Catholic MAGA Confrontation at Lincoln Memorial!

by: Stefan Molyneux

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[Music] yes that's right can't even get on a plane without the world going insane but here we are starting video shows teenagers in maggots mocking and harassing Native American protestors at indigenous peoples March how terrible well let's see what's going on somebody said that this white boy's face was punchable on twitter which is nasty I see somebody smiling in there fairly saintly patife ik catholic calm at somebody who's walked up to him and his banging a drum in his face but let's find out the story is a large group of high school students was recorded confronting a group of Native American protesters of Friday's indigenous peoples March the group appeared to be mostly boys working wearing make America great again hats and appeared to be high school students who had attended the March for Life earlier that day several videos posted to social media so a grinning boy standing in the way of a protester who was later reported to be a Vietnam War veteran wow that sounds terrible officials from Covington Catholic sorry Cockington Catholic High School later condemned the group's actions as March 4 lacked leadership distance a tower from the school's participation in the March now guys you've got to stop doing this you've got to stop when the storm clouds of leftist hysteria appear to be gathering you've got to stop just throw-in children under the bus find out the facts a recording that shows a group of high school students marking Native American protestors of Friday scintilla out cries Barbra blah see here a large group of mostly boys were recorded surrounding a small group of protesters front of the Lincoln Memorial in several videos posted to social media to green boy stands face to face with a protester as a large group shrieks cheers and claps along with the protesters drum now here you see we already have a bit of a challenge right because if it's the boys who are confronting the protester why would they be clapping along with the protesters drum right how am I gonna play these videos you can do them yourself the group was identified by several twitter users who posted videos as Covington Catholic High School students who had traveled from Kentucky to attend the March for Life in annual anti-abortion demonstration scene oh it's called the March for Life it's a pro-life demonstration not an anti-abortion demonstration but anyway schools and diocese officials released statements the next day condemning the group's actions and saying the incident was under investigation negation students could face potential expulsion we condemn condemned condemned as the video spread the school social media accounts were locked down and cause to the school's main phone number were met with a busy tone the main protester captured in the videos of the confrontation was later reported by Indian country today to be a Vietnam War veteran named nathan phillips huh so he should really understand the rules of engagement the report also notes Phillips is an Omaha elder I'm sorry keeper of a sacred keeper of a Sacred Pipe is that what the kids are calling it these days and holds an annual ceremony honoring Native American veterans in the Arlington National Cemetery okay but that's serious stuff but he's an elder you see it's an elder and CNN I think was saying well you know you got to respect the elders in the community you know like Donald Trump is is older than most of the reporters at CNN how much are they respecting him as an elder right so anyway so Phillips was notably in another confrontation with Eastern Michigan University students who addressed his Native Americans for a themed party in April 2015 so it could be that he's an activist could be it could be that he's an activist in a video that circulated social media Saturday afternoon Phillips tearfully recalled the incident saying he heard people around him chanting build that wall and said he wished that the man who had confronted him would quote put that energy into making this country really great no see he's got a hat on saying make America great again so he's putting energy into that and he's putting energy into attempting to protect the lives of the unborn through pro-life activities so yeah he's you know in his mind he's and perhaps even in reality is working to make this country really great now the fact that people have said that the young boys were chanting build that wall well from what some people have reported nobody can ever hear them saying build that wall they've been doing a school chant right so you don't have this thing where you get arrested for driving while black well now you're getting dark Stan getting death threats for chanting while white because that automatically means Nazi right now let's say Vance they were chanting build that war what an earth would that have to do with Native American veterans right to build the wall is the wall around the south and border to stop illegal immigrants from coming in right what does that have to do with being a Native American elder and a keeper of a sacred pipe has nothing to do with it the Native Americans are Americans right I mean that's not gonna keep any Native Americans out they're already here I don't know what to say it's so weird you see but the whole point Darrin Thompson an organizer for the indigenous people's movement the group that sponsors the March condemns the confrontation in a statement saying it was a sign of the times in Trump's America sorry about all the background noise yeah yeah yeah Trump's America so now of course all Native Americans are anti Trump's and and they don't like the wall and bla bla bla bla bla and what's that got to do with anything right so ya shop man clash on social media hysteria hysteria hysteria New Mexico congresswoman deb holland native american says the display of blatant hate disrespect and intolerance particularly against the american veteran was heartbreaking so nobody's trying to get any facts nobody's trying to get any data nobody's trying to review the whole document and all of that so anyway didn't take long for this all to begin to fall apart this was this afternoon 2:29 p.m. from fox59 so the joint apology saturday roman catholic catholic diocese in catholic high school in Kentucky joined apology a new video below that circulated on social media Sunday yesterday appeared to show a Native American adult approached the students and instigated the interaction leading some commentators to retract the previous criticisms of the student well isn't that interesting turns out that they were doing their own thing and this Native American guy decided to come up and instigate this interaction and that seems you know relatively an important fact to look at like I mean if you're out there doing your thing that you're running a school chance or something like that and then what happens is someone comes up and starts banging a drum in your face right does that mean that you are now harassing this person you're doing your own thing right so the here the boys they're they're doing their own thing that are completely segregated so to speak from the Native American people they're doing their own thing oh here's the guy right over here now here's the guy see this is the guy he's got him he's got a dramas banging the drum she wrecked style and he's approaching oh look