Hermitcraft 5: Episode 82 - The HERMIT HURTERS!

by: Mumbo Jumbo

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[Music] this is my time you know what I completely forgot we're doing a Halloween related project but we haven't mentioned anything about Halloween yet I completely if you knew it was Halloween I'm going to try I'm gonna try and put like some cobwebs and stuff on my screen right now yeah we'll look so cool and drain enough cholera but see that real skeleton and zombie on you hylian body hey I'm doing alright yeah not too bad not too bad that was a bit of it that was I mean I'd say I'd rate that out of a skel intros that was probably about a seven a seven out of ten seven yeah well you know you don't see pretty crazy ones yeah okay I'll take it I like the sound effect though that was good that was good yeah someone's gonna say Oh someone has issues with their microphone no I know wasn't me doing sound effects I'm like a beatboxing here yeah that was impressive that was good I like that little dance that you did to show off in your right dude I'm here first of all I'll tell you I'll tell you what my plan is in a little bit I'm super super excited about this today I mean I even voicecrack they're super excited won't you come back your puberty that's how excited you I've gone backwards but before that I mean every single stream and video that I've done I have so many of your fans which I love who whom I love that are saying you must see mumbles aquarium and you wrote me a message when I was in San Francisco like dude you got to see my aquariums I don't know I'm here I want to see it alright okay well if you wouldn't mind coming over here and standing now you need sand you need to stand back a little bit because it's pretty it's pretty crazy so it's a little bit it's all about killing me is it and now a little bit further back a little bit further back okay

that's not how you get to the aquarium I just oh my goodness you told me she told me is that I've just fallen in the hole that is come out of and I can't actually get out so I've I've messed myself up so do it now I'm going down again yeah yeah you'll come back down I just thought I'd send you out for a little a little trip to the top of the base right the way that we get the reason I do that is because every single these buttons look like they open these doors but they don't yes barn opens these doors so we can come here now okay you could install a pulse length - no there you know ya know you have to be pretty lazy to get him lazy well I was spending so much time actually building this place oh my goodness this is gorge I Wow do you like it Wow nice so have you named all of these mops so they don't impact with you with your arm up on ya they're all cool subscribe every single one of them is called subscribe find a fish in your storage system well I gotta say so you see these two guys in here these two squid I kid you not it took me about eight hours to catch these two squid I'm not even joking because have you ever tried to catch a squid in a place when you you're basically relying so what I've done is I've cut a bit of the ocean out and I've put some signs down there and I was just sat there watching the screen I was doing other things obviously I'm not crazy I didn't sit there for eight hours just blankly staring at the screen but I just had minecraft open waiting for a squid to fall down through the signs I think they're still there to just shut down in this chamber from the ocean but I was gonna say that must be one of the easiest tasks ever but then I realized you have to actually be there to name them where they drop exactly why you screwed yeah yeah so it was it was the last it was genuinely one of the worst things people kept sending me down the comment section Oh like oh yeah squid yeah I get some squid and I was like yeah that'd be fun why not give that a go no dad like - this is the biggest this is the biggest chamber of water and it only has two squid in it but that's that's yeah I I don't want to do that ever again absolutely fantastic though what are you using for background okay so there is pre-screen on the background yeah yeah it looks absolutely fantastic holy crap I'm glad like one thing different I would do one thing different what's that only one thing I okay so here's just a little bit of backstory for this real quick I kind of get that why's there storm lock there by the way that's okay anyway I kind of feel like for some reason that this is some secret James Bond cave you know we're always James Bond's enemies or nemesis or like yeah yeah yeah I get yeah I would get cetera I would put behind these side pockets side aquariums yeah I put black concrete to make it look like the deep ocean like they are they're hard that's a good idea and it will give you a little bit more contrast in this area yeah well that's because originally so I went through so much stress over this right because everyone well I said that I wanted to put some corals in here just have some like corals going around and everything like that and to try and build corals was really difficult I use like the glazed terracotta because I thought that wasn't quite a Coralie block but I just couldn't get them to look good and then I tried chorus plants but I basically filled the entire thing with it and it looked awful so then I took them all out I feel like maybe if I could like to strike a balance but I think maybe at some point you might have to come in I might have to invite you around and we can do like a choral building session because I feel like you must I'm what would its cult do okay this is me slyly asking for your advice yeah yeah I heard I liked it so I would do black backgrounds behind the pockets yeah because that's gonna that's gonna change the whole look into better and um for corals I would do glass panes dude oh that's a good glass panes yeah I know that I think I'll happily I'll happily come over one day yeah that would be great fun