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and now it's time for silly souls with best friends forever forever [Music]



[Music] think you're swell no one like you yourself easy something green all we need is concise communication with the lack of occupation [Music]



okay this has been silly songs with BFFs in the WWE [Music] and now it's time for silly songs with Larry the part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a silly song another lonely day in a crowded making our way


haha [Music]

[Music] covered with love shield against troubles sheltered in a safe inside the bubble [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Music] [Applause] do it right

[Music] [Applause] [Music]


this has been silly songs with Larry dunia next time to hear the boys sing

[Applause] and now it's time for silly songs with laddie the part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a silly song one day while talking with dr. Archibald daddy confronts one of his deepest fears if my lips ever left my mouth pack the bag and head it out that'd be too bad if [Music]

my lip fed audio--the I don't like you I think your growth that'd be too bad I might get mad too bad if my lip move toodaloo let them messin took my tooth that'd be too bad I call my dad father fascinating so what you're saying is if your lips left you there'd be too bad IV thought that I might get mad I call my dad that'd be too bad bit too bad I'd be too bad why couple of my lips believe that Buffy Babu eat it up Babu bottle Bo

my this is more serious than I thought daddy what you see here daddy tell me about your childhood when I was just 2 years old I left my lips out in the cold in the turn blue what could I do oh yeah matron what could you do Oh Dee turn blue I see on the day I got my tools I had to get my great-aunt Ruth she had a beard and it's so weird

ten days after right Ernie got my lip stuck in a game my friends all laughed and I just stood there until the fire department came and broke the lock with a crowbar and I had to spend the next six weeks in lip rehab with his kid named Oscar who got stuck by a bee right on the lip and we couldn't even talk to each other until the fifth week because the most of our lips were so swollen and when he did start speaking he too spoke polish and I don't know like three words and polishes up now I know for because Oscar taught me the word for lip look that your friends are left ooh stop I don't you spell that I don't know so what you're saying is that when you were young he turned blue what could I do she had a beauty and it felt weird my friends are laugh I'm confused I love my lips I told you how I feel about my nose oh look at the time hi kids welcome to VeggieTales I'm Bob the Tomato and I'm late for my book club book club hi everyone sorry about that it's okay we started without you discussing the book no eating the snacks and they were delicious I would put them on par with the snacks from two months ago but they paled in comparison to the snacks from last month Oh what are you guys reading it's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain oh that's a classic well what did you think personally I found the book riveting full of flawed characters and classic American humor what's this Norm's notes condensed outlines of books for the vegetable on-the-go you didn't read the book you just read notes about the book do you guys allow this it does make everything go a lot faster Norm's got notes on every book you could ever want war and peace took me 15 minutes I found it riveting full of flawed characters and classic Russian pathos III hate to interrupt but Larry oh we've got a letter to answer oh right who's it from this one comes to us from Zachary Alexander in Glen Allen Virginia how long is it it's just one page oh I'm sure I'll find it riveting all right it says dear Bob and Larry there's a kid in my school named Joseph who gets made fun of a lot I feel really bad for him but I'm afraid if I help him out I'll get made fun of too I guess I'm just not sure if I should get involved what do you think I think that's enough reading for the day yes who brought dessert oh it was my turn well as a curry I think you've got a real problem sometimes the best thing to do is to watch this story about huckleberry Larry uh huckleberry Larry we couldn't get the rights to Finn wait a minute are you saying we can watch the story from our book club that's right that's three minutes of my life I'll never get back oh hello there glad you could stop by I'm Clark Wayne a storyteller it's a perfect night for a story don't you be a story set on the big river yes the Mississippi River from the woods in northern Minnesota to New Orleans they say a drop of water that falls in the lake itasca way up here will be in the Gulf of Mexico 90 days later of course most people like to get down the river a little quicker than that this is a story about just such a fella and it's in it oh we're gonna have to take a little trip down the old river ourselves hello shot oh I love you mouth huggy not a soul out here at night well we should have the river all to ourselves oh the mighty Mississippi it's flowing strong and wide just me and you in an old canoe where the trusty Indian guide yeah we're trusty Indian guy every time Native America party dawn with a trip home in this sip gonna take a little trip beyond the mighty Mississippi gonna take a trip on the Mississip gonna take a little trip beyond mighty Mississip mighty Mississippi it's flowing strong wide I just mean you and it all canoe we're the trustee and oh I'm sorry with my trusty native-american all gasp gonna take all the mischief take a little trip be all the matter Mississippi strong not so loud shot oh this is where our story starts lumber camp that's mr. Dooley himself he was in the tree removal business he in fact Dooley had a way of removing anything or anyone in his way get it lumber better harder faster it's a beat sake no singing we're having a bit of trouble with this big one call Big Jim now Otto Jim strong as an ox and twice as tall struck fear into anyone that laid eyes on him it was so tough he could do I know you oh don't mind me I'm just the narrator Oh get a move on Big Jim I'm not paying you to stand around all day actually you're not paying him at all oh yeah that's right isn't it I'd like the other lockers Big Jim was not an employee of Julian Suns Oh five years ago he was caught in Elk River Minnesota with 1,100 pounds of stolen turkey jerky [Music] as the sole witness mr. Dooley testified against him in court but Jim didn't go to prison he was however sentenced to three years of community service at of all places do we in sunder camp good work Big Jim here have some jerky yeah mr. Dooley there's been an accident what happened miss silverstein he got a splinter a splinter sorry there's no much time oh hey you there keep an eye on Big Jim well times when fate reaches down and grabs you by the lapels this was one of those times the longer in question Steve was not the sharpest blade in the sawmill of what Dooley said was keep an eye on Big Jim what Steve heard was please run into town and get me a strawberry smoothie which is exactly what he did for Big Jim the cookie of opportunity was clearly on the table he grabbed it

