If Trump loses, "this could be the last day of America"

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this is it guys it's been what a year now June of 2015 we started this mess and we're coming to a close and I don't know the odds are 50/50 here if Donald Trump wins it's party time this is a fun Hawaiian shirt we will have liberated the people from the establishment America will have stolen its country back just like Britain did with brexit but I gotta warn you that it's very possible we will lose and in that case this shirt goes from a party Hawaiian shirt to an evil scary shirt as Max Cady wore in Cape Fear when he said afternoon counselor I'm preparing myself for the latter because winning is easy as Michael Jordan pointed out my fear is we're going to lose and I want to tell all my fellow proud boys out there that you may not cry don't give them any gifts the left is looking for gifts gift and gift they're looking for gifts they want to see us ball they want to see us have temper tantrums if you must cry say that you're going to the bathroom to do a bump close the stall door and have a good sob in private we're not going to be like dan Rather and David Letterman on David Letterman and give the enemy the fodder they need to gloat we could be looking at the last day of America Canada your economies contingent on America don't pretend it's irrelevant 80% of it is is contingent on American business and Hillary Clinton is a cancer this is your last chance to vote against someone who's been in the thick of it for 30 years she says Trump will be irresponsible we can't give him the nuclear codes we've seen the way Hillary reacts and I'm not just talking about Benghazi and I'm not just talking about the WikiLeaks emails I'm not just talking about all these other horrible corruptions like when she allowed her friend to mine uranium by using her position at the State Department and having Bill Clinton the president go do a talk there you opened it up for Russia to have nuclear weapons as Barack has done with Iran so though you can tell me that it's possible Trump could screw up his power and leave us in danger I've seen Hillary do it again and again and again she is the only politician I know of who's surrounded by a death toll this goes for the right and the left you know what happened remember that mysterious case of Obama's chef disappearing remember that time that someone was gonna write a book about Obama how he shouldn't be in the White House and he committed suicide while mountain climbing I remember all these guys that knew about Michelle Obama having an affair and then they were secretly killed or it claimed suicide remember when someone served a subpoena paper to Obama and he died never happened Obama doesn't have a death toll the only death toll I know outside Hillary is that weird intern that was driving and Ted Kennedy lost the ability to run for president for that that was just one dead chick in a way we've already won we've shown America and the far-left that the black lives matter riots and the trans bath brooms and the bankrupting bakeries for bullshit doesn't work and we're not taking in any more we heard your argument for a while now and we know your argument is stupid so we're not listening to it so in that sense we've said we're not ashamed to me men we're not ashamed to be white men we're not ashamed to be Western men you're not gonna brainwash our boys were proud boys however if she wins the establishment has won and there's no more future she will elect a bunch of Ruth Brady of Ginsberg's to the Supreme Court and as far as the top brass goes the White House is lost you can interest yourself in municipal politics you can interest yourself in the culture but as far as the establishment it is now set in stone and we no longer have a say before you give up however on America and flush us down the toilet I would like to just throw out some last moments and this goes to my wife too who is considering voting for Hillary just because of abortion or something by the way honey Roe versus is not getting overturned abortion is not an issue in this election so don't pretend it is there's not gonna be back-alley abortions if Trump gets into power so let's look at some of other some more of your ridiculous allegations about him like he's dumb yeah he is not erudite the language that he uses is base he says someone is a bad bad bad guy I tried smart we gave you Ted Cruz he was a smart fighter who enjoyed confrontation you said now he's too ugly I don't know he's square okay we tried Romney the guy you're mad at Trump for saying pussy on a bus once 11 years ago Romney doesn't know what a pussy is I believe he used a turkey baster to get his wife pregnant nope you didn't like kami was too square you brought us Trump and you know what we're happy we're happy with him because he is a brawler who has America's best interests at heart yeah but he declared bankruptcy if you're an entrepreneur and all your competitors are taking advantage of bankruptcy laws you have to also I made these stupid dolls once at my old job these little action figures that we did a promotion I said let's make them in America not only was it not cost-effective it was impossible we didn't have the infrastructure to do it because everyone went to China to make their dolls so we had to do it or not have them if Donald Trump didn't have ties made in China he wouldn't have ties and if any of you had been entrepreneurs you'd understand that you're beholden to your shareholders and can only do what your competitors do now the difference between the government and big businesses Colgate goes use our toothpaste and you go no and Colgate goes yeah whereas Obama can go use my healthcare and you go no and he goes well now you're going to jail or you're gonna pay a massive fine I can force you to follow my ideas that's why we hate the establishment that's why Trump is the people's candidate not because he's Trump but because he's not them I don't care if it's Ricky Schroder up there he's one of us she is not do you get that at least I am buddies a reality show star what the fuck is the matter with reality TV we're a reality-tv nation what are we English even England did brexit even they had the balls to be working-class about this yes he was on reality TV reality TV is basically the water supply to our culture it's a major part of what we watch every night and you know you watch it and you know you love it plenty of it's good I love car shows you love your shows women love Real Housewives all these women who call them reality TV star love Real Housewives he didn't do Real Housewives he did a show that glorified entrepreneurs do you know why this box exists do you know why this exists do you know why I'm getting a paycheck because of entrepreneurs why are we rolling our eyes at the people who provide us with a warm place to shit no other culture has that you want to take a crap in the Middle East get prepared to freeze your buns off at night and boil them raw in the day now you say he's a racist he hates Mexicans and Muslims since somehow by the way that's parlayed into hating blacks you know that's a lie you know that he really cares about blacks and has hired more women and done more for minorities in this country than anyone else yes he called for a moratorium on Muslim immigration when Muslim terrorism was at its peak yes he said that we have a disproportionate number of rapists coming in from Mexico we do to the tune of 80% what's the age of consent they're 12 do they even have the whole concept of not tonight dear I have a headache in Mexico no they don't you know we're not getting the best of the best but the rich have their nanny this is a woman by the way who they pay to worship them who they pay to literally wash the shit out of their underwear and they go I like her I want to make my laws make her happy by the way it's fucked up what'd you do to her you take her away from your children her children and you make her love your children you're importing love from the third world and no matter how rich they are including Hillary they have to use and non-americans as maids and help but that leads to them showing how much they love these people it seems really dark to me chattel slavery not chattel indentured servitude is what it looks like to me now Assange says it can happen he says that Hillary represents the establishment and the establishment is bank's military-industrial complex you have to be beholden to someone to get into the White House you can't just come out of the darkness and say I want to try it it is a democracy after all this is America I think I should win he goes that's impossible and I'm inclined to believe him but just once just this one last time can't Alexis de Tocqueville be right he said democracy is slow and sluggish and inefficient but once the people set their mind to something they cannot be stopped can't that truism still remain in 2016 can't this country still be at least loosely linked to the founders where anyone can be President and not just someone who's been part of this American monarchy for so many years America was made by people like Trump an American base can be saved by a person that is Trump you can throw it all away on Tuesday or we can rescue it it's up to you whether this shirt is the party shirt or the I'm going to kill you in a river shirt hi folks that was a rebel media short I have my own show on rebel media called how's it going in you got to pay for that one check it out right

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