GOLD GORDO WITH A LIGHTSABER! - Slime Rancher Galactic Playset DLC Update

by: Fynnpire

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let's test out the Galactic fashion pods on some slimes where some slimes oh here's a couple look at them they look really cool the lightsabers the awesome hopefully they don't slice each other up though everybody my name is Finn power we're back we're playing slime rancher actually haven't played this present maybe it's a Christmas present it's not the weekend so I don't know why there's a party crate there anyway I haven't played slime rancher probably since the last video I put up which was when there was the Halloween update and then with like the little Jack ornaments going round so haven't played since then but the game just got an update and they added the galactic playset which is pretty much like it's the pcs version of the playsets that that have come out so the Xbox it has the pirate one and in the PlayStation and I'd like the the knight one where you could put like the little fashion pods on the slimes they gave them like a little sword and shield which was awesome and finally the PCs got one as well so we're gonna be getting that thing we've also got like a new slime toy and and like a chroma pack so I think it's like a ruby chroma pack which makes all your stuff rent so let's go check it out we've got a head all the way back home hopefully I've got enough stuff to be able to craft the the fashion pods hopefully we can because what I want to do is I want to catch a gold gordo and put the new fashion pod on him I thought that would be awesome so that means we're gonna need a gilded ginger as well god this place is a mess I have so many ornaments around this is insane this is insane how's my year how's my dude's doing they're kind of a little bit parched let's give him some water there you go cheap let's get a more fuelled up on h2o there you go they're not moving ramp we can also put the new fashion pods on the drones well that'll be kind of cool got some drones up the back here now these ones on much they haven't been assigned any jobs but we'll get round to it we'll get round to giving them something to do with some point what's the time it's 9:50 in the morning alright let's let's get on with still look at all them I have too many ornaments too many I've no no idea what to do with them Gilda ginger I have exactly one Gilda ginger let's go out to the land let's have a look out here these guys hungry hope they're not better get these these drones to work so they can be feeding on the slimes go do your job feed them alright let's have a look here what do we got galactic fashion pod fashion pods allow you to vaca fashionable accessories for your slimes shoot them onto slaves - totally up their game I'm gonna get that one that is cool I don't know why just look at the roof that's the weekly wonderland update is coming soon I don't know what it is but hopefully it's pretty soon the patch notes for this update actually said that they added in some stuff to prepare the game for the Wiggly Wonderland update but they said there's gonna be another update so I don't think it's in the game completely yet we'll have to wait and see I'll have to wait and see but that's gonna have the twinkle slimes alright I don't know what a twinkle slime is I don't know what it does I don't know what it looks like but I'm excited as heck it's gonna be awesome I can't wait to see it I need some of those honey things I've been playing like so many VR games lately I haven't touched slime rancher or like a lot of the other Bratz non VR games but if you guys I have ideas ever of games you'd like to see me play let me know in the comments I mean I usually keep an eye on all the games sort of coming out but sometimes I miss stuff so it's always helpful when people let me know we need to go out somewhere where I've placed some apiaries to get some honey all right let's have a look here I think I've got some around this area yeah - yeah - let's get some of that it's getting I only needed um a couple so that's fine here we go just get some more cramp getting my gun getting my gun so I wonder what the twinkle slime is actually about like what is what is it gonna be able to do is it gonna give us like a wart is it gonna give us some Mouse is it gonna combine with any of the other slimes I don't know man I don't know how it's gonna work I'm guessing it's like a rare slime kind of how the young the gold slime and that is and you probably can't back it up does if you think about it every time they add a slime that can be combined into like a lago with other slimes they have to make like so many more slaves because they have to make all the combinations as well and then we take ages all right we've got some wild honey sweet let's go back home see that that was a honey joke all right wild honey hexa calm buzz wax let's do it it's getting the refinery there nice nice it'd be so good if we could play like the foot gaming video but we can't okay fashion part yes do it all right we only need one of them we only need one because with one fashion pod thingy we can make a whole bunch of fashion pods or fashion things you guys know what I mean all right so we've got the crown one over here I might just destroy this I'll pick it up put down the other one galactic fashion pod install let's get it pick them up yes so it's like a little I've visor they need right and a lightsaber oh my god it takes a while to suck these things it's gonna grab a whole bunch just get a whole bunch of them alright let's go have a look here sir we need to make a master snare because we need to try and catch a gold Gordo where is it Master Gordo snare yes I can create one of those all right where am I gonna put this Gordo probably out in the ranch I mean why not wait with that just makes sense wouldn't it just stick it out here because it's such a great spot do we have any where's some good plots probably right in the middle here it seems like a good spot like a tree or something in the middle would be nice as well utilities Master Gordo snare biggity BAM put it right there decorations yeah it's get some decorations about the place cave rocks what does that look like how's that look looks like a lump of rocks not a fan not a fan let's carry rid of it let's put something else down there I bought a scotch lamp no peach clad tree Hey okay okay I'm happy with that what else um blue coral no glass sculpture