where's Big Jim hey why didn't you stop him oh I have a narrator I'm not supposed to get involved



was that your dog barking oh he likes to bark when we chase things [Music]



[Applause] [Music] well that's just great [Music]

not every day on the Mississippi was quite so exciting nor every situation so wracked with turmoil I take this theme for example that bad dream though most folks just call him a puck and the red guy is tomato Sawyer most folks just call him Tom since well tomatoes it seems a little obvious these two happy bachelors er homesteaded what's homestead well Oh in the US government settled the West they cut it into little pieces of land called homesteads now if you could live on a piece of land for five years without stopping or getting run off by bears the government would give it to you this fellas been living on that homesteads for four years 362 days yep come Friday just three days away this land will be theirs three more days Huck and this land will be ours hi dreams are coming true can I borrow some more nails sure thing they're in my tent behind the record collection once I own this land and finish my theme park I'll be selling tickets and turkey jerky to all the jerky eleven folks on the river boats I'm gonna call it turkey land mr. jerky it'll be my shot yeah I've been meaning to talk to you about that Oh where'd you say the nails were behind all the records now before mp3 players and there were circular vinyl discs and called old forget it you and your obscure music Bobby Roberts and his happy monkey mama Belle and Little Jimmy mama Belle in little year not absurd they sold over a million albums before little yummy disappeared five years ago huh you know intensive it's hard to make any money in I'm not in it for the money Tom it's the action all right hey have you thought any more about joining me in my new business there's a lot of action in tax preparation I still don't know what that is well I'm gonna help people prepare their federal tax returns each year it's very complicated but I've got a good head for numbers I'm sure you can pick it up - could you give me a hand sure always glad to help a friend you know there isn't a single tax preparer on the Mississippi anywhere between Minnesota and New Orleans some market is wide open what the tomato may have missed in his business plan is that this is 1904 and the federal income tax will not be established until 1913 for the next nine years he will in fact have the market all to himself what he will not have is customers or okay I could tell him this but as the narrator technically speaking I'm not supposed to get involved who's that guy I think it was Colonel Sanders really oh that's Steve he likes the bar we're looking for a man a dangerous man have you seen him no I don't think so well think harder he tore up a factory with his bare hands and he's headed your way this is a signal flare if you see him set this off and we'll come running why did he tear up the factory he was looking for someone wet turkey jerky

[Music] what are we going to do now we're going to Muscatine but we've got to get back to camp the boys won't know what to do without us to do without them flare yes it's right here in my tent yes I have the matches but honestly why would he come here we don't have any turkey jerky no but we're gonna as soon as I opened jerky LAN well sure but nobody knows that now do they do they buck I might have put up a sign or two for 29:29 signs well we're not in the river it's advertising Tom my amusement park for dummies book says I have to do it well but doesn't tell you what to do when your advertising attracts a homicidal turkey jerky loving maniac does it I don't know I'm holy hot Chapter three what was that whew yeah it's just Birds okay we need to come up with a plan we need to take down all those signs Tom we need to build a fort with cannon bottle we need to say 60 to 70 tall pine trees and iron ore for the cannons ah what he's right behind me

