Threat Briefing for All Humanity with Gerald Clark

by: Gerald Clark

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this is Gerald Clark November 8 2017 today I'm gonna present a subsection to you of a threat document that I found in my print out folders that has been sitting around since about 2004 2005 this was submitted by an anonymous author and after reading the document and seeing how he describes himself clearly he's an alien whoever he is from some other race that apparently is wants to help mankind this is a link to the full document I couldn't find it on the original website from the document that I had so I took some important document sections out of the document and only I'm going to read the highlighted sections for you the purpose of this document is to provide humanity with information about hidden threats that exist to the free will and self-determination of mankind extraterrestrial societies international organizations and domestic shadow governments are described as threats there are three so all three of these sources of threats must be considered together because they are all interrelated ancient history I'm actually going to read all this part to you because it's very very good in order to understand the nature of the threats facing humanity it's necessary to know what events have taken place and what it's brought us to the point we are today this section describes the origins of modern civilization and the effects that extraterrestrials that have had upon human development seventy-five million years to go an intergalactic Federation existed consisting of 75 planetary civilizations however this Federation was overcome by a catastrophe resulting in a cultural desert with fragmentation overpopulation and war 50 million years ago tall blond entities from the Andromeda galaxy used a black hole to enter the Milky Way galaxy near Arcturus they settled in the lie Rijn system 22 million years ago the lire and wars began portions of the lion population settled in the Orion Taurus and era constellation on earth early human development evolved slowly for the first hundred fifty million years then this is where it starts getting good two million years ago the Ile ahem came to the earth from the Alban Aldebaran system they were all human species with blonde hair and fair skin and they departed with over 10,000 of our simian ancestors these are the ones mentioned in the Bible hundreds of years later they returned to deposited more advanced genetically engineered rates that could use tools and fire the Elam have returned seven times with a period of 23,000 years to accelerate human evolution depends of what they were accelerating it for right now oftentimes to heal him the Anunnaki are spoken out side-by-side because it looks like the mmm the ELA ham were via gigi workers that were giants when they bred with humans so we have evidence of that four hundred fifty thousand years ago the auto knock you settle on her from planet nibiru at mesopotamia it's interesting didn't call them planet mardukan else I called it Nibiru and this is the exact timeframe that I'm working to in Odyssey key three hundred thousand years ago a great civil war began on regal with the Orion constellation peaceful tall blondes escaped the Procyon system in canis minor those who remained on regal became the tall Grey's with genetic damage through their nuclear weapons exchange that's interesting two hundred eight thousand years ago the tall grace reconstituted their power base and began the Markab Empire this is very important gonna see this again with the short race from Betelgeuse and Concord Procyon covertly with mind control a hundred thousand years ago the Anunnaki mated with Neanderthal beings to form CRO Magnum terrestrial beings as genetic hybrid for mining purposes that's in our story as well 70,000 years ago with Maria and Atlantean civilizations began to flourish this generally agrees with record saying eight but as as long ago as eighty thousand years ago fifty thousand years ago 75 thousand rebellious beings left the pleads and Santa and earth were they flourished by the way that's about the same timeframe that thought says he wrote the Emerald tablets when they left for the land of CAM 40,000 years ago war broke out nearly all on earth were destroyed a few escaped to another planet the survivors on earth became wild and and generated degenerated kind of like that 35 years thousand years ago those who escaped returned and rebuilt Lemuria and Atlantis 30,000 years ago the current Homo sapiens began in the Andes it'd be interesting to see if there's genetic evidence for that 12,000 years ago the end of the last ice age by the way Lemuria and Atlantis are destroyed by global catastrophes 6,000 years ago the Sumer of civilization thrived between the Tigris and Euphrates River II of present-day Iraq and 5,000 years ago civilization spread to Europe and the Indus Valley of India and we're gonna get into some recent history now this is kind of interesting in 1932 Adolf Hitler directed German scientists to work on aircraft designs using advanced technology were provided by grey entities from inside the earth in 1933 Franklin D Roosevelt became president of the United States Roosevelt was a Mason at the time when interaction with the gray entities began with the US government in the winter of 33 34 on July 1934 aboard a naval ship in Balboa the first deal there's the first contract 1934 was made between the United States and the gray aliens the agreement stated the aliens would not interfere our affairs so we'd not interfere in theirs it allowed the aliens established underground bases on US soil exchange for alien technology but sure they knew that when they went into world - mmm during the winter of 3637 there was another wave of increased sightings over Scandinavia and 38 the Germans began flying experimental craft using unconventional power sources and methods obtained from a downed alien craft also in 38 the US government engaged orson welles into the world of worlds broadcasts - in order to gauge public reaction to the idea of alien contact here's what Roswell comes in in 1947 a powerful u radar unit crashed of several alien disks in the four corners that are in the US the most notable of which were at Roswell and hastag New Mexico the disks recovered had a reptilian species on board as well as the bodies of US Air Force pilots that had been mutilated the disk crash at Roswell netted one live alien that was referred to as an EBE for extraterrestrial biological entity and if you've read the Roswell alien interview report that EBE had a name and it was a IRL and she disclosed this military officer that was using an alien gray body disclosed massive amounts of information to this twenty thirty three-year-old Army nurse highly worth the read President Truman knew nothing about aliens prior to this time he responded quickly to keep everything about the aliens secret and established a group of 12 top military scientific personnel to deal with the aliens they were known as the majestic 12 and the group still exists today with different representatives in September of 47 President Truman calls the National Security Act to be passed creating the Central Intelligence Agency in order to hide the activities of the government and the alien problem CIA mind control projects began in Bethesda Naval Hospital project sign was created on December 30th 1947 at Wright Field to investigate disk technology capabilities and performance the Navy auxilary field in the groom mountains of Nevada was chosen as the place to do the testing in 1953 members the Pleiadian race has turned out to be a friendly one you'll see met with President Eisenhower to warn him about the greys and offer their help but to receive their help the people who will plant would have to stop killing