Beautiful Girl Has Her Body and Soul Transformed!!!

by: Vet Ranch

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hey welcome back ranch I'm dr. Matt so I'm up here at the vet clinic and I sat down to start editing this video and I realize I'm missing several clips and that's the problem with doing these videos is like they take months to do and sometimes I lose video clips so this is one of those there's a couple like it's not bad the majority clips are there but there's a few pieces that are missing basically piece of the intro is missing this dog we got her from Mexico she came from Mexico in terrible shape she looks like I'm your stereotypical like mangy street dog and she came from Mexico we got her in and here's where this video starts and I'm gonna come back to you in a minute and give you another update on another clip Korea I lost it I guess also we have that ranch shirts check them out there's a cat and dog on the back with cat shirts and dog shirts link in description below and if percentage of the proceeds goes to support abandoned pet project who funds all these cases this is Guinevere gonna be what we call on her Gwen this is all Quinny she has mange pretty bad her toenails are ridiculous they're so crazy which makes her seem older she's obviously had some puppies but those toenails are nuts and she's missing hair all over her whole body I'm sure she needs to be spayed we gave her her vaccines and got her on parasite prevention too and we'll hopefully kill all the mange mites and her hair will start coming back in a few weeks good thing about her past won't take you very long

we're gonna try to trim her nails back a little bit we're not gonna take him down all the way probably do that when she's getting spayed when she's under because I'm sure that her quick the nerve and vein and artery there in these nails I'm sure they go really long so we won't be able to cut him back too far right now but look at those nasty feet that's gross we'll chop him back a little bit you were a little bit of relief now you gonna be a pretty girl someday she seems pretty sweet right now we'll make you beautiful

we'll give you an update in a few days hey me again okay so the next clip is a couple days later and I started noticing she wasn't eating her food as readily as she had before but then I gave her food and she ate it so that's where we are here today when decided she did not want to eat so we've got her some fajita meat with a couple pills mixed in there let's see if this uh Tim sir come here big girl cuz we need you to eat oh it has clear stuff come on oh you went straight for the pill that was weird like girl alright I'm less worried about you now good girl good fajitas clean it out clean that bowl okay I think she's gonna be okay hey it's me again cuz we're missing another clip but this is the last one I promise I'm sorry sorry about this this won't happen again this will probably happen again but not on this video so what happened she ate I was a little less worried and she otherwise seemed totally fine but I left two days later to take a trip and while I was gone she stopped eating again but this time she had a fever so my dad dr. Lee took an x-ray ever and noticed that in her abdomen she looked like she had a big fluid filled blob which is a pyometra so her uterus actually fills up with pus she gets a big infection it's common in unspayed female dogs especially ones who have just had babies which we assume she did because her memory tissue was all enlarged so dad took her to surgery and spayed her he removed her whole infected uterus and then he cared for for a couple days until I returned and that's where we are now okay sorry about this I love you so she had a pyometra a pus fill that your is not a good thing but it's a it can't be a life-threatening thing but since dad acted quickly and spayed her she is just gonna do great healing up well her skin scabs are falling off no real hair growth yet she's still pretty disgusting and smells really bad yeah thanks for rubbing your head on my pants that's that's gonna smell nice the day will probably check up on her I would say in another two weeks her hair is gonna really start coming back she'll start looking a lot better her skin will be so greasy like I'm gonna wash my hands quick after this cuz just nasty like this greasy and stinky but she's doing well she's getting healthier and healthier every day we couldn't ask for much more than that no we sure couldn't it has been one month since we first got go in and check this girl out hold on good girl here's come back on her face here's coming back all over body obviously she's looking good all our scabs are gone which means her skin infection bacteria is gone so now we're just trying clear the rest for mange and then get that hair to regrow she still does not smell very good but she's getting better and better every day we'll probably check back with you in a couple weeks and show you how much better she'll look then yeah okay get ready it's been almost two months now since we've had her check out all that hair look at you look at you good girl you're looking good you're looking good she's still not a beautiful dog she still looks very mangy but she's smelling a whole lot better let me see that the hair on her neck is not coming back which is kind of weird hopefully that will later but she is looking a lot better we'll keep you updated it has been six weeks since you've seen her she's my girlfriend she still has not grown all of her hair back but she looks so much better I have a feeling this hair on her neck will probably never grow back her skin was probably just so scarred there from the mange that it's just not gonna happen but overall she looks 1 million times so it's been a total of 4 months since we first got her and started her healing process she's actually gonna go up north to a rescue I'll put a link in the description if you're interested and if she gets adopted I'll also update that in there that she already has a home she's a kisser that's for sure so thanks for watching Matt Ranch thanks for supporting abandoned pet project because they support us the week and support it's like Gwen we love you we'll see you next time yeah go girl you're a good girl [Music]

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