you know the way to say we I want to sing with my mama we don't have any turkey jerky I haven't bought my inventory yet I don't like turkey jerky well of course you don't none of us like turkey jerky suey Huck I love turkey jerky I'm bill No so you aren't looking for turkey jerky you just want to sing with your mama hen say Louie he said meet me there Louie Louie but your name is Jim my middle name right no flare so tell me Jim Louie mama man call me my my Belen little yummy well sure I could see why they'd call you little ya me mama Belen little yummy so you renamed after these guys mama that's your mama that's you [Music] well sure you did it gave me airplay hey oh hey hey hey hey okay hmm I'm just gonna go put the record away now in the other tent why don't you take a nap on your boat or whatever and we'll go call for help Hey oh we have a signaling device do i light it with the matches next to my books so rest well

[Music] [Applause] [Music] thank you for helping it's the least we could do you rest now help is on the way

what am I gonna do for a tip now I didn't know I was gonna do that so what did you think it was gonna do the emotion of the moment was overwhelming wait the reward what hundred dollar reward that's right you can buy a new tent and you'll have enough money to finish jerky land this day has turned out all right after all yeah as long as Little Jimmy doesn't get hungry you need us before that scary guy with the Steve dog gets here wait a minute [Music]


[Music] he's telling the truth what here little yummy it's him but he's huge hey GRU it's him I tell you no one else can sing with mama Belle just like that and we just called that scary guy and barking Steve to come to take him back to whatever nasty place they came from I don't know we gotta help him get to st. Louis so he can sing with his mama wait a minute he tore up a factory he couldn't have he's allergic to turkey jerky see little Jimmy sings that I'm allergic to turkey jerky blues it's the scary guy in part you Steve run little Jimmy we gotta go wake him up we gotta save little Yeti really they're here all right where is that big ox I should have no Little Jimmy would try to get back to his mama someday see it gets a little yummy hey boss look at this that's where they lift a signal flare

don't get him I can't swim he only doggy paddles no little you me that's not your mama but we're gonna find her for you aren't we Tom all Tom could think about was the hundred dollars he just lost and the fact that if he wasn't back at that homestead by Friday when the man from the government showed up he was gonna lose a whole lot more

you're on What's My Line just read the script I don't have one Larry where's the script for the silly song oops don't tell me you forgot I've got a song your lifesaver [Music] mr. cabassa Maratha poet lies atop the mound of stove pie of the hills where the cold wind flows to run I just have to stop at the bank [Music]

oh no he made the biscuit so long

I just need to stop for some goldfish food no but I was thinking of getting one and I wouldn't want him to go hungry anybody need anything maybe a venti half-caf vanilla hazelnut latte hold the whip cream and maybe one of those little chocolate covered graham crackers so I what's so great about this



hmm sausage gravy huh I might have made a wrong turn

[Music] [Applause] [Music]

I suppose this has been silly songs with og tune in next time to hear Larry say I always thought you were the announcer so did I you today isn't sleeping where are we I figure we're coming up on coming up on Davenport and we're making good time making good time we're making terrible time because we're not supposed to be going anywhere we gotta get back quick follow me it's important to eat the rap balance on account of a little you me being so big oh we've got to get off this raft and get back to our campsite before before the government man gets there and decides we starved we got run off by bears look time I have it all figured out a couple hours ahead is a little town called Muscatine so we can hop off there and put little unis on the train to st. Louis we can walk back home by Thursday plenty of time fine okay Huck Muscatine but no further it is a lovely day on the river lovely hmm refreshing

when you're slipping down the Sippi there ain't no need forgetting living take a dippy an efficient always just grab a pole and dress Karina lie on back there's nothing finer a big head or at finsh Einar a Biden like they should [Music] is my neighbor excuse me this is the narrator song oh I thought you were the chicken guy not a word chato well the river is my neighbor and the river is my dream you're fine the story hide and round and river band [Music] so take me down the Mississippi your hair is long it needs a grippy a bringer getting it beyond a and

