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by: LostScarf

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welcome friends it is a curse let's go it's time for the beginners guide to the free guides that's right this is as nice as it gets this is for the first guide you play in this game how many people are actually gonna see this guy who have not played these guys I don't know which is why I need everyone to share this with new players when they see them so they get a better idea of how to play these gods the idea here is to give information to new players they might not notice not even after a couple hours of playing the game so that they can get better with them and just basic ideas I'm gonna throw a lot of knowledge out there and I'm gonna MIT a lot as well because I don't want to overwhelm but I want to inform as best I can it's gonna be a bit of a weird guide as we go with this one but I just really want to help people cuz a couple people have asked me information for the free gods and so this is what the guides for to help people get better at the free gods at least in some way now a quick disclaimer here we have beginner guide guides for more specific information for every god and we're still working on those so those are coming up as they come out this is a basic knowledge about each guide going on here at least for the 5 free gods we're not gonna go over build or arena we're gonna go over basically how they kind of place and combos you can do with them and what they do in conquest at least in their main role some of these guys can be experimented with other roles but we're just gonna go over their main role in what they can do but as you get better at the game you can experiment do whatever you want with him first up we're gonna talk about Thor now he is an assassin in this game and generally he's played in the jungle so he'll probably be your first jungler as you play this game now we have a guide for jungling which has a lot of good information free to understand the mindset of a jungler so you can do well with that but generally what you're doing is you're farming in the jungle you are ganking lanes or at least putting pressure on them to help your lanes do well so you can keep them healthy and just all-around just trying to keep the enemy team down by beating them up or sending them back to their base now as Thor his abilities are pretty interesting now his passive when he's around enemy God's up to three of them he gets stronger which means his basic attack and his abilities hit harder so you can take advantage of that and be a little tank early on or you just hit a lot hard if you put more power on him early on that was hammer when he throws it out there you can hit his ability again to teleport towards your hammers you can use it as escape or to get closer to your enemy but since it's a boomerang it hits twice and on the second hit when it comes back if that's double damage towards enemy guards it does have them just a minion so you can still use it for clear if you want but it's really good for beating up enemy guns then there's a second builder which is a tectonic rift now this is a wall he puts in front of him you can use it to cut off your enemies from your teammates you can use it to trap an enemy you can also hit them directly with it to stun them one trick that you can do is you throw your hammer and you stun them and the hammer will hit them twice as they're being stunned and you can just basic attack and hit them if you're spin to hurt them for more damage and that's your third ability your spin you spending out and do a bunch of damage it's really good for clearing it's really good for just hurting enemy gods especially in a group that's really what it is just bread-and-butter damage then that's his ultimate where he flies up into the sky and then he lands wherever you want him to land and he does damage there it has a limited range but it's a pretty good long range that he has there and wherever he lands he stuns and does damage so when he stuns he sets up his enemy to take more damage a general combo people do is you land on somebody throw your hammer and then instantly put down your wall on them so they're stunned your hammer hit soon as it comes back and then you busy attack or spin to win to kill them if you don't kill them they're gonna be hurt pretty bad and maybe your teammates can pick them off instead but that's really how you are with Thor especially as junglers your ganking lanes with your ultimate aggressively or maybe you save your ultimate to escape defensively you also have teleport with your hammer for defensive moves and of course a stun with a wall to do other things as well so there's a lot of utility on him and a lot of power to get in and get out of good and bad situations when it comes to team fighting you might go in there and interrupt the enemy team with a stun with your ultimate or you'll pop in use the stun with your wall do a bunch of damage and get the heck out of there because you aren't assassin you might get killed but you can do little things here and there to help out your team but for the most part what you're really doing is picking off people in the fights nearly over or anyone separated from the group do that you should do pretty well now raw is the first major get in the game and he's pretty good at mid and solo and most likely you should put him in mid so you can learn how to play the mid lane and also because he has two skill shots you'll learn skill shots pretty well which will help you with timing and such and this heal makes him a fairly safe god he also has a slow to keep his enemies off his back a little bit he's just a very safe guard and a good learning guide as well so he'll II serve you very well now you're gonna be doing a lot of clearing a lot of fight back and forth watching out for ganks from the left and the right should maybe get wards if you want to be defensive a little bit from getting ganked and also you want to keep a handle on the mid Furies that are on both sides of your lane keeping trail of those you should be in a good position now rah himself his passive he gives him more speed as he's using his abilities up to three abilities used at a time and so you're able to be kind of slippery as you're fighting then his one is a