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ready you guys ready and action ah maybe I ought to turn off the echo yes I turned down the echo part [Music]





[Music] you always try to reinvent yourselves or is this just a natural progression is just a natural evolution we keep forgetting what we were doing we've never tried to like recreate something that we've done before no we've always looked ahead I never went like well hmm this was really popular in our career maybe we should try to do stuff that's just like this you know why because we've never had anything that was really popular that's right but we do find for we're not complaining yeah and we're here are we yeah what we're not ready to play set up ready to go it's not like we're frustrated at the level that we're at yeah after this long we're still waiting to make it big it's gonna happen one of these days we just nobody could have a hit you walk baking learn how to write a hit song would you get on that we're gonna make [Music] Oh



[Music] so usually we can tell when somebody doesn't really know anything about the band when they've read the bio and even then it's just like it takes me a while to figure it out because I'll forget and so we have a forgiver you guys work with the FBI what yeah oh yeah the bio yeah yes oh yeah your resume oh we're very close to the FBI in feeding operations to catch these child pornographers then you've been around you've been around the rock world you've read BIOS before and that's how do you write a bio about yourself yeah you know another great thing about me is I'm all about let me tell you why and another great thing is that you need to know about me betray particularly me is the last buyer we wrote it's on Epic hack right now every single thing on it I took off of the show a Futurama I just watch feature honor and then wrote down things I thought were funny and then put those in the bio I don't think I do that you know what nobody's noticed not one person so you say it's all about the music wow yeah certainly you know but I mean it's a I mean if you can't make fun of the thing you're doing you know you have to be able to do that to you you know muffins have been through a lot last year drugs impeachment but they never lost sight of what was important and what was festering in their bowels you know so it's total bullshit but it was out of Futurama so I thought it would work




[Music] yeah well the Internet's really great I love the Internet and you know I love about the Internet is that demos or not yeah besides a porno is that a it has a life of its own totally you know and I don't want to change that I don't want to correct go on there no here's the real thing Dula need to hear that let it live let it do its own thing let people be involved in it now people are involved on a global scale writing down exactly what some little creepy nerd the middle of nowhere thinks about us now for the first time in history they can do that one flick of a switch and then they're they're amazing opinions are there for the entire world to behold you know but do I care what some Dungeons & Dragons nerd thanks see they do that they do that until they go crazy like what just happened in America they do that until they go crazy and start shooting a bunch of people that's exactly what I've been looking into that why not it's in the news yeah what did he kill 30 people was the kangaroo no 33 lucky 33 it's always a chick though that's what's involved behind the whole thing was it if you look at big crimes with it no matter what they are Bonnie and Clyde Bonnie chick see Ma Barker chick you know behind this whole thing chick so the girls might not be pulling the triggers but they're behind the heads right 100% they're just as much to blame if she'd had just been nice to him none of this would happen anyway whatever ever whenever we're never happy to see anybody get killed but you know it's terrible it's trying to I would want it to happen to my mom or my wife it'd be terrible where was it at West Virginia was it West Virginia Virginia Tech is in Virginia that not West Virginia because I was West Virginia all those kids would have been armed he wouldn't got he wouldn't got away with it see that's the other thing I've everybody had a gun he wouldn't be able to kill so many people and sorry they should allow guns in school that's right everybody if everybody had a gun nobody would be able to get away with any action decided cold war everybody have nuclear bombs did anybody get killed no there you go cancels itself out you know imagine if everybody the bank had a gun nobody build-a-bra the bank no never it's flawless a real philosopher that's law except he did amazing it's flawless

that's another thing we want to say pot is for teenagers 19 is the last year you should be smoking pot for teenagers move up from there that's it next go to the next level once you get 20 ish bump it up bump it up a notch up up up up no pot no drinking so before we're done yeah you're it's gonna get this goodbye thank you very much oh look I bought brand it to brandishing shit what do you think ah tonight oh it's a knife yeah careful careful you like it I like it I like knives knives you're good yeah I were to kill 33 people with the knife we'll see about that if I want to feel a lot of people I just burned that fucking place in the ground how's the fucking bomb in there Jimmy people dad thank you thank you thank you thanks

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