in this situation but a lot of like getting used to new enemy patterns and stuff going on and your daddy longlegs helping me out which I really appreciate don't really care about red bombs uh what if we through all excuse me echolocation there's sonar bats try this out it works all right I am certifying mom's strength as a cool item in case it wasn't clear this is an item that I think is pretty darn sweet so what's the what's the problem with it because they you know nothing in this world can be completely good um the problem with it is that if you're on a room with no rocks which describes many boss rooms then you're pretty much out of luck there I think we should try BFF what do we need you get you need spirit hearts to get through the final set of doors to get to like the next new segment of the game if I remember correctly so we need to make sure that we keep at least two spirit hearts here tuft wins we've seen a lot so I think we need it like we're doing no damage to them right now so what do you do you grab the red bomb hit him with the explosion then start throwing rocks at them I mean they're not really seeming to take very much damage at all from the rocks if if any ah they took some they're enough to be interesting at least still mom's strength even if not universally amazing still a fun item kind of a gimmicky boss fight here a little bit you know it's reminded me sort of like mr. Fred but getting the job done nonetheless you know what let's like I didn't really want to hit him with that I just want to create a gap that I can use to get to these bombs more easily in the future and open up a channel for success at which point he abandons this direction entirely really appreciate that thank you okay what about this way what if I somehow someway keep coming up with funky ass hits like every single day that one was never even close but there you go okay finally we've gotten little damage done there okay we will take Jesus juice obviously I would expect that this run will probably get more difficult I don't recognize a lot of the enemy patterns I mean we're only four runs deep here plus a couple of runs that have happened on streams so you know there's a long way to go these meat dudes are like crazy annoying anyway so far so good so far so good relatively I would like better tier rate but honestly our dps is great simply as a result of our damage stat right now so it's not like I'm I'm really complaining just just idly sort of shooting the shit I guess bad trip not a good pill in case is this is your first time ever you know experiencing the binding of issac alright so I think we want to maintain like eye contact with those guys who would teach it Rock key and that dude those tinted rock spiders are getting me every time but you know what the more I think about it the more I'm like it's actually a really really smart nerf apparently some of these rooms with switches are with buttons are puzzles which I need to uh oh God which I need to like learn the actual order that you hit them in order to successfully complete them or something but for now those that I was gonna say is the more I think of it the more I think that's kind of a cool nerf to tinted rocks to make them sometimes if you use them absent mindedly sometimes they'll damage you because they'll summon enemies instead of just like exclusively giving you good stuff I think it's an interesting and an unorthodox style of game balancing which is very neat and I think easy to to underestimate as well easy to like just be like oh yeah that's just how we do it but it's there's some wisdom in that decision in my opinion at least if you think you they pay me to say that you got to recall this is a free mod I don't know if they even accept donations but if they do they can direct them to northernlion at the bank comm um what we're still moving here we do still have three spirit arts and three spirit arts means that we should be able to get to that special path I forget what it's called I've only been there once I don't know if I even want to like I want the gup-e transformation obviously but I don't really want to spend the spirit heart to go to the curse room knowing that that could end up costing us in the end yeah I was gonna say I thought we'd already been it's a curse of the you're an idiot gets me every single time man as does the fridge alarm as we've said many times so we come left over here certainly we don't have to go to the curse room in order to make this happen I've already been here I must actually be losing my mind am I on a floor with no exit we're on the road to nowhere come on in son I'm losing it dude oh we found our way out yo yep that my brain cannot handle that so we'll just get the hell out of there as soon as we conceivably can hopefully we never see that room again he said not knowing that that would seem really hilarious 50 episodes from now when that room shows up all the time epic hack you got it bloody lost is great um but if a CAC is it doesn't really rhyme I was hoping to get a rhyme out of that bloody lust is great but it blew kick is mmm whipping smack doesn't mean that I'm a little I have a little less incentive shall we say to use mom's strength because Oh God our existing