each other stop polluting and destroying the earth and request their help was one people their help was refused because they would not provide advanced technology sounds about right so later it was decided by the government to communicate with the greys and possibly acquire advanced technology they also wanted to find out more about both the aliens and the roles that are playing in mutilations and abductions of humans and animals project Sigma a joint NSA CIA project communicate with the alien species was successful the aliens told the government that their abductions of humans were for medical examination purposes only diplomatic relations were established in a meeting was held between elements of the US government the greys from the Markov Empire member we read about those ones earlier on April 25th 1954 at 6 p.m. at Holloman Air Force Base ok the representatives of the ebon as they called them safe was krill kr triple L no vowels and confined to an electromagnetically secure facility at near Los Alamos a secret treaty was negotiated with the ebon by the United States government the agreement made and contains some of the following provisions and by the way somebody had asked on my Facebook page that the alien contracts be exposed and hopefully this is accurate and will expose some of the agenda the u.s. you're the terms of the contract the US would not reveal the alien presence that would not interfere with alien operations the u.s. would allow the aliens to maintain underground bases on US soil hmm the US would allow the aliens to abducted citizens on a periodic and limited basis for medical examination provided that the people will return unharmed you know without memory of the interaction wonder if that's where the source of the movie men and black came from the aliens would furnish a periodic list of abductees through the new NSC excuse me

the aliens would provide the US with advanced technology that's what they really wanted to finance these black projects without being accountable of the US Congress the government allowed Lucky Luciano to return to Italy in 1949 heroin began flowing into the United States in the 1950s today the US government is the largest purchaser and distributor of heroin and cocaine in the world primarily the CIA and the Delta security forces sponsored by the NRL were involved by April of 1954 the US began to suspect that the aliens were abducting a larger number of people they'll be reported to the NSC they realized they had made in air and trusting the aliens the purpose of the abductions turned out to be insertion of an implant device for biological monitoring tracking and control the abductee implementation of a post ignited suggestion to carry a specific activity during a specific period termination of some people for biological materials and substances termination of an individual's who represented a threat to their activities affect genetic engineering experiments and impregnation of human females for the creation of crossbred high hybrid infants so the aliens had violated the agreement the government realized there was little they could do but to try to keep the information classified to prevent panic they became increasingly obvious to mj-12 that things from not going as planned the extent and number of persons missing each year is a closely guarded government secret but since 1980 there have been at least 20,000 children reported missing each year and there have been over 14,000 cattle mutilations since 1973 and over 20 million Americans have reported seeing a UF in 1961 President Kennedy was dissatisfied with some areas in the covert government mint structure and he threatened to go public about the alien presence in 62 the Bilderbergers met to discuss the ultimatum in 63 mind control experiments began in Warminster england within a month after President Kennedy's assassination that Bilderbergers met again to formulate their plans on April 15th - intelligence personnel met with aliens in the New Mexico desert to arrange a meeting on April 25th at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico in order to solve the problem with the greys I've been there by the way here is a section called alien messages and I'm gonna skip through a lot of this but key point is that there was some corroboration here on some some it looks like grey aliens that were living on Mars and they returned a crop circle in response to the Arecibo message and there were three symbols that were raised above the rest they indicated the planets of Earth Mars in the Blue Room however it was a symbol for Mars that was located directly below this alien humanoid body so it looked like they were occupying Mars the conclusion from that long report on Arecibo and I have summarized it quite a bit if the information presented is accurate we now know that we are not alone in the universe there is intelligent life on Mars and on the planet debris roof we know the general form and size of what they look like the composition of their DNA and their population we also know how they communicate and most importantly they want to communicate with us but what this information does not tell us is why they want to communicate with us and share their advanced technology or what their intentions may be next section is on threat assessment the subsection relating to foreign threats presents information about extraterrestrial societies that have come to earth the origins physiology motives and current activities of each species is described in detail and there's a lot of them as a matter of fact you'll see here in a minute there's 70 species and only details nine of them and even the detailing of an item it's quite extensive so I'm gonna skip through and just read the highlighted part the subsection relating the international threats presents information about secret societies both global and regional as well as satanic cults now remember that the beginning of the document says the three threats were all related okay and this is how they're related is by this alien contract mankind is suffering from a form of Darkness for most of its history the creator source he's talking about the crater wall is love and light and it's incapable of generating such a hideous form of energy he's talking about this evil energy that's doing what it's doing creation in order to create has a positive and negative polarity our beings of light in both sides of the energy forms that make up the whole the beings on the negative pole play an important part in creation without it creation could not exist creation and destruction happen at the same time and I've said that many many times this particular point I included in my screenplay by the way Odyssey key when beings wish to create they were instructed they must go to their creator in order to receive the lightning energy in the form of love so that anything created would follow its evolutionary path the higher states of consciousness however eons ago some of these beings of the negative polarity decided they could create their own energy it created clones of themselves which took on a life of their own they have no soul light from the creator of all they began multiplying and replicating themselves this is the face of evil it has been termed the Luciferian consciousness however evil is known among the galactic star Nations by another more accurate term artificial replicating viral intelligence or AR VI for short the visiting negative malevolent astronaut gods of long ago were physical replicating strains of a RBI this includes all of the abnormal greys and reptilian lines of malevolent alien forms okay and by the way he didn't mention the blondes or any of these other or the Anunnaki or the Nephilim for that matter it's interesting these beings learned how to tap in the light body for beings in different galaxies they