More hints are coming (CIO VS CO theories) Taekook kookv analysis

by: taekook-lives

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[Music] before starting remember my analyzers are all based on different theories that might come true or might not it's just considering different possibilities in our tech okay no matter how lame they are because at the end of the day it's still a possibility that might become reality also let me warn you that this video is a heavy take Cook analyzed video and if it's not your cup of tea just kindly please close the tab you don't have to watch this the theory is I'm going to mention actually follow another theory that says taeguk are actually real and are indeed in a relationship obviously none of us can say if they really are real or not they are the ones who can confirm it 100% and we can just be arise about it based on a lot of different things and not all of us think that the possibility of them actually being together is very high we had a lot of reasons to think that way like the separation that had been going on for a while the amount of times we caught them with kissing selves or anything else when they were in the background their interactions in general the way their hyung's react to them their body language their roaming situations and so on the reasons never seem to end this video doesn't cover this theory specifically so if you want to see some of the reasons why we think that way you can just check out my other videos this is not going to be one of them this is mostly going to step a bit further and say if you already think about that theory and think that's the case and that exists now we are going to step a bit further and think of what other possibilities might happen next so I say it again if you didn't take that step yet I'm not sure if this is going to help you in any way or not but if you already took it as a possibility then you can actually keep watching okay so if you really think that takers are actually real and in a relationship there are three possibilities that come with that the first one is the SI or stay in theory which means they are hiding it as much as they can they are not letting any games out and they're just making sure no one is going to find out the second one is the CIO or coming into open theory which is something I came up with a while back this means they show us hints they give us a lot of hints about their relationships they don't completely hide it but at the same time they are not going to admit it publicly at all and the third one is the coming out theory co theory they start giving us hints little by little they try to open up our minds to the idea of them actually coming out when I first brought up the CIO Theory everyone thought it's the same as CEO theory but no it does have actually different I personally don't think it started from the same theory and end at the same way I think it started from one and kept changing one by one if you had watched my when their relationship got serious with you you know that idealized that taeguk were not actually together until 2015 at least which might explain why before it's there were no separations and one fan services but afterward a good movement started to get cut more under in 2017 it got to a point that it was a very hectic and that's exactly when Jacob started to send different sorts of hints in a very private and secretive way so this is where I think taking started coming to light hence they started showing themselves without actually coming out it means they sent us a lot of different kinds of hints letting us actually see it without actually saying that this is right this is true one of the most obvious hints was the one-two-three theory I brought it up in one of my videos before but I never really gave that much explanation about it jungle had a habit of posting certain posts at exactly 12:30 a.m. or even 12:30 p.m. and when you look at the things he posts at those times those are all about having to hide a relationship or being separated from someone he actually even mentioned the number a few times for some of the songs he was recommending and some was very literally the same he also mentioned that he pays a lot of attention to the lyrics he chooses for his covers and answers to look them up as well and when you check the covers and look up the exact same number you see the exact same pattern is like every time he keeps talking about some sort of relationship with someone this is either being controlled or he has to hide it or he has to actually break it up completely it's interesting because on 2016 actually near 2017 fan asked um like what kind of song you want to give Tanakh and he said let's break up I mean why this song let's be honest why would you say let's break up to someone you've never been with before this literally makes no sense it's obviously some sort of message because why would he keep hinting on a certain number over and over for no reason and the number keeps referring to him having to hide a relationship so you can guess what I'm getting at in here a lot of questions were asked about why this number why not something else because 12:30 is also the birth date for Tyrion so we wonder is it the same or not a fan actually ended up asking him they asked him why do you keep posting at the certain time or keep pointing at this number and there were three options the first one was because it stands birthday the second one was no reason and the third one was something else jungle tonight the second one that means it has no reason which means he actually does it on purpose but he didn't deny the first one that was about tailings birthday instead he just ended up choosing the third one and then add him it's something I know this wasn't even the only hands the hints they're everywhere you could see them from left and right but at the same time they were getting less and less obvious by the time especially during 2017 it was very very hard to actually decode them there were barely any interactions between them during 2017 for obvious reasons especially in Bern the stage for example but things changed this January Holland the first openly gay kpop idol debuted on last January after that we were visibly bothered by official things Tim Cook from the time that we weren't even getting any contents from 2017 which was very strange because that meant that yes there were all these moments they were actually really really close but he just couldn't see them for some reasons it was also a time that dispatch