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by: munclesonkey

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hey guys what's up its Malcolm Zaki and welcome to another top ten video in this video we're going to be going over the top ten auras that I would recommend for you to get now go over why each one is useful and what situations is gonna be useful in and why you should get it or why you'd be interested in it as always thank you this guy for the suggestion of the video thanks a lot for that man don't forget to leave your suggestion for the next top 10 video in the comments and I'll pick one and make a video about it but as always you have to have a short disclaimer before we get into this one the auras are going to be a little bit more biased towards P V I mean in common I feel that the main reason for that is because the aura selection itself is a little bit more biased towards ppm in combat so all as always just remember that there is going to be a lot of focus on that in terms of what or is I'm going to be recommending for you to get and the big reason for that is a lot of the endgame content in this game is killing bosses and is doing combat but I will try as always to put in a little bit of Skilling benefits as well they just might not be ranked as highly on the list so that's why anyway let's go ahead and get into these auras and see what are the best ten ores in the game that you should consider getting if you haven't already number 10 on this list is reverence since it's probably never going to be your go to or or even your secondary go to or for doing combat but it does have its uses and it can prove to be an extremely good or in certain situations what reverence does is when you buy the tier 1 or when you initially buy reverence and haven't upgraded it at all it has a 3% decreased prayer drain rate as well as 3 percent extra prayer points from drinking potions and you can't upgrade it three times and when you upgrade it to the supreme state it will go all the way up to 10 percent less per drain and 10 percent more prayer points from potions so if you are someone that's using prayer a lot and maybe you don't have access to like the bone crusher and demon horn combo or other things such as the ectoplasm a turned demon horn combo that can really help you save prayer alot this can be a very nice aura to save you out on a little bit of prayer potions definitely a lower tier aura but it can be useful while doing this layer or Boston when you are having your prayers on all the time number nine on this list is the dark magic aura and this is a very very good aura in the right situations the only problem with Azure is it's again a very situational or it's only useful if you are using magic because that's the only style that it works with and you also need to have a high magic level and you need to be fighting monsters that have lots of life points so there are a lot of requirements for this order to be good but if you meet all those requirements you will occasionally see a bleed effect that does pretty high damage coming on to the Calgarian demons and that is from the dark magic aura itself it does have a chance to inflict this bleed and how much damage the bleed does is going to be the lesser of a formula which is based around your magic level and the life points of the Calgarian demons or whatever monsters that you decide to fight with it and it can raise your damage by up to about five to ten percent if you have 9999 magic and you're using overloads in total and you are additionally fighting monsters that have very very high life points so in situations like that it's a very good ore and can be extremely effective and this is definitely one that I would recommend to check out if you are looking to do some PV I mean with your 99 magic as well as hi to your magic weapons it can be really effective and it's pretty good on certain Slayer tasks like Calgary and demons as well next up on the list is the daemon hi mola and unlike all the other or is this or is not obtained with spending loyalty points you actually have to do the dungeoneering task set in order to unlock the soar and there are four stages of your witch grant additional benefits really the main two benefits that you get from this ooredoo is access to a secondary personal gate stone which is really really nice for doing large floors and even for doing smalls as well if you run across a couple different dead ends also it will allow you access to one consequence free death per day and this isn't from the aura itself but once you have the task done you can claim 40 cosmic sand for a lot runes from the smuggler every time you start a dungeon making that process of where you normally have to create rooms after entering the dungeon much much easier because you don't even have to make them all so on top of all of this when the aura is activated it will act as a bone crusher and it will restore our points when you aren't burying the bones not as many as the demon whore necklace would but it can keep your prayer alive and some of those larger dungeons where you're killing a ton of monsters and you do want to use prayer in order to speed up the process a little bit overall it's a very very good aura and a must for anyone that's planning on doing some long-term dungeoneering number 7 is the green fee and this aura is great for those of you who like doing your farm runs it does have a couple of uses and it's not just for doing herbes the main one that probably most people will be interested in is when you are harvesting herbs it does have a chance that increases as you have created the aura to harvest double herbs and yes this does stack with the juju potions as well so you can get a whole ton of herbs while you're farming when you first buy the initial Greenfingers it will only be a 2.5 percent chance of double herbs but if you go all the way up to legendary green thinkers which is the aura that I have in it does cost a ton of loyalty points but if you're into farming herbs it's probably worth it long run it goes all the way up to a 15% chance of double herbs which is definitely going to speed up your money-making by