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hello we are here this evening to watch episode for a book to of Avatar The Last Airbender and we'll be speaking for the remainder of the season you bet your sweet ass I will mama I'm trying to get rid of my as you see I've eaten yogurt he's got the Fiji blue that's the water bastard yeah yeah yeah Baco Baco people using it inside my pocket a good fossil practical fact mad doesn't fucking last episode was awesome Bumi failed failed same kind of me is like planning something I guess for the long-term for eight waiting for the right time to attack wish I guess it's why I think it'd be nice models reminds me of that scene from dodgeball whoo I got a bold strategy cotton we'll see if it worked fine bull trout I think I think I think moomies a wise wise old man and I think he has a key acting up his sleeve and he wouldn't just you know but now like it has to find another era multi-master i think whoa Lex what that's supposed to happen yes Gracie booby-trapping I think ain't supposed to fire somebody it's going to suit him well and learning her very well let's see if this is the swamp it's called the swamp let's see if we find a seat dad mom okay and that's uh okay that's that the dual of yeah II love Zuko and I'm saying so we're nurse endure we don't know that's probably me to master I like the fire nations like armor music the subtitle dramatic music nothing on me oh okay look at that Oh a lot more budget never egg earth-bending the cabbage man maybe I know you we're not perform not professional anyway it's a long long sing sing talking ecology here let see tonight whoa buddy you did that isolated way to Erica's fucking stop it yeah yeah nothing like a fat man dancing for dinner here you go it's toughest dude Oh take him it to Ali hey IRA such as then yeah he is right are you happy I'm dead I want a sword like that man like blue eggs are I can't tell if it is a sword it seemed to love the glory right oh good why are we going now I didn't even notice this crease pump another now I think this pump is calling up is it telling you where we can get something to eat yeah you would be like I knew we go to swap the little edges get the booster hey do you want me to ignore it yes I don't know Oh

throw an extra here oh yeah yeah they were just buddies that's occurred yeah if somebody has a probably calling the end line you can find them for yourself

blow the whistle sorry gasps no airbenders happy somebody fun man yeah hey still just living in five okay well don't you quit work rest of the season everybody gotta like I ain't mama yeah I believe is black come on finding that landing it's goddamn so that's what he's gonna be the best and what do you want I believe and you as I swing my machete back and hold a machete maybe you should listen and yes a new weapon is nothing - I want a machete [Music]

like my cherry hello we do it well angle said you didn't back over the place I'll burn one more having a Braille adventure Jesus Angry Birds no I asked this wall they said this was fine next wall no I'm sacred about this funny and you gotta keep your little more knees no this is creepy ass episode oh jeez it does not look like this place where angry Alex with his fear world it does kind of look like that if it was just a different color what is that like like Persia Oh like a biga now of course Oh

and I stop stop that's orders are coming in handy we've been seen in all of the Saudi money yeah get it girl get it [Music] that's cool another already separated would you ready make a cracker plant some leaves a nice wide trail DePalma it is a demon a truly good not regular oh hey it's a roommate alligator to tell you they're all other you will see them it is like that yeah it's like a rebel later yeah Apple just wants to be left alone now I lie asleep man yeah you want to give a you want supply a lot of them getting separated diseases mm-hmm sorry [Music] to mimic its luster Oh

[Applause] Oh where's that his moon princess right is that yeah damn damn a little breath you saw a boy oh really damn yeah oh my fuck yes I see the swamps like alive we are playing on their biggest weakness not for you just miss me round the pig very sad last [Music] dinner today your truck eat up a minute okay okay many tastes a lot like possum-chicken Oh

other waterbenders our dams I just make them a lot more formidable Wow I didn't expect that

it's not really her though I think they're very good doing I heard laughing and I saw some girl on a fancy dress I thought I saw Mom look we were all just Gator why don't you share your sake trick about how you mrs. loved man got my brother and shit I promise on you well that doesn't prove anyways oh we're getting dressed right here

big-ass tree there's nothing magical happening here that look like group tree skirt my caterer with water there have your glass backsplash Oh generator oh mighty man when does just be we do it again combines oh yeah it was like rolling balls no no no damn hello turn around its damaged lap them with your tail I'm here to beat this thing you should been creaming way to look at that outro air scooter damn day hmm nice I'm going to go

there's someone in there ready to find the type oh my god oh yeah girl no all right