shots are basically infinite bombs and they do a ridiculous amount of damage well you had a lot of like super powerful runs here early greed might be nice here honestly say we get the backpack and an item I actually greatly enjoy let's start with the backpack because I've never seen it more so you can hold two active items that's the perfect item to have in conjunction with this next item that I'll show off basically what it is is a it's Bob's rotten head but it uses a key and it shoots that key at an enemy before you ask yes that key will open a door if you hit a door with it but it scales with your damage and does a ton of damage to enemies okay so it's just bottom left control that allows us to switch here that's really cool so it's not gonna be amazing right now because we don't have extra keys we don't have many extra keys we have 17 but they'll run out but against bosses this is gonna do like a lot of damage so chewed pens seem good I'm gonna save I'm gonna save it for the boss just so you can see it's you know true power we got a room oh I tried to back it up there cuz daddy taught me good but it didn't work we should be able to get into that special secret room here it's going to cost us our spirit hearts life goes on honestly let's try an bottom left let's go clockwise nothing alright next time next time we'll figure that room out maybe there's contextual clues I could have used well not the best enemy to have to fight when you only have epic ACK daddy longlegs came through the clutch okay so this is the enemy that it's completely inappropriate to use the the new key item against because of the fact that he just takes damage when his waves die oh my god so I won't even be able to access the special secret room as a result of my hubris that's really funny hopefully we get like some means of which like we can improve our our spirit art situation right now where did that fire come from it's probably been there for a while um because otherwise I will not be able to make this happen I love this boss but it is really funny that it happened like at the exact worst possible time when it comes to me like making novel progress in the game please daddy lies help me I can't escape ah I'm all confused dude okay just live that's also pretty important don't let those spiders spawn thank oh my god we can make it work as we got squeezed you what a time to be alive we also have a deal with the devil where we get more pills which are helped downgrades hilarious okay awesome well let's use a two spirit arts to get in here we might as well blow up these or you know perhaps more safely do things this way there's another spirit hardened there's two spirit artists that's really good we'll just use two of hearts because there's no reason not to and we'll head down to the next floor you have to take my word for it that that key item is going to be exquisite so now we're on the mausoleum and again I maintain the fact that I'm frightens facing enemies I don't really understand maybe this is the creeper the hitbox something creep um it is it's conceivable that this might unlock the secret character I guess I don't know okay the two of spades there is lovely chariot I don't know maybe if you blow up the pillar you get a chance to get something seaweed stranger things have happened take the chariot in here well let's try it okay we got a spirit art so I'm stoked about that and we'll just use the chariot card against these enemies like right now we'll then do it sure I do have the stat tracker up by the way some people said clutches the screen I don't really mind it some people said you know I'd like to see how the items change your stats but I don't really mind either way it seems like the general consensus is that largely people are I wouldn't say they're 50/50 I would just say they don't have strong opinions one way or the other so I'm probably just going to mindlessly have it in whatever state it was the last time I played the game so don't worry about it - too much we've crossed over the threats shoulde for boss rush timing here but I also have no idea like what the time limit is right now are these buttons oh it's the teleporters okay novel interesting exciting scary titillating take mom's contacts assuming it actually works with a macaque I promise you there will come a time when I use the key item it's just inappropriate at the present moment sweet little tentacle arm dude it's inappropriate at the present moment because it's not worth a key to hit an enemy that we could kill in one hit regardless I'm gonna buy a spear at heart cuz I'm scared for my life and we'll move along here I guess we should have used it to open the door there just to prove that it can be done but okay alright we these enemies inflict status effects on us that's super cool also infuriating please oh god it look like he hit me there are they spawning bONIES yo we gotta kill like the super monster spawner necromancer man here he's a star and in the sky you'd like to kill us there we go so I use the key and it does have the explosive effect oh it's the aura from the from these guys that makes sense it's a purple aura look don't throw me under the bus too hard we made that realization relatively quickly this is a