[Music] so the bad man in the mask dump the jerky in your hands right when the police showed up yes that way I spent five years at the lumber camp but you only had to serve three years mr. Dooley thought I couldn't count that's nice hey shouldn't we be coming up on Muscatine there it is mr. Dean okay Jim oh we're gonna I'm going to put me on a train Tuesday Louie then you're walking home to meet the government man by Thursday right that's right Huck we run up ahead and look for the train station while I tie up the rat aye-aye captain Tom secure the area and pick up some doughnuts doughnuts everyone deserves doughnuts for a job well done [Music] excuse me sir would you happen to know where I can find a train station conveniently located next to a bakery down the street yonder young fella thank you what a great town this place is got it all friendly town people shopping baby with the signal flare planning football in high school you got the size for it [Music] [Applause] oh maybe no one noticed everywhere even the baby stop signal flares babies yeah calm the babies I know Huck I said I'd go to Muscatine that's it I did my part oh we gotta get back home or we'll lose everything I know do you want to be bachelors living in tents for another five years no but I want to help little yummy find his mama let's just get back on the river and think this over


looks like these two Rascals are in a heap of trouble I wonder what time a Huck and Jim are up - absolutely not no more helping there could be ain't no not in it for you you're really a king a Duke indeed what my good tomato you are looking at the king of Memphis and my good friend here pleased to meet you but we don't have oil tea in America obviously you've never been to the south and who made your pretentious compatriots be I'm sorry who's the big guy oh that's Jim as in Big Jim do you know the way to zenui I want to see Saint Mary that's the site of the World's Fair is that where your mama is meet me in st. Louie meet me at the fair I love that song Oh

town are we coming up on next Duke animal uh-huh I'll tell you what friends since you were so kind as to smash us from the rivers I see jobs at the Duke and I will escort your large compatriots down to st. Louis and as a token of gratitude we will give each of you $10 for train fare back north to wherever you came from did you hear that Huck a train fare back up north they'll take Little Jimmy to st. Louis and we can get back to our homesteads on time oops a sure it whatever town we come to next and which home prep ahead and let your mama know that we're on our way to fare well where are they they been gone almost an hour if we leave right now we still might be able to make it back before the government man shows up yeah look Tom I've been thinking maybe we should ride along just to be safe have you forgotten about my tax office and jerky land isn't that what you've always wanted yes but I want to help Little Jimmy - I got news for you I didn't hurt Little Jimmy I'm not the one who sent him up the river away from his mama I didn't hurt him so I shouldn't have to help him sometimes not helping is the same as hurting what that makes no sense if we see someone who needs help and we can help them I think that's what God wants us to do I'm gonna make sure Little Jimmy finds his mama oh I say a good news friends everything is arranged the telegram is on its way and here is your $10 for train fare hi I'm gonna make sure little Jimmy finds his mama is that more important than the last five years of hard work the situation is under control and the duke and i are skilled prep drivers I'm gonna make sure Little Jimmy finds his mama then you'll be by yourself

[Music] goodbye huckleberry Larry goodbye tomato Sawyer I'm starving let's go find your mama no point both of us lose in our land besides I'm sure little Jimmy will be fine him may I help you oh yes I need a ticket north to Dubuque or south to st. Louis North

excuse me sir how could you hand me my fishing pole I didn't knock it down and besides I'm not supposed to get involved

my lucky fishing pole that guy could have helped me listen buddy I hope you learn someday that that not helping someone can be the same thing as hurting them not helping little you me that'll be five dollars and seven cents here's ten bucks I'm going south to st. Louis hang on little Yemi help is on the way

yes you look like everyone was headed for the st. Louis World's Fair what oh wait you off the story to end ha get out of a Kentucky Fried Chicken trust me those two Rascals now Big Jim the turkey jerky banded you're coming back with me Big Jim for a long long time and before we turn him over there is the issue of reward

[Music] that's okay I'm doing fine

Otto get me a flare [Music]

[Applause] [Music] [Applause]


you forgot about your good friend tomato and your lucky fishing pole I'm sorry Huck you were right all along we do need to help others even when it's not easy I forgive you Tom you know the way to say



that guard is a wanted criminal my unit that fella belongs to me officer hey officer someone run off with all my turkey jerky I was gonna come back and pay you for every last stick officers I suggest you re-examine the Elk River turkey jerky case oh we have a new suspect [Music] may I leave I guess I thought you couldn't get in bold well that's just it when you see that someone needs help and you know you can help them you just have to get involved so things ended up pretty well yeah music again

[Music] I was down here you know I'm so hungry I could eat a whole everything worked out pretty well wait a minute Oh what about me and Huck we've got nothing left except one tent in a broken fishing pole it's a lucky fishing pole he's got a point yes come to think of it I got a nice piece of land down by the river but hardly use it cept strumming my banjo on the dock you want to set up your business is there a now where you raise your chickens not a word chato it's chicken free you interested well sure we are all have a tax preparation office up in no time oh yeah I've been meaning to talk to you about that [Music]


