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it was going to get g1x here and today we're doing a Transformers g1 review this time were take a look at the chair contour also in combined form known as abdominis and from left to right you have Center twin cutthroat hunger blood and River snapper now this is probably when combined the most articulated you want combiner that I can even think of even whenever you get into the Japanese stuff this guy is just amazing even individually these are pretty cool BOTS and these are really cool we saw them in season three this is a must-buy even if you don't get the other four to make him obama this or have them as kind of a set this guy is a must-buy just because he was one they kind of went against what was normal for g1 where you really didn't have that much articulation whenever you bring in figures like this guy which was you know originally a dye clone figure but whenever you get into some of the ones that Hasbro actually did and we're their molds this guy just kind of went against what was normal for g1 this guy has so much articulation it's it's hard to even fathom that this guy is a g1 figure but some of the things that he comes with he does come with a shield which you can apply to this mode also a gun which is going to also serve as a bomb missus gun which you can apply as well he does come with two foot plates for bombing us two fists and a head so moving this stuff aside I wanted to kind of show off how you can use these other weapons and that's something that's kind of cool with these guys and also the techno bots that you can implement these vehicle mode weapons and also some of their you know handheld robot weapons so for the gun you do have two holes up here you can plug that in either side so over here or here and you can see that you can equip them with its gun so kind of cool there you could also take the shield and attach it there and he could have it in this mode now I try to figure out a way to also implement this gun I guess you can't put it there and you can see that it doesn't really fall out and they're pretty securely so if you wanted to do that you could not too bad now just kind of give another little 360 so you can see all the stickers and where they go this guy is probably got the most than the others you can see some right here there's little stickers that are right here years here as well and you see quite a bit on each one of these I've seen some people take the excess stickers of you know from whatever they take these off and they have a little bit more and they end up making little eyes for these little dragon things or whatever you want to call it thinks he's got another one there is the waste and I don't believe anything at the back now you can see some stuff on the shoulders that I don't now as far as articulation with this guy he can move these feet back and forth I've also seen people that have rotated this up and flipped this back to kind of make his feet go like that so if you wanted to do it that way you could but you can see that this moves this back here this moves as well and his toes move so already a lot more articulation than what you get with most g1 figures till does not rotate or anything like that but the cool thing about this is these heads these can go in and out and then go up this much they can also bend down here they can also bend right there so these little dragon heads you can you know spread them out and I think that that's awesome that they don't just stick out you know like this which is what you know most of the G ones would do so it adds a little bit more character to it whenever you put him in this beast mode and you have different heights and different bends now to get this guy transform what we're going to do here is just pull these down together like this straighten those out come down with this these are actually going to fold up and let's see yeah we'll just keep it like that you're going to come back with this section here come down shorter and whenever I come down I always pull the head you know where he's facing back and it makes it a lot easier for this to you know come down also if you had him face forward then you can see that it'll start to scratch up here now this isn't from my original you know childhood I bought this second hand off eBay they're all really good condition except for his eyes there's a little bit of gray missing so that's just one little problem there but so you don't start to kind of scrape up this right here I would always rotate the head I'll then with this section here I'm going to flip those toes up and come out with the hands there you go that out come out with that hand and then you can cut a little bit of bin right there now to equip him up get film his gun and for his shield this section actually pops out right there and you can see you can plug that right there so there he is you can see you know those additional stickers that I was talking about really nice looking you can see all the stickers on the shield as far as his articulation you saw that it can rotate in the head 360 degrees these arms nice ratchets elbows and this one have wretches no so if it did have ratchets they're not very good but you can see that and like he has no problem you know holding his gun up so it's not too heavy for him nothing in the waist but the legs you know he can do the splits he can come this far forward that much back I could bend out like that if you wanted him to he can also bend here at the knee and he does have his foot can go back and forth so if you wanted to kind of get him in a running pose I'm sure you could probably pull it off all right setting him off to the side next guy we're going to grab is Center twin now he's going to come with two weapons he's going to have the one that we have him equipped with at the very top and then he's going to have this little bitty guy right here now this gun is only going to be for this beast mode this gun is only going to be for his robot mode and yeah it's one of those things that even the smallest little accessory like this if you bought this you are just like all this things probably only like three dollars I've seen these go for twenty twenty-five thirty dollars so they can be quite expensive I think this one is probably the most expensive one so just a little FYI there by giving this guy a little 360 there's some nice molded detail on him if you kind of look at the faces there and you see the little jewels stuff it's maybe kind of hard to make out a lot but you kind of get the idea these guys really you know you can find some one of the things that you want to look at whenever you're buying this guy is you see these little silver things you wanna make sure you don't see any rust there as you can see mine are kind of silver and they do knock these off so you got to be extremely careful whenever you're buying these to make sure that you know you don't run across a knockoff so fortunately you know I was able to find some authentic ones and you can see some more stickers here and there on the shorter eight ways get this guy as far as articulation you can move this move this and I guess you could say his tail could go up and down this gun can rotate but take this off and these are usually missing a lot of times these guns that you put on these beast modes just because they really don't go anywhere now you could put this in you know his hand and give him you know a little extra gun will knock you bad but you get him transform first thing we're going to do is pull apart here at the way she come up with this section and he's kind of just back and always kind of like yeah do it like that so they're kind of locked in together we go and then come back with this section these little bitty hands and kind of see that's where these suffer and that's why I'm so interested in seeing you know what the combiner wars has in store for us especially whenever it comes to these guys in the techno BOTS just not too bad a little deer right there he stands quite well on his own as you can see because of this kind of serves as a little hill spur at 30 is pretty nice alright the next one the wool grab is cutthroat and they've renamed him several times whenever they bring him back for the terrorcons that I've seen just because I guess cutthroat is not you know acceptable for you know buying you know kids character name that but one of the things here with its tail you can see that it goes back and forth this also serves as the gun I give you a little look at um see the two Decepticon stickers that you'll put on I can see a couple right here the head does go up and down the wings I guess you could say that they kind of can flare out if you want it to then it kind of reveals the hands a little bit more these legs can go back and forth same thing here you kind of lick there and you want to make sure that you don't see like a bunch of rust these little silver spots but you can go ahead and take the gun off come down I can just kind of like leave these back like that to kind of serve as Hill Spurs come out with the wings chest or this head will come down and create the chest then you can come up with these hands the gun you're going to bring it this way to where it makes it a little bit shorter kind of see see instead you know it'll be too long that way so bring it a little bit shorter and

