SUPERGIRL CRACK 3X04 || #100%SapphicGoddess

by: Niki Sky

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look mom look mom look mom look mom you're doing great honey ruby is special yeah bring Ruby to our community so that she may learn her path it's up to sign some papers and then we can get back to work yeah no problem but my boss really doesn't like when I'm late sorry so

miss me with that gay shit nigga fuck out of here fuck you me girls night at my place tonight oh boy oh my that's a real

Lena's not gonna take no for an answer right that's my girl kind of kind of attractive that he believed in something a few moments later he was all his love eternal so to say the words I'm gay what yeah no yeah yeah hey guys we'll see you when you have kids well actually we're not Merton weren't gonna have kids [Music] what about you car are you seeing anyone still getting over a relationship

today yes you definitely should do that BFF forever you are my BFF my bitch forever forever I'm gonna sing a song whenever you're ready I'm sorry guys I have to deal with this hello darkness my old friend Supergirl oh shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit fuck that is how you raise a girl to be a badass she already is about us yeah because she's loved

[Music] you don't know who I am at all you bet you love me no way oh my god help me I give you someone to have kids I want to be a mom

I love her so much [Music]


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