at that he's approaching the young boys and then he gets in their face and he's banging a drum in their face but you see now this means that they're harassing him because they're not what immediately groveling and apologizing and throwing white guilt money at him and apologizing for smallpox and and you name it right so he approached them and there was examples of racist chanting against whites like whites go back to Europe and all this kind of stuff in the crowd that was around so this guy came over inserted himself to the boys it was banging a drum in their face and yeah he was banging a drum and they were dancing along how is that disrespectful I mean it's like if you go to a club and the DJ puts on some kick in Pet Shop Boys go West remix and you start dancing along does he say I'm offended I'm offended you're mocking me it's like no you put on you put on a groove grooves in the hall and people I'm gonna really dating my club scene here but groove is in the hall and people are gonna move their feet so yeah this native guy comes over starts banging a drum everybody starts down saying seems kind of respectful seems cut but no these Nazis are confronting him and blah blah blah indisputable proof that the Native American man approached the Catholic school kids and so that is the reality yeah so somebody's scared stared him in the face right so yeah there's no evidence that oh yeah this is indigenous lands Philip says we're not supposed to have walls here we never did well you know some of the indigenous population in North America practiced cannibalism some practice slavery so yeah I guess it was kind of rough when the Europeans came over and that wasn't quite as easy to achieve anymore but and look I mean Native Americans in all seriousness like Native Americans have an IQ in the mid-80s and that means that there's almost no possibility that they're going to end up integrating on the whole and it is a permanent problem and throwing money at it just makes it worse and so on right so let's see here in a phone interview so who's this we're talking about no yeah Markus Frey Howe member of the pony in Seminole e tribes was also known as chief Cui's in butchery that I'm sure well I'm white I'm allowed right he had been part of the March and was among a small group of people remaining after the rally when the boisterous students began chanting slogans such as make America right and then begin doing the haka a traditional maori dance in a phone interview freiherr told The Associated Press he felt they were marking the dance and also heckling a couple of black men nearby he approached the group with Phillips to defuse the situation joining him and singing the anthem from the American Indian Movement and beating out the tempo on hand drums so yeah although he feared a mob mentality that could turn ugly Frey Howe said he was at peace singing among the scorn and he briefly felt something special happen as they repeatedly sang the tune they went from mocking us and laughing at us to singing with us I heard it three times Frey who said that spirit moved through us that drum and it slowly started to move through some of these youths a calm fell over the group of students hey maybe he shared a sacred pipe and they broke up and walked away so I don't know it's very very strange Phillip alleges that the students threw a beer can at him and hurled racial slurs boy you know that's a big accusation there were lots of lots of video there and you think that that would be shown already you'd think that would be shown already but look this is the reality everybody knows this the reason I don't believe that any of this stuff happened at all is because every white person knows that in any confrontation between yourself and particularly a black person Hispanic person a Native American person in any conflict between a white and a non-white the white is going to be assumed to be not just at fault but racist and bigoted and and and you risk death threats and school expulsion and so on every white person knows this like we get this you understand this danger gradually you understand that everybody's life can be destroyed by one conflict interaction with a non-white person so the idea that these kids have no idea about this and they're just gonna start chanting racial slurs but cameras around I mean come on what white people are not well I shouldn't say oh let's just say it is a dangerous can be life destroying risk like these these kids are getting death threats they've been doxxed you got Kathy Griffin at two o'clock in the morning tweeting that demand to Docs these kids their families have been getting death threats that faith is facing school expulsion everybody knows that everybody who's a white person knows that you have to be incredibly careful in conflicts with non-white people because of this chance of it going viral like that woman who was flying to South Africa who made a bad joke about AIDS she lands her life is destroyed for years everyone else's white people understand this mass social media lynch mentality that will give you death threats forced you to move destroy your life destroy your source of income ruin your future everybody knows this so the idea that these kids are just gonna go out and do this is I mean it's it's ridiculous they're Catholic school kids they're smart kids and they they're just not gonna do this so yeah maybe I'll be wrong maybe maybe all of these racist statements but come on we all know we all know this reality and and white people are very aware of this incredible danger which is why when absolute idiots on social media and in the mainstream media talk about white privilege it's like no no there's no white privilege there is only white a disaster right any conflict between whites and non-whites the white is assumed to be racist his life is destroyed as you can see happening here even if there's no evidence people will just make stuff up but the media says like this guy it says oh they were standing between me and my escape it's like you're in the middle of a crowd one kids standing there and you just turn around and walk out the way you came back in anyway so it's a terrible situation and it isn't you see this Gillette commercial you see this kind of stuff the because white Europeans in America are sliding towards 50% or less representation in American demographics and this just means that all of this stuff is this identity politics is all going to escalate like it's tough for white people who have put aside identity politics for the sake of the melting pot and diversity and so on it's hard for white people to understand just how central everybody else is race and sexual orientation and culture and religion history is - like I went I was in New York for a film shoot and I went to a comedy club last night and yep the Muslim guy was making jokes about being a Muslim League a Dominican was making jokes about being a gay Dominican the Jews were making jokes about being Jewish and the white guys were making jokes about life as a whole because it's just hard for whites to understand how central how powerful how motivating how tribal how out-group hostiles other people's identity politics ist's so yeah we may not have figured it out for quite a long time we may have put her own quite aside for quite some time but trust me we're pretty smart we're learning [Music] you


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