would suck the life out of them they grew enormous in their appetite they designed implants and ways of controlling beings so they were enslaved like herds of cattle to be milked whenever their light was needed they yeah the arv I need to keep beings in the state of fear your leeches light from human beings through the recordings and implants that are attached to most people they are v I created a huge storage supply system to keep stores of light energy recordings and implants are connected this vast storage system we've actually seen this in the movies where humans are essentially equated to a battery this is the reason for the kidnappings and brutalizing of so many humans where we thought experiments are visited upon these people DNA both human and animal is harvested in order to keep replicating the various AR VI strains any abduction that is forced upon humans which is disrespectful in the denial of free will is perpetuated by a are bi strains ar VI has human servant hosts that are rewarded when they perform acts of evil by feeding the host ego plenty of money and power all wants and desires are fulfilled but if a servant rebels then AR VI destroys it this is how humans sacrifice to be down on earth the viral intelligence Luciferian consciousness was a fearful demonic God that demanded to be fed blood and turned it would not bring violence to a tribe blood sacrifice is still being offered up to a RvR through violence hatred war and greed ar VI has been clever in convincing some of humanity that is part of the family of souls that the creator created AR VI strains can appear to be very loving on the surface real beings have been duped into making agreements in contracts to give AR VI the DNA that it needs in order to keep replicating itself the story that some of the greys tell their star system collapsing and MTG help from the earth is not true these AR VI strains take advantage of human compassion in order to do people into cooperating with them believing they are assisting space brothers at a time of need let it be known that all such contracts can and should be avoided next section is foreign threats are you the universe is immense and full of life intelligent life is concentrated in some places more than others it's a great diversity of life in the galaxy our world exists in an area of congregation with many inhabited worlds our world is being scrutinized by many powerful forces societies exist in the universe at every conceivable level of social and spiritual development and in countless expressions there are vast areas that are unexplored and sparsely populated where many societies live in secret many have never been discovered that's interesting because there's over a hundred civilizations here on planet earth that live in remote places that have yet to be discovered it's hard to believe in it the universe is a rigorous existence serve survival is a difficult and competitive environment it is not a heavenly state everyone in the universe must deal with the rigors of physical life of survival hardship competition and deprivation Wars and great conflicts do occur in there do occur in the universe but they're very rare resources are valuable and so the destruction of resources is generally looked upon with disfavour rebellions and internal disputes are more common it is better just to persuade a race to come into alliance with you than to try to overtake them by force so advanced nations have become powerful in influencing mental environments as societies become more technically advanced the need for resources become greater and the preservation of natural resources is emphasized in many cases home worlds have outstripped their research tool they have become barren and unproductive that is why Earth is viewed with such great interest it is rich in mineral and biological resources strategically located and accessible to many civilizations fortunately for us our world cannot be conquered for we live in a region that is governed by rules of conduct this means that our world cannot become a part of a larger Association unless humanity visibly demonstrates that we agree to it and while I wonder what that would look like humanity doing one thing as a whole unit I just don't see it because there are many societies in our region of space they tend to hold each other in check and will take legal action against one another should the rules of conduct be violated in our region of space societies are not allowed to have military forces only security forces for their own defense so this brings up an issue of the legality of weaponizing space that's not defense oriented true democracy does exist in the universe but it's very rare they must be very strong in their dealings with societies in space there's no one empire that is predominant because there was too much diversity of life here there are many warm marvelous and wondrous creations and there are many societies that have achieved a very high state of awareness but they remain in them of minority collectives are different from empires that they have no source home planet they have a group of planets that are dissimilar they have joined together usually through conquest and persuasion and become a formidable force empires are usually centered in one world a region by race collectives are made up of many races collectives may encompass hundreds of worlds and exist beyond vast reaches of space they are always interested in gaining new allegiances and new members they are highly organized and have a hierarchical structure and they have a hive mentality they're not Miller collectives are not military powers they're economic powers their focus is on trade resource acquisition and building alliances there are many collectives functioning in our region other nations have established defenses against collectives intervention in their trade Commerce and internal affairs collectives must abide by rules of conduct or face grave consequences it must use negotiation diplomacy and influence collectives do not have an artistic appreciation of earth they need our resources and the earth as a prize the best among any nuclear weapons triggered their intervention on this planet they realized that if we became strong and had greater technological power their intervention here would become more difficult to achieve they believed that they cannot wait they seek to have humanity believe that they will save us from our own destruction because they are prevented from having a military presence they must wait take a long time and be very subtle in their influence with humanity they want our help because they cannot breathe our air and take our resources themselves they want to add humanity to collective community and mentality they want us to become part of that this adds to their strength it minimizes resistance this is why there's such an investment in time and energy in gaining our allegiance in bonding with humanity through interbreeding and in establishing a deep and pervasive association in order to gain control over us they must have us welcome them want what they have to offer seek their assistance and believe that we need their help in order to satisfy the restraints that are placed upon them according to the rules that have been established sources for non-human entities originate in different sectors in space both on an inside planets and planetoids our moons and in different harmonic frequency bands and dimensions that are outside the perspective range of humans as well as outside linear matter energy and space and time so in other words you can't see them in four to seven hundred nanometers there are over seventy seven zero extraterrestrial species interacting with this planet at this time this was in 2005 there are nine that are the most active and they generally classified into three groups human looking