let's go glowy rocks yeah that actually looks really good I'm happy with it no regrets none zero zilch let's get to peel the ginger bong it on there and hopefully by the morning we have a gold quarter bang look at that it's like sucked it right in there good and proper let's test out the Galactic fashion pods on some slimes where's some slimes oh here's a couple just for just for mosaic they miss a croc loggers yeah they're alright you go dudes have some Beast I think the fashion plugs also increase that gives them a better temperament makes them nicer nicer people all around look at them they look really cool the lightsabers are awesome hopefully they don't slice each other up though do you guys want some lightsabers there you go these guys are galactic battlers as well alright and let's get a slime to out out let's get a slime toy where is it a beeper bot what what slimes like these reduces agitation of nearby slimes especially slaves dressed with the Galactic fashion pod oh so you've got to do both okay look at this thing does it does it do stuff Oh makes a noise like beep boop beep alright ok let's put him in here that's really cool man alright let's chuck it down put this one in as well good throw it over there it landed right in those guys gonna play with it I think they are I think they're happy with it all the slimes are super happy now see that could be a good combination for like if you've got quantum slimes because those things man they start phasing around the place with like the littlest of anger or you know agitation they just start to zip there and everywhere and you lose them and the next thing they're running away alright sleep until the morning all right so if you haven't picked up the Galactic playset yet it's actually free if you've got the PC version you just need to go onto steam and go onto the actual store page for it as DLC so you're gonna like download it as DLC ok yes we got him let's chuck this fashion pod on him yeah look at him man he looks cool doesn't he how cute is that lights over can I get cut boy Shh no I can't can I stand on him yes ok that is awesome that is really really cool all right I'm happy about that I'm gonna leave that just like that I might even give him a little buddy so he's got one as well here we go budgets good guy give him a little Salaam toy friend bang just like that oh we could even put it on his head oh man I'm trying to find jump up here champ come on drop it oh my god huh no I just it fell off I felt I'm sorry that's actually really hard to put it on his hand oh oh oh I fell off so close all right we'll put it here there we go it's a little buddy look at their friends friends for life Gold Gordo the lightsaber guy the Jedi who got the little buddy dude as well okay let's go ahead and try the new chroma pack so we've got the Ruby one which is down here can pack is also one of my favorite alright that's one of the ones that you get from the matcha miles mega bucks update Ruby select it and the vac there we go let's have a look at this that is cool that is a nice read see I thought that maybe they'd be gone for this kind of color if they had like a you know like a Nintendo switch version and then they had a play set for the Nintendo switch there was rumors right that it was going to be like a a ninja playset so you can make the slimes look like ninjas I don't know maybe that will still happen let's actually try this this Ruby chroma pack out somewhere else so let's go out to what's it called the nimble Valley let's go out here let's have a look and change the color out here as well alright cool yeah yep but the the drones around the place we'll just give him some water again those guys have some water there's this slime oh he is stuck Oh okay we'll get you out of there chief wouldn't it be funny if you could put a chroma pack another Pro Pack the fashion pod I like a chicken ah that's a shame I want to see your rooster wearing one of these things that'd be so funny what about these guys what's at Abby's lamb look like with one of these things on he's like oh wait you put this thing on me Finn I'm just angry and want to eat some hands I don't want to slice them up you go have this have a stony hand it'll make you happy you know yourself when you're hungry is he a sappy look at him now skin rays go Stone sword get get out of there get out of there stop getting stuck yeah dude don't get it what a champ he just budged into that thing and got it they keep getting stuck you get you out of there slimes are friends not food okay you have to be nice to them don't eat them all right where's where's the thingy where we changed the colors thought we could do that is it up here ah there it is there it is okay boo milkshake yeah milkshake this is delicious strawberry milkshake strawberry milkshakes on my favorite alright red what's your tech red vac vac is already red that's fine it's already Ruby okay let's have a look how does it look dad looks pretty cool I like that alright let's give some drones some of these galactic fashioned pods as well hey go chiefs look at them man they look so cool I wonder if we could get the Quicksilver slime some fashion pods as well no we actually lose them as soon as we come through here but hang on oh I can't pick that up that's right I forgot I actually had to like suck that through in order to get it so what if I can I have to shoot it up and then catch it again where's it going Oh yes you can't oh yeah that's the stuff all right watch this I'm gonna shoot it over that way I wish this alright then I'm gonna go over here and I'm gonna catch the fashion pod as it comes back down alright alright it's coming down it's coming down here comes here comes ah you can't suck them up on this side it's not something that you're allowed to have in your back gun in this little area so the next slow match video due will probably be with the Wiggly Wonderland update and we'll be finding out what a twinkle slime is I have no idea it's it's like such a weird name for a slime because it's kind of it sounds like it's gonna be similar to like a mosaic slime but I don't know cuz those things they actually put stars everywhere which is pretty insane but I don't know man if you guys have guesses let me know in the comments but I'm gonna leave the video here and thank you very much for watching this video if you liked it give us one of these ones see you guys next time

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