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hello and welcome to my corner of the world today I'm going to share a little treat holder and this came about because I was standing in supermarket queue waiting to pay and right by they right by the area there they had these York patties and they were like three for a dollar and I couldn't pass up a bargain so I bought I bought three and decide then I thought I did decide what I would do with them later so I decided I would make this little sweet or Treat holder here where the little patty will go in like this and then you just pull pop the the little lid cover back in there it all sits there really cute and pretty and I'm gonna share that with you today so I've got my pieces of card and paper already now this piece of card is eight by three so you can actually get three of these out of one piece of eight-and-a-half by eleven card stock and I pre scored it at if I have it this way around one and a half to five and five and a half and then we've got this strip which is an inch by seven inches and again that scored at one and a half to five and five and a half and then this piece of designer series paper which is two and three quarters by two and a quarter and this is from the I think it's pop of paradise DSP pack it's got melon Mambo on the back but on on all the sheets there's black and white on one side and then on the other side there's like yeah black white with melon mom and you can get quite a few of these out of of one sheet so the first thing I'm going to do with my bone folder is to put my score lines in and you need to put these firmly so that it holds it its shape when you start to assemble like that and then I'm going to do exactly the same with my little band and to make sure it's square when I fold it over I'm just making sure all these are lined up level so that I end up with my nice square band my last one perfect so that's that this is the the long end is the flap end so I'm just going to take my fall around though this is the project life calling around I just want to take those corners off and I'm going to do the same for the piece of paper sign a paper you just want to make sure you choose the right two corners and that's going to be on the longest side like that and then I am just going to use a little snail adhesive to stick my designer series paper down just line it up so I get an even border I don't press until I know it's in the right place because then that still gives me time to change if I want to there and then to attach this band I'm going to be using some double-sided tape this is the tear and stick tape and I don't need a lot maybe an and in a little bit I'm going to put it on the two ends or here so that they don't hit the first score line like that and then using my piercing tool I can take the tape off backing off I got a tiny little bit that's gone over the edge I don't want that because it'll start snagging with my with my candy so I'm just folded it back on itself like that and then we're going to be this is how it goes like this so we're going to be lining up this edge here with this the the band and I'm just going to make sure that the first score line matches the edge of the paper and making sure that this is all square here and again nacho shows you how you actually careful if my other end went and stuck tiny little bit of paper off there but that's fine and now I'm going to take the other side and line up like that

there we go and type that bit in so it doesn't continue to stick out I've got on my square piece and then when everything's in place then you can push it all firmly together okay and that's basically it there's a little sleeve when you come to put your your candy in like that will fit in and then this bit falls down here so then to do decoration I've got so this lovely satin ribbon so I am just going to wind it round and I'm just going to tie a single knot right over left left over right in the UK we call it a reef knot here I believe earng States they call it a square knot just that's it I'm just gonna gently pull it down to get it this flat looking as I can and then with my ribbon scissors like that and I want it to one side I'm just gonna smoosh it on up here and it's a little bit long on that side and it's gonna take a tiny bit off the end so not much wastage like that and then to do my final bit of decoration I am going to be using one of the butterflies from Papillon potpourri I chose to use this one and then this is where my sweet treats comes from it's teeny tiny wishes there is a greeting of sentiment for practically every occasion in this it's probably that one of the best investments I ever ever made and so I've got my sweet treats and my butterfly little scrap of cardstock now I'm using flirty flamingo card so I'm going to use the flirty flamingo ink and I'm going to use a scrap strip of white cardstock for my sweet treats like that put away my ink so I don't stick my elbow in it this is the the new label punch from Stampin Up and I want to stamp punch it toward the the end of the of the greeting and then with this punch this is the pretty butterfly punch so I'm just going to look excuse me as I I know that it's lined up well there's that one and then I've got a one inch circle punch and I'm going to just take a bit of black cardstock and cut that and then my glimmer paper and this is the dazzling diamonds glimmer paper and this is just a one and a quarter inch circle so there's our embellishments like that now I'm going to use glue dots to do the assembly that's partly because snail it's a lot to ask of snail to stick to this glimmer paper so I'm just going to put one on the back of the black and then onto the glimmer paper press firmly and then another one on the back of the butterfly and as I put that down I'm gonna layer this piece now it's probably a little bit long there so I'm just going to trim a tiny bit off the ends like that and then I'm gonna stick my butterfly there as well there we go and just pull the wings up a tiny bit just to give it some life and then we come with the the treat holder now we want to position this so that when we put the the lid cover down it's going to be caught behind here so you need to just smooch your ribbon down until it's in a good place and I can't tell you how far that is it just you just sort of eyeballing it and I'm gonna be positioning it like that and I want my butterfly to be all to one you know to be sort of sideways rather than straight up and so I know I need to put my dimensional under this part here now I'm also gonna put a little glue dot underneath this piece of ribbon just to hold it firm when it has the weight of the embarrassment on there it might start moving on me so I'm going to do that press it firmly down then get a dimensional and as I say I want to put it towards the bottom of my butterfly and then just hold that in place where I want it to be and then encourage everything to move out of the way there we go and so there it just was slot in there so there's that trick there's all three of them now my original idea was sparked by Linda Curacao she made one for cookies which was too big for what I needed so I started to play with with some old sugar paper craft paper and just made up a mock-up and got my measurements and and my score lines in in the right place before I started on my card and then I made my first one and this was my first one and it when I when I started to assemble it I realized that this was really too long up here this piece was too long I had too much cardstock and you can see that because of that it's kind of all sort of wonky it's not firm it's not holding everything from so then I just rethought the the measurements and took about a half an inch off and then I am it fitted perfectly and it's nice and firm it's not all all sort of wibbly-wobbly like this one it's all nice and firm so that's basically how I work with my 3d projects I start with with the item I'm got some scrap paper and then once I know my measurements then I'll start working on some these nice cardstock and paper anyway so I hope you've enjoyed this one all the supplies are available in my online store and there's going to be a link just down here in a few moments and I look forward to seeing you next time

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Welcome to my 99th Video! Join me in making this treat holder which will hold one of the large individually wrapped York Patties, using all Stampin' Up! products. Thank you for watching my video I truly appreciate your interest. Why not go ahead and leave me a comment :-)
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