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so Drake were you surprised that that knock out at the end because it's been of you is about twenty seconds away from the the Bell I probably was a little surprised that he came so late but is boxing the man and it just takes one I just take one good shot to get through Benavides didn't see the shot he was trying to land it also this shot just missed Terrence got off to the side and then just a vicious uppercut he's I'm a fighter falls face first or falls on the side he's pretty much out so when I first sought to stop like I probably should have let him finish the fight out you know because he he earned that but then as I saw the replay he was out and I would always love a ref to stop it maybe one to Sony one to lay so I think it was a great stoppage after I saw telecast but so let's say you had a tintin round did you screw around 10 - yeah I don't even know which one it is I got looking at my paper but it was probably like maybe fourth or fifth or something like that who made you do that it was a couple around early doubled like I couldn't want either way you learned anything new about probably home I bet my bed I don't my score and even round but if I have a score even our score did you learn anything about proper you didn't know already tonight oh really there's pretty much the same but you know and you'll have some critics that'll say we've been avidians is in the top guy Terence struggled with him and you know Terrence didn't have his best fight but he ended it the way he was supposed to end it and you gotta realize when you're a blue chipper when you it when you a champion like you fight better with better competition you'll look worse with a middle-of-the-pack guy fer just always telling me that like dude he said men in the beginning of your careers the most angel he said when you start fighting contenders and champions ain't worried about you I see him said the same thing about Miss the same thing for guys like Crawford and the same thing for guys like Shakur you saw that tonight when he's fighting the middle of the pack guys guys you never heard of he's getting up for he's training but you gonna see him rise when he faces better competition so everybody's shocked tonight what's your cooler oh wow great performance he said these are just prospecting we're not surprised just proud of him man he's uh he's right where he needs to be you know everybody gotta calm down you know he did the same thing with me can't take a punch you moving him too slow all these different things man just let it play out he's a young kid he's a young kid thank you he's a young kid so people who catch up and start realizing how special he is he just has to stay focused that's all why is it that you fight better against better competition I says because when you're when you're a great fighter or a potentially great fighter or a top talent that's just the way it is you you you become what you need to become so you know like me I was good as far and I will handle my business but I was better in fights I don't know it's just what you know when I needed to be what I needed to be I've stepped it up and you see there were guys like you know really

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was on hand at the Chi Health Center in Omaha, Nebraska where multi-division world champion Terence Crawford made the first successful defense of his welterweight title, stopping game challenger Jose Benavidez Jr. in the final seconds of the 12th round. Check out the scene immediately after the fight as those in attendance reacted to the performance.
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