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so the Vizio m-series or the TCL C series what's the difference as you can see this is the TCL I got the Vizio m-series about a week ago it showed up a couple days ago took it out of the box set it all up put it on my stand took this TV off played with it for about five minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes and right back in the box a twin now what's the main difference between the 2017 Vizio m-series in the 2017 TCL C series about $200 that's the difference so I say $200 difference with a little bit of an asterisk on it because this is during their holiday season for Black Friday and such so I got the TCL at Costco for 450 bucks plus tax for 90 give or take plus the square trade warranty since the TV is under $500 it's only $30 for a three-year warranty so it comes out to about 520 got the Vizio m-series $600 plus tax around 660 and since the TV is above $500 the three years SquareTrade warranty is 60 bucks not 36 60 plus 60 727 25 20 give or take taxes and whatever about $200 difference between a TCL 55 inch 4k HDR and a Vizio m-series 55 inch 4k HDR in my opinion the TCL wins three main differences why I pick this TV the TCL over the vizio number one $200 that's it I do not see the Vizio m-series being $200 better than this TV my opinion reason number two I like the way that this looks much better than the Vizio much better it's much nicer it's got brushed aluminum or stainless or whatever you call it it's got a nice bezel on the bottom it's got decent speakers it's got nice footprint it's skinnier by far than the vizio I like the overall appearance of this and I'll tell you what once you go Roku it's hard to go back I love the way that the UI functions and all that stuff on this third reason HDR and how you are able to use it this TV you can stream HD are you can watch YouTube on HDR you can cast HDR on the vizio HDR is only available on port one you cannot cast from your phone or device in HDR you cannot stream in HDR and you cannot watch anything in port 2 3 or 4 in HDR even apps that are built into the vizio such as Amazon YouTube that have some ability of HDR content you cannot watch them on the TV in HDR because they are built into the TV and not going through port one that is very irritating extremely irritating not that I'm watching ten thousand shows or whatever an HDR I'm probably watching maybe one or two but it'd be nice to see when you'd like have friends over whatever you want to play something really cool on your nice TV and you don't want to plug it into the port and you just want to do it over your phone on YouTube it doesn't work if you're looking at the TCL C series or the Vizio m-series during the holiday season now you might be out of luck right now but my personal opinion I would pick the TC LC series all day long that's my opinion if you want tell me why you think the Vizio m-series is better because I will gladly get into a debate over that it's not a bad TV at all it's not even close to a bad TV no but compared from that TV to this one in my opinion this one wins

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