hey man you don't want to kill I didn't call you here come with me well uh wait was that do it inside Rebecca Joey oh yeah is the earth better than you see this horse lob is actually just one tree spread out over miles branches spread and sink and take root many friends more big living organism just like the entire world that God made woman if you listen hard enough you can hear every living thing breathing together you can see you love lovely words but the more you leave the club did we all and we are all branches of the same tree I picked up Omega [Music] no oh shit the guy holding a lot of others like this you guys a waterbender that means we can my eating a giant bother Oh God hey show me where I belong I mean it's avatar stuff I don't yeah yeah I think I can't figure out is how you made the tornado that sucked us down I can't do anything like that I just bend the water in the plants [Music]

what the fuck it's guys yeah he's about to go yeah yeah oh man did you get to become a good nothing is going to become like Batman you have to judge the food in it right wait what's going to happen once I have a small on Appa why were they called to swamp I need an answer I know I'm wondering why I was a look who would hang seeing a magician somebody's going to meet later not now I thought maybe three men is how did it feel like a class avatar I loved I know so look that was like a two-parter like is a kind of a cliffhanger yeah yeah oh my god this tile is called avatar David yeah they've been kind of doing that we'll Pythagorean me like making was an excellent that much more yeah this is a good episode down I like that was uh it was a little bit like it was cool to visually was cool to see the swamp as one gigantea house yeah let's spread out like over miles just like a giant like lily pad oh dude is a whoa KF yeah I was lucky really inspiring with Earth Day every shakers of breathing living like I do he became that vine things because Sokka was like kind of the swamp he's like you can't be trying that so sounds anything yeah that's when he turns into that thing to protect like the song and the tornado he didn't make the tornado oh yeah and who might that should is I think there's no air air personnel cinnamon no I think that's literally the swamp she said some sake not on Ibiza area is sacred and something they're just calling paying me something to be that happen there like there be something buried is there I don't know it's got to be something inside I think they have to get inside the tree or like something dude maybe so something in the heart of the tree I guess I don't know they'll ever go back there anything but like I think they're still there because I've been rescued off on Momo they're still not area yeah they got up all over it oh yeah I think I'm all about yeah yeah I did dance but that just happened so fast I didn't yeah I thought that yeah yeah I'm almost all in the bag and softening oh yeah my kids oh yeah yeah yeah damn okay so yeah I just didn't remember that happening group I don't know why is like that yeah I thought so too I was like damn that's a cliffhanger like nothing's good like Thunder's listen we don't know how to turn a dome nothing I feel like they're swimming me yeah then they probably want to go back there yeah shit I don't know keeps me more interested as what it is I guess I don't know but he but he got the I mean his but his vision was in the future like he's going to meet that person still yeah so there's a female too but it seemed like a small child yeah th girl I think nah it would like the left was the creepy laugh yeah but laughs it seemed like a child it was like wait this is wearing white dress yeah interesting well we'll know the future suit man yeah they're pretty much kind of rednecks yeah they were a redneck right there Oh what literally slowed up look so and ooh there's no waterbenders out there they're really - yeah they're really good exterior time I didn't expect that like I was like we these dumbasses and them dead and waterbending I was like oh shit I was actually in danger different types of water better you know we've never seen a swell flow yeah like stop the southern you know our lives in northern niggas and like okay they're not whatever anything good shit yeah you hear Mike in I want that on a shirt lookee there lookee there tho oh my god sokka and in the Shetty though you have a kids three weapons and I feel like he's got that Club with like the blue ball in it which is why cuz he found this machete write him an egg like egg velvet I remember he was like how the water member this is a Water Tribe whether the wet before flashbacks are showing it was a kid maybe yeah yet it I think yeah it's cool like objects that like the whistle is still around like all the things that they picked up like nothing gets forgotten things hear things to get called back oh yes Lee around alpha and the cute my mother a little bit adventure cool they understand each other I love it they know they know things I remember at the end of that one episode and he was like like Appa just sat down please this is great school his face our minds no space mines in your face like on Cabot you just think every little tiny animal about everybody I got my kitty catches doesn't let you all the way there's a little fool no got got a gap in it all right guys all right thank you for watching with us yeah we laughing I our heads out it's like one o'clock in the morning come to me 11:35 no it's up to it okay like on subscribe like and comment and sub and we'll see you guys next week thank you for watching everybody I hope you enjoyed the fourth episode of book two of Avatar The Last Airbender you can check out some of our other videos here and some avatar reactions early on our patreon they shout out to Abel Lewis Joe mags and Selene for being our super patrons we'll see you guys on the next video

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