smooth skinned humanoids and scaly rough skin reptilians okay I'm like I said I'm there's there's nine of them he calls out here and instead of going through every single one of them I'm kind of gonna just read the highlighted section so here's some human looking ones human this includes interdimensional entities the blond species and aliens masquerading as humans although human looking extraterrestrials generally appear to be ability benevolent toward humanity there are many of them it but influence controller possessed by malevolent beings any apparent alien who was essentially human and Caucasian in appearance even though sometimes very tall maybe called a blonde though many are tall blond haired and blue tides certainly all or not even some of the American Indian connection may be considered blond in origin there are many factions of these aliens from different places with different motivations this is on the andhra medians these Institute's are very beautiful they're lively built and very thin this race is so spiritually evolved they no longer require a physical body there are almost beings of light energy they are illuminated in light they're very tall instead eight to ten feet in height the mythology they referred to as the winged gods they believe that we all came from the same source that we were all created in light it is the common bond between us so apparently they're somewhat benevolent toward us and according to him they're back and they're here to make sure the truth comes out this could be part of the white hats and all the stuff that's going on with up next one's the Pleiadians their home well at Worlds the plant era which is very similar to the earth they're humans with few physical differences their skin is whiter than humans as a result of higher evolution there are seven million years several million years older than humanity the Palladian live a more spiritual lifestyle this means that they are experiencing and learning more with their spiritual senses than with their material senses there are no medical problems they're able to control their health through psychic balance the lifespan for a plating is more than 700 years how about the the ability to project thoughts to another place on the planet is very common in listen and is the socially accepted method of visiting mMmmm so they remote telemetry their thoughts to another place on the planet pleading it played IANS on arrow live a utopian world free of pollution war hunger and disease thanks to advanced technology and spiritual awareness because the population communicates by telepathy there's no dishonesty all basic necessities are provided freely and anything beyond that is required through individual barter there's no money and hence no Eirik irrational grasping for wealth and power the Pelagians have no economic spat do you have a system of sharing the resources of their world material possessions are all provided based on their contribution to the community hmm the people live in more rural settings and keep a distance from each other so they're spread out all over the over the planet not live in big cities nearly all the manufacturing production of products for living is done on other planets and their solar system so it's not to upset the ecology on their planet sounds like they set up a NAFTA long time ago and outsource their manufacturing to other countries let them pollute themselves it is the desire the Pleiadians to stimulate the human consciousness through the dissemination of information so the amana can make the necessary changes to create a new world based on salome which is plaiting word meaning peace and wisdom interesting next is the probe Pro sigh onehans the pro science have been nicknamed Swedes they were averaged between six and six and six and a half feet tall from the dog star let's see they're from a star the runts person okay we were physically almost identical to humans there's there apparently some that are telepathic and some that are not both types are careful to avoid exposure and usually encounter humans in quiet isolated places they contact females more frequently they may just stare and observe humans and retreat the blondes do not seem to age and constantly appear to be 27 or 35 years old no matter what their real age may be and there's some issue going there's conflict between the blondes and the greys and apparently they sometimes take each other captive the tall blondes from Procyon have a benign attitude towards humanity except for their strong disapproval of our inhumanity to each other the strong disapproval is further intensified by the fact that our governments made a secret alliance with their hereditary enemies the greys in order to obtain even more destructive weapons than those that were already in existence our government's not interested in negotiating with a proceed pro se onehans as they would not provide us with weapons systems aliens masquerading as humans the purpose of aliens who masquerade its humans are so that they may perform certain activities on earth without suspicion these activities include the study of human development the transfer of information humanity and the direct intervention of control of human activities for alien purposes aliens who have been acting in this matter include the following Pleiadians Nordiques called a Xian's octarians and the great controlled by otro drones or droids and some other greys smooth-skinned humanoids and he gives several of them short grades human gray in her braids Zeta Reticulans Syrians and sectoid z-- and others I'm going to do that I'm going to do some of the ones that I've highlighted here because they're they're interesting some of the various 22 subspecies of greys 22 subspecies originally started out as tall blond haired humanoids in the Rygel system but were subject to heavy radiation due to nuclear exchanges of the law over a long period of time changing their DNA at the point where some of the species that became stunted misshapen doors how interesting there are two main types of the tall very species have called themselves the ebon type one of the Orion greys are about seven to eight feet tall and they're extremely aggressive toward humans type 2 of the tall razor be six and seven feet tall and of external genitalia okay let's go on the great speech this is not based on individualization or being an individual entity these beings have a technological superiority but they appear to be lacking in spiritual and social sciences this is evidence and their obvious lack of warmth emotionality respect relative humans they can sometimes obtain momentary pleasure in terms of motivation but tuning in on human wavelengths via telepathy connected radio OTT radionics at devices they react to intense human emotions such as ectis ecstasy or agony that blanket couples for sexual thrills and are drawn to aberrant and sexual deviance the Markov sees the ones that thus we the government signed a contract with use sex pain drugs and fear as obsessive elements with which to a berate humans there appears to be much subtle conditioning that has helped preparer for certain aliens however it's now clear that the aliens have made technology available to the secret government are not bulletins benevolent but are our enemies as they do the abductions lied to see are generally malevolent and are apparently implementing a very carefully planned covert invasion which includes the brutal and inhumane use of humans and animals for advanced genetic experimentation and crossbreeding it is a strategy whereby the malevolent aliens are building a Faustian alliance with the secret government to enable them to effectively claim the earth for their own with humanity's unwitting consent before any other aliens are able to affect appropriate contact within the constraints of the so called