The Return (Garry's Mod TTT)

by: PauseUnpause

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over there that's like open doors hey

I'm ready


and I'm like what how do I do this it just keeps resetting I gotta keep hitting in beautiful see the floating fish that's beautiful is the murder be Justin because no I just got Iquitos I gotta keep hitting my stop sound if I dies because Justin no I keep it might stop sound to it just would shut up oh wow help pause okay it is c-tec oh and I hope I'm stuck I'm in the water there's this shift you're like in-game talk I forget it's one of those oh I dropped something shift crouches I'm with right I was with pause and I lost him but if I die I bet you he did it that's not true at all ever say that look at the shark Crouch oh this is great right here why don't I see anyone spa I hate it yeah I do have fun keeps closing the door behind him Winnie yeah there we go eyes trying to get get it into first person all we spectate jess it was kind of worrying me there weren't their friends outside oh sorry no just as dead though coaches through a need scary it's getting real quiet it is getting very quiet I don't like this I don't mean I'm scared witness in this corner thank you dudes are bad dudes a bad Oh Brian isn't what happened who's shooting I went in I went around the corner and you just shot me oh he's innocent I'm afraid I think dude is afraid I'm afraid hi

damnit I had basically decided that the next person I saw was gonna shoot cuz it was too late in the game at this point yeah three minutes hmm I've got music this is like the music mask we need music from hit stop sound then it went away so I guess oh I didn't want to say anything cuz I was dead but for those who were new here just remember that when you die no more no more talkies cuz I'm finally in the game and it's so loud in my Jesus Jeske

right now yeah it's cute these are some terrible stairs this horse Wow

okay I'm missing a texture here who's that I don't know we're here yes like out or two it sounds like what are those mean songs that just go super bassy yeah oh oh oh I don't like the looks of this room I'm fucking dead why me are you kidding me how do you how do you how do you make things go ye he is winning well what it wait what we're Jellico pushed you went in there and doesn't speak anymore yeah so I don't yeah if you guys see ghibli he fucking like disappeared he's a wizard why is it so fucking really loud it's not even coming from the same place now that looks like a dick from afar that

that classic now yeah great yeah I found I found a bad boy where he was in there it was like a horror movie I was walking down a corridor all sad and scared and then I saw a body hanging and then I got set on fire oh that's and I are very scared okay I'm afraid to go down there I'm a certified good boy and he Moreau Jackie this is Oh people talked about getting stuck outside maybe are you are you drowning it's definitely just some drowning is over you're too busy laughing also it's three traders now three trainers sí yeah sí sí sí sí sí we should have one round at some point where we are only doing game

coughs Justin you saying there's three trata you're saying there's some traders now huh so basically if you if you know pyro well just shit leaves pyro Miss Lee oh god they started badly before you race me a bomb someone picked me up that elevator room is just hell hurt so bad what oh hang on I'm so confused oh yeah and I have all the games how do you get in here not to be dramatic pose just killed someone what Oh pause this kill a person you just saw me I didn't kill anyone hmm did you kill someone pause I mean I think you killed someone leave this fucking awkward-looking a horse definitely broke its neck it looks like it's the top of the track is way too [Laughter] door open oh it's a pause go was it pause just right here yeah he's a murderer dude that's scary Oh bad noises here hold on can we yeah that's teleporter that brings you through the elevator I mean when you wonder if it goes back so look at this someone else was just here hey hey what the fuck is that take this what is it I don't know it looks like a mine it's not though I'm holding it it no I don't trust you does listen no I just want you to touch it shit are you gonna do about that well don't they have trader testers I can't some maps I haven't see more on this one no I'm getting stuck on people yeah I'm getting that how do you crouch control went for some reason oh my god I don't like that right behind you I hear like just something splashing that's scaring me probably the blood of the Pope that the fuck the dude you kills okay okay this is something I didn't hi guys is that this is me dude okay where's-where's you know this thing right here yeah just lay I'm on a mission help to kill Paul's maybe what's right here traitorous Paul's traitorous pause okay I found Shipley who is this found code he was an innocent man Oh probably killed by me oh I found JA ski he was an innocent man also another was killed by me I think he was definitely killed by pause because I was with him and then Paul's with us and then just oh my god okay so we say yeah I found Babs she was innocent I can't get out am I the only I actually can't get out jibley what I'll escape with you are you stuck it there for yeah dude you're gonna kill me just look cuz like I know but it's on me and yeah oh yeah where you are

