Dal Bhat (दालभात) - Delicious Nepali Food Meal (Motherly Cooked)

by: Mark Wiens

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against mark Wiens I am in Kathmandu Nepal and about to eat some just some normal everyday Nepalese food and it's delicious oh I'll do my third oh I did to getting ticket now okay my chicken mutton masu my soup yeah I try the traditional way to eat is with your fingers of course and I'm going to put some of that doll onto the rice mix in with a little bit of that chili sauce mix in the rice a little bit

oh that's just great home-cooked food oh man that's good try that try the chicken curry it's called ma su ma su in Nepali

that chicken curry mmm it's fantastic while this chili sauces and so this is just home-cooked in Nepalese food here in Kathmandu Nepal and it's fantastic

hmm okay as I as I sit here she's bringing me more and more food Oh including like a potato curry I think a chickpea curry and a hard-boiled egg summery up on the vegetables and the ahta which is that chili sauce which is outstanding I could actually just eat this chili sauce with rice and be very happy that is fabulous hard-boiled egg which is actually a soft boiled egg and put that over my right it just looks insanely good grabs with a little bit of the sauce put that with the egg some more hot fresh rice

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Dal Bhat (दालभात) is one of the most typical Nepali food meals available in Nepal. For more information check out my website: http://migrationology.com/

No matter what area of Nepal you are in, when you're looking for delicious home cooked Nepali food, you'll find dal bhat. The great thing about dal bhat is that it's a delicious meal. Dal means soup, which is usually a lentil soup similar to the Indian version of dal, but a little soupier. Bhat on the other hand is a main staple starch, which normally indicated rice, but if rice is not available, it can mean another form of starch to go with the sides. A meal of Nepali dal bhat (दालभात) all begins on a big metal plate which is piled high with rice. The dal soup is normally place in a small metal bowl and served on the side. While this is the barebones Nepali food combination, usually more sides are added to make the meal more complete. Dal bhat tarkari (दाल भात तरकारी) for instance, is the rice and dal combination along with a side of seasonal vegetables - often some kind of green vegetable fried up or curried cauliflower. Also, if you like to eat meat, there's often the option of ordering chicken, buffalo, or beef curry to accompany your meal. I personally loved chicken and buffalo curry and also a dish they call chicken chilly. For this particular Nepali food meal I was just wandering around Kathmandu, actually getting my Thai visa, when I became extremely hungry. Nepali local restaurants are often hidden from the road by curtains which you have to pull back in order to see what's going on. This was why it was sometimes hard to find food in Nepal, because restaurants are often hidden by drapes. But nevertheless, peek your head into a curtain and there's usually something delicious. This small neighborhood restaurant was owned by a motherly lady who had a selection of delicious dishes all prepared when I arrived. I just ordered the dal bhat (दालभात) and when she asked me if I wanted chicken, I couldn't resist. A plate of rice, peas and potatoes curry, chicken curry, and dal was what came with my meal. After downing my first helping, she then brought more more and more food, a bowl of chickpeas that were slightly cold and still quite firm, and a soft boiled egg, which I was extremely excited about. The egg was soft boiled so the yolk and even some of the white were still soft and perfect to go over my plate of rice. Along with some of the achar chili sauce, a sort of Nepali food salsa, the egg was incredible! Dal bhat makes a wonderful and fulfilling meal when you're in Nepal. It's served fresh, it's for the most part nutritious, and it really satisfies when you're hungry! Follow our food adventures at http://migrationology.com/

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