really good bread-and-butter clear it's a skill shot that slowly moves in front of him it's good for clearing the lanes and it's just your damage is too it hasn't been of a build up time to it and an explosion does damage but if there's enemies are looking at him to get blinded and as they're nearing they get slowed as well I'm very interesting ability there Thanos is three this is a healing circle the best heal in the game you can hide in it and heal up and not be hurt too much with it you can also aggressively push with it healing your minions hurting enemy minions with it you can even fight in that circle and do a lot of damage like if you get ganked you can always use that circle to save yourself you can heal yourself as you're running away or fight inside the circle and do pretty well to fight it's a very useful circle indeed then there's his ultimate which is a pretty quick shot build that takes a little bit time but it's a pretty quick shot does a lot of damage shoots pretty far you'll learn to use it very well and you'll learn skills that's pretty well from it because you want to make sure you do not miss that shot something that's courses gives you CC immunity which will help you if you want to use it to dodge certain alts so it's very nice as well just think about your movements a little bit ahead of time just placing your abilities at the right time and stuff and you'll do really well with him he's all about timing but he also has a very simple clear and he's very safe so you should learn very well from him and when it comes to teamfights just put down that he'll for your teammates they're gonna heal a lot and be really hard to kill your enemies are gonna regret fighting you and if you need to kill somebody that's not gonna be right there for you Guan Yu is gonna be the first warrior you get in the game and I'm gonna say so Lance you can learn how solo Lane works with her moyers do pretty well there and Guan Yu is no exception he does have a bit of a rough beginning there so I say let's get Hogg to to help you out with clearing and you just have a rough start you clear eventually as you get longer into the game but this studies just gonna be a bit rough with your jungle helping you out you should be fine though as the match goes on you'll get stronger and stronger and stronger and mid to late game you're gonna be a really strong force once you understand go on you now as passive is called conviction the way this works is she's taking hits it builds up this meter and all the meter really does is it makes his first ability stronger his first ability is just a heel and if he heels teammates it actually reduces his cooldowns by two seconds each time he does it so that's very useful in getting your ultimate down which we'll talk about later on now the second ability is a short dash forward it does a good amount of damage he's immune to knock backs and cripples when he does it so you can use that to escape a little bit but it's better to be used aggressively really and you can just set someone up for your next ability which is Tyler's assault this is your bread and butter damage you can opponent like ten times over three seconds every time you hit them you take your armor away and give it to yourself when Gwangju hits an entire group of enemy gods with this ability he's really hard to kill because of all the armor he's taking from his opponents he can tie up an entire enemy team pretty well once he's built tanky because this ability as well because it just makes him harder to kill then does his ultimate where he rides a horse now when you're on this horse you're gonna attack five times you're hitting left-click to do your attacks and each time you hit with that left click you are doing more damage he just builds up as it goes his fifth attack is when time runs out and he just attacks as he dismounts and it stuns anyone who's in the circle around him so it's a really strong ability there you can all see it right-click to end it early to do your stunt early on if you want to use the utility on that stun instead also while you're riding that horse you can hold s to slow down the horses movements if you want to circle around and hit people this is of course if s is the default to holding your movement back obviously Guan Yu is a very strong presence in teamfights like I said it's a low assault makes him hard to kill he can heal up his teammates which is very nice as well that - will just slow down opponents for his teammates but also that horse would do a lot of damage just running around in the teamfight hitting everybody and then stunning them when it's over you need really good for your team the immune is the first guard E in the game you get he's a very simple gut he's very straightforward and how he's played he does very well and just because of how good he is he's able to do every role except ADC are you gonna play him support because he's just a really good support and he's a personal earn support with as a support your job is to well support you help your ADC do very well you help them try to get kills you try to keep them alive but also when their lanes pretty safe you go over to other lanes and gank and help them do better as well help them get killed so your job is help others get kills not get kills yourself you can get kills but it's more important everyone else gets kills because your level isn't unimportant because your utility is very strong from the beginning and that's what you're more about holding people down with utility or peeling them so you just do really well regardless of your level you're gonna build pretty tanky and support and you're gonna be harder to kill as you go and you'll just do a good job as long as you're holding down your enemies and putting them in bad spots for your teammates now when it comes to your mayor's abilities first up is this passive now that passive the way it works is when you hit people damaging abilities they're vulnerable to getting double damage from your mayor's basic attacks for the next like two or three seconds it's not bad there it's good for finishing someone off or just waiting them for a teammate next is his wall this wall is very useful you can use this to cut people off like you can keep the enemy from attacking a teammate or cutting off your enemies from each