universal laws to which other rare alien races supposedly adhere the malevolent aliens have claimed their total authorship of the religions as a means to inculcate humanity's dependence and prospective allegiance to them at reverence of them their apparent behavior indicates an attempt to leverage that claim claimed authorship to their own benefit by placing themselves in a position of being gods or gods to find messengers the short greys the larger Grey's use smaller cloned big-headed Gray's to perform abductions and examination work is these grace abductees you see most of the time they were they're referred to as the Bell attract species from Betelgeuse in the and consolation they're approximately 3.5 to 4 point 5 feet tall and have an average weight of about 40 pounds moving on human gray inner breeds thousands of years ago many races interbred here to create an intelligent adaptive being but the current interbreeding is to create humans that will serve the visitors interbreeding enables them to establish a president's and commanding influence here and interbreeding has been going on for several generations it's becoming very successful there are also hybrids that actually possess the visitors consciousness soon the visitors will be able to live on the surface of our planet permanently Zeta Reticulans these are the SATA reticular greys I guess they have an insect based genetic system Reticulans infinite we highly aware grouping of entities that function it's a social memory complex individuality appears to exist but is overshadowed by the group mine the Reticulans are millions of years old as a species and have a weakened DNA structure as a result of conflicts involved nuclear radiation the Reticulans are ever light on artificial reproduction or cloning and face extinction from incurable diseases and they are creating hybrid human Reticulans capable of mating with humans the basic objectives of the Reticulans is use nullification and domination to control the leaders of various target targeted civilizations they accomplish this by taking out the leaders and replacing them with entities they can control the syrians from the dog star the syrians are a hybrid race with traits that are similar to the blondes and reptilian species they're similar in appearance to humans except for the eyes which have vertical slit pupils and an elongated nose they have short blond body hair under the tight-fitting bodysuit uniforms that they wear the syrians are actively involved in a war with the graves from the Orion constellation they have formed an alliance with the tall blonds against the greys they are working in underground bases on earth for the purchase of abducting humans and programming them they are also performing genetic work there with human forms this is interesting the insignia over their left breast is triangular in shape with either three pair of lines across it or a winged serpent inside it a winged serpent we've been seeing that one a lot so it looks like they have an alliance with alpha cat draconians possibly as well other smooth-skinned humanoids another group of entities that it's more pessimistic view of human fitness for being in charge of the planet's resources a very large humanoid race that are described in the book of Genesis as the Nephilim literally Giants were impregnated human females and then gave birth to Giants this race is reported to originate from the constellation Lyra and habits the planet nibiru I believe these were the AGG that we're talking about being brought by with the OTO naki there's a non world presence of humanoid races that ever stood this historically assisted humanity in its evolutionary development such a race has been the remnants of the ancient Lemuria and Atlantis lampion civilizations that established large crystalline cities inside the earth crust up that banding their city civilizations established on the air surface and Thoth was one of these by the way from Atlantis they are at all Nordic looking race living in a subterranean city under the North Pole strictly speaking this group is not extraterrestrial Loranger but simply a sub terrestrial humanoid race that is genetically linked to humanity that's interesting this this one I really like the scaly rough spin reptilians everybody wanted to know if the Anunnaki or reptilians well they're not but apparently they're in cahoots with them some of them are scaly rough skin humanoids describe the appearance of the reptilian species from the Draco constellation and the capella system for the most part we're dealing with another species that is humanoid in shape but reptilian and heritage their leadership elite are the Draco that have special wings which are flaps of skin supported by long ribs these can be folded back against the body they are also known as the dragon race now interesting and their symbology usually including includes a winged serpent that's for Matt Lacroix mm-hmm brings into question how this alpha draconian race used the same symbols as what Father used in Egypt and in Mesopotamia I mean yeah Mesopotamian also in Mito America there are elements of their species do not have wings okay let's go on they have three fingers without opposing thumb the eyes are cat-like and large they have twin nostrils at the end of a short stubby muzzle and there are mostly meteors the mouth is more like a slit but they do have teeth that are differentiated in a size of canines and molars they average from 6 to 7 feet in height the reptilian amphibian humanoids have been interacting over for many ages many contexts and abducted abductees repeatedly describing insignia of a flying serpent on the shoulder patch badge medallion or helmet the serpent race lives under the ground these are the alpha-draconians or the draconian the de crone chrony and draconian group is a confederation with it subgroups the serpent race from Syria is apparently part of that and various cross breeds they set up bases inside of Venus the earth and other locations earth is on their ancient space trade route the Draco are about eight feet tall have winged appendages coming other shoulders dark scaly skin and a glowing red eyes they have the ability to fly and usually operate at night these entities as well as the elite of other reptilian species that also have winged appendages were the source of the legends of the past relating to gargoyles and Valkyries that movie the gargoyle scared me as a kid anyway it's also apparent that some of the qualities described in vampires had also been taken from these creatures some reptilians he humans like wheat chicken wee-wee though to wear vet or vegan so huh and in the United States our great underground food storage rooms full of preserved human bodies it's in that something whatever McDonald's makes hamburgers out of them sometimes the bodies are those of children it's not only children but also adults at reptilian tea however children are preferred because they are not poisoned with substances like caffeine nicotine alcohol and other things that adults are saturated with the reptilians excuse me