like we could we could go for a full choral building session get it all bright and colorful and it will it will be looking really really awesome but yeah and the black backgrounds yeah well we'll do all of those things we'll do like a full aquarium revamp because I'll be honest like this this is one of those projects I built it it was such a random I didn't have a plan for hermitcraft absurd and I said that in the episode then I was like I dug out this massive area I'm gonna build an aquarium and then just started work on it and that yeah there's definitely some things that they could have done with a little bit more thought but it looks no it looks fantastic I love how you mix the blocks that's that's what I'm saying but in order to bring this green gorgeous a pristine stuff forward yeah and more you add these corals with a different color like this and for example this what am i I say the sands yeah this is this just brings out the rest of the of the building you can ask experts like green for example you could say the same like is so much to this yeah it's like the smallest tiniest amount of it yes anyway well I'm glad you like I was a little bit worried to show you because obviously you know you're you're you can be a little bit blunt sometimes you could have turned around like dude I know mate I know mate all right so where are we heading well what we doing I don't know we okay so we haven't objected so last season I don't know if you remember this last season I created a mini game around Halloween called the hermit grapes yeah I remember yeah I think I got Swedish say I was living off Swedish steak for like your body oh you see so you got it you got a treat so pity Utley real quick that the idea is you select the grape you get one great per hermit you can select whichever grave you want and either you get tricked or treated treated you get a gift of some sort trick well you probably die though what we got to do we got to find a location oh yeah we got to find a great location and then we got to build a cementary like this I know Cemetery yeah and then we got to design different death traps and different tree traps now here's where you come in being the redstone master of doom yeah the bumble Master redstone of doom 2017 of - you are you are responsible of install all the redstone and I will build the cemetery so we got it can I get two different tasks right okay that's that sounds good to me that sounds that sounds pretty good to me I've got I've got some cool ideas I've got some I mean I might have to pick up some TNT and things that could be good fireworks larvae maybe just the whole lot sounds great so you and me mine don't mind people dying like the ideas that they have to put their they have to put their stuff in a chest before they before they get in right okay so that's that shouldn't be a concern then okay all right so so I'm guessing okay let's see what's over there I don't even know what so obviously to to you you collect the redstone stuff ins and things but we also need to find a location so so I guess we go searching in stuff we decided to go with a swamp which I think I did that last season as well but I you know they it's so good because it has the different grass color it looks spooky I mean there's a garbage bomb in the background there behind your mama I wanna can tiger there's a garbage biome we heard garbage Brian well you don't you do not like these biomes the tiger yeah no why is the grass mint colored it feels like I'm eating mint tablets you know who you've called good point I have never never even thought about that before yeah exactly see look now you can't ever be in one of these powers again off what like when I look at the lovely forest II green over there I had no I genuinely hadn't clocked into my brain that this is a different grass color I mean I've played this game for a long time but there are lots of things you know someone someone told me just recently that you could sprint in creative mode this is not something that I knew I've been flying around my Redstone testing world looking for bills for five six years you play quite a bit of creative yeah minecraft experiences crave mode yeah but I knew that but anyway I think this is a good location it's like two different grass causes but in-between two like Hills sort of hill so I kind of picture there there the cemeteries that we're gonna build coming up here and having like you know we said this off-camera there's only so many ways we can build a cemetery but we got a pretty good idea yeah we'd be browsing some Google for inspiration and if we can pull it off we're not going to say what it is but if we can pull it off it's gonna be pretty good yeah it's gonna be pretty cool I mean I've come up with some some redstone trap plans as well so we know what we're actually gonna be should I reveal what the redstone trap plans are maybe give them one or two because I mean there are few in there that are pretty pretty sneaky pretty uh yeah you knew new ways of thinking so well I mean obviously so okay I'll let them know the obvious ones okay so where there's gonna be teams there's gonna be TNT involved because that's I mean how could we not know that there's there's no way that you can build some form of trap or killing machine without TNT involved somewhere we've got some cobweb action going on and we have some which action going on hopefully fingers crossed if we can actually catch one without me dying that's like that's gonna be an interesting interesting yeah I mean you spoke about the squid earlier we'll see what happens yeah well how I'm excited there there are some really good ideas I think as far as filling this this place in what do you think like I mean this will only be a one-time used like it was last season yeah but I do want to make it as pretty as we can it's a quite big build for one episode so that's gonna be fun right again I think the space wise is good here so you're you're happy with this because