you feel miss gun get it there yeah there we go so there's a little look at him it's not too bad it's not my favorite though now getting into blot this one and I kind of think it's the worst one not in it's beast mode I think it's really cool-looking but in its robot mode it it kind of suffers a little bit just because he's really chunky up here but as far as what we saw in the cartoon I mean they really kind of captured I like the way that it looks see some nice stickers right there some at the knees and he's one of the ones that have you know the weapons are incorporated as well where you have both of them you have this extra piece and then his gun that he'll use in his robot mode there and this you know obviously rotates up and down as head can kind of go back and forth as well this arm can rotate the spins again you want to look at the silver you want to make sure that there's you know no rust then he can also you know bend here at these legs do you transform him take off this little pack here I'm going to put this gun to the side you can see that there's a hole there and that peg there so that's how that works all right to transform helm you're going to pull this section down one be careful because that's where his head is then you can flip like Gooden yeah there we go put that all the way up these legs are just going to come back like this and it kind of set up here but I kind of told them a certain way toward service Hill Spurs again with these arms either going to come back what's so come back with that one and they just kind of set back here like that and freeze up this and you can give him his little gun and there's a little look at what kind of a little bit of a thick dude but he's alright alright probably my favorite out of these little guys and he does have two weapons as well they all have two weapons except for cutthroat he's got one that he fits here on the back and then he also has this one which just kind of sets to the side it doesn't have a place to plug in anywhere but you can see some of his stickers there there and here at the front Decepticon logo right there do you transform him we'll take this off you just kind of push this tail up like so this head will come back and just slide down these arms I'm just going to come back pull them apart here and whenever you bring you know these around again you can service he'll Spurs and you have some nice stickers there on the side as well come up with his little bitty hands his gun and yeah that's kind of covered up so this will just go to the side or I guess you could give it to on guard again but there's a little look at him and this one's probably my favorite I just like YUM I think it's cool in both modes alright so now to get into the combination alright getting into the combination mode you see all I've done is taken the weapons away from the guy so here or hung gars or what is going to be used as Dominus now you can use these however you want you can scramble moth or scramble city I prefer to put you know right foot left foot right fist left fist and that's just kind of how I like to do it but going ahead and getting these guys in there combined form first guy we're going to take is Center twin here and we're going to keep the legs everything just put the arms down and go ahead and move these out a little bit so we can come down there we go and plug him up see wherever the hole is right there do the same thing with this guy here we're going to just push this together here bring those up around and plug that hole in there with this guy go ahead and push those hands down we are going to see these feet all the way come back like we were going into beast mode and just kind of push these together I'll leave these extended pull these up and come back with the head go ahead and get some that and we're going to go ahead and plug that gun and to there you can see that it fits on there quite nicely then when this guy go ahead push those hands down leave this extended and kind of move these around how everything makes it look best come forward with the head and plug in his fist and it usually kind of pull him up and add this here yeah and that's going to be just like that oh the head we'll set that to the side getting this guy and his mone you're going to flip these fists background like you're going into beast mode