started bomberos with things about a cook even on things that weren't even take related but now let's stop talking about past and start talking about what came next I already talked about all of this but just to recap in one of the times jungle actually mentioned he wants to say something and Jim started panicking Montana was excited Joel kept smiling at a young and autumn was like it's obvious what it is let me just give you permission to say at this time that John was right look forward to it and until now we still don't know what it was because everything people killed speculation didn't happen and everything else like magic shop like his abs and everything that already removed before so we still don't know what he was trying to say that time you just said look forward to it and another time in a life John mentioned that bank reader himself asked him to make a GCF and he already posted to GC else since then but none of them are the ones he mentioned because none of them had the kind of things he said bank media's him and - he said he's could be basing everything but the thing with siphon for example weren't even filmed at the moment I mean how could he copy/pasted things for a GCF that wasn't even filmed yet or the whole thing near infested when uni said that he's since supported messages only to tan and John Luke and he made them tear up and like Kroy together for a whole 10 minutes or during the other fest of in Jungle randomly kept asking Jimmy not to expose anything or how Jimmy at the end of it kept stirring at Putin young and jungkook anxiously and then he was like didn't you have anything to say and then Tim just went forward and said sir show me and an army absurd I show you you see so show me I show you court is something from magic shop that was composed by John book and in the lyrics to consider book saying I'm telling you my story and then right after that he starts just comforting army and then he says so show me I show you it's as if he's asking for something from army something like his support like support me and then I'll show you as well and since it came out every child's tale gets he just keeps repeating it over and in every music show he's like so show me so arm can say I'm shown here it's like some sort of hint keeps giving over and over so all of this and a lots of more things kept making us thinking what if it's not just them coming into light what if they were actually coming out the SI theory is not the case from what I'm saying because they are giving some sort of it's not just by this by every single thing they do and at the same time we can say if CI all fear is coming to light or co theory is actual real but this doesn't end here until now I was just repeating everything I've already said before but from this point on let's just mention everything else that happened after it as you might know 15th of July is Pride Day in Korea on 16th Taeyang posted this picture with this under it rainbow like the final color let's see all colors together until the end you see the final color of Wrangell is purple contain jung hwan's invented the phrase laurahenne which means i purple here he said purple is the color of love and trust and by saying that he means that he loves and trusts us the same thing as we was asking by same social mission so purple became a very personal colors and it's interesting that right after Friday he brings it up again and says like what I've been asking you let's look at the other colors as well look at rainbow as a whole and it's interesting it was right after the Pride Day and rainbow is literally the pride sign also jong-kook in one of the fan meetings mentioned something about it as well he said army do you know how much I love you my keyboard and mouse back lights are powerful you see since the time you saw his keyboard and so how it's literally a rainbow-colored you started wondering if it was just a coincidence or if he bowed it's on purpose and then by saying this in the fan meeting he realized that no he doesn't do something like this by coincidence he actually pays attention before buying something and pora he is also something tank invented and it's literal solvent that other members don't really say at all but jong-guk keeps saying it repeatedly on occasions like this he said and recently on it to it as well and he wrote it on the mirror of love me as part of exhibits they had speaking of exhibits they had to collect and put on pictures and other things they had during the five years of being in BTS but the strange part is both Taeyang and jungkook had a lot of pictures together we've seen them taking them but apparently they didn't put anything together in there they had pictures with every single other members just not with each other I mean shippings aside five years of being in the same team and nothing so they didn't put anything that could you know gain some attention just obviously but at the same time we did get Santi not only jongguk wrote that Bora her parts on the mirror of love maze Taeyang also drew a flower and wrote his name on top of it and the flower is the same flower jong-guk totaled on his neck the same one he had as a match in total of Italians butterfly won on summer package it's interesting they chose to put it in that part of exhibits because as you know love maze is a song about two people war stops in a maze and don't know what to do and then one of them says let's just keep holding hands and move forward and like ignore where we really are because the hardship doesn't matter as long as we're together another son is all the rain was we've been seeing them roasting first one I mentioned was the one day young posters and then after a while we saw Namjoo closing the streets with a rainbow on isn't was real around them and we know he doesn't do anything roundup you know then bang PD himself posted dis the new genre bombs have seven different colors and with that we can actually make rainbows during the concerts and everything so he actually posted a picture of army making rainbows and said that it's like a rainbow ocean and there was another and there was another to it of our and making a post and recommending a song that had nothing to do with two boys together but he put images of two boys right next to each other which was also very random also another thing I noticed this part might not exactly be take related but it sure as hell is going to be jungle related theory Festa someone unanimously said jungle kept filming them during their trip to us a lantern asked Jimmy if it was him and Jimmy was like no I promise jungle to go as far as the move with them people thought it was just some sort of phrase he was using to say yeah I would go so far with him but actually it's a timeline and the moon world is actually a key word to something else it's not something they said on here they were discussing some sort of JC ever and a little bit so personal I think it's actually a final sort of GC after this supposed to say something maybe the same GCF bang getting himself as trouble to make and we still didn't get it then at the end while he was thanking army he said that he read all our letters and he wanted to be moon that brings happiness and love to us and where the Sun then our MVP speech and then at the end he said Jong gook wants to be on referring to him personally saying the meaning in English [Music]