I was wondering that I didn't know how big you're at she planning on making the entire thing but if we're no I think I think that I mean you want some space for your redstone graves obviously yeah other you can make things interesting if if we we don't want to cram it too much no that's true that's true so if you if you want to start bracing mapping out where the graves are actually going to go I know that is like a really difficult quick because we're sat with like a blank canvas right now it's like can you just lay out there where the graves are gonna go when you have none of the build around it I like you I ain't brand new to this video game so I think I can I think I can cope with that I'll sorry I had to take that thing okay I'm I was waiting there's always one iskele dick there's always one and that now my comment section is gonna be filled with people saying that they hate you so I will have used to by now I'm used to it it's okay foolish guy yes blood sliding south do you want me to map it out with like just stone blocks then and go like how do you want to design the graves by the way because that's gonna be do you want them to be fairly large last last year I had like every grave was like this yeah you have to stand on this block and you push the button yeah I think I think something like that will be good if we could just do it like that because I don't want to I don't want to have to deal with building like massive trapdoors or anything like that every single grave so I think if we can make those as simple as possible then that will be now be good is again dark and we decided as well we decided as well how long we were we're gonna do 10 graves five tricks and five treats yeah so I mean the only issue is is that tricking dragon anyone's gonna actually play this by Halloween oh they all have to they all have to see Lee today when the episode comes out it's Sunday Halloween is Tuesday so yeah they have to they have to all right okay okay plate is it you saying otherwise Halloween's Monday man ya know Halloween is 31st which is - okay okay yeah no I just look so today I'm not very good at this I'm not very good at this date thing basically you think I'm just bad at Minecraft I'm actually I struggle with with many things you struggle with life just in general like for example for these past five minutes I can't actually recall what I've done that apart from just walk around the shelter ball one issue here that is that Bower little collection area whatever is like right in the center of where the entrance would be right but I'm yeah no picturing the enters here you walk in and and I'm gonna do it very similar layout wise to last season so we'd have one grave there maybe yeah I'll figure this out dude I'll figure this out okay okay cuz I do that's what you need to be to do right yeah so do you want me to start I can just do one grave right I can just start work on one grave and then and then decide around it yeah that sounds good to me alright so I'll do the one that's over here I am gonna need the nerd box though yeah I know I know you love that here you should start using sulky boxes you know yeah freaking enderchest I told mumble like in-between I was like did you put an enderchest down because we're gonna need it no I actually don't use understand okay well you know I think I've used them ever I don't think I've ever used some and enderpearls never have enderpearls I don't have a bow I never have a bow there's lots of finger prints though when you build a lot of redstone stuffing you can have em de pros it's horrible it's awful well I have ender pearls I love it but I just never picked them up always forget I think it's one of those things that I've been doing I've been playing minecraft for so long and I know that these things apply to you but remember I've got a silly brain so I've been playing Minecraft for so long that I can't get myself into the habit of doing certain things I think that might be what it is because there are certain things that just I will never remember to pick up into pearls when I really should have them I will never remember to pick up Oh enchant like the best bow in the game it could it could kill it could kill everything in a 100 block radius this is what I'm going for here but I just no one would forget to pick it up like that's just the way it all works why don't you go on some inception well I'm changing there they said it like you can't we have it in the middle of them all right dude like you put a fishing rod in there you had you carry with you like a highly upgraded fishing rod and ikat head these are the thing that will happen is inventory you're gonna have your artistry I'm gonna give you some inception dude I carry my bow and my and my ender pearls around with me in my ender chest inside different salty boxes sorted and nicely no mumble you can't watch it because they under chest don't work like that oh yeah I mean I don't use them enough so I don't know how they work why can't I see your stuff in my ender chest there's making me standards hash tag brand-new yeah I am a Brad I'd say I'd say that's fair enough I'd say that's justified I'm I am a pretty brand new minecraft flair I would say a skull is gone away for a while so I've just popped back to the base to pick up some food repair all of my tools and most importantly pick up a curse of binding pumpkin now I have I have absolutely no clue how to do this I'm assuming you just put it in the enchanting table and then that should do the trick probably not a hundred percent set and you can actually inch on pumpkins and by that I meant put it into the anvil and combine it together let's see that seems to do the trick and you know what happy Halloween oh that is so funny you know I'm actually going to make a bunch of them I have gone myself so lost I discovers that there is this place the witch from near us that actually has a nether portal but the issue is is that I can't work out how to get back out to the