[Music] personally I found the story riveting full of flawed characters and classic American humor I enjoyed how the author intertwined complicated moral dilemmas with light-hearted vegetable frivolity it's time to talk about what we learned today

what happened to the song mom's Notes version for the vegetable on the go hey now let's see if QWERTY has a verse for us today very funny QWERTY ah James 4:17 if you know what is right to do but you do not do it you sin so the Bible tells us that not doing the right thing is the same thing as doing the wrong thing uh yeah Larry yeah I think that's right when you know what you should do and don't do it you're actually doing something wrong that's what I said I know that's what you said cuz that's what the Bible says yes anyway Zachary it's wrong for the kids at school to make fun of Joseph but it's also wrong to see it happening and not do anything about it the right thing to do is to get involved let the other kids know that it's not nice to make fun of other people because it hurts their feelings tell your parents are a teacher what's going on and and they can help too and even though it'll be hard you can feel good knowing that you're doing the right thing by helping Joseph just like Huk knew the right thing to do was to help a little uni if he wouldn't have helped him he would have been doing the wrong thing that's right Larry nice story thanks Bob I say next month we skip the book and go straight for dessert I second the motion I was in favorite parts of it remember kids God made you special and you love you very much you shouldn't talk with your mouth full and now it's time for helpful humanitarian songs with mr. Lunt the part of the show where mr. Lunt comes out and sings a helpful humanitarian song where he's a mangy or net if you saw him I bet you'd walk away

with his hair overgrown like a stinky or to pay is like those deep-fried trees that come from that's for me please kill I place to make em spire thank you ma'am please [Music]

what really his broken he's broken hi [Music] look at this




maybe you shouldn't have any more donuts

[Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Music] and now it's time for silly songs with a the part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a singsong bumper to make unable to sneeze visits the sneeze doctor please can someone help me I need this nice hypotheses that storm just pick up sweets he'll be right with you [Music] don't hold it in just be sure that you cover your mouth I miss you I miss you Spees all your troubles oh babe add up to a hundred and fifty-five interesting fact the average sneeze travels at a rate of 100 miles an hour in 2003 Germany at 150 interesting fact the photic sneeze reflex or sneezing when exposed to bright light is a genetic trait found in 25% of the population including Turk [Music]

[Music] gesundheit which interestingly means good health in German [Music]

[Music] tune in next time to hear don't say ich bin ein sneezing and now it's time for silly songs with Lenny boy the part of the show where ladyboy comes out and sings a silly song we joyfully get suppertime as they sit down to a meal prepared by I don't want to eat my Brussels sprouts he doesn't what I eat is Brussels sprouts and I really really don't like sauerkraut he's like I think my appetite is zero what's a supper he rose petals you don't want to choose two appetizer don't wanna eat what are you [Music]

[Music] thanks I like this supper here oh this pasta dish has gotten cold right beg your pardon it's fish stick oh go on I must insist it's my duty to Russ

[Music] yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy YUM I was gonna eat that don't worry folks for me it's fun too soft for Heroes that's not done mm yummy yummy yum yum yum - every supper plated yummy yummy yum yum yum yum good citizens don't 0 and B 0 I love my new career I am [Music] dude he ate our cake so when you say guys can I join the league this has been silly songs with no yummy um hi kids I'm Bob the Tomato and I'm Junior asparagus Larry's on assignment well thanks for joining me today Junior we haven't learned anything yet are you sure because I feel smarter already here may I go Junior what's going on what's your hurry hurry yes hurry well you see my mom said she was going to make me cookies oh well that's kind of her and she said it would be done after the show today so hurry up and be done Junior just because we finished the show sooner won't make cookies bake any quicker no no you'll just have to be patient patient yeah sometimes we just have to wait even if the waiting isn't easy I don't get yeah it's just like this letter we got from Samuel Knopf singer from Cairo Illinois hi Danny Samuel writes dear Bob and Larry my dad promised to get me a bicycle when I turn five I'm only four and a half but I can't wait I want the bike now what should I do PS please hurry with your answer I can practically taste those chocolate chips now Oh Junior you're not helping sorry Sammy your question reminds me of a man in the Bible named Abraham to whom God promised something and Abraham had to wait just like you and I bet you have a story already don't you actually not yet not yet but the kids Bob they're waiting patience Junior it'll be done just in time you'll see here hold this what are we doing oh this is exciting Junior we're gonna make a film ourselves about what we're gonna interview Abraham and make a show Abraham how are you gonna do that close your eyes and use your imagination

