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hello there and Merry Christmas yes that's it really Merry Christmas I'm not the most festive person in the world I've not even had a Christmas tree in my apartment not even got a Christmas tree doesn't yeah I don't know mainly because I couldn't be bothered pulling up well ya know happy Christmas guys I hope everyone's having an amazing time with their families so today is our Christmas special and yes we're gonna open presents so I bought my presents he bought me presents so what I'm gonna do right now is open the presents that Matt has got for me but I want to use this opportunity to just say spare a thought for you know all the people out there who aren't as fortunate as us who don't have good health we props don't have a home yeah we're very very lucky and yeah you know we all chip in together that's what Christmas is really all about isn't it shall we get on with this then so the first present that Matt has got me let's find out what it is okay so it actually says to Chris from Nana or Isis from Matt and done and thank you to the both of them so let's open this first present this is the shape of it I've got absolutely no idea what these are gonna be exciting though oh no way that's actually sick I actually wanted one of these it's an Amazon echo that is awesome no way what star Matt that's actually banging yeah no joke I really really wanted one of these yeah brilliant so if anyone doesn't know the Amazon echo what this is it's it's basically well I've never I've never owned one ball I know that you can like play music it's like a speaker isn't it alright guys so a Merry Christmas first of all it is Christmas Day today and that's why I'm wearing my hawk champions talking about I'm wearing that for Christmas top so yeah man chris has got me presents and I've got Chris presents so we're gonna be opening those today we're gonna be opening five presents eats now these are the legit residents as far as I know legit presents alright so in the past we've done like jokes and stuff but this is not a joke one this is legit straight up presents so I'm really excited to see what Chris has got me because look at this one I'm going to save it to last now look at this look at this one look at that wait what is that alright then so let's get straight into this so we've got like Howie's gift wrap them straight from Amazon I love that dress you lazy although he didn't well unless I was on rad that's it right okay then so here we go gift numero one oh my god this actually matters as well so what if we got here I'm feeling a yeah certainly right it's a blue mate okay let's see if he knows me what's he got me look good very nice well that's one that I want to watch actually I do wanna watch that I was gonna watch that the other night good job I did watch something of a now oh wait is that I was literally gonna watch that they have a knife and then go this Pleasant is Duncan so nice Ron Chris okay let's get the next one right then so the next one is this shape right just a yeah again no idea absolutely no idea that is a really good start back I didn't expect such a good start oh it's brilliant let's get into this one

okay then here we go guys go what's this Oh another banger another banger he's got me an Xbox one elite controller that is an actually banger another banger where was - presents because I was thinking what on earth could not get mean he's really surprised me that a fresh holy controller and an Amazon echo so far so what to start water start this is right next one okay then so on to the next gif here we're on to the blue bag now this is if wrapping is pretty decent right okay what's this this is a CD this is interesting okay and I think it's a music CD so that's quite interesting what is it ah that's pretty legendary it's the new Eminem album that's pretty cool man I've been listening to it man sir how did he know I think he's probably even so don't wanna look yeah ma'am cool awesome yeah look that love it great album as well sick album absolutely loved it what do you guys think about you've been listening to it a little bit really really good my favorite song at the moment is what was it called it's the one yeah remind me that that's my favorite song at the moment brilliant sound but yeah natural questio and then good stuff you must have a stand of that one you must have done because there's no way he would have dude to be fair maybe I don't know but anyway sick me okay then so for the next one because the shape of it alright you see that but let's get into this one see what we've got