surface now I've been back to my base and gone underground for a while ah I gotta say dude yeah like I walk up this there now after a good three hours of working at this yeah yeah that is just pretty freaking ugly math no no no I wouldn't say so it's funny how time just disappears though but we have been we've been at this for more than three hours three and a half four hours almost five five and not five hours and 20 minutes Jesus we actually know man I have placed we are I think maybe we might be a little bit inefficient together because we just chat too much and we just talk and because I have placed my redstone extent do you want to come down to the tubes and you want to see the extent on my redstone so far obviously I've done all this stuff but this is not exactly five hours you've got to be careful with one thing I'm gonna I'm gonna block you know I'm gonna block you dude what don't show which grave is what oh dude they're gonna tell people oh yeah okay I'll try my best not to yes okay let's loosen for this alright just blaring just blow it blow your scream okay I was gonna do 360 no-scope oh I'm getting old is rayon

okay I feel so dizzy what's in here nothing nothing okay it's the least interesting one you possibly could have come into nothing there either that one's the pump that one's the pumpkin one so don't stand on the pressure plate okay yeah and then there's nothing in there I was not put the pumpkin in oh yeah it's right there and then this one here is nothing and then this one over here is the TNT one that doesn't have any teeth that is literally all I've done it's pretty impressive I mean there's one dispenser and a pressure plate there there's another dispenser in a pressure plate there I mean I mean that both of them were empty until I filled in one of them with the cursor point exactly I didn't even fill in the items Oh so useless I've done the walls and whatever they trap this structure is this is like life busting this is a lot like busting all over again that famous episode of aircrafts where we just did nothing for like we should do realize something as well what's that I don't know what to put in the front here the front row the back of the back of the cemetery yeah maybe I have to build a building Oh maybe like a yeah oh gosh we're gonna be here for another 15 hours Halloween is gonna be over by the time we've finished for this build I can already feel the wind it's done Halloween is stopped like next year tricking tweeting oh we just we put some candy canes around and make it like a Christmas related build man I'm so gonna die can feel myself falling in lava I can feel it happening I needed one middle of a laptop over the nether and then the light hasn't unfolded itself I've done that I did that so I did that the other day so a funny thing happened is that so I I basically tried to take off in the nether so you know when you try and take off from the floor and then the firework activates and you take off but then it just stops activating you just fall so I did that and I fell into the lava and then I looked out instantly outside I'm looking out I log back in and it was it as if it hadn't happened as if like the the server almost I roll back on itself so I got lucky there but then it's all in the same clip I was like oh okay well that's good I'll try it again myself straight lover again just why do I do these things to myself I got given pardon no thankfully I I looked back in and I was closer to the shore so I managed to swim out but now is still it was stressful do you remember you were a Minecraft fan yeah do you remember back in mind crack season 4 possibly when sethbling had joined I do remember Cecily joining I do remember Seth spring join him but you'll have to have the longest streak of not dying Ryan he was working on his he was working on his nether tunnel of one episode yes digging out netherrack has to do and he dug out and fell into lava really and because he hadn't died and it had been six months and it was in a big ocean he logs out contacts Easter I think it was asked him to log on logs quickly on captures his coordinates and looks awful either then continues to build a big quarried out hole where he is in the lava and then when the whole hole is done he looks back on splashes him with fire protection and sethbling survives in this big cobblestone hole where they used to be lava that's impressive that's amazing that is like serious days genuinely amazing that that would be that's one of those things that it reminds me of the time just you know when you do something really well in Minecraft that is definitely one of those times you remember that time you fought the ender dragon and I managed to save myself with the water like you know how about yeah watch your video afterwards yes it was as if my nun skill for my entire time playing Minecraft all came to me at once and just on a one-off it will never happen again I will never be a boy that you you voided the doubters like the doubters are gone now yeah yeah that's true in about anymore I'll just refer them back to that video every single time every single time you make a derp every time is a single time you put up a spoon yeah talk about the clip dude I'm so just totally off topic but I am so stuck in this nether room if I even look at a build the the prospect of doing a build I have to plan it like 16 times over in my testing well to make sure that everything is perfect and and everything but see I I've tried to do it that way you had to be like the professionals and do it that way yeah but and then sometimes sometimes you know sometimes I've built some really nice things in my testing world yeah but then when I go to rebuild them it's just really it doesn't work yeah I can't get it to look good that's strange man not really it's just I'm not I'm not a good math person and oh right okay I see so you kind of do you just struggle with the rebuild process is that is that what it is or is it just a 3-bit process