[Music] yep and we have a catering tent and a nurse's station junior I'm the director

trust me when we're done with this we'll have the best show ever I cannot just have some patients

not that kind of patience

Bob the Tomato here and right now I'm in the middle of the desert where I'm about to get to the bottom of the amazing story of one of my personal heroes Abraham a man of incredible patient Jung Claude move that light over mr. Abraham's nose is shiny could I get some makeup here it looks a little bit too desert II Oh beautiful okay let's do this Tim mr. Abraham you are the father of a great nation what is the secret to your leadership get another I brought plenty actually you're down to one Bob one hurry all right everyone take three eggs I said frankly I'm as surprised as you good [Music] as I said frankly so is this spitting camels cut cut cut I'm very sorry mr. Abraham I'm so embarrassed you all blushing I'm red that's what I said you are definitely a man of great patience no no no patience not patience Oh dad makes perfect sense cookies waiting many of you take five sorry right along all right then back their story Abe well to tell you the truth Bob it's all about hope and trusting that God is gonna do what he says he's gonna do even if it takes sometimes really hard sure it is but sometimes you gotta wait even when the waitin ain't easy [Music] ya know my name wasn't always a trite it used to be Abram that was back when I was women my life Sarah you are [Music]

[Applause] [Music] Oh refreshments and loads of family I need my brothers and sisters yes see Sarah and I had not been able to have any children of our own and that's what we wanted a child here's your ball I [Music] think I'd make a good mommy this is lot Abraham's favorite nephew

oh sure I think maybe even Sarah wanted kids but cheaper like kids and plus you can set pizzas on their backs like a little table so you know extra awesome

[Applause] and then one day God spoke to me he told me to leave my country my father's home for a land that he would show me it was very surprising this is very surprising God said one day my children and my children's children would become a great nation and he was going to bless me [Music] finally a child of our own I can't wait [Music]

here yes let's talk about

patience I was still young 75 practically a seedling but but I was at peace and ready for the adventure ahead hey it was a mess packing change of address form I have to plan for a baby he knew I preferred to live near my mother the sole Sarah are you sunburned I'm red that's what I said you know I've got an ointment for that so anyway God said to go but where Abe says he didn't say it's like making my insides all crazy like a smoothie you know I could go far right now not smoothie pose your answers a little more short and peppy but it didn't happen short and peppy to the part where we learn about patience as you were saying so we obey God leaving a homeland of Earth immediately a lot can go wrong too we took a lot of sheep lot took a lot of pizza we finally arrived in Canaan where life was good but still no children men women hit lot ate all the pizza what it was cheese in the crust so we decided to move again it's time to Egypt to weather it out and though we didn't have a road home and still did not have a child we were patients it wasn't easy but we waited for God's promise I spent time thinking about all the things I would do with my baby and I started thinking of names for him Larry Moe Shemp God had made us a promise and we had hope when waiting got hard it helped me to think about how wonderful it would be when we got our promise so that's how patience paid off okay let's go Jew here what about the child they were waiting for the child we wanted a child haven't you been listening sorry cookies on the brain anyway we were at the part when Abe Shepherds and launched efforts started fighting hi you do not want to wear wool in the desert it makes you grumpy daddy what an I love each other like brothers


so I allowed lot to choose which direction he would go and that land would belong to him east or west I think I'm gonna go east and my dear nephew went his own way my last bit of family left was a sad day but that's the time when God spoke to him again and reminded him of his promise God told me to look around all around East and West he promised me that all the land would be mine and that my descendants would outnumber the but I can't count the sand I think that's the idea honey it was a wonderful promise and then right when we thought our answer was about to arrive whoa broke out you can't rush God promises patience that's what I'm talking about

[Music] I want my cookies now Junior come on this is why we're here for what Bob so I miss the cookies my mom promised me no Junior you're eventually gonna get the cookies your mom promised you but what can I do in the meantime well do you trust that your mom's gonna do what she said she's gonna do [Music] you're right Bob I'll get my cookies eventually I shouldn't have gotten so upset we're still out of Cape no I got an extra if you want it you mean it sure it's the second season of Dancing with the Stars and you can tape over it ready to roll so I need to know how hard it is to wait calmly for something you really really want tell us what happened next then I got a new name Abraham which means father of many nations has a nice ring to it doesn't it and God made good on his promise and sure enough Sarah gave birth to a baby boy the baby got promised 15 years earlier

