Dirty Dike - Pork Pie (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

by: HighFocusTV

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yeah lesson I saw the little shits let's try liven up a little booze yeah your fucking chin to your flame for a wanker

in a monster's the skinny kid will buy will get force better full pie your wife we're knocking on my door like all night box i snort lines and i read up clean carpet eyes get four to them to beat up mr. d just walks in the street fuck walk into three stumps warren on police trucks open up a fat Rock adapting hats off my raps got a black drop collapse it match what you can't worry I've been on up you win a black spin embarrassing fight with a hand cream yeah the bread with the funny hat we're in a rubbish but yeah yeah shut it slap impact our pulao can't believe your house mr. body man off the tipping on the council's new Papa damage on the place from your bunnies pants my life talking my thigh slow in my life like for to the fly toward my nice smoky Marshall died in my line sidewalk to the pie on my diet for he muttered I know in my life slide for to the fly or the one light so came a shine in my lines like walk to the fly


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Video for the track Pork Pie taken from Dirty Dikes new LP 'Constant Dikestar' buy the album now at http://www.high-focus.com

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