yeah I mean I've been working on some mazes lately and they have been so I'm working on I spoiled them in the stream by the way I'm sorry oh that's all right Neville's in my chat went absolutely crazy they were like oh my goodness he just spoilt mumbles next episode are you kidding is this idiot doing what is this ruin their week I ruined their life yeah so I've been working on those and just the rebuild process of those is is killer because we'll see you plan out the maze well I plan out the maze in creative mode on my redstone test and then just trying to get that perfect it's just it's killer it's so killer doesn't it annoy you sometimes don't like you can come up with a really great idea in this game and then I don't know sometimes I just feel if I don't know I don't even know what I want to say now we've been what people have to remember is that we've been we've been at this for a long time and I think the pair of us well I I especially like I don't do you you know how I record my videos I record my videos in my 8 second clips especially these days I can I can record for eight seconds and then do some more mining for like another 20 minutes listen to podcasts and then do another 80 seconds and that's like the extent of my me taxing my brain in saying things so we've been talking for a good few hours now maybe the tank is running empty on pop our minds see I'm wondering this is a question that genuinely came up and I'm assuming it's yes you do have IKEA in Sweden right yes okay okay because well I just thought I thought it was one of those things that it's like a brand decision it's we're gonna be Swedish like you know you get certain off things that come over it's like the real Italian piece of company and things in Italy and so I was just wondering if I care was just one of those setups where they were like yeah maybe they'll like us it was Swedish like we can history of Ikea it's made by it's created by a guy who's now very old is still alive and right was sick and tired of all the big companies just like he couldn't believe that the furniture was that expensive right okay and and he wanted to try and create something different so he did in his own basement that is that is insane and then he like lived up to the world so one famous thing with IKEA was when they this was in the 1991 they introduced the hot dogs in the right IKEA shop yeah and he said they're gonna be 5 crowns five icons is it's like half a pound right it's like 50 P yeah and and her his economy economy staff said that's impossible like we're gonna we're gonna lose stopped we can't do it to to a loss he said so what if we're gonna lose out people are gonna come to our to our to our tire shop yeah and buy buy cheap sausage hot dogs but they're gonna go there and buy furnitures yeah yeah and that's one of the very few times where like a big public company has accepted a lost you know our companies or enterprises yet they never get them yeah yeah but he was like I don't care they're not going to cost a penny more like this is it that's it they're never gonna cost more than that that's crazy I mean that III think like is that statement is that is I'm fairly certain that's known as like a loss leader I think there's now there's now a term for it and there's you surely now there is yeah so you you have like a thing that you think will draw people in and or keep people there that you can now lose money you can lose money on that you think will then lead to lead to more sales which is a really light that's a cool a it's smart because it will work I always say it will work you you can see it all the time but also be it's just it's admirable it's like if you're willing to take a loss on something that's that's fair game when you could just you could just as easily charge a little bit more and make some money yeah I appreciate that I love like it like here is brilliant I've just my entire studio is decked out in IKEA now he's fully IKEA up so I'm alone Ikea desk and I mean these days it's it's not like it's bad quality or any know exactly it's all good maybe wasn't ever bad quality but there was a few jokes about the whole counting screws because it didn't help it doesn't have the poor man that the poor man that this he comes from like the region in Sweden which is like marked as Essex in England but right cheapness we have a region that is like people there are cheap right okay you know they are they're the cheapest sweetie they won't even buy enough potatoes it's like okay I say yeah the region is known for being cheap and he comes from there right IKEA comes from there so I mean that has certainly like boost the whole right yeah yeah yeah yeah bitch this looks wicked this looks cool how do you how can you not like this that much this looks awesome it does look like a cemetery already doesn't it yeah it doesn't even need much more it could be like a gazebo a cemetery gazebo is that you know it's not really a place to celebration let's go to the cemetery and celebrating in the gazebo in the Sun there's dad's around in circle maybe not maybe not you know I don't go it thankfully thankfully it's Kyle I don't go to many of these places so this is good I haven't either I haven't suffered from too much of that so then fingers crossed I'm not going to make regular visits to a cemetery thing that I do I'm gonna say don't jinx it for the time being we're on earth which is a pretty rare to spawn aren't they Wow yeah that was me was it I mean a critic burrow on me all right what's gonna say any creepers here what the crap is going on yeah what's going on I can't even see I can't even see a witch maybe your purse slime in there so someone gets killed by a slime oh man there there are a lot creepers have you I'm gonna do what you're doing and just fly around yeah look at look at all the creepers down there holy don't is there isn't it that witches have a higher chance of spawning if swamps is that a thing or is that not a thing am I am I making that