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oh we get so much treasure the boats Delancy we work hi ad hope you won my name's mr. food and welcome back to sea of thieves the full game released this year and let me tell ya we go straight into the action in this episode we take no time to get our bearings we see something we go after it we get sick loot check it out let's get into it

[Music] [Laughter]

he's playing a banana my goodness wait actually I think I'm already naked I have an eye patch and a peg leg that I am a pirate through and through a giant

[Music] we're going for let's go boys oh geez hold that wait okay I'm back alright raise the anchor set the things and do we're leaving him scroll we're set an anchor Drazen sails that setting okay let's go to the skull we go a little bit rusty uh okay I'll I'll Drive us which is probably a bad idea or any sales I need sales oh geez males meaty I'm putting the sails down Oh area subscribe take a hard right area so hard right okay hard right gotcha I come back a reformed pirate wait I mean refer to set sail of lady melon no more drinking grog vomiting on me mateys is that like your new your new pirate resolution that's right I'm furred for 2018 I'm becoming a reformed pirate no more drinking 30 day plan you know no more party pirate just serious pirate yeah okay okay oh my god you're gonna destroy this little thing I can't see anything you're right next to you right next to it oh oh he's at that he's aboard the ship mateys he's at the stereo versus no he's raising anchor he's raising anchor stopping okay uh I'm almost on board I killed them we got the boat you got the KO what do we do with the coming okay Ariel snow on the island but yeah he taught us well it's a giant skull in the air that's I feel like I shouldn't need to give you any more context it's in the air yes real hard left and I am actually blind Wow where is this it's the southeast Aereo's south east that thing yeah yeah that all oh there it is go to the right of the island I love it areas set all the cannons over here yep I got him ready okay no a little more to the right okay but now yeah now you're like trying to just go right into the island no there's no medium ground okay good straight are out straight and too much too much okay no they're firing looks good it feels good but that's a mess hold on wait Oh somebody hit him I'm going down oh I hit once I'm moon giving her all I sure give us the shore um give it a roll life good I'm giving her all of it look kind of dinner all right remember me boys unedited I thought it myself too far too long okay that's okay I'm going in now boy there's like seven different skulls in here I can do there's more oh my god I see so maybe there's so many okay I got one mark down here Jesus Ollie's got a bad Danny you got me serious he survived - all guys I'm gonna die come on I ready - oh my god this might be do we have a boner Busey wait bang up they have freaky they have guns this isn't fair you suppose dude you hate my Lobos can have guns okay okay I got you oh you want to go you want to touch I can patch this hole nice block well played your oh I'll get shot gonna die boys

are you are you oh wait what did we lose our friendship I don't know oh there it is wait I'm right next to it it's often somewhere at home my goat all right there's a pig a pig we're right here where look it's a pig can I kill it I mean not that I want to but there could be a potential for bacon but I shot it once you know okay okay well all right