boss look at that a one hit him don't get the wrong idea by the way this item is good that was a spiked creep bomb that was cool I don't think I've seen that yet um we're gonna get out of here as soon as possible cuz this curse of the giant every room being giant is scaring the shit out of me and I should not have skipped that intro that's my bad oh good just what we needed a mask of infamy alts let me guess you hit the mask first this time I don't know dude we killed the heart that's all that matters but if you blow this thing up nothing alright get the fuck out of here we got another syringe but we're low on HP and a little scared mausoleum - what I was gonna say is don't don't get it too twisted like the key house almost terrible the key item I think is pretty good however please I also think that it's uh it scales with your damage so if you have garbage damage then it's not going to be that good and you also it's a very unique sort of situation in which it works for you I'm just lucky that you know we have 27 keys right now to the best of my knowledge there probably are not 27 bosses remaining in the game so we're probably gonna be okay here oh my god the creep is so much longer lasting I think Oh the goat and we haven't had where did my oh I didn't take the pill back after the chariot on that boss trap room I mean we haven't had the opportunity to use that health downgrade pill that doesn't mean we never will and I don't know we're on the razor's edge right now I'm not eager to call any sort of one any sort of run a one run or a lost run you know considering how much unknown bullshit there is in in inside worth so I'm not really oh there's a second secret room there I'm not gonna call a win as easily as I otherwise would we have to use the teleporters to get through that we got to go to the item room first though there's no question get some spirit hearts I don't know maybe a new trinket maybe a better trinket okay maybe a single penny that's what I meant to say but yeah the the run is as far as I'm concerned like pretty tight spot right now I've taken probably more damage than I do on like the average what's then I do on the average run at this point but I mean that's just that's gonna be par for the course so much of issac is pattern management and memorization and not knowing that was that was stupid admittedly but not knowing what half of the enemies do you know it'll leave you in a tight spot those enemies when they go to the slime phase maybe it was just me you know having a fucking nightmare but to me it seemed like they created another slime when they went down there so if you couldn't punish them by killing them quickly they just multiplied seemingly endlessly well that's a dangerous and hilarious but also infuriating yo uh could you guys fuck off with this please and allow me to actually get out of this waltz of death that that was the worst thing no fuck off okay I'm actually mad at this one we should be able to win I know we have Lazarus rag but I don't want to there's there's someplace like a chest in here somewhere I guess we fucked it up it's so neat that there's like these these extra layers of puzzles in the game that I'm gonna need to work out for myself or more accurately you just eventually get frustrated with not knowing the answer to and then have someone shouted at me at a youtube comment and then learn it forever but for now the mystery prevails gotta try the new one oh no we've had it before and it's horrible especially if you only shoot bombs but you know what I see I see a chance for redemption don't wanna end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard okay um we got all red heart and beyond this this this creates the gate attack like every time we shoot so that that's why I'm not necessarily thrilled about it we should use the keys here oh it doesn't work with ipecac it's the greatest news I've ever heard look at how strong that key was that is ridiculous uh we got it we got it it costs three spirit hearts it costs three spirit hearts it doesn't work with it became it's okay okay well I guess we won't be taking that instead we'll head down to the next floor then we get anything unlocked as a result nope well slightly disappointed but not not by much so dude I will never be able to properly articulate how happy I am that may be secret room down there I thought maybe they could find it I'll never be able to articulate how happy I am that rock bombs does not work with ipecac there are probably a lot of situations that could arise where I would want that to happen because it would be cool and it would also look awesome however like pyromaniac might protect you from it because I think that those things technically count as an explosion but I can't recall but this is not one of those situations in a run where survival is so important we shouldn't have even taken that to be honest tight room we're gonna just bank on the side of survivability here I got to be honest though if we go into a boss fight with one HP the key should win us the boss fight because it's doing ridiculous amounts of damage right now that was really dumb I should not have stood there but let's uh keep in mind there may also be another alternate path of which