30 INCREDIBLES 2 Play-Doh Surprise Toy Eggs with Mr. Incredible, Baby Jack-Jack Superhero Family

by: Toys Unlimited

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toys I'm gonna go with Matt I see in sprinkles the bear hello maybe Underminer behind me are the Incredibles and I'm going to turn them into play-doh only way to say them is somebody who likes some opens up every single egg who did you hear that let's get him we have to save our friends something's happening oh hey guys welcome back to toys Unlimited uh-oh instead of saving our Incredibles the raccoon made lots more play-doh eggs but did you hear the Underminer all you have to do is open the eggs with the real heroes and once we have all of them open they'll turn back into themselves but did you hear the raccoon it can only be done by somebody who likes The Incredibles so let's show them that we like them and hit a big thumbs up whoa a burst of magic did you hit a big thumbs up yet let's start opening these eggs and whoa look I think they're made out of play-doh let's peel back the front layer [Music] I don't think we have an Incredibles in this one but we can check we do we have Elastigirl she also has two more surprises inside who this will be fun not only do we get to save that Incredibles we also get to open some scholarship toys yeah these are gross in there from the grocery game so let's listen let's pick this one right here oh [Music] I think this one and baby Jack Jack let's peel back the play-doh good mmm this smells super yummy these right here are stackables [Music] oh and this one smells like a pineapple here you go a little raccoon eat up and help us find some eggs let's pick this middle one here we have a yellow surprise egg whoa check it out inside of the yellow surprise egg we have a miniature Frozone and we know what these are we have a gooey plunger and we have two boxing gloves I know who the winner is because he still has all of his teeth our raccoon friend wants us to open up this green one oh there's hatch a moles underneath let's take off the wrapping paper and let's crack the egg oh it's a little Hachem old bird it's purple and fuzzy and if you want to give our hatch a bowl a name put it in the comments what should we call this Hachem oh it's up to you guys so let me know I will pick my top favorite names so put as many as you want what should we call him or her oh look this one here is violet all of the Incredibles are on a red play-doh egg [Music] and underneath the red we have the color pink hey how perfect we got violet inside of a violet egg but these are miniatures we'll only be able to save them all once we open up every single egg mmm it smells like waffle and this one smells like a pretzel stick the next egg I want to look at is the color orange let's peel all the play-doh off ooh it's got two colors underneath whoa and inside we have eight Batman Lego collectable [Music] here's the list of everyone the clock back girls some twins whoa and here it is it's got the party songs top twenty four hits and check out those elf ears have you been counting how many eggs do you think we are going to open [Music] hmm I think we have at least fifteen how many are left 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 left

Disney pocket oh we can get stitch or Jack Skellington and we got Jack Skellington girlfriend and her name is Sally ooh it's the Underminer he accidentally turned himself into one of these play-doh eggs he's got a special surprise Oh cute it's a little teddy bear he's got something he's got a boomerang and he's got a blue hat with a red and he's got a green sweater here is our next villain from The Incredibles - if you've seen the movie and are a huge Incredibles fan let me know the name of this character he's spooky do you know his name oh all the bad guys seem to have bags just like this I think we got Dewey and he is a nephew to Donald Duck one was saved everyone but we're running out of power the eggs don't seem to open anymore remember to get a big thumbs up whoa okay I think we have a little bit more magic look the eggs are opening up again it means more people like The Incredibles whoa we just got a miniature Elastigirl and we also got a surprise egg inside of a surprise egg let's warm the heart oh it's cracking oh and inside we have a little Narwhal let's open up a one of our Incredibles this one here is the - egg [Music] - has red play-doh Disney edition and [Music] fun we got the alien from Toy Story if I could pick any of these that one is my favorite here's Edna mode Edna is on yellow play-doh and she also has a yellow surprise egg shake it real good it's a miniature Underminer he came with two surprises well at least it's a yummy pancake with bunny ears and it smells super yummy one two three four left and here is our friend frozen

he had the color green with a green egg underneath oh look we're saving them one by one and we've got Edna mode what she's got some celery at least it has a cute face and another one of these yummy sticks it kind of looks like a giraffe oh it's a scary jack jack remember let him have all the cookies he wants otherwise he turns into this guy Jack Jack has the color orange Wow in inside we've got to surprise eggs we've almost saved all of our heroes just a little bit more here's our first little cutie we hatched hmm and here's the second the last two mr. incredible and Elastigirl are on a red egg let's open both of them together here is Elastigirl wahoo [Music] and we also have mr. incredible wanna pop it to gifts oh wait and one more and time to silence inside this one hmm fun another key chains ooh to go a Sally we got Jack Skellington a

yummy pink cookie mm mm mm mm that looks delicious

whoa in the swirly marshmallow but look we also got - was that our last egg whoo-hoo you guys did it but uh-oh the Underminer is back - I'll take care of him I'll be back one day I'll turn them all into play-doh eggs how did you know to open all of them and it would save them no thanks everyone for saving the day we couldn't have done it without you see you tomorrow bye toys unlimited besties thank you for watching if you want to see more videos from us just click one of the boxes on the screen right now don't forget to subscribe to our channel by clicking sprinkles the bear also let's continue to find all over the Internet follow us on Instagram Facebook and Twitter

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