this is going to come back and that's going to come back just like so he's like you're going to bring them out come down out and down and see where those are going to plug in they're really tight

there's the length and get the arms in there his chest will plug on just like I showed you in his beast mode and then you plug on the head and so now you can kind of see him where he's a there you go all combined and this guy looks awesome I love all the you know the bright colors and they just look really good with him this is the way that I prefer to put them together I mean you could do it however you wanted but as far as articulation with this guy he does rotate his head a lot of combiners can't do that so you can get quite a bit of movement there you can go 360 if you want his arms you can see that they go back and forth this way rotate this way you know I guess you can say wrist rotate if you wanted to but the thing that kind of sets him apart other than you know the head rotating among you know all the other combiners is the legs going back and forth this way you know bending this way even bending this way as well so I mean you can do a lot with him if we can see if I get them to stand

I've got him to do it before but he can't do a superkick BAM there you go so you know throwing a computron here and he's getting knocked out so again there's no other g1 combiner that you can make do a super kick this thing is just impressive all over the board if you wanted to you know kind of move you know these at an angle you know bend one forward and put them into some kind of crazy pose you know this is g1 and just kind of the the best I can do on the fly but I mean there's no other g1 combiner that I can think of it you know you can do that with this guy's just awesome I love him and you know if you haven't you know if you haven't committed to buying all the G Wonka monitors I think that this is one that you know you'll absolutely love even if you don't want to buy it to be 100% complete to you know get all the little weapons because they can be quite expensive just this guy setting on your shelf on his own is pretty awesome right now comparison I think there's a joint there that I haven't bent yet but here he is with his nemesis copy tron and he'll be in a Decepticon and B&Bs you can see that he's a little bit taller which I think kind of it kind of makes sense but fixing off watching guys I've give you something a little bit more modern there's a luxor mata generation Starscream so thanks all for watching guys hopefully enjoyed I will talk to

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In the review we take a look at all the details and transformation of the G1 / Generation 1 Terrorcons Hun-Gurrr, Rippersnapper, Blot, Sinnertwin, Cutthroat, and their combined form Abominus. If you enjoyed the video please feel free to let me know with a like and subscribe for more reviews like this. G1Hexatron - www.youtube.com/G1Hexatron





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