boy that would become the father of Israel that nation that would bless the whole world all the way through King David Tech Jesus right that's the end you're done with the story oh there's a lot more actually but as far as patience goes it's a good place to stop you got it son come on huh what a nice story aren't you glad you waited so there you have it patience it's not always easy to wait but God always comes through with his promises are you ready for your cookies now Junior and now it's time for silly songs within the part of the show and then he comes out and sings plus it's on offer to later unable to sneeze visits the skis doctor please can someone help me I need to sneeze hypotheses - color just pick up right he'll be right away [Music] these all your troubles okay add up to 150 miles an hour interesting fact the average sneeze travels at a rate of 100 miles an hour in 2003





interesting fact before dick sneeze reflex or sneezing when exposed to bright light is a genetic trait found in 25 percent of the population [Music]

[Music] gesundheit which interestingly means good health in German [Music]

[Music] to you next time they don't say ich bin ein sneezer

[Music] Shuba shouldn't you use the plywood jacques turn on saw wear safety mask ear protection cut carefully turn off the saw nope way too much work card word it is but Jacques what's Maurice I'm following in the footsteps of the great inventor in the world he was born right here in Bluebell you know my hero yes I know but where's the glue Maurice your glue jock [Music] Maurice 17 hours to dry I don't want to wait there lickety-split gum instead of blue this will be my greatest invention ever the one that would make mama proud [Music] ready no time for pretty this is the one Maurice the invention of other people I'll help I can't wait to show it to guys today the philanthropic invention enthusiasts club inventions for the good of all that's high I love Jacques did you forget about our practice today yes practice we need to get ready for the town's annual booboo bird festival we signed up as partners in the baguette relay race remember oh right right did you make the sandwiches run by the workbench there's only one did you forget mine there's no peanut butter just bread yeah I was in a rush so I skip that part Jacques really you need to try a little patience er or everything just leads to disaster disaster I'm talking about taking the time to do things right shock like your brilliant idea for a steam-powered washing machine you were so impatient to show your friends that you didn't fix believe during the next step and your automatic knitting machine wait for the parts to be delivered besides makes fine waffles might be events if you don't mind a diesel greater shock you know you don't even take time to be friends anymore Maurice you gotta understand from Paris to Toledo inventions at our meto become ideas in which the world bully meanwhile I'm impeded from success that would be sweetened if my genius wasn't faster than my me my keys please



[Music] [Applause] [Music] attention hello pie lovers please recite the motto stated clearly at the bottom of the pie chart [Music]


you first cell phones I think Mike like that took back their focus robots are big snacker I guess you can I can because that's where get ready to freak out at my fancy just once is there I pride myself on the army wall in the town better plan than you and I'll need you'll get it right because it's right front they don't need to get it right unless it's right right now hey 20 minutes to build that thing oh my precious Dennis for now Chuck what are we going to do now Oh again [Music]

[Music] get it right message right

[Applause] [Music] [Applause]

but the wearable you'll find a volunteer foolish enough to try it [Music] see there's no man scientist he's a bit I thought he was a mister I'm in complete control [Music]

[Music] Oh No this is horrible my poor flying machine hey look good did you fall a little faster we need to get back to the lab Thanks rush yourself up let's get going oh that's it I quit letting you quit quit retire taking a permanent hiatus I've had enough of your impatience it almost killed me but I made you that parachute you didn't make that it was a prize in a cereal box oh yeah frosted cocoa puffs yummy but you can't quit you're my friend I can't afford to be friends anymore your impatience is hazardous to my health this is about the relay race is that you don't understand and until you do you can find a new assistant wait well you still have my book I dropped it where in there [Music] sounds like something important is about to happen or lunch is about to be served [Music] my good citizens of boo boo Ville as you know we are approaching the annual but I do I so know there's been no boo boo seen in this area for years and years and because the boo boo stay away the people's no longer come to see the boo boos nobody comes anymore it is an empty festival so it is miss a heavy heart that I must announce that we must can so see boo gonna beg in relay with Maurice

can find a way to make the booboo reappear in event that's me if an inventor can invent such a device I did appoint you the minister of inventions [Music] [Applause] minister inventions mama would be so proud think of all the things I could do Maurice Maurice let's get started oh yeah I need my book

hee hee [Music]


[Music] there you are

[Music] I'll take that as a no going so soon hey I get a little grumpy but I'm generally a middle

