Juma’s Last Rites, Bukusu Community Burial Rituals

by: Kenya CitizenTV

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this man would not dare let go risking a plummets to the ground should he do so good an anonymous second a component of a body the helicopter he was all carrying the body of Jacob Zuma the businessman who was shot and killed last Thursday for these few moments this man had his life in his hands he said the chopper attempted to land because of the swelling crowd could not touchdown when it took off in search of a different landing site the man could not have it attempts to set him down proved futile as a logistics proved too tricky to maneuver for the pilot the man sustained injuries and was taken to the boo garment district hospital and was later arrested by police meanwhile preparations for Juma's barrel were in top gear in bukhoma some forty five Bulls set to be slaughtered to feed mourners at the funeral gamma mu Talackova where - to the guapa new zoo mimosa allowed to die - my Tina heal immortal amia an anonymous you must set to be buried Saturday because the community Alda explained the procedure normally adopted for such a ceremony if they elect to do it the traditional way a lava to Ana Kuja when a later model Naima Dawa oh cool oh um Paco good night oh cool oh you didn't buy an acquittal a semi a combi will you fuckin Nene then I won't get on a mud run back a makeover nanum party animal serve sama dama now a semi-coma komatsuna mood to query i define a hickey tender turn attack i wanna connect with delivery for days no no no a mood to like a mother say oh no no your mood wanna patacon however the family is clear there will be no such thing at the burial ladoga c'mon Adama do easily Bobby of minimum oof the Adama dunya only way over to a diorama potato now our Yin denial using a disaster Qibla usually I do value money regarding leaders and their parts continue to call for those who killed Juma as he was driving home alone are obese Lantana Road to be brought to book he watching a figure Nia she'll catch a movie yes fucking Lillee a llama Sileo Peter Lily need you ma win again De Luca Natasha I just never knew - who's - a manager who's deaf amore when you must another jingles again unifier however family representatives have warned that politicking over the matter will not do much in achieving justice and could just be a tool by politicians to gain mileage hehe Yahoo Google llamamos for our preparations continue as the late Jacob Zuma was the last born in a family of 27 children is laid to rest tomorrow

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