confía is this a popcorn maker I think it's popcorn maker it is he's got me a popcorn maker now that one's random that's really random boy do you know what you've got to have that one prison then is really random and that that's Matt's to me I don't crave popcorn all the time but it's cool and yeah no thanks and actually he told me to open the one that's really soft and like a bag of sweets last because it goes with another present well we know what they sent now for the popcorn maker and then what's gonna be yeah there you go there you are okay then so this one next it's definitely a book and feel it I feel stay to this column um hello it's a bit I don't like the next don't like them I don't like this section here anyway right okay then let's open this and merge together and I really wish that you pack like wrapped all of these crisps coz I could have taken Mikko you wrapping this thickeners we're cooking records well that's quite funny oh I'll go through it it's actually quite an interest but I've not met this book and God knows how long and you know when you were kid it was like that book where it's like Oh Guinness World Book of Records I wanna do fast and for a bull sperm whale some metres long and weighing 50 tonnes died after becoming beached in South West Chinese it was placed on the back of a truck and taken away but as the carcass decomposes powerful internal gases gathered within it it just exploded yeah dog though is huge it's absolutely massive Mei nice no no no no imagine scraping them down the blackboard oh snap they'd all snap as well that'd be bad I think that's probably one of those where you would just sort of browse in it you just jumped outta here because I don't think you would have bought this mat one Guinness World Book of Records it's gonna be like a jacket or jeans or some english let's have a look what on earth is this Oh oh nice is it cold oh that's well nice that got me a nice cold look at this look at this kill that he's banging that that's nice that mate love it really like that yeah being good mate knees up this has been really good to the popcorn maker was the weakest one but no you know still good you know these are really cool presents right then here we go over the last one the very last present it's a big box what's this one gonna be them what is this gonna be guys let's do it let's open the last one he's got me a joker present I'm actually going about that all this was gonna be a banger this is it's big she got me some pampers I'm actually a little bit annoyed not gonna lie made in Spain I did not get Matt one joke present so Matt mate you should be ashamed of yourself I got you just five good presents and you throw that one on me no but seriously I've got some good stuff here that I'm actually really happy about just to recap the elite controller fantastic that's whether it will benefit me on fee for I'm not sure but yeah got an echo to be honest I think that's my year that's the present I'm most happy about popcorn maker I don't know I'm recapping a few showing you failed the presents that Matt got me I'd like to say thank you to Matt and Anna both of you forget me those presents I spin out it's been a good Christmas video actually got some good stuff this year you know stuff we actually not need boss stuff there Jeanette's genome now they were sawed presents you don't need them or there's so god damn good to have I hope you got you know what you wanted for Christmas I hope you enjoyed that that was that was pretty yeah I was pretty funny enjoyed that but all the presents are gone now got it and next gift is going to be the grey back boom here we go some of these like double wraps some of them are this one's like the wall wrap I can see what this is there's pretty sick actually this is something that I did want so yeah okay sick awesome I've been watching them so basically Chris got some wireless headphones and I'm just gonna get some but never did but he's got me some so legend nice Ron grinder wireless so yeah basically the Bluetooth headphones so you don't need any wires and all that kind of stuff charge them up straight up yeah that's pretty sick nice one mate I saw certain bright hang on a minute this video he's not over so you know the Panthers box basically I've just spoke to Matt right I've stopped recording and then he said you know all did you open the Pampers box I said no apparently I'm supposed to open it apparently it's a decoy yeah I've got it wrong it's not actually a joker present apparently so let's open the Pampers box and let's see what we find them okay right and got hang on we've got term pudding and more okay put in a mug so that's the Pampers box gone and now we've got an Amazon box so let me open this I've been at what's going on in okay now I've got another box in that box saying not this keep going there you are not this keep going yeah this is really really nice to check it out look at this mmm top quality stuff cheers mark again okay then so now we're on to the big one this is don't know what to expect there I think this could be so try and get it in shop here I can't really get it always shot properly if I facing down a little bit more on the cameras you can see a little bit better as I'm unwrapping it so guys final gift and Chris let's see what this is I mean what the hell is it okay okay

I mean I can see it's a blu-ray this DVD home theater system but what does that mean like what the my life I actually have no idea oh whoa okay isn't it so he's got me hey

that's what she said there we go you see that guy's is amazing wow that is awesome thanks for those presents basic Wow okay so there we go then my presents have been open from Chris and amazing awesome nice one and I'm going to settle that DVD thing now and get on with it I'm gonna get that set off and all of them are open and I hope Chris enjoyed his presence as well maybe Christmas to all of you I hope you've had an amazing day and you're gonna have an amazing night tonight go and enjoy it and joke with your family that's what it's all about and other than that guys thank you so much I would say throughout the year in that for that sight the New Year's video you know because it's not really the end of the year yet but right now enjoy your Christmas guys just be awesome guys thanks for watching hit I like button if you've enjoyed this video also subscribe if you're new around it somewhere on the screen is on Mitch Reese's in stock after Christmas and also our previous videos on the screen right now go check it out and we'll see you tomorrow guys at half past 8 with a

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