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so your your god voice for them can you do that in game your car coming he calm beautiful okay young wonderful sama they don't believe in God I don't think stop letter take your work yeah you guys serve lunchable - sorry dude I'm off break I'm on break I mean you're off break yeah wait so can I get that lunchable or not we're closed our lunchable machine is broken oh gosh dang it it's like oh that drops pretty close it you know if you shoot it it drops did you know that watch watch

don't you buzz I told you now let's go get I just confirmed it did you see that yeah I'm just gonna call luck on that wait stop I'm not going out yet yeah talk to it looks like your friends left you yes he has an SKS do you want that oh yeah hey don't touch that okay I'm gonna put my fingers all over your SKS joke's on you I need ammo for okay never mind joke's on you that makes even better Oh get me the counter yeah that's pretty good yeah dude wait can you still hear me from over here yeah here you want me to play guitar for you if you want I mean play guitar Wallace don't like wait is that guy talk to you he asked for wonder well screw this guy come on oh come on you can't do me like that I love you man I love you dude they take the pan at me I have the pan I have a pad thanks man what a nice guy dude take a fan Utley what do you think the zone would feel like IRL if it was touching you would that feel like um I'll be playing with you so we feel really really really good you're sexually attracted to me I know that's how I turn off I was you know if you shoot it drops watch it see I told you what are you fucking waited like inside that no it's your you're lagging Oh what why are all of you here hey hey let's check this guy up on the left what you doing buddy designer like in the water we can i buy Lane on this wife now I actually died are you are you kidding me to do this game stuck no no come get me quick hurry I'm docking no are you fucking I bounced off the watch fucking water tower falling off piece of shit fell off like my youtube channel wow I got real for a second day think you want to say I'm sorry no no no no don't cry to me like you want me now don't you look being in a video huh wait are you moving while I'm reviving you wait crawl wait for me we with the heck Oh No as I was coming come on you're gonna shoot the tires now are you really break it away go drive drive

why are we having trouble getting traction I don't understand oh wait no no keep going keep going keep going

whatever there's a Jeep over here okay I'll be on did you hear me I think it's coming from I can hit the next one okay [Laughter] [Music] really hahaha what did it be what would happen what do you think was gonna happen oh he would just like not get out of the way no what what if we take so much damage if I wipe your butt but it I usually just stick my finger in there oh there's a dude here with you downstairs just a heads up oh he's down there he doesn't have anything but he has a gun now I'm coming with a shy I hit him with a pen I'm hitting with a fan what the fuck panda kill him brother I respect

please no let's talk about this yo yo yo yo you're not to talk about it why did you kill me she came at me with the legendary weapon a frying pan but shot you attacked me and it scared me sure went to the kitchen and grabbed a pen and a pen panel if you let me I would have you picked up that shotgun and you attacked and you were fuckin allowed motion we all gotta fly together you killed me goodbye could you hit me with some battleground battleground steamed lyrics ah yeah one faster [Music] for what you eat it I would really fat you people is you win you win perfect wherever the old games yeah voice I think and everything just down to monthly and just on that concludes Julie Williams the hexa hate that man spoons is amore anniversary for East understandable with you you understand what I'm saying is possibly the Roadhouse fertile the street or with your students are you bullshitting or golden spoon for ordered feelings from while doing this voice you don't listen we're laughing this is a serious order what does the door is the truth you ran at the earth what are you look at that that's out that voice by digging like you're your front here bunny head you're going to Europe into your lip yeah yeah with you leaves you know we have to go I see him yeah he's up on the roof I see you see him see him up another sudra uh okay we need to leave now

yep all right here dude yeah yeah don't get out get out no I'm down oh dear God do your goods go on without me oh dear go blows everybody they shooting at me oh then you're shooting you just right they might be good right here they still get it no it looks like you go up - I got right there see that guy crawling right there see ya go for it

move up a little bit yes I see I'm not going to shoot him I gotta pay attention where he drops the scoop there's two people alive there's you and two other people okay he dropped by that Bush there you can get them to shoot each other yeah Oh God so there's one in the bush oh so much be right here here

come on oh damn it how was I not hitting him Oh oh my god reduced response


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