quite a bit when you're doing these herb runs additionally on top of all this while the aura is active and it stays active for 20 minutes none of your crops can die not just herbs but none of your trees or allotments or anything that you have planted can die but as soon as the or runs out they can get diseased so it does keep your herbs alive for a little bit longer and it will and long run help a few more of your seeds survive and not suffer the death of getting disease and that's just really unfortunate when that happens so overall get it if you're into herb runs like I am and you're planning on making a lot of money in them in long run and it's going to be worth your loyalty points number six on the list is penance and this is an incredibly good aura definitely one of those ores that you should prioritize getting cuz it's only about 23 kala loyalty points and you don't have to upgrade at all and what this aura does is when it's active you will restore your prayer points based on 5% of the damage that you take so depending where you're using this or if you're taking a whole ton of damage you won't need any prayer potions at all or if you're using it somewhere like laser swords for example where you're not quite taking enough damage to justify not using potions at all it is going to significantly reduce your prayer rate and places like laser source where it drains your prayer and you're really going to need a lot of prayer potions it's going to make you able to last at those places a lot longer so overall I love the penance or I use it constantly it's probably my most used aura personally although I'm not going to put it number one list for reasons while I'll explain soon but it is a very solid or and one that you should definitely invest in as soon as possible if you do any kind of combat it doesn't even have to be bossy because it works anywhere or you're taking a decent amount of damage and are using prayer number five on the list is invigorate and invigorate is a really really good aura in the right situations but just like dark magic it can be kind of limited it is higher in the list with the dark magic is because you can use invigorate with all three combat styles opposed to dark magic you can just use it with one and it also doesn't matter what the monsters life points are well then the great does is as you upgrade the aura it will restore more and more adrenaline as you use ultimate abilities it starts out with two adrenaline and then as you get it to supreme invigorate every stores ten adrenaline so it's essentially like having a second ring of vigor and it does stack with the ring of vigor as well the major downside to this is you do have to be using ultimate abilities in order to use invigorate and you have to be using them often in order to get the full use out of this aura and then not all Slayer or PVM situations you're gonna be using Ultimates all the time there's a lot of monsters such as torment and demons for example or you just don't use Ultimates and then invigorate it's not useful but for the situation where you are using Ultimates invigorate is great and you really do want to get invigorate up to the Supreme stage as quickly as possible if you do want to take full advantage of this aura because that's when it's going to be at its best when used in tandem with a ring of vigor you can have 20% adrenaline left over after using an ultimate and that's just great and it lets you get up to those thresholds within your berserk or within your sunshine or within whatever ultimate they're using much much quicker and this aura is just an absolute must if you're planning on doing a lot of PVM in the future make sure you get it make sure you upgrade to supreme as quickly as possible next up is the skilling auras and I just say skilling ores and I'm not going to be going over individual or is because which or will be the best completely depends on what skill you happen to be grinding at the moment or whatever skill you happen to go for 1:24 obviously efficient or is not going to be very useful to you if you never plan on doing much fishing but it could be incredibly useful for you if you're going for 120 fishing so that's the reason why I groups them all together so there's six different types of skilling Oren's which are enrichment call of the sea lumberjack Fivefinger discount corey master and tracker now these skills work for the divination fishing cutting thieving mining as well as hunter skills and all of them other than an enrichment increase your chance of doing whatever activity it is for example the efficient aura increases your chance of catching the fish by starting at 2.5% going all the way up to 15% when it's fully upgraded at the legendary or the enrichment what that does is it increases your chance of harvesting and rich memories instead of regular memories by 2.5% all the way up to 15% when it's fully upgraded on top of these six killing or is there is an additional other one which is the agility or which is called sure-footed which only has the regular and the upgraded version and what this does is it prevents you from filling obstacles on an agility course as well as give you unlimited run energy for the duration of the aura and this can be useful one the only problem with this is a lot of people are doing the elf City course to a level up their agility at high levels and only requires 77 agility to use the opposite e course and you don't fail it so if you are deciding to use that course the agility or really isn't useful at all but those are the orders that you should really think about going for if you are going for 120 in any of these skills or even 99 if you just don't enjoy the skill and want to speed it up in any way possible definitely worth investing your loyalty points into next up on the list is the runic accuracy and the Sharpshooter auras and I list these two on the same stage because they essentially do the same thing just one is for a range and one is for magic they increase your accuracy when using these two styles by 2.5% when you initially by the aura and then all the way up to 10% when you have the fully upgraded supreme version the reason why