up I don't I don't think so right okay I don't know I don't think so I think you're just confusing it because they're which huts in swarms yeah maybe maybe yeah we've already established that I don't know much about this game so the best me not know one extra thing is it isn't gonna isn't gonna hurt me well right now I've gotta say feels like there are so many creepers everywhere I think it's cuz we're the only two people on the server and we're loading the same place as well they can't be helping us were you saying that creepers would appear more in there no Bay's in like there oh oh oh is that one no ah no I just feel like they're there be more mobs and I suppose it's just purely randomized I guess yeah we're there with the Piper bulbs yeah there are so many zombies dude I I I'm almost tempted to give up on the witch idea because yeah in a way in a way jambe in a grave makes more sense yeah so let's just based on that oh it sounds sounds good to me I see my airstrike jeez it's Cal send help please can you get these guys off so that so I've got lots of zombies okay I've got I've got mr. subscribe yeah I've got subscribe if you did you name him mister subscribe oh my obviously of course I did I think once dropped down you have a horde there is it subscribe oh no subscribe doesn't dropped it I'm gonna kill ya don't kill subscribe make sure you're not he's gonna burn oh dude we've got time we've got time limit subscriber to the chamber is it the leather is it the leather guy come on get in there well this is good though oh this is good subscribe down here subscribe down here he's gonna stay down there that's impressive dude huh did you got him down a ladder that's impressive yeah I didn't mean to take it that this dude looks pretty pretty scary this villager yeah no he's a scary bloke any maybe we want him over here for something maybe but I don't have any more nametags should we throw him a pumpkin oh we could put pumpkin on the head we got a pumpkin ah he won't take it I wonder if I wonder if he swaps yeah I think he swap yeah I don't think that's better no I had do you pick up this yes yeah yeah she's picked it yeah but it's a stupid stare yeah but that doesn't matter that means he's not going to de-spawn yeah but I had more name tags in my box dude I probably should have renamed more than one I was super confident I went in there thinking you know I only need one of these I'm the kind of guy that gets things done on the first go for some bizarre reason I'm the kind of guy who gets things done in the first alright ok let's try and get this guy sorted then I don't know where I don't know how he fell down or where he fell down there are oh no they're all burning yeah you can't have their heads exposed to that mumble oh yeah I got a song be trapped already like I didn't even have a name tag he's in the place I think I think I think this guy I think we've lost subscribe we've lost subscribed we lost subscribers subscribers look he's already doing it better than me he's planned he's planned ahead yeah man is he gonna be alright I suppose he's got a helmet on as well you do have it easier than me because this guy's got a helmet on and he is scary as anything he is a scary chap he looks much scarier than the other guy yeah true we still renamed Ando he's after you ok come here dude I don't want them to follow you'd man I'm still gonna rename him subscribe I think yeah will they say someone's been killed by subscribe it should yeah did you do it yeah no I played this game for years yes so have I not very well ok so he's in there that's good I can now rename him subscribe he'll be all done ok so we are on we're on the last we're on the last one so what do you think about this for a background color up there trying to change it up a bit yeah I think that's good you like it yeah I think it looks good yeah no I really like it yeah I think it looks pretty nice actually I think it brings out the stone I think it looks good to change it no I don't think you should change it now I think you should keep it like with the white Thor the gray the white obviously the white I have loads of that in my base as well I've got loads of it I've been storing lots of it for a big project in the future so I think you should keep with the white how is it it was a Minecraft character that has no facial expressions if you can say so much emotion I think it's because the brain just it it kind of fills in the gaps you can just see like her face just scowling you scream but I've been mean I really want to do like a little Minecraft short film type thing I'd love to do that at some point because I just feel like it would be so much fun but yeah just that sort of thing a lot of people have done that yeah yeah I've seen that they're all really really good and I don't think mine would be as good so yeah that's kind of why stay away from doing it but now it would be a lot of fun but it's also a lot of organization and a lot of yeah trying to get it so I've so impressive yeah oh man crazy crazy I can't believe some people can do that sort of thing in Minecraft it's math right so for this one so cobwebs cobwebs is the way yeah so we're gonna have so what did you say three cobwebs and then what was it I mean it depends on how how advanced do you want to make it I'm kind of picturing three core pipes that has to fall through you have to like maybe read some science and then there you get a chest at the bottom and the test will have a five durability wooden you have to dig yourself out with a wooden pickaxe again that's swords so there you have to take a make a decision that's that's an interesting I'm trying to think how because we don't have that much space down at the bottom here that's the only thing so if I make if I make that what I could do is I could I could do that and then I could get the wooden pickaxe hmm or I could just make them break out with their fists yeah just everything's really slow-paced and painful yeah and the blocks