the repeal the reptilians don't seem to be dependent on humans as food source although part of their experimental work with us as toward that end of future food supply production or they become involved with crossbreeding humans are reptilians they are not doing it for racial survival but for the purpose of creating a subclass a slave race within their own culture these half-breeds are to be biological war machines and laborers etc they're to be someone else's property the reptilians seem to have little regard for us as living beings they think we're as ugly and repulsive to them as we ever portrayed them to be and that we the human race are as valuable as weeds I guess it depends on what weeds mm-hmm marijuana is a weed that's driving the whole economies across the world right now so I guess that's not a weed anymore however they do seem to consider some of us valuable property one gets the feeling they will continue to use us as they see fit or if we ever become a real problem as a group they would sooner wipe us out than deal with us they do not figure humanity and consider themselves far superior to humans by all comparisons they supposedly considered the serf of this planet to be a poisonous inhospitable environment allow us to live here since they live below the surface and in space we in our surface environment function a physical buffer or a living shield around their home underground this next section is on risk evaluation and we're getting close to the end of the document here at least the portion that I decided to capture it's 126 page document we're only doing about a subset of 30 pages the following subsections describe the risk humanity from the intervention of extraterrestrial entities this is presented in relation to the impact on religious beliefs global conquest and covert manipulation by malevolent entities covert manipulation refers to sacrificial rituals and trauma based activities by extraterrestrials that coexist with the plans for global global conquest many races have lost their freedom have become a part of a collective entire world have fallen under the control of such collectives freedom is a precious thing in the universe and more than one collective is competing for advantage here that places humanity in the middle there are no neutral parties our world is far too valuable our resources are unique and of considerable worth we expect extraterrestrials to have outgrown deviousness selfishness competition and conflict but this is not so Greater technologies is not raised mental and spiritual strength just because someone can fly around in a spacecraft does not mean they are more advanced the spiritually advanced do not go about intervening in other people's worlds they may send messages through observers but they do not intervene the spiritually advanced remain hidden and seek insulation from other forces in the universe the best position to have the universe to be self-sufficient independent and extremely discrete races to keep their freedom must be strong United and insulated from outside influences our world contains the resources for an environment that others seek for themselves however they need our help to obtain it they do not seek to destroy us but to have us become part of their collective and service to them the intervention is not a mystery it's nature's expression of intelligent beings and a struggle for survival history shows how indigenous people were overcome by foreign powers who can event advantage and wealth making them vulnerable now we are the indigenous people powerful intervening forces come to establish themselves through subtle means by uniting with humanity for their own authority there are many different collectives competing for preeminence here that is why there are so many different kinds of crafts seen with different races our isolation is over and will never have it again as part of the threats one of the sections is religious consequences I think this one's worth reading because between government and religion they control most of the world's popular several groups of extraterrestrials wish to establish themselves as gods or religious leaders they seek to gain Allegiance through religious and spiritual motivations these entities would like to have religious institutions govern our nations and they would like us all to have religious values because this is fundamentally acquiescence and Submission it would be heralded as a great advancement for Humanity this would be a new unification equanimity and spirit over instincts religions control our dedication allegiance more than governments religions make us weak and vulnerable to divine guidance our spiritual produces predispositions and ideals are being greatly manipulated extraterrestrials seek to convince our religious leaders they also contact those who are sensitive receptive and cooperative people longing for redemption of the most vulnerable they say we're gonna lift humanity spiritually the extraterrestrials will offer peace in a redemption of the return of our religious beliefs our leaders believers must discern these influences and counteract them religions must have integrity in order to serve in a genuine way they will try to pacify and reeducate through a religious persuasion they will use our identification with Jesus and has promised to return extraterrestrials can predict images of religious saints angels and leaders this is quite shocking here his second coming is being prepared now people will assume that this is the return of their Saviour and teacher the one claiming to be Jesus will be born and bred for this purpose by extraterrestrials and will look human excuse me he will have greater abilities seem altruistic and will perform acts that will engender fear or great reverence this Jesus will project images of angels demons or whatever desired he will engender followers encourage alienation or destruction of the non-believers there will be a ferocity of religious beliefs expressed in violent ways against those who disagree and against weaker nations in the name of God the people that are believers will be valued as useful and the others will be discarded the extraterrestrials don't care how many humans died as long as they have allegiance by the majority boy and what we seen that through history a uniform religion of fundamentalism will be established based on the past allegiance to Authority and conformity to the institution other religions will be allowed only if there is order Allegiance and conformity and you have a 501c3 non profit from the government so that's conformity we you have to be where you're being controlled just so you know that goes for every church in the United States global conquest it's now clear the aliens have made technology available to the secret government are not benevolent but are our enemies respect for Humanity is rare in the universe many other races determine our value and worth by what we own or what we can trade sell or surrender this is the nature of life technology does not change this if you believe that technologies are our salvation then you will be saved for another race that is technology technologically superior they believe we cannot rule ourselves and we will destroy the world so they think that is their right and privilege to intervene they think we are like animals and they will bring order and structure here the extraterrestrials think they are providing a great service in our wholeheartedly persuasive they do not believe that we will mount a resistance against them would be effective and are sure that their secrets and agenda are well preserved they do not seek to destroy us but they will destroy anything they think will interfere with them entire worlds have fallen under control of such collectives we're valued only as being useful if not we'll be discarded visitation has occurred without our agreement or permission and the visitors presence is growing we are studied without our permission as laboratory experiments so they can take advantage of everything we are and everything that we have this is not a military invasion this is a subtle invasion it is inducement and persuasion the visitors will offer peace order beauty and tranquility which is what we all want they will offer what you want and say what you want to hear they will promise offer and do anything to achieve their goals the visitors would use our values beliefs rituals and traditions they would use religion to get our trust that they know what is best for us the visitors intend on having us be simple within ourselves Ramez me the movie idiocracy