[Music] I'm actually have you invented that stuff and really fast to accept it well they sometimes don't end up work in the way I dream real yeah my flying machine crashed with my best friend in it he didn't like that so much you came up here looking for answers yeah my book so why do we boo-boo bill anyway what was the young Moran beyond ready wait that's two words Leon became rich and famous when he invented that frying machine oh yeah he was the best he wasn't so great not an ounce of patience in that man he nearly ruined me I vowed to make the discovery it always eluded Leon I set up after all these years my time I made that discovery

what is it that's it what the sunflower seed yes that's not a discovery it's a snack take this home plant it you'll see what does have to do with anything I thought we were talking about inventing a lot of people put great stock in the younger age book but the Bible how much greater will give yours holds the answer see enthusiasm without knowledge is no good haste makes mistakes haste makes a face impatience can lead to disaster that sounds familiar it takes time to get it right so be patient there yet night surely you'll see [Music] carefully there bring about to me when it's full grown you'll get what you desire most becoming the minister of inventions it's a fabulous act deal let's take a shortcut in the hole okay see you later minister of inventions here I come don't forget your book [Music] I can't help so much for the Oh this is taking forever we're working on really guys I was thinking all we need to get a boo-boo bird is a giant trap yeah you know cage or something are you gonna get him in there oh this is where our phones comes in by building a giant boo boo it's gonna be 50 feet tall how long is it gonna take you to build that Oh flowers it's a good job so what are you working on oh it's a secret yeah secret uh-huh we get the message you don't want this around I see it's okay we have better things to do everyone in Iceland hi was for sharing I guess you thought wrong man now I don't have any friends I've got zilch nada nothing but a bucket of dirt [Music] looks like it's back to the drawing board [Music]

[Music] so you're becoming a farmer now I asked if you were becoming a farmer you know that takes a lot of patience hey there it's working it's working it's working it's working are you still mad at me I just came by to pick up my hammer well here it is well keep up the good work I gotta go yeah [Music]

[Music] if you take your time and you pray this from you will take your days more serious if you're willing to wait our work will be great be patient and do things right if you will to rate your work will be patient [Music] but I forgot this song so I rush along through my days and plans more hastily and I soon lose track of the friends I lack and I lose what means the most to me so if I just slowed down if I look around I would see there's more important things than what I create and I've learned to wait and enjoy the joys that flight will dream I am willing to wait my work will be played with patience I'll do things right I am willing to wait my be great with patience I'll do things right [Music]

I am willing to wait my work will be great with patience I'll do things right [Music] madam Edison the time has come the unveiling of the inventions to bring

[Music] wait simple really what's the power lens inside it snaps shut trapping him forever for our enjoyment [Music] my purple mayor is where I come in you'll see I thought to myself that's better way too attractive boo boo than with their boo back just wait till I start her up quick and give her a nudge really sure [Music] in orbit now perfect Maurice will be so proud that I stuck with it maybe we can still do the baguette really I'll show this to him first before I take it to the mad scientist I mean the scientist [Music]

is never gonna work that's to our fans wasted I have no alternative now but to cancel the booboo festival hey we're shocked maybe his invention will work Maurice Maurice I did it you did what you know I said I didn't have patience you couldn't finish things right right well I did [Music]

[Music] all right everyone I think I have a plan but I'm gonna need your help a little bit of patience and a whole Annecy [Music]

I knew he could do it [Music] this would be the perfect moment for a high-five yep [Music] congratulations my boy you're Leon right yes I was I used to be that impatient old inventor until I learned what is truly important you said Liang Liang almost ruined you yes your being Liang Liang almost ruins and now I'm so happy to see you've truly learned one of the most important lessons for becoming a great inventor patience thank you is your meringue thank you mind if I take you for his baby



well that was great I'm glad you liked it jr. and I hope you liked it too we're over here by QWERTY to talk about what we learned today did you bring a cookie for me let's see if QWERTY has a verse for us today and so after waiting patiently Abraham received what was promised Hebrews six fifteen Wow bonus verse nice one query did you upgrade your RAM enthusiasm without knowledge is no good haste makes mistakes proverbs 19:2 in our first story we learned that Abraham and Sarah had to wait a long time to get what God promised them and even though the waiting was an eating they knew that God would keep his promises that's right jr. and in the second story Jacques learned that being impatiently some mistakes but when your patience and take the time to do things right great things can happen so Samuel I guess the best thing you can do is to wait patiently for your bike and trust that God gives us exactly what we need when we need it right again jr. about those cookies oh yeah okay he's ready ready for what these were yummy cookies they didn't belong to anybody today that's all the time we have for today kids well remember God made you special and he loves you very much hi I can make you some or can you wait [Music]


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