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come on guys so today doing a quick video on Meguiar's ultimate wash and wax I actually use this on my car the other day and came out pretty good I liked it but we're gonna try it out on one fiancees Dodge Charger and see if they can take out some of these water spots on a black car where we are we gonna be able to test out its effectiveness so we'll see how it goes so let's go ahead and get started okay so this product uses a synthetic polymer technology and it's supposed to leave a deep glossy just whack shine like I said I did use this on my car but because it's white it's a little bit difficult to tell but we'll go ahead and give it a shot on the black car one thing I will show is how this product interacts with water so let's go ahead and take a look at that all right so the instructions say to mix four capfuls per gallon of water but I'm just gonna I it here and pour something in there and you can kind of see how it dissolves into the water there we'll go ahead and uh spray it get the suds acting

and I'm going to be using a microfiber sponge here to clean the car with so let's go ahead and spray it down first and then we'll be able to do

[Music] all right so we got it all washed and I have to say I'm thoroughly impressed with it it didn't leave any water spots if we lose all the water spots that were on the vehicles and it gives a nice shine as well see how long it holds up but Dave's dropped by so we're gonna go ahead and wash his as well so we'll have two vehicles to test it out long three if you include one but like I said with white it's kind of hard to tell but I'll say it's definitely worth giving this a shot wash and wax at the same time can't beat it so let's go ahead and test it out on Dave's car now all right so we emptied out the bucket so we're gonna go ahead and start over his car has been sitting out for three weeks it doesn't look that dirty but it definitely filled the grime on it

[Music] so at least this way you'd be able to get a second opinion on how this stuff works



stuff works alright so we're about to wrap this video up the sun's going down now but what do you think yeah this grabber blue hides the dirt well anyways but like I said he had it sitting up for three weeks but now been shining if you're interested in testing this out go ahead and pick it up I think I got this from my Advance Auto but you could probably find it in any auto store Meguiar's ultimate wash and wax something I've just happened to come across I've never heard of it before I just saw it sitting on the shelf inside it to give it a try but I'm glad I did so thank you guys for watching thank you for your support see you next time

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