they seek to disable our inner vision and knowledge the visitors isolate us from our knowledge within and make us completely pet independent so we will follow orders with no power to resist teachings have been introduced that teach human acquiescence the suspension of critical spiritual Billie's enter value only pleasure and comfort hedonism they seek governments and religions through which they can control all they need them receptive and cooperative government officials will be promised greater power and technology world domination will be promised either through ideas that are sent in the minds of people or face-to-face meetings the technology this offer will not be advanced unique secret or sacred to the visitors it will be basic space propulsion electronic energy and methods of production many will succumb to the offerings of wealth power and control domination and advantage over others there's so many that just are so willing to sell out their fellow man that doesn't give me a lot of hope whatever strength and powers given them will be only a temporary bestow collectives believe deception to be ethical because they think that we will destroy the world without their help and they believe in the superior of their race so let them use you if you want but they'll probably trash you when they're done with you religious leaders deem cooperative and receptive are promised that their organization will become predominant in a new world order and that their teachings will extend beyond our world they'll be promised preeminence in our world and their beliefs will be acknowledged by the visitors and a deception to gain elite Allegiance when they do not care one iota about religion they appeal the greedy people's quest for power wealth and spiritual fulfillment so they will operate against their own best interest in the belief in the belief that their activities are gained by a greater power they will say we have no war let us teach you how to live in peace harmony and equanimity for those who are not receptive and cooperative their skills will be thwarted and offset they will become the target of mental disruption those who will not cooperate they will be given confusing information and tormented mentally unless they call upon an angelic presence for help how interesting is that I recommend Emerald Tablet 6 for all those looking for one it works zealous representatives of their own religious traditions have a fundamentalism similar to collectives zealous people filled with angered as the world and those who oppose them will be prime candidates to espouse are called cooperation with collectives and destruction of all opposed blind passion fueled by anger and hostility become a consuming force that can be manipulated those who oppose the intervention will be identified and sorted out by the zealots on behalf of the visitors secretly so you can look for religious zealots to sort you out as whether you're a believer or non-believer in this new world religion I definitely am gonna be a dissonant the occupation will be fully realized once it has been fully established yet by then it will be too late to offset its influences without great struggle and sacrifice there will be no freedom we will become nothing but servants bonded to our new masters we'll be enslaved in the powder residual at much greater costs and consequences in order to make the governing powers observing the intervention believe that humanity welcomes that there's great effort to secure an ax series and have people in positions of power and leadership advocate for the visitors presence and affirm their promise of greater wealth power freedom and peace this is a deception within and beyond Earth each year thousands of people are taken or not returned they're not simply conditioned they are kept some perish in captivity some do not survive the process of being captured and some become sick and die those that cannot survive are used as biological resources everything is used according to its value in the universe along with humans as a biological resource in their attempt to breed a hybridized person as a new leadership for Humanity they need all these resources the most secret and hidden part of the intervention is the selling of our biological parts on the black market in the universe hmm the value and demand is significant such trade is illegal and considered morally and ethically reprehensible however many advancing nations have outstripped their own biology and must trade or barter for our biological parts in order to survive the visitors are here to do business and we're part of that business our hands eyes reproductive organs blood plasma and biochemistry are all part of their business to them we are like intelligent life stock useful interesting and commercially important they want to use every part of the world and they want to use every part of us if the intervention is successful the human population we reproduced it to an efficient working class it will be accomplished without outrage and revolution through the disappearance of people who are considered to be uncooperative or descending after they are isolated they'll be taken away and never seen again covert manipulative manipulation this is this is very interesting and this where brings in the Anunnaki the Nordics and the serpent race the Illuminati bloodlines are all are all genetically connected through hybrid DNA a genetic fusion caused by the interbreeding of a reptilian race with humanity and the Nordic extraterrestrial race remember the Nordics were created by the Anunnaki okay so now you got the Anunnaki Nordics mixed with these reptilians this interbreeding breed and hundreds of thousands of years ago and continues to the present day the Nordics were one of the key extraterrestrial races involved with Lemuria in Atlantis they went to war with the reptilians and forced him to flee underground to other locations the universe and two other dimensions the reptilians had been working ever since Erik being control of planet that they believed to be theirs and interbreeding with the Royal bloodlines of the Nordics was the most effective means of doing this Wow oh by the way will assertive reptiles also say that they believed that they deserved control of the planet because they have evolved here they didn't come here from somewhere else that's their claim to fame the Anunnaki interbred with earth races especially the Nordics and their offspring decree but bloodline switch that can manipulate the world while appearing to be human the Anunnaki gods began to hide their true nature and oper hide it operated behind the cover of the human reptilian priesthood by the way this by this time that their Nordics have been infested with the blood of the reptilians and so they call them human reptilian priesthood who are the only people allowed to approach God in addition to residing an underground city complex as the serpent race also resides in the lower end of the fourth dimensional frequency range which vibrates very close to the range of physical human senses in the third dimension it's a parallel universe let me just stop right there and say that we see from four to seven hundred nanometers infrared laser pointers operate at 680 nanometers almost at the end of that spectrum so what they're saying is just beyond that spectrum say 800 nanometers all of a sudden they could see you and you not see them so at all so to operate and manipulate our vibrational level of the planet these 4th dimensional reptilians needed a third dimensional human form that's us this was achieved by creating bloodlines that fused their reptilian DNA with that of humans it is it is - it is to retain this genetic structure that the Illuminati bloodlines have always interbred with each other the genealogy of those in the major seats of global power today can be