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we've all fallen out with a partner in public so more than others an idea being is in me is you see if I'm hormonal when I was premature wear those perimenopausal or whatever I go I can't I find it really hard to control myself mark and I both Scorpios were very passionate very fiery very happy still after 15 years but my god when we're ow I really rather yeah well I got any you'll be got not now don't see don't raise your voice people are looking it is sometimes say you're off their telly you can do this right but when I thought I just flare your fiery though I'm very far out I mean I'll jump out of the car and he's like please please just leave me bullion down the car always yet if I get too crazy I had to jump out after I have to get away and then I try and run down side streets little slow up new go people good thing on the money because we will we will drown out that but we laugh so much about our route after tickets do you really say that yeah I really did you do it in restaurants as well yeah the fun really fancy heston blumenthal one one in the hotel and he doesn't drink but he was facing out to to the rest of the restaurant I hope my back all I had was the swinging door to the kitchen so I felt quite safe in my rage so I was perimenopausal had her three glasses of rose I by accident he and he said something that wasn't quite right in my homeowner step and I didn't stop notice about five courses hello hey yeah I know the whole time he was just ashen and his eyes were like popping begging and feared is he not dread going out with you this all the time

the weight of her it's such a shame cuz I can't go back tomorrow I can't go there cuz Mauro I was just offering I love that restaurant they did a smoky sausages but I can never give it back can you imagine how the waitress and waitresses feel and I can see this values to it and they're walking up to go to like see the dessert menu but the thing is if I'm aware if I'm aware in time okay thank you some all those here didn't have it's lovely but he caught and I would come you wouldn't know that we're having around alright so you can hide but hit but of course I don't know they're coming up behind so the here mean then ones rack and then it seemed we do I can't hide it when we been around you know when me and Mark have been around cause he grows a beard these salts it's really actually very hard to route him but he just walks that but when we do ever once outside air as I went into one I decided really silly but I went into one and there's this little Irish lady that used to live across the road from and she heard me swearing same word spin I don't normally say and she's never spoken to me since and Mark said she's probably gonna say that interrupts and I thought she was a really nice one you should ride it really hard to hide it without a rare so if people are coming out yeah okay my shirt but it takes a lot time to go but when I go if people come from out of the ass and we read about I will say sorry there's a bit of an atmosphere we've had around we're not so keen all right yeah I can tell you can tell with me I can't now I did for I am over there exhausted I don't well we really don't argue we does Chris Lee I would have put you down as a no I just what's the point I'm not right now if we've got people up as well we don't route there might be something we like have you done this have you done that but then when they turn up I say always being or whatever but then I say too much you just get over it and then was like yeah okay yeah and in the car kicking your legs is set up if my relationship ever got to that it would be over because and also why are you jumping out the car walk and kick him out and drive it gets to the point where you argue the relationship normally ends not long no you see now the I don't think I think look your hands you've been there it's way to do that you ran maybe you know I don't I'm a bit like Katie I find it really I love a good discussion I'll discuss something this is a problem but I hate this screaming and chattering as soon as somebody starts shouting at me I'm not listening but I'm really good at hiding it if people come around yeah whereas ray if he's not talking to me he's not talking to anyone it don't matter if the Queen turns off the page hopefully sits there now ranking people and I then overcompensate where I think they leave my house thinking she's very close to nervous breakdown

they're all like leave my family like what's up with your wife so hyper no no it's fine it's fine it's just tired he's just I'm not I just want you and I'm doing with all the kids and everything and I have simply stress to argue but what what would you have a big argument about why don't understand well just something we'll just go and I just I go but you know I come from a big family that's really noisy out and we have rouse and the next minute we love each other and we're laughing you're back to be a bit more like that I think yeah because I mean like we've got one here that just Jack it drives my wife not thank you for writing in Jack that I can suppress it all it just makes her madder Lacey back to do that with you to when you're really annoyed kid me just go mine just try yeah four more loose women action click here and I'd subscribe if I were you it's totally free and it means you'll be kept up to date with new videos and exclusive YouTube content


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