they would have to break would be die right yeah that's it and then I could put a sign saying break the dial right to get out yeah there you go that's quite a cool idea yeah cuz the diode will get destroyed and yeah and that will make you happy so if anything this is a treat for you which is which is doubly good me yeah yeah so where do you even do you even have died right like why did you have died right I feel like that's against you or your I went and minded because I was gonna troll you [Laughter] really commit you that was your play in the log game on that one yeah I mean I'm so far ahead of what I have left to do so really yeah true yeah you're you're the considering you had more to do as well it's a tiny bit embarrassing on my part all right button I don't even want to test that what block didn't leave that one okay so that one's done is it died right down there yeah darn right down there punch to die right it says on a sign good so that he's gonna that's gonna be one there's gonna be someone's like 25 minute episode just why do I think this would be a good idea why it's got a mumbo this looks crazy though this is definitely an upgrade though over last year's not saying that last year's was bad but this is pretty yeah I like that I like the tricks they've come up with dude they're really good oh no I wasn't talking about the trick it's like oh I've really upgraded your heart I mean like in terms of like the look of it I think it looks really cool I like the fact that you have the the the area out the back it looks so good banana any soul sad did I not bring in this old sand I definitely I have any look at my chest well thank you you never know you never know with my inventory management yes like oh what's so sad well bye except all that you want me to sleep oh yeah yeah otherwise things are gonna get pretty lethal I'm putting mycelium down yeah that's probably a good idea stump yeah just grass overpower mycelium or is it the other way around Oh mmm neither so they kind of work they work they work together yeah you can mix it right that's good dirt all right all the trees are done but I don't know what's putting the treats what should I put in the trees well I mean anything anything cause I'm science ooh yeah like something good like food Fishman's diamonds you think I'll just carry those around to drop in chests willy-nilly here put this put this helmet in one okay is this is this a whoa where'd you get that one from that's my okay I'm contributing I do have some fire protection for unbreaking 3 boots I've got a dragon head like I've got some dragon heads those are pretty cool that would be a good gift what do you think a dragon head how can you possibly think you give me a helmet and I give you a dragon head and you're gonna that's pretty boring it's a dragon head it's a head of a dragon if I put this on you're telling me I look boring right now but I proved my point I feel like I proved my point fairly eloquently probably you've proven here for it and you've proven your point I give up I think if I actually if you're having any form of argument with anyone I think if someone turns out and just puts a dragon head on I think you prove any whatever point you're trying to make first exactly yeah I I got another idea though instead of the dragon head right go ahead you have this Bearcat head yeah yeah there so you finger here for a reason so that must be a that must be a treat okay right so like ones with score will obviously be like Oh what is this oh I sincerely hope if he gets that gray then we live in a simulation because there's no way that would happen by chance like this exactly a hundred percent guaranteed that's just a lure that exists like if you want one thing to happen they'll complete the opposite yeah maybe it'll probably get the dragon head we'll see mostly doing the dragon head as well okay so yeah given the light draw an expensive helmet and you give a dragon and a cat head well I find it's fair track I'll chuck in I'll chuck in three with the skeleton skulls there you go is that pretty good I'd say that's pretty good that's really good yeah I'd be happy with that so I'll put those in a chest and then I'm also going to swap out the droppers for dispenser so that these things get automatically equipped because that'd be quite funny to drop down and just be like oh what happened there and then you have a dragon on your head or a count on your head or whatever sort of animal in your head dragon dragon catskin or a pumpkin yeah you could get a pumpkin if you're lucky yeah I don't know that's unlike I suppose oh yeah you got the pumpkin eyes don't you get the yeah that would be enough yeah you can't see everything for me it was just easy sigh happy Halloween you've got a pumpkin head it's like I can't see anything you can't see anything you get bitten blocked oh man okay I'm trying to make a book here as we go so do we have any sugar cane there sugar cane I have I have I found I need one cow or a piece of leather if there's a piece of leather there that care about your chest what is there a piece of leather in the garbage your chest what's the garbaggio chest the chest with all that got about gon I figured I'll say it right back I know it's a gal but she'll go Biagio that is the most English way of said what do you mean Cappuccio kapalabhati oh can you can you keep pronouncing you got a lot about you here you get it all italiano do you know what okay like the Cobo about you dad your game oh no no I don't know if I can do flamboyant Italian it just doesn't seem to resonate with me don't know what it is not even trying if you haven't even tried it okay got a 5 do go better deal yeah I feel like this there's not a single group that we haven't maybe slightly offended during this video which is fine that means that we don't discriminate between them so that's good exactly we've blast everyone left right and center then no one could be upset because we're more blasting ourselves that anyone