traced back to the Royal lines the Anunnaki hybrids that ruled Sumeria Egypt and so on the theme of ruling royal families and Emperor's claiming descent and their right to rule from the serpent gods can be found across the ancient world these bloodlines and connections were symbolized by rural emblems in the form of a dragon snake Fink's and plumed serpent or the free cross or wrong the Illuminati Anunnaki manipulate their bloodlines into positions of power and take over those bodies for themselves as possessed souls the rituals conducted by the illuminator cannot controlled secret societies like the Freemasons Knights of Malta Knights Templar etc are one way this is done would you know that would you do that join one of those organizations if you knew that let me say that one more time the ritual is conducted by the Illuminati controlled secret societies are one way this is done so they manipulate him so they could possess their bodies to take over their souls hmm these rituals are designed to create a vibrational environment which the 4th dimensional reptilian and possessed the body these are the people who become the presidents prime ministers banking and business tycoons media owners and others who run or administer the anunnaki Genda so the Anunnaki are at the top of this pyramid and they're using reptilians from another dimension as the infiltrator is almost like a proxy army to run their business so they're the middle managers the worship of the reptilians and their dragon Queens and the placing of their bloodlines in a position of power is the secret of secrets held within all the secret societies there are so many reptilian hosts possessed people in positions of political financial media and military power they can control the physical world from their dimension while the human population thinks that humans are governing them the 13 family bloodlines and their offshoots our orchestrating an agenda to take a the planet that agenda demands a world government central bank currency and army underpinned by a microchip population connected to a global computer network the demonic entities in the malevolent factions of the reptilians are overwhelmed overwhelmingly astral beings that can move between dimensions thus appearing human one minute and then shape-shifting into something else the next satanic and secret society rituals are designed to create the means through which these mostly lower fourth dimensional entities can possess the body of the initiate initiate and also manifest directly in physical form during sacrifices the physical reptilians and hybrids consume the organs of a physical body especially the heart and drink the blood of the victim at the same time the lower fourth dimensional demons or psychic vampires absorb the deeply negative energy generated by such horrors the vibrational frequency of negative emotion like fear and terror resonates the lower fourth dimensional range or density and so those emotions generate energy for the fourth dimensional reptilians and demonic entities energy equals creative power positive or negative they are feeding off human emotions and they manipulate events in the world to trigger the desired emotional responses this cycle is created in which the astral manipulators use their energy to set up physical events these events cause emotional reactions that generate emotional energy this pours into the astral dimensions and the astral entities recycle it back to continue increase the cycles still further the reptilians need to drink human mammalian blood to maintain human form and stop their reptilian DNA codes from manifesting their true reptilian state Thoth describes as the Emerald tablets having a word that could expose their countenance this explains why these bloodlines have always taken part in human sacrifice in blood drinking rituals from the ancient world to the present day this includes people of bloodlines like George Bush Al Gore Bill Clinton Henry Kissinger the war Rockefellers the Rothschilds British Prime Minister's like 10 Heath and the British royal family they also want an adrenaline that enters the bloodstream in large quantities at times of extreme terror hence they have victims who know they are going to be sacrificed and they use the ritual to build their terror of the point of death this allows them to drink blood full of adrenaline reptilian shapeshifters are finding it more difficult to hold their human form the base resonant frequency of the planet is getting closer every day to the fourth dimensional range isn't that interesting I've been saying that for a long time that we're moving toward the galactic center and that according to Thoth and emerald tablets were all moving toward a different state of evolution in our consciousness due to this energy shift sacrificial rituals and blood-drinking increased dramatically from the mid-1980s as the vibrational change forced them to work harder to hold human form it's no coincidence the this period coincides with the completion of their centralized global state now I'm not gonna do much more on this document today I've already gone over an hour here so I want to stop right there and give you all something to truly consider the nature of the threat and what can be done and there are discussions in this talking about what can be done but the bottom line from the author is and I've said this myself as well and I admit it's included in my movie trailers you as a human being have a son soul spirit from the creator wall so if somebody asked permission from the creator of all before you were created and that person had to be inky okay because thankee thankee is the one that imparted energy to the first earth being and manifested us about I think it's two hundred thousand years ago this document says a hundred thousand years ago okay after they came four hundred fifty thousand years ago so it's a complicated situation but the three that really stick in my mind in summer yard the Anunnaki came first they took some of our simian ancestors and modified on they describe producing the crow Magnum from the and earth all using them in the mines just as we stayed in Odyssey key but you have to take into account all these other 70 species that are either collectives or civilizations that are vying for the same resources so so all of a sudden now it gets quite complicated in the symbolism that it's used among these families so the eagle and the snake we thought it was pretty straightforward that was between annual and Thoth pretty much who was representing two different realities relative to human consciousness thought for a new increase it and animal trying to keep you in the slave state as the Demarest so so now you have a little bit more information on the grace the Syrians and some of the other draconian especially they they're the they did seem to be a very scary one to me and I truly think there's a massive parallels between the Lacerta interview on those reptilians that had that encounter with the human and the draconian so maybe y'all take a look and that's that's going to be in for today's general Clark

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I was perusing some of my research notebooks the other day and a thick article "Threats to Human Freedom" jumped out at me and got my attention. I first read this document circa 2005 and tucked the data away in my memory. After flipping through it, realized many were not ready for this data then, but are asking questions that this briefing discusses so decided to share some of the highlights with you and encourage you to read the whole document yourself. This is some heavy chit mon. Correlates relationships between the Anunnaki, the Nordics, Reptilians, and the Grays, fascinating but don't expect to be happy after seeing it.

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