these are so high is because these horns are just incredibly useful for PVM these are my go-to ores in the number one ores I will use if I'm using either ranged or magic now it is debatable whether dark magic is better or whether invigorate is going to be better and that really does depend on what situation you're using it in but I find that I get by far the most use out of these two ores and they're also very good all-around ores do you can use them anywhere with these two combat styles where you don't find that you have enough accuracy to hit on every single hit and it's going to help you out a ton some of the situations where these are really useful are at higher to your bosses such as green black dragon when you on task or killing Rises the six or even Virago next any of these bosses where you just need a little bit of boost of accuracy in order to damage the boss or if you don't have to 90 weapons and you're using lower to your weapons they're going to be useful a lot of other situations because you won't have quite the same amount of accuracy from the weapons yourself and you could always use a boost so you definitely will not regret buying these orders if you happen to use either arranged or magic for PVM in quite often and definitely a worthwhile purchase number two on the list is the vampirism aura and this is probably going to be the best all-around combat aura for everyone this includes low-level people who are doing combat medium level people that are doing combat and high-level people that are also doing combat and that is the reason why this aura is so high for me and why I feel it's such a worthwhile purpose purchases this is going to have a lot of use for anyone who buys it who does any combat at all and the main thing is with all the other combat or is all of them are at least somewhat situational there are going to be certain people who will not be able to get much use out of the aura even in order like penance if you are a low-level and you don't have many prayers unlocked penance isn't gonna be very useful for you but vampirism what it does is it restores your HP based on 5% of the damage that you do to enemies very similar to the Soul split curse but it does not require a 92 prayer so this aura if you get it you will use it probably all the time I've found myself to use this or the second most of any or after penance but it's nor that served me very well and it also only costs about 23 klt points so it's not terribly expensive if you do not have vampirism already and you plan on doing any combat ever I would recommend to pick it up right now and this aura is gonna benefit you out a lot very useful in situations where if you don't have souls but it's gonna help you out or if you do have soul split but you still need some additional healing this can change you from having to use food and to not having to use food at all which is obviously extremely convenient and the number one or in the game the only aura in the entire game that's going to benefit anyone skillers combat users alike you can gain benefit how to attract of trades and give odds then you this one was coming and the thing that jacket trades does is when you initially get it you have to gain XP and 10 skills and then you can turn it into the dude in the rock or there's also a dude in burthorpe who you can turn it into and then you can upgrade it twice where you have to do 15 skills and then 20 skill is when it's fully upgraded and this will progressively give you more experience on whatever skill of your choosing when you finish off doing the aura so the reason why jacket traits is so good is if you do this or every single day and just put the XP into either a skill that you're struggling to afford in order to train or just a skill that you absolutely hate I personally put it in agility just because I don't find agility very fun to train as time passes the XP from this or just adds up and adds up and before you know it you've gained hundreds and hundreds of thousands of free XP from jacket raids without having to train the skill at all and that's just wonderful I would really recommend to upgrade this or as soon as possible if you're not maxed because it's going to save you so much time or even money if you use it on a Bible skill or just pain if you use it on a skill that you really don't enjoy whatsoever it hardly takes any time to do it only takes about five to six minutes if you reset the aura with this wax which is another thing that you should probably do every single day in order to get to uses out of the aura per day and double the experience absolutely great or there is no reason that anyone and all of RS should not be getting this one because it's just extremely beneficial and this is always my first choice when I recommend ores to anyone who's wondering about what should be the first or they should get just get jacket rates it's that simple so that's about all for this top ten before we end off there are a couple honorable mentions I probably should have mentioned them earlier but oh well we're gonna say it now first of all is the inspiration aura which would probably be the best PBM or in the game if you could upgrade it but you can't and what that does is it grants an additional 0.5% adrenaline for each successful hit that you land yeah that was a little bit more per hit it would be a really good aura but not quite doing it also equilibrium aura which can slightly increase your overall damage output because it lowers your max hit but raises your minimum hit it's pretty good in certain situations and finally poison purge really good at zami and racks or just not really very good anywhere else because those are the only two bosses that do very high amounts of hard-hitting poison damage anyway that's about all for this video so thank you guys for watching make sure to leave your comments for what you would like to see next in the top 10 and I'll make sure to show your comment in the video if I happen to select yours if you have any interest in any more top 10s the link is on screen as well as in the description and I'll see you guys next time

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