I mean we I blast like here for you you blasted English people for me so we're all we've got we've got all the sides covered we're just fine ah we are we are almost I feel the end is nigh for this project yeah I think I think we might be getting there oh no what's the what's happened you have a blades rod on you no course not no well you cuz you have a fishing rod inventory well it's work time I knew you were gonna come back to that yes as I said I record in 8 second clips what do you think I'd do in between recordings just fish fish okay well we need to put an ender chest here as well I feel okay yeah that's probably a good idea just because there are people that use ender chests yeah yeah yeah yeah okay oh we should probably have a bed so they can set their spawn yes we do have a bed here son okay move it yeah yeah well good we're thinking of everything we are dispenser that's that and then that's going to be the cat's head so that is a treat apparently apparently wearing a cat's face as your own face is a treat in this strange messed-up game we've created we still have the stupid trap doors where they they could go and open them but hopefully no one does I doubt it maybe their vision do that these are well behaved Hermits today they'll they'll they'll be fine you know what we could do what let's just do this I got an idea what more you think just do this we'll put down a dirt block on top of them instead of the trap door so when you climb up do you'll understand that you break you there is a ladder okay you break there the dirt book on top of you and place it back yeah there yeah yeah that's true should I put a sign same please replace that yeah yeah just in case because people like me come along and they don't do it and then yeah people be idiots yeah no I am The King for that sort of thing I think last time I did I mess up hermit graves last time I feel like I want to get you got the steak you got I got the steak but then I wanted to see if what happened in the other graves so I think I can't remember I might have opened someone else's grave I think that's what I did yeah so I don't I didn't mess anything up but I just wanted to see what other people got I'm curious like that but that's not the way to do it okay that's done treat this is all good trick so what's the other thing that we need to do there's something else that we need to do I think this is it oh I need to get the TNT that's what I needed to do oh okay we don't have TNT here no but enough I have enough gunpowder I've killed enough creepers really yeah yeah I got you bro I got you which only is one piece of TNT yeah just one piece of TNT we'll just blow them up with that and then it should just be a one use thing so do it this is this why is this wolf angry I saw that before they were like chasing and stuff he seems to be angry I don't know he's angry at the yeah the zombies not down there is it not he's not on that side I don't think so he's like looking at the graves this guy's creepy dude yeah no it's what the hell nice and stuff I'm scared man it has to do that's the spirit he's growling Jones - the feeling oh no way I don't want to be around here anymore if we have like I know I know it's taken us probably four times as long as it would if we hadn't just been chatting away yeah no no it's just sit here thinking about how long did it take me last year to do 12 graves and the cemetery and the traps and everything upon my own I think it took me six hours which is about what we've spent now right okay so yeah my stupid redstone brain yeah that's true sorry I'm not messing with you but I can't remember how to get bad down under here no it's we've lost our own entrance okay there we go all right this is this is done yeah we did it tea and follow me we should wish everybody happy Halloween oh yeah we should do that I'm just before we do anything like that I want a triple check that we have done everything because I wouldn't want the embarrassment of my rest I'm messing up again for your check oh the skeleton has spawned in between them okay fair enough so that's what that guy's looking at she got the wither skulls yeah I'd say we're good I'd say we're good if it doesn't work it doesn't work we've spent we've spent so long on this that well might look my little it's not necessarily that we spent so long on it it's my poor little brain that has has has never had to speak for so long it's you know that it must be it must be a British thing the whole my poor little brain you're actually like stress does it renders it as well Oh blame the brain it's just my way it's my brain it's just it's just not working yes in my brain yeah my full of Wayne just it can't handle speaking for this long and doing redstone I mean it's been very basic redstone but these these two things and remembering remembering to breathe as well I seems to be an issue for me so yeah all these things I just want to say I just want to say happy Halloween mom Bob are you gonna celebrate it where am I gonna celebrate it now are you gonna celebrate it yeah yeah I think we'll do some pumpkin carving and things maybe maybe do some haunted house stuff what about you know Wow we don't have Halloween in Sweden I don't even know what it is I read about her in the interwebs it's Cal you mean to tell me that we have spent this entire time building this thing together I thought that you knew what Halloween was and we're gonna celebrate it but you have you're telling me that you don't even you don't miss Cal I feel like I'm still back at all I know that you can't see me anymore but I'm still backing away I feel like I feel like this is just but I don't even know if gonna put this episode out why would I go in you're further away thanks for joining me thanks for coming up with the idea just by the fact you have no clue what's going on you just complete fraud creative genius well I'm not coming back next year that's for sure [Music]


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