Lotus Esprit GT1 nurburgring 1996

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welcome back around fires coming up in just a moment a great of 47 cars and the first pole position for Lotus this is the eighth which has been developed so quickly the employee the team manager there and the analyses such driver sits alongside James Weaver in the best of the McLaren so SOSUS McLaren on the front row of the grid on row to the east a price chart of the shore and Cox and this is the fifth fastest car on Row three that's sitting alongside our income of Portman and hazel in fact of seconds of the Zullo to see some spots low llamas heading the field and McLaren strictly looking good but worrying about shut the speed of both lotuses here confirmation that grid llamas Goodwin Spellman Weaver on row one on row to be sure and Peter Cox of Holland soon arms Bernard and Zell mondo and the best of the Ferrari well it's in Briard alongside the second of those fly closest Portman and a thermal and infrared goes change Weaver and yeah let's get pushed out maybe back to third place we'll see in just a moment about number 22 black car the Lotus Esprit challenging for the lead to save us now here's that controversial chicane just and look how the McLaren spells over see how June on took a wider line americaís Khalid Lamas go through the Queen moves Lamas the corner before the pit and young lamas is the new leader as they complete lap number two before our endurance race we've jumped out why but then touch back in again Wallace's slurs and it's tops then it's a German say it's the best but up front what if start breaks late twitches loses a little bit of ground yeah I was already pulling away from pursuing the car under here is that lifted now manage so much really see in a puff of smoke seeing say that that's normal don't worry about that it does seem that when the fairness close up a little bit flame flicking out of the BMW engine more car popping and nice to see the Ferrari keeping up and that is a cartoon biking on Bernard and del mondo here is another Ferrari that stop max and Cellini the former 3 driver going very well in the red car and just to tell you the car we saw coming into the pit at least ours once it's Anders Olofsson dogology car that is now in your picture number 27 re not getting off very well in this race race where they were so competitive last year but this is the new order Lotus lead McLaren and Ferrari now that's losing them absolutely minutes of time so to get that char for a top five position this is where the real action is one is still chasing down young lamas in third place still another British driver James Weaver who commutes across the Atlantic places to live in Scott there as does the court Andy Wallace he often drives together a new cycle teams are there's Peter toc-toc the use of the series flying dutchman certainly as laser switched from touring cars to CC very well indeed here's a man Mike hazel enthuse used to GT cars but normally Porsches he raced in the German GT series last year there's a lot of testing with the routine at this very track knows it well he's keeping up with those four quick cars in front of him excellent performance by Tatum and Rachel hand over to the British driver Alex Foreman both the votes to start on tomorrow zip up have anglo-dutch driving team is a battle for the lead James weave out to the look down inside GT racing at it's very best there's the number 27 Ferrari and again we ride with that high Castleman and going wide there is the James Weaver and now hazel ins is having a thing about getting past the golf cart but still at the front little yharnam is the extremely experienced Dutchman way back at the end of the nineteen seventies raced in Formula One for the Dom Nichols American run shadow team Mama's still ultra competitive fourth row with Mario Andretti in the garage and also Derek Warwick at the mall that was a disappointment but first this won't be

is now developed at Kettering ham hall which is owned by Lake Colin captain's widow hey doggies allow the steam to move in where the former one cars used to be built Chris Cox is certainly giving a very good account of himself indeed as is this man a Thurman let's just recap the order first Lotus second McLaren third McLaren the second and third cars prepared by the base price racing organization either coming under constant pressure from my Caterham fast lapis that didn't quite make it Cox meanwhile try to get past the pair of them and now they're holed up behind the Morgan this is the view that Mike Hayes women get to it all well here is partially blocked but I think yes and you wanted to take the lead what it is in front of the Lotus and in fact the young lamas has dropped to third place well I don't know that was the confusion of laughing the back markers and just look at that train of cars at the front in precious shock indeed he ran over green well Klamath almost emoted there to fourth place by results are James Weaver [Applause] well I wonder if there's a problem there for the lows it may be the handling has started to deteriorate in earlier races the car has had problems with braking but I think that serves tolls now so perhaps this is a new problem but this is the battle at the front to McLaren and the one Lotus and then the golf will power and keeping the watching brief but it's very close indeed after they've all been pulled together by the pace car more puffs of smoke from that new v8 engine and remember closest engineering which is what is written down the side of the car I've in the past on this great deal of work on the development of the Chevrolet Corvette the latest Chevy Corvette were developed by Lotus Engineering primarily and the suspension Department is always famous for their wonderful handling a legacy of the brain of Pauline chocolate sauce we'll call it a big lock up there Yama's really is trying hard problem well what's its engineering now achieving with hv8 Lamas comes in there the bright orange helmet of Chris Goodwin brand single seater racer in Britain more recently has been racing in Ferrari owners sub-series has been a test driver for the rock doll touring

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