he's a murderer but it was like his head is barking through the fucking the door like I thought he was a ghost it scared me I can't I can't even go through this door his head was poking through I'm with Justin just come with me back up what oh shit I thought he was the last boy no pauses appears pause you're in a bathroom oh yeah I'm fucking I'm stuck I can't get out it's a real easy solution to getting rid of him I love it well you could have picked something more efficient than that but the way racing in their bathroom he can't get out come any bitch I'll fight all you this goddamn bathroom sign afraid don't go in there yeah you do bad you a cop massive shits in here yeah they're taking big shifts no that was a really big shit oh good there's a spicy shit I'm sorry can't believe who did I shoot I just jumped up and I didn't even show these one big beautiful jumping this is ridiculous I'm sorry heard I'm sorry emotionally and physically yeah I'm good I didn't go there I was trying to get in there and then you came into the bathroom and I fucking got terrified in the lake murder you Babs but I figured you'd prefer I murder you than anyone else there was just a long line of people there waiting tomorrow all these like you Babs you guys both like put bullets in my butt as you went into that little hallway and I remember how to throw whips thank you thank you for me q yeah we guys be in your hand though it's in my hand that's a sweet dank cloud guys I think maybe G G in there the big bug theory my boy pyro yours doesn't work for me do you see this one pause no I don't see yours I see jibley oh look at his body

I'm scooted chambers fucking looking at me no baby I don't like this situation I'm always he gets you I get him don't worry I'm gonna go back into my bathroom thank you very much obviously not get me out of it go pause I'm coming Wow why did I become the bad boy can't like being alone I like it whatever was the three of us together I felt like that was a true test of our courage why you scared come on she believed there's some really cool things over here coming I trust that I believe that's a friendly move I haven't seen you in a long time I'm really afraid okay they found a gun okay let's push it I got a grenade pretty cool who's just behind me that was a horror movie oh this map is make noise what is that okay I need a room and I need to hide anything I'm a crowbar um roeckl yeah what's up who's here me me me I only have a crowbar I have an orange I own nothing but peace and love this fucking room is full of vitamin C vitamin C o is an elevator I'm gonna just start on the table and state everyone as a trader except me that's Frigg table dude you can't just assume that what somebody needs to use the elevator okay there we go I was on top of the elevator oh my god I'm terrified can I come hang no there's a dead boy here I got an orange chip we shoot people Ryu's done hey I didn't do anything who the fuck sent me on five twice that was him and he fires baaki hai honestly son right now yeah he was a traitor watch look see no dude I was carrying my orange can I just grab my orange and then fuck off okay not chili fuck off mate

go away fuck off I'm gonna put this this orange here where'd you go how'd you go by Orange that's why I want you to get beamed through Italy I'm terrified I'll kill anybody oh look I love you but walk away please okay what what is happy you're a vampire yeah I wonder I'm killing anyone on sight now by the way I've seen too much

hello hey what's up doing I'm terrified that's what I'm doing

what are you doing hanging out work in the shop you know you killed anyone no dog you know yes three people but in a nice way in a nice way eh you should come back here and I haven't gone now you're you're right inside that door nope okay okay I'll do that for you

were you at I'm gone why though dog do you scare me I'm not scary dude it's come down my hallway I'm coming

look we can crowbar it out I agree okay so come here just easy down there yep fight me bitch you have to knock nicely you have to be kind knock knock I didn't hear it sounded like a little um different didn't sound that great really knock oh you eat the void on the next map I guess so you know game boy

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