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i boys no time for an intro top 10 fucking video game moves in real sports what we like how is what this is this was a great idea let's just watch it this is a phenomenal idea this is a phenomenal idea I wish you could do that in a video game I wish you could do that in a video game that's ridiculous that's wild that's wild I can you flip on the trampoline fuck you me and you just did that like what made it worn it like you know what I'm just gonna do this oh yeah that looks like something out of a video game yeah that's that yeah you got you can happily do something like that before you're ready yeah that's nice that's hot that's beautiful therefore I don't watch hockey but that's a beauty as a beauty attribute right there was bad what the hell was that you can definitely do that in the video that was the nastiest alley-oop I've ever seen well you might've maybe dreaded to tears broke his tooth ten years well that should still gotta cast okay yeah this video was late as fuck I don't even think I could get hype over IP tricks but I can it it turns out it turns out I can close out you can get away hello mellow chicken wrapped in hockey - what the hell yeah career huh Thank You mouth look at me I remember that I know I remember this from the soccer video that we watch this we watch this we watch this in one of the soccer videos you watch we watch this I think there's a deeper is that you bro yeah yeah we watch them to me but video yeah yeah yeah we've seen this we've seen this we've seen this we're sad to know what this is room serves no wasted from naive is a monster he was a monster he's a monster oh this is redonkulous nasty squats he didn't even look it he did it every time I see this I'm like bro I'm gassed like he he didn't even he didn't even look he didn't even even even he didn't even look at him oh shit why don't we watch someone on this video go back go back go back go back we might have been watching fucker smaller one more time why don't we watch a bunch of listen we're not what are we actually doing he's doing like those niggers was born in a high school video but he's doing it opposed what's going on a motorway I'm on Adobe why would you even try it why would you even try it I'll get out there the last duty to try how dare you I didn't even try how did you even business they could get off of me I didn't even disrespect me like that no Chuck Peter I was like yo you're a fucking your guy your guy [Applause]

you know I saw him toss it up a little bit so I try to try to put something special with you hey Plus for creativity shit oh no oh no way to make a doubt number one I like that Magic Man I like that bikal cell number one hotel deserves with the number one that deserves to be number one yeah oh there's a fucking building he's a real-life video game Al Jarreau live video game Odell's your own live video game oh I like this oh just got me a - handsome the pride of that support down whoa is fun with this honorable shit out of my meatloaf subscribe if you're new we do this every day almost afford you take school I'm rhyming I don't know how my time I'm driving I'm shining I'm alright I'm bigger but yeah I Drive like this turning to mr. grandma to me just keep this shit going go check out Magic Man again with the fire fucking love that dude yo he's the he's

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