I'm completely unaware right now and what will that alternate paths lead to oh the world is our oyster you know I have no idea any enemy I do not enjoy is gonna get keyed here I don't know if there's like a wiki or something where you can look up the specific damage multiplier the key gives you very dumb very dumb damage again can't seem to you know internalize the the blast radius of if attack well that yeah okay probably the strongest gurglings in human history completely bodied me into a position that I could not escape from because of my poor position golden key I mean not not a bad thing to have but I don't think the golden key saves us from losing a key when we use that key item we should check on it because that would be awesome no it does not see that would be sweet but I understand why as well

okay moms it's like the first time I've noticed moms contact working doesn't mean it's the first time it's worked just the first time I've noticed new music - it's the first no like this can't be the first time we've gone to the womb in anti birth cuz we've have we not had a win yesterday was kind of a fever dream honestly don't remember that much of it worked for like 12 hours and it's all video games so all blurs together yeah we have to have had some wins cuz we had like you know blank has now appeared in the basement we must have had a Bethany with speed down obviously we don't want another one of wait no no this makes sense I think I'm getting confused cuz I thought we were on like a different floor okay it basically one-shots mom's heart pretty good no hush exists I don't really think it's worth going to fight the are going to pick up the headless baby there which means that I'm feeling like we're getting closer and closer to a victory here especially with 23 Keys remaining that's a pretty good level to be at I'll take this pretty much just for the hope of the hope that we find a cursed room and that curse room contains you know our third guppy piece of the puzzle Thank You infamy but it's not inconceivable that we die I hope that's actually like obvious could die very easily which is why I'm taking the rare opportunity to blow up some of these blue fires and amp up our HP a little bit these guys I don't know if I've explained it but they're like they shield the other enemies by taking damage for them so I believe it is possible to kill other enemies before you kill them but you're like extremely incentivized to kill other enemies first like that dude the key calling it right now in certain situations this is going to be like a top tier shop item brain worm uh I don't know if we're gonna see brain worm uh yeah okay there you go if you miss I'm pretty sure it's what it does at least if you miss it swerves into an enemy but I was noticing it might just have like a random tear effect as well and it might swerve away from some enemies I'm not totally sure what happened on that one but um I I've had this before with like the parasite or crickets body and it was amazing just use the key to get through this guy uh because we're doing so well I think I will go to the curse room to try to get that guppy dream complete and we got we paid one black heart to get a black handle which i think is completely acceptable not ideal but acceptable and then we'll uh come in here hopefully like 2-shot Isaac Wow that's embarrassing that we still took a hit there but obviously we're in a pretty strong position could still lose excuse me take me down here but I think we're gonna be able to guide this eat and run to victory here I mean these are enemies that mostly I understand now or often at least understand kid B's good I thought we might get Beelzebub at a blue baby's only friend but basically gimpy is good and that's we're going to take out of this there's no rocks down here usually so I think I guess we'll take undefined and use it to get around now thirteen keys we should really only use these keys against enemies who are of extreme annoyance I wonder how charges work when you have to spacebar items and does only the item active when you finish the room get a charge unfortunately we don't have the means with which to test that right now because I have one item that has no charge and then I have one item to take six room charges actually we could test it if we finish a room with the key active see if we're at three out of three out of six when we finish yes okay so it still gets incremented I think that's actually really cool then and end extremely potentially powerful as well the key just puts like all the other damage to shame it's so tempting to use only that and honestly like might be the exact right play as well but with 12 keys 30 okay we can afford to be a little bit more aggressive now especially because we're at the boss fight alright we are going to win you can fire it very rapidly as well and we learned about the power of this shard key or whatever it's called for now thanks for watching hope you guys enjoyed it it's a binding Vizag anti-birth if you did click the life click the life button click the like button it helps out a great deal of course subscribe if you want to see more in the future for now thanks for

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