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have you ever been bored at work to where you just take out all of the seeds in a Straub I have never done that but it kinda is very satisfying I'm not gonna lie and the next time I eat a strawberry I am 100% doing this because it probably tastes way better is this like some sort of life hack or something strawberries are amazing this strawberry personally looks like heaven and I think it looks better because there's no seeds in it but this probably did take a while if you want a perfect strawberry you're gonna have to go through the tough times of taking out all the seeds which probably takes like an hour so is it worth it yeah guys today we're gonna be looking at people who got really bored and decided to make stuff hey guys a new merch drop I think so yeah yes it's a thing guys click that first thing inscription this shirt is actually so dope look at it look at it it's freakin sick also we got the new phone case look at that was so nice guys first link in the description guys check it out uh huh train how you doing I I just started my video and you're really you're just gonna come and ruin it aren't ya aren'tcha frickin

I've done deodorant throw I think it's gone now so let's just continue I'm guessing this person just had a really long poo or something so they're like ah this is just taken forever let me just braid the toilet paper who does that that's I'm kind of impressed actually that's that would be really hard I actually do know how to braid I know I'm pretty cool I know my mom taught me when I was like 13 I don't know we were just really bored so yeah it kind of makes sense but this is kind of like a life hack right if you're bored and you're taking a really really really long number to just braid the toilet paper it'll fix your boredom right away or watch infinite lists new video that would also cure your boredom guys the number one thing you can do when you are bored is this just shave half your body that totally will fix your boredom a hundred percent I actually love this and I kind of want to do this so if this video breaks hundred and fifty thousand likes oh I know that two hundred thousand okay this video can somehow break two hundred thousand like I will shave my body I guess oh oh if this actually gets 200,000 likes dude oh my god this would be cool because like people who are looking at you from the left side only gonna see like your baldness and people from the right side get to see everything so it's like if you look at this guy from like a different perspective it's easy different guy each way it's got kind of amazing teeth that's genius ah this is amazing your authority is not recognized in Fort dude ah what a hundred percent do this if I had an office job if I got bored I would just make a fort around me dude why not that's amazing I personally love forts I actually planned a date where I just built a fort with me and it was amazing all right perfect to date idea just build a fort in your bedroom it's more fun it trust me it's great I feel like I would work better like this this guy has a fort around him no one to bother him all right he's even got a sign that says don't come in his frickin fort D that's a piece he can watch all the infinite list of videos he wants to you oh so smart Jesus how long did this take Wow I am thoroughly impressed that is a lot of Pringles but like actually this probably took so long I can just imagine one of them cracking and you have to redo the whole thing like off record uh why did you do this I don't know cuz you were bored what you could have just went and copped my merch if you were bored like just like really think you gotta think next time I'm this is not a sponsored video by Pringles okay I love brain goals but like I mean if you want to sponsor the video just hit me up in the DIA or something I don't know I would be sponsored by Pringles did that be set we got a giant rubber band ball that is earth apparel and then to the right of it you've got a little rubber band ball which is the moon apparently and then to the right of that you guide Paul's productivity at work today and it's just nothing well you did something you made a giant rubber band ball which is kind of cool I swear when I actually had like a job like I worked at a pizza place I would try my hardest to not make pizzas I would try to do something else or I would just get distracted by something and talk to my friend for like an hour of all other people who make pizzas like I totally understand you Paul alright it's hard to be productive at work oh this kind of tripped me out at first it look like it I don't know what I thought I thought it was a dog but if you look a closer it is a dog but it's it's not actually a dog it's just dog hair formed into the shape of a dog I don't know why you did this or how you did this but I love it has this much time what are you doing with your diet I mean I'm glad you did because now it's on my channel so it you know everything happens for a reason man or is this like a movie where you know the person gets like disintegrated from like an alien blaster so I'm playing like peewit it's like god and the dogs like disintegrate it's just as fur left them well that could be it - whoa this looks incredible how did you even do this what do what what what is this did you make the pencil like that or did it come like that because I'm impressed this actually looks really cool if this guy like carved his pencil in class he's just like super bored like listening to his teacher do math if this kid actually carved around this freaking pencil dude you have a 10 out of 10 he deserves an A in his class all right screw math just hand the pencil over to your teacher and be like look what I do I deserve an A I would give him an A honestly I would if I was a teacher 100% you're getting nice this is cool all right this is a cool pencil you should hand out these pencils another for at work dude yes who are these people I want to be their friends okay I want to make forts at work but my work is my bedroom I guess I could make a bedroom for it but still I want to meet these people okay they're making amazing foot it even has a drop door on it what have you ever seen a drop door fort in your life no so drop a like in the video I just love fort stood for to the best if you guys want to come make a fort with me just follow me on twitter and you we can make a fort shameless plug haven't he ever just gotten so bored that you made a mini desk for your cricket bug thing he even made the cricket a tie and a little MacBook what is this the crickets name is Milton whoa what is going God this video has gone too far okay we got Milton the cricket when he's got a tie on it what is this woody why'd you make that for your Chris do you have a pet cricket okay I'm worried for you if you have a pet cricket you should stop immediately how about half a normal pet like a dog or a zebra like you get a normal pet okay you have a lot of time on your hands don't chef are these those little mini cereal box thingies cuz those are amazing and I want one right now I'm gonna go get one see you later I'm

guys that is it for the video thank you so much for watching you're the freakin best did you know that well yep yo if you made it to the end make sure to comment below saying that you did and I will hug the comments guys seriously you gotta cop this merch it's the hottest merch of the game okay if you don't cap it then you're doing you're doing it wrong in life alright guys click right here if you want to watch any more videos I post every day so you should grab it click it also down there if you want to subscribe Road 10mil let's freakin do it guys so yeah are you clicking those thingies there's one right there and there's one right there you should probably wait did it look right I don't know just click it

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