wait right there's another Pig it's it's a water politics body pigs some sort of a it's one of the rarer of rare it hey reforms reforms look at this oh wow no more a girl good look well how about this raagh after the red dry after we do stuff okay raise the sails and stuff I'll salt and man this vessel wait wait wait wait wait you know what we forgot to do we forgot our mana Doge captain fruit no cheese it's not really monologue song no no no we gotta get the monologue song no okay nope no that's not it either some captain fruit we're back again on a lady method lady minal ong time since I've sailed on this wonderful vessel see your thieves has fully released the crew is together even as one of them we don't really he just showed up we don't know him and he honestly he talks a little too much so he's muted but aside from that we're headed into what might be the greatest challenge we as sailors as pirates have ever faced you're a giant skull in the air search aliens seven billion skull army on the island but if we kill him we'll get the greatest treasure known to man are you with me matey charge and by that I mean Dawg okay so you guys are gonna shoot yourselves in I'm gonna make sure I stay away from them so we gonna get shot oh I'm just gonna swim there it's good cardio they're already fired yeah okay okay let's see yeah that looks good Baba that looks good feels good I don't think it did very well we are angled for you guys to go and shoot yourselves out all right I'm climbing and Ivan what why did they shoot that way I don't know okay I'm coming back oh all right oh I am not nearly as close as I thought I'd be I'm gonna be honest with you I'm in the ocean yep say all right we have to raid the same part okay this is our Normandy my friend to the front beach we go are you with me oh not yet okay that's how close I'm on board matey on board what wait on the Chevy all right yeah the Lady milliner's wait no on the island what ah hold on let you go that way I don't know okay no aerials no where'd you go like a random island alright I'll take him I guess okay I'm gonna get this guy okay I got one off the cannon ow he shot me hey make up alright I killed one so far so good make sure gonna unload I'll take that kind of all thank you they're shooting balls at us they're coming for me laughs he shot me through the fence he's literally legendary those guys are crack shots bro literally crack shots oh oh oh maybe they'll maybe I'll shoot it and shoot his own kind that's right betray the skulls sorry sorry oh I am one with the blade with latest one with me I'm one with the blade the blade is one with me come on don't you shoot me with that shotgun yep I'm ready he's your help oh I need more solid want the Z Remo around here ammo for Dario she needs your help I mean I need more than help I need a miracle I'm on me way me skeletons can eat bananas there is no God right Meiji are you are you here yet yeah hold on i am i over showed up late you know this is just a little bit but i am you better give him like two stars max to it oh my god Oh skeleton blew up an explosive barrel right next to me one shot bring her around hey we're slowly dwindling the numbers it's a long con they're very very low incomes the longest of cons oh there's a ship behind us oh really oh she be looking at us funny all right listen I don't think they will hopefully if they start attacking you let me know I'll be I'll be on the island okay I'm Ariel slide me up and you shoot me in there alright already alright I swear yeah I need a good shot here a crash shot like me I Eddie ha way permission to take fire its permission fire mate but it's not that get all in areas shooting cannon that's unfortunate alright you guys shooting me with those cannonballs calm down alright alright gonna get this one mmm that doesn't one-shot you it's a giant shotgun what else do you want for that I'm coming no don't you shoot me with that thing wow I can't deflect it with my sword who woulda thunk it I'm not a Jedi look oh my god I'm gonna die oh geez a student their shirts the church this is salmon this is a god there's so many they're dressed in Mike Halloween attire oh my god Ariel's captain right behind nice oh I found it the ammo chest Aereo's oh it's already dead yeah all right they're actually looking balls anymore we shot them out with another cannons okay that's good now we have to get past the 50 skeletons sorry I'm out to park it wow these things are like oh

Jesus I'm parking the shit you know I can't I'm like I got a zombie train going here all right I don't think they can get to me haha they're not this clever they don't have guns so I just have to take my time line once shame on you fool me twice strike three all right versus if you come to the main big Tower there's literally like eight million dudes just chilling here I have to warn you they're like samurai and they hurt they know the way of the Shah oh no I felt oh no I felt oh oh no you want some of this you want some of this huh you want some of this always dead let's go of what up Barrios I'm with you I'm with you get him you're so brave okay get the guy with the gun he's the biggest threat okay oh it's versus come here Hooda saw that we got do this fast no banana for you okay okay find the treasure I don't know where is it no I don't do we have to kill them all I'm not sure oh geez that looks like a sinking ship no checking the ship really quick I think we're losing her shit up oh there's more skeletons here yeah PPP oh they're coming up they're coming up alrighty matey prepare yourselves fight back hold the door hold the door there's a lot of them hold on boys Arius grab that explosive barrel you know what to do go down there and grab the explosive barrel you must be the sacrifice up oh you're dead anyway okay now so where's the key cuz look here's the door doors right here so we have to find the key and I'll be honest the golden skeletons right here in the middle oh my god yep they've got guys get water get water if you throw water on them they slow down they turn the rusty oh really okay take there's a lot of them no get it general I'm gonna throw as much water as I can't run away run away the water was a mistake for these sea pigs this versus and I are over here I have been the fight of our life I can't I can't get over these sea pigs feel you like my tankard I can't see it okay now yo ho yo ho a plane take it for you I want to take a sip out of it me t but I'm that going to don't don't reformed I say this I'll go save vs. we'll get the key and we'll get this treasure even if it kills us and it's killing us a little time so far there's another ship coming too late I must head forth oh that I all right don't spot up front drop and sail anger oh geez I left you with the ship oh you are coming in hot you are coming in real hot oh Jesus Oh barely oh okay we're doing it eros keep whacking up nice mate what will you like that my great-grandfather at the epoch after a spry age of 89 he showed me how it's done okay see here that noise that sounds yeah important it's that that's that's the Kraken they're spawning again spawning what oh oh they're everywhere how do these skills just keep popping up is it freaking matings goodness pacific they are having to get to all they're all on me Jesus Christ okay I'm somehow back on the ship I'm not clear how I got you but I woke up like this yeah I'm gonna take this explosive barrel well I regret this probably gonna drop it right here come in captain breach Oh verses I can't help but feel we're making no progress wait for me I'm talking rid of the blue bandana man and see what happens now what do we do all right oh my god they're spooky once they have blue eyes we're Oh God by the main tower I jumped I abandon ship oh they're still following oh yeah they're like oh wait I can't hit him how do you I got a hitmarker when I shot with this neighbor yeah but a famine for that and also I'm over here on the Box I tried the water can't confirm oh wait a minute what if I use my lantern now I'm gonna die doesn't we have a lantern maybe shine bright does yep Lancer works I'm a genius I guess oh yeah they don't like that's the week that's not and I'm dedicated