then after that we got pictures of Moon and Sun all over the place from them like even the moon earring that tank is wearing in this picture [Music] even in the idol anyway we could see a really big moon right on top of them and guess what was in it I rabbits we all know the jungle sign is a rabbit we all know that and there is actually a legend about this rabbit a moon is actually a legend about a rabbit being so kind and so pure that the angel of moon brings it to moon to make rice cakes and help people speaking of idol MVD to know if you put their parts of the teaser in order of the ages they have you end up with bisexuals if I the colors just seemed too accurate to be a coincidence carry on summation they were very well more shoes in this photo shoot for it their concept photo because that's really big they also let us know that take for sharing the same room with the same bed while they were filming in bon voyage a from these pictures it's really not something they don't expect us to find out they know they're gonna find out so my question is why did they let us know also this page hadn't been silent either as soon as the boys were coming back they posted this picture then they posted this picture of Taeyang varying jong kook's birthstone on his fingers and right after that they posted a picture of John Luke from the same shooting yes only then and then they also posted this video of tank which was about a young but for some reasons they posted John Luke's picture on it well in general they don't even put idols pictures and any of the sort of videos they post and in the end they ended up first in this video of K hyung jokingly playing with John Luke's chin it's like they're going at it aggressively lately also in summer package there was a moment hey hyung wanted to introduce jong-guk and he called him his friend then Jong gook immediately asked in a bitter way to be your friend taeyeon literally got fostered and seemed taken back and then he actually said we should be careful about this looking at the hill some people say it's because the word they used is for people from the same age same year of age so jungle was like teasing him for saying gifts and yes it is true that this word is used for people who are from the same age but it's not the only place people use it for I asked this from multiple Korean people and they said chingu is actually a broad word which is either used for people from the same age or people who are just very close friends some even said people use it to hide a relationship it's even in dictionary and jungle himself also called sugar the same way right after it and they are not the same age kind of friends and this exact same thing happened between Jimin and our and for example this sort of hormones is this the kind of things they don't even do and it comes to each other and if it was the case why would he call sugar the exact same way that makes no sense I'm big he didn't even cut it out which is what makes me wonder why they didn't cut it out for example do you remember this episode of Ron hang on actually told Jong Kook Jong gook sign again which means Jong gook I love you but they actually cut it by putting some funny sounds on it I confirmed that with one of the people I follow on Twitter and can read flipz so I actually know that he said it but big he just cuts down so why didn't they do the same descent also because of John cooks birthday in army kids members wrote things for him and when we realized that the rich part was for Taeyang based on his handwriting realized what he wrote for John was John Luke I love you in a very cute way I can mention two other hints one was when Taeyang as John book if he looked like a frog and junk just said you look like a golden bird to cheer him up you see John Luke is golden Magnus and he even calls his studio golden closets yes you heard that right - golden closets the place everyone are begging him to come out of but what I'm trying to say is that by saying that you're a golden for all kids just referring to himself and last but not least that idol dance challenge had been going on and hundreds or even thousands of people have been doing it but BTS all liked a few people special people who were very famous and it's interesting that among those a few people they also liked the street from this obvious take of shivers you can literally see the tiger and bunny sign emoji under tweets they wrote it we don't know who liked it exactly but it's just very interesting how they even did that because it is a big deal which brings us to this point that the si theory can be the case but CI or Co Theory seem to still be going on we are still not sure if these are just hints or they might actually come out or we don't know but there is another thing that I have to mention that Michael the whole thing during the press conference they had lastly RM said that something big is coming and said that he hopes you understand that this is something they had to do for themselves once it comes sugar also said that a new olives coming that is about everything people had been talking about lately and also Jean said that their contract with big hit is coming to an end but they are negotiating things with each other and the big head so hopefully we would hit good news from them so it's really interesting how all of this are happening at the same time I still don't know if tick are real for sure or which theory is true but there's are still theories that I wanted to mention what does matter is that no matter what happens I'm going to have their backs and support of however I can and I really hope you do




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