other so there's only one or two of them well the other ones are behind the walls he could just gang up on one or two gods at a time take them out now a second ability isn't like a short-range carpet he does it does really good damage also slows if you need to use it for clear you can then there's his third ability which is his bread-and-butter it's his fries it is a wide cone ability that does damage and freezes the longest freeze in the game outside of Ultimates it's just really useful to use and in that time while they're frozen your teammates could kill somebody it's very good then there's his ultimate which is a challenging ultimate you stand where you are for three seconds and you explode doing a ton of damage you can activate it early by hitting a right-click so you'll do less damage you can use it to kill someone if they're really low in HP and also during your ultimate channeling the area around you is slow so people will move a little bit slower as they're trying to render you you can use it as a zoning ability you just to finish them off you just do a lot of things with that ultimate in general now the combo you want to use you're going to hurt someone badly is you freeze them put down the carpet put a wall behind them and then do your ultimate they're gonna be badly slowed down they're gonna take a lot of damage from you and your teammates can finish them off however they want so you want to do with your mirrors you want to separate enemies with the wall if you can free hold and play slow them down even more with your carpet these are often to slow them down or just do a lot of damage and either you'll kill them or someone else will and it's gonna be good for your team now Nathan's gonna be the first time that you get in the game you're gonna play her in the ADC role ad sees the way they work is you do a lot of farming first half of the game and you build up a lot of power and the second half of the game you just kill everyone with your ridiculous power because you hit really really really hard now the way you're gonna do things with neath is she has a lot of tricks going on with her and just every bilities has a lot doing things first up is your passive which is a broken weave you're gonna see these little glowing things on the ground and they appear when you do your escape or when an enemy dies you can take advantage of those things using your first and second abilities your first ability is a skill shot that can do damage and routes an enemy and if you use it on a weave it makes that weave explode into an AoE explosion that will ruin everything around it and do more damage so if your enemy is near a weave and you hit it with your skill shot it explodes and does a bunch of damage and will hurt your enemy and route them down to hit with basic attacks her second ability is an AoE damaging attack that heals her for the enemy she hits I think it's only up to three targets but still pretty good for healing yourself if you use it on a weave as well you get double healing also if you hit an enemy God with AoE they actually lose some of their attack speed for a short duration so when you're fighting an enemy got one on one that also does basic attacks hitting them with that will give you an edge in that fight with that ability is a backflip you've used it as an escape gets you pretty far away from your enemy it also slows them down also it creates a weave where you jumped from so that you can make that weave they're slowed down and you can shoot a skill shot at the weave blow it up and do more damage to your opponent if you do it quick enough it's pretty useful to do that then there's her ultimate and this ultimate is a shot that doesn't exactly miss what it is it's an attack that as it charges up it does more damage but you can target any opponent on the screen as long as you can see them or a teammate can see them it will shoot and it will go towards them the only way to stop that arrow is for them to be dead before it gets to them or for an enemy god to run in the way of it whoever gets hit by that arrow will take whatever damage it does depending on how long you charge it up and also it will stun them so you can use this ultimate to kill someone who's low on HP or to hit them with a stone to set them up for yourself or team to beat up and finish off there's just a lot you can do with her Neath like I said has a lot going on with all of her skills she has so many things she can do she can route people she can slow them down she slowed down their attack speed she can stun she can just do a lot of damage in general Heath can do so many things and it takes a while to learn how to use them all but when you do you're gonna be really really scary as far as teamfights goes like I said late-game you're gonna be doing a lot of damage with like critical damage and just using your base you got to just shred people you can use your route to slow people down because you hold them in place for your teammates or yourself use your escape to get out of things or to slow down enemies or to set up a way to achieve more damage you can slow down their attack speed with your Bey away there's just so much you can do with me she is ridiculous and you'll learn how it works as you go in conclusion there's a lot of information here for new players I said a lot but I left out a lot as well I just want to see a lot of basic things help a new player get better at these gods sooner they just have a better idea of how to play them and play the game a little bit in general so they just have a better start in the game that's really the idea here share this with anyone new to the game any of your buddies who are thinking about playing smite it'll give them a better idea of these gods so they have a smoother transition as they're playing this game because the first time you play this game can be a bit rough and you never know you might run into a smurf this information might help you deal with Smurfs a little bit better so there you go with that so that is the guide right there share with however you can that needs help with it that's what it's about helping people get better at the game and there you go I had a lot of fun blooded from watching and listening and that's what's all bad isn't having fun

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