together we die together my problem with everything is hoarsely okay we have mostly dying I can't hurt him we need the light and dirty go oh boy Wow I got one right here go I'm dying hold on oh my god no what brings you here huh you are you you new here no third time in the Brig I've got another shoplift yeah the old man's place again yeah I don't blame you man yeah well you know I have it I ate too many Cheetos so they throw me in here not again yeah they give you heartburn you need to stop okay new plan cannons are ready wait who's on the island right now that you still slow you versus lure them okay yeah bring it back to the the story just work and then and we have cannon balls ready do you hear this anchor thing because it's like triggering me uh yeah it's little squeaky you got to put some wd-40 on it it's just ready ready ready ready ready yeah take that my ass oh okay oh yes I'll I'll do this okay you shoot him okay good go to that go to the shorts try it the Mariners you shoot like we're like Rain Man right now it's just awesome this is the longest of cons all right your honor okay do now do now pray my mist nice God now I'm gonna die you can't hit the broad side of a good I would Jesus I'm a vessel fire no you have to wait for me to be next than it hit him now please lose okay yeah there's still alive get this other one okay he's weak I think so also go yep it's a plan I'm gonna grab there's one explosive barrel left we got to make it count all right right there cannons are loaded you also oh hey I can't see him though

nice all there there's more over here what do we do I feel like this is just endless so it's kind of like the red lobster like bottomless shrimp except except that's not a cylinder killer skeletons we got his filling and it's not as delicious that's debatable but yeah sounds like the horns come on in this pond they're spawning right I see all the chests and stuff but we can't so get to him she be going down all this shooting with the cannons okay oh I don't have any bananas I'll get the cannon get the water out of there so I'll get this one actually I I don't know if they hit the lower quadrant but we my my god II don't mean to the shotgun we're not taking on water we're good oh they're all right here versus right here by shit no no we're gonna go right there and fire better another one you got you missed I'm going for it oh don't don't dock fire he was so yeah you killed them all though how much more fighting can we take the hubcap they're all behind oh they're the spoopy ones yeah yep Wow get the one with the gods I'm so bidding well lady melons doing just fine she's still uh she's still floating so we're good let's progress I got one I got two three don't eat that banana I always got a shotgun Oh Oh in case your captain oh my god oh okay I think I have more candy balls so you stay here oh my just lead up there Daisy lead them right to their cop no go back go back arrows oh no shoot me all these swimming after you're all caught right I've read about him in the scrolls in the scrolls they for totem this moment I've got wet I'm lighting them up partying matey I can't shoot down that low down the hatchet I think I can't I can't run do it powder monkey I want to touch it listen I know I'm sorry Wow I'm do it do it

before anyone else can take a hard we were talking so much treasure the boat still USC we weren't good let's go there's a crate of rarity I don't even know everybody get it back we don't get all the stuff we worked so hard for a 13 day program four barrels mayonnaise is another chest very strong whole chest good that's my kind of chest oh there's stronghold skulls pick up one of those arrows we got to create a rarity look at this one yeah I got one of those too all you that there's decorative coffer adorned receptacle creative exotic scale silver teacup ooh yeah just a little bit of everything pop please someone we're going straight to the outpost after that oh I was thinking we just do a little quest maybe nothing nothing too serious you know stop it Long John Silver's I do hope we get instruments with more music oh there is still a silver cup there's another silver cup and another adorned receptacle item Callie yeah yes come here let's figure out what if the closest outpost is let's pray to God it's really close ancient spire outpost beautiful are you sleeping on the job again oh Jesus we're going straight for the rocks does it look like we're good Oh Laurie anchor huh oh gee oh Jesus blow it lower it lower it oh thank god

all right now help me raise it great stuff Aereo's all right now let's turn everything in I'm gonna turn in this stronghold chest this is gotta be good self stronghold chest thousand seven hundred thirty-nine oh there he is there is like a reputation oh my god is it one two three four five [Applause] we're just swimming 1,100 women it's all I know Jesus accordions Wow sell creative rare T you got a lot of money a lot of reputation thousand oh my god there's some random and our team is he getting all these rewards a lot of money we can add boat to lock them in the break though we do that to the brig he goes his first experience is easy he's like saks good we got like 12 13 K from all this let's say we got eleven thousand eleven thousand five hundred dollars from that best and then it put my gold hoarders rep from one ten order of souls from 1 to 11 and Merchants alliance 1 to 5 that is insane with that ate the game that's it's not

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