Toasted Sesame Seeds (볶은깨)

by: Maangchi

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(intro music) Hello everybody! Today, let's take care of essential Korean cooking ingredient. What could it be? Sesame seeds~ (laughs) I'm going to show you how to toast Korean sesame seeds. I always toast my own sesame seeds at home. If you are busy, you can buy already pre-made toasted sesame seeds at Korean grocery store. But you never know when was it toasted, that's important. I'm kind of picky about my sesame seeds. Whenever I travel for long period, I have to cook my Korean food. I toast my sesame seeds. Sprinkling my sesame seeds make all the dish, Korean especially, some vegetable side dish delicious. We have to choose raw, dried sesame seeds. One cup. Cold water.

I'm going to wash more.

Use your hand like this.

Looks cleaner than before.

And lift. Look at that!

You see, this dust sank to the bottom. I'll show you this.

So we are going to drain this and toast! Look at this, guys. I burnt this tip, I always use for my sesame seeds because this is a harsh job. I have several wooden spoons, but this guy always I'm using whenever I toast my sesame seeds. Soldiers medal. (laughs) Let's turn on the stove. Over medium high heat.

Stirring on and off occasionally, you don't have to keep stirring for around ten minutes, until all the sesame seeds dried. And then, you will hear the sound, like a popping sound. A lot of steam is coming up, right? All our sesame seeds are so clean.

My sesame seeds are getting plump and plump! So, even sound is different.

Can you see this? Some sesame seeds are jumping.

Okay, it's time to lower the heat, medium heat.

Wowow, big jump. It's a popping sound, sesame popping sound.

Try to crush this. Crush this with your finger. Yeah, but we need more. Right, so easily it has to be really crispy.

Color is a little darkened, right? Than before.

This is toasted enough or not, just you can taste a little bit.

Mmm. Done. Really nutty, so let's turn off. So we toasted sesame seeds, let this cool down. This is raw dried sesame seeds, and toasted sesame seeds, what it look like. So this is toasted, this is untoasted, raw. Crush.

Great smell. See?

This guy, let's try.

See, you cannot do that, right? These guys are going to be used for all my Korean side dishes Just a sprinkling here and there. Sesame seeds~ I usually put it in the airtight jar.

And then, lid this. Today, we made toasted sesame seeds! So, one cup of toasted sesame seeds. In Korea, we tease newlywed couple, you know the newlywed couple is they all get along well, they have each other, they love each other. When we meet the newlywed couple, "Oh, I know that you guys' real life is like full of sesame seeds these days." Sesame seeds. The sesame seeds means toasted sesame seeds. Right? Oh, I forgot to tell you, I have another reason why I show you how to toast sesame seeds. In my next video, I'm going to show you how to make Korean sesame candy. Enjoy my recipe. See you next time!

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Check out my step by step directions and photos on how to clean and toast sesame seeds. Properly toasted sesame seeds are a very important ingredient in Korean cuisine. They add a wonderful, toasted nuttiness to many Korean dishes, and are particularly important in giving vegetarian dishes an extra dimension of flavor. Other cultures use sesame seeds in their cooking but to me, properly toasted sesame seeds are part of what make Korean food distinctly Korean. When Koreans refer to sesame seeds, the fact that they are toasted is understood by all - no Korean would even consider using raw or untoasted sesame seeds in any dish. We love toasted sesame seeds. I take my toasted sesame seeds seriously! I always have some on hand. I toast a few cups at a time and store them in the freezer, and take some out little by little over the next few months until I have to toast some more. And when I travel, I always bring a little stash with me for cooking on the road or livening up a dish. I've also given toasted sesame seeds as gifts! For me, that's a great present! When you buy sesame seeds to toast, get raw sesame seeds, called cham-kkae in Korean. If you can't find these, you can buy pre-roasted sesame seeds, called bokkeun-kkae or bokkeum-kkae in Korean in the store. Bokkeum or bokkeun means "toasted."

If you buy toasted (or roasted) sesame seeds in the store, it's always a good idea to toast them again before using them to give them a boost of nutty flavor, because they might have been toasted a long time ago. As you see, this recipe is very simple, but it's all in the technique. It's best to